Melbourne Tesla Owner’s Roadtrip Turns into ordeal and Exposes Why Many Aussies are Sticking with Petrol Cars

A Tesla driver’s road trip to regional Victoria became a significant challenge due to a charging issue. While holidaying with his family in Daylesford, Melbourne resident Ryan Cowan encountered a problem at a charging station on Victoria Street where the charger “refused to work.”

This was the second occurrence with the same charger, forcing Cowan to return to his accommodation without EV charging infrastructure. He resorted to using an extension cord to charge the family car, which proved to be slow and inconvenient.

Petrol and diesel car owners were quick to criticize, emphasizing the reliability of traditional vehicles. Some argued that Australia lacks electric vehicles (EVs) infrastructure, while others expressed concerns about the current EV charging infrastructure.

Melbourne Tesla Owner's Roadtrip

Meanwhile, a report predicts a doubling of EV charging sites in Australia in the coming year, with significant growth recorded in 2023.

The report indicates that Australia’s public EV fast charger network is expanding faster than the EV fleet, addressing concerns about charging infrastructure.

Chargefox, Evie Networks, and Tesla were critical players in Australia’s EV charging market. Despite the challenges some EV owners face, the overall trend suggests positive growth in the EV charging network in the country.

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