BiH Records Increase in Import of Electric Vehicles

The import of electric vehicles in Bosnia and Herzegovina has witnessed a surge in the past year, accompanied by notable strides in charging infrastructure development.

According to data from the Administration for Indirect Taxation of BiH, 2023 saw the import of 240 electric cars, a significant increase from the 69 imported in the previous year. The total value of imported electric vehicles, including duties, amounted to approximately 18.6 million BAM last year.

Owners invested around 97.6 million BAM in hybrid vehicles, leading to the importation of 1,512 units in 2023. Among these, 1,150 were new vehicles, while 362 were used. This marks substantial growth compared to the import of 610 hybrid vehicles in 2022.

BiH Records Increase in Import of Electric Vehicles

The establishment of charging infrastructure is a pivotal prerequisite for advancing electromobility. In developed nations, promoting electromobility involves establishing a regulatory framework with incentives for electric vehicle purchase and use and creating charging infrastructure.

Haris Muratović, brand manager of MOON (Porsche BH), noted a significant improvement in BiH’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure compared to the situation a year or two ago. Currently, Bosnia and Herzegovina boasts 320 chargers, including approximately 15 fast chargers, two of which are super-fast chargers operating at 150 kW.

To further enhance the infrastructure, the focus is on deploying more super-fast chargers, particularly at strategic locations like expressways, highways, and near borders, effectively connecting the country. As part of Porsche BH’s initiatives, plans for 2024 include installing two or three additional super-fast chargers, with at least five more scheduled for 2025. This approach aligns with completing the first phase of required fast chargers.

Muratović emphasized that this infrastructure enhancement not only influences the public’s perception of electric cars but also addresses one of the significant challenges in electromobility. The focus has shifted beyond the price of electric cars to the crucial aspect of developing the necessary infrastructure.

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