How To Turn On Dog Mode Tesla Model X & How Does It Work?

In the summer, a car’s interior can become very warm. If you have a dog, you can understand how dangerous it can be to leave them in the vehicle. Temps can increase or decrease to hazardous levels, endangering your pet.

When you leave your car, the Tesla’s Dog Mode function keeps the interior at a comfortable temperature for your pet. The current cabin temperature is displayed on the Tesla touchscreen to let onlookers know that your companion is secure. All Tesla models have access to this function. This article explains how to turn on dog mode tesla model x.

What is Dog Mod in Tesla?

You can control the internal temperature of your car using the Dog Mode Tesla models. Leaving your pet inside the car at a secure temperature reassures worried onlookers that the owner will soon return and displays the current temperature inside the car.


Leaving a canine alone in a Tesla is acceptable in most states, but plenty of other rules and restrictions apply. Among them are prohibitions against leaving your dog in the vehicle on hot or cold days, without enough ventilation, or for an extended period.

These kinds of animal protection regulations are necessary because, despite extensive public education about the dangers of a hot car and the speed at which a pet can become dehydrated, many people still fail to take proper care of their pets when moving vehicles.


Although laws have not yet caught up to the safety of Tesla technology, Tesla’s have a Dog Mode to precisely avoid the situations these laws design to address. While many worried citizens and law enforcement officials will reassure you that your animal friend is secure, there are some circumstances in which using Dog Mode may draw unwanted attention to you.

Unfortunately, not everyone notices the comforting Dog Mode notification on the touchscreen. It could lead to a well-intentioned person breaking your Tesla’s windscreen or you receive a ticket from the police.

Where is Dog Mode On Tesla?

The climate controls screen contains the Dog option when your Tesla is in Park. Go to Climate Control > Puppy to activate Dog Mode. The Tesla mobile app allows you to utilize the Dog mode as well. Select Dog Option under Climate > Swipe Up.

When you reach the tesla dog setting for climate control, there are two more presets, Keep and Camp, besides Dog. Here is what they are saying.

  • Keep: Keep Climate On is an abbreviation for Keep. It enables you to continue using the temperature control after leaving your Tesla. For instance, keep the climate on a warm day to avoid the spoilage of your groceries.
  • Camp Mode: Besides enabling the HVAC system, this option allows USB power for electronic devices. Additionally, the touchscreen stays on to access music, TV programs, games, and the internet. Use camp mode for sleeping inside your car while camping or just remaining inside your Tesla.

How To Put Tesla in Dog Mode?

You must be inside the car to switch on Dog Mode. After you tap the fan icon in the bottom navigation bar, the HVAC screen should appear. In the top right corner, you’ll see modes like On, Dog, and Camp. As soon as you step outside the vehicle, Touching Puppy Mode will turn on. You only need to adjust your thermostat, and you’re good to go.

How Long Can Dog Mode Be Left On?

The battery in your car supplies power straight to the heater or air conditioner. The biggest electricity consumers, aside from motoring, are air conditioners and heaters. The amount of energy used or the amount of time your car can operate in Dog Mode depends completely on the ambient temperature outside and how much power the vehicle requires to maintain the chosen interior temperature.

Your vehicle will, on average, use 4 miles of range per hour when the climate control is on. It will vary depending on your Tesla model, the outside weather, and whether you’re using the heater or air conditioner.

What Does Tesla Dog Mode Screen Show?

Since it’s generally not a good idea to leave your pet alone in a car and given that some people might need to be made aware of Tesla’s Dog Mode, Tesla also shows a warning on the screen.

Tesla does a fantastic job of making it clear to onlookers that your pet is secure inside the vehicle. When Dog Mode is engaged, a notice letting people know your pet is secure will appear on the car’s big center screen.

The message My driver will be returning shortly will appear on the screen, along with a cute picture of a dog. Additionally, it will inform them that the heater or air conditioner is on and that the current temperature is inside the vehicle.

Does The Tesla Dog Mode Camera Continuously Record?

When you tap the Dashcam icon while your car is in the park, the Viewer opens. Video recordings locally save to the internal memory of a formatted USB flash drive to safeguard your privacy. Tesla has not sent any recordings. When the dashcam is off, your vehicle does not capture videos.

What Models Support Dog Mode?

Tesla Model Y, Model 3, Model S, and Model X all have a standard function called Dog Mode. To receive alerts from your Tesla or to operate your Tesla using the Tesla app, you do not need to have Premium Connectivity.

Does The Dog Function Use the Battery?

Turn on amazing dog mode at 74 F°. The dog preferred not to be outside. The battery lost 12–14% of its charge in five hours there.

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