BMW Patents an Innovative-looking New Folding Electric Scooter

BMW has hesitatedquick to explore innovative designs for new electric two-wheelers, even though the models that have reached showrooms remain limited. Presently, there’s a glimpse of a potential upcoming BMW electric scooter that might progress to production.

Though straightforward, the scooter’s folding design is ingeniously crafted, forming a platform that appears relatively straightforward to manufacture and exceptionally effective for urban mobility. In contrast to BMW’s CE 04 and CE 02 electric scooters and motorbikes, this light electric scooter is of the standing type, making it more economical and more accessible to transport.

The initial impressions are drawn from patent illustrations showcasing a design with large wheels and a unique folding mechanism for the rear wheel. In addition to the standard handlebar stem folding point, a secondary axle in front of the rear wheel enables the scooter to fold the wheel into the center of the body, resulting in a more condensed, folded configuration.

The patent provides some specifications, indicating that the motor’s power will be a maximum of 500W, or “not more than 1400 watts if at least 60 percent of the power is used for self-balancing.” The document does not extensively elaborate on any intended self-balancing feature, leaving uncertainty about including such technology in the BMW scooter.

Although the actual top speed remains undisclosed, the patent references a 20 km/h (12 mph) German regulation for scooters. Presumably, BMW may offer faster versions to cater to markets outside Germany.

Details about the weight are not precise, except for a mention that the scooter’s weight would be “not more than 55 kg,” a reasonable expectation given the preference for a lightweight scooter that exceeds 120 lbs moving at a pace barely faster than a jog.

This venture into a standing electric scooter is not BMW’s first, but it represents a more substantial design than the company’s earlier attempt. The previous e-scooter from 2019 was more of a collaboration with scooter company Micro, whereas this current design showcases BMW’s direct contributions to both the design and engineering aspects.

While the fate of this BMW folding electric scooter remains uncertain, considering BMW’s track record of transforming even avant-garde EV designs into actual products, it’s premature to dismiss the possibility of its eventual production.

Mark Andrew

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