How To Wash A Tesla Model S The Right Way? Complete Guide

There is nothing else like a Tesla. It has amazing cool modes, is stylish, highly effective, and can operate by itself, sometimes even more skillfully than you. We all want our Tesla’s to always be gleaming and spotless as Tesla drivers.

With so many different washing techniques available, it can be challenging to maintain it clean, though. To help you choose what’s best for you, I’ve broken down all the various ways you can wash your Tesla here. Let’s see how to wash a tesla.

How To Wash A Tesla At Home?

The likelihood of marks occurring can significantly decrease by handwashing your Tesla at home. Follow these instructions:

How To Wash A Tesla At Home
  • Before beginning the cleaning procedure, step one is to pre-wash your Tesla with water to remove any dirt that has adhered to the surface.
  • Use the two-bucket technique to wash your Tesla thoroughly. Put vehicle wash soap solution in one bucket, and dirty water and your wash mitt should go in the other.
  • After cleaning your vehicle with the soapy solution, dip your mitt into the second bucket to rinse or wring it out.
  • Clean your vehicle in sections so that you can access all areas by doing so.
  • Drying your car is the next step after you are happy with the outcomes. To dry your vehicle, I advise using microfiber towels. Large quantities of water can absorb by microfiber towels, which are also non-abrasive.
  • Once the drying process is complete, walk around the vehicle to ensure you’ve covered every area.

How To Wash A Tesla Model S?

As the term suggests, a waterless car wash uses almost no water. You only need a waterless car wash product and some microfiber towels for the ideal vehicle wash. Following are instructions for using a waterless car wash to cleanse your vehicle:

How To Wash A Tesla Model S
  • Your vehicle should divide into several parts.
  • Spray the waterless car wash solution all over the vehicle’s body, then let it sit.
  • Once it has dried, remove it with a microfiber cloth. Be careful not to use too much pressure or to move in circles when cleaning. Only wipe in one way.
  • For each area of the vehicle, use a different microfiber towel.
Dog Mode In Tesla Model X: How To Turn On and How Does It Work?

How To Wash A Tesla Model X?

Using either of the two techniques mentioned above, hand washing or touchless car washes, you can safely clean your Tesla. You must adhere to some manufacturer provided guidelines for both techniques. These are the steps you should take how to wash a Tesla Model Y:

How To Wash A Tesla Model X
  • External Cleaning: How to wash a tesla 3? Remove corrosive elements like avian droppings, deceased insects, tree resin, road salt, tar spots, and industrial fallout to prevent paint damage. Depending on the situation, it might be advantageous to use denatured alcohol to get rid of tough oil and tar stains.
    Wash them with water and detergent immediately to remove the alcohol after removing the stains. You can wash your Tesla Model 3 and keep it looking great without waiting until it is completely due.
  • Car Wash Mode: How to put a tesla in car wash mode? Tesla recently added car wash mode for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y to make washing a vehicle easier. The new vehicle wash mode disables all walk-away door locks, sentry mode, windscreen wipers, and parking sensor chimes.
    Additionally, it closes all windows and stops the charging port. Although you could physically turn on these safety features, the car wash mode makes it possible with just one tap. Once the exterior is cleansing, you can leave the vehicle wash mode.
  • Fully Wash the Vehicle: Use a hose to wash away dirt and grime before washing the vehicle. When you hose down your vehicle, debris may collect and turn into the mud in the wheel wells or panel seams. Concentrate on these regions to get rid of all the accumulated mud.
  • Camera Cleaning: Ensure the camera lens is clear and unobstructed to produce a clear picture. Any accumulated grime or debris can be removed using a pressure washer or spray bottle to squirt water over the lens.
  • Cleaning the Interior: Regularly inspect and sanitize the interior to maintain its appearance and stop early wear. If feasible, clean up spills and stains as soon as possible. Wipe interior surfaces and seats with a microfiber towel dampened with warm water and a mild non-detergent cleaner for general cleaning. Dry right away with a soft, lint-free towel to prevent smears.
  • Touchscreen: Use a soft, lint-free cloth made especially for cleaning monitors and screens to clear the touchscreen. Never use glass cleaners or rubbing alcohol. Use only dry microfiber that has recently been washed, not damp wipes. You can clean the touchscreen without hitting any buttons or altering settings by turning on Screen Clean Mode.
  • Secures Doors: A wet towel removes dirt from the door and seals best. When debris builds up on the door seals and gets into contact with nearby surfaces, it can harm the paint. Avoid using chemicals like alcohol wipes that can damage the door seal covering.
  • Metal and Chrome Finishes: The finish of chromium and metal surfaces can harm if you use abrasive cleansers, polish, alcohol-based gel treatments, or rough cloths.
What Kind of Detergent Should I Use to Wash My Tesla?

You can use a bucket filled with water and a car-wash soap, ideally Honeydew Snow Foam Extreme Suds Cleansing Wash Shampoo.

Can A Tesla Be Washed Like A Regular Car?

Tesla advises against bringing your car to a conventional automated car wash that cleans your car with brushes and bristles. Use only touchless car washes carefully if you use a drive-through car wash to wash your Tesla.

How Frequently Ought I Cleanse My Tesla?

There isn’t a set frequency for washing your Tesla, but most detailers recommend doing so every two weeks as a general guideline.

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