Are Auto Shows Dying?

The posed headline question holds an intriguing perspective on the perceived decline of auto shows, often portrayed as facing extinction due to a changing landscape. This notion primarily stems from media outlets attending the press days and emphasizing the show’s supposed demise if significant news isn’t generated during those previews. However, it’s crucial to recognize that auto shows cater to the general public rather than the media, making them resilient despite varying narratives.

While media days may transform, auto shows remain a vibrant platform for engaging with the public. The recent Stellantis news underscores the continued significance of these events. In a discussion with Jennifer Morand, President of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association, and automotive content creator Jill Ciminillo, both NACTOY jurors, we explored their perspectives on the matter.

Are Auto Shows Dying

Additionally, we delved into our insights and experiences with the Tesla Cybertruck, which we examined firsthand, leading us back to the overarching conversation about auto shows. To add a fun twist, we shared and discussed our personal favorite vehicle debuts, seeking Jen and Jill’s opinions on theirs as well.

In essence, the question prompts contemplation about the future of media days within auto shows, acknowledging the evolving dynamics while asserting the enduring vitality of these events for the wider audience.

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