Car Auction Announces To Support Dorset Charity

A vehicle auction house has designated a cancer care foundation as its chosen charity for the year. South Western Vehicle Auctions (SWVA), based in Poole, will host various fundraising events throughout the year to support the Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF). DCCF provides non-repayable grants to assist cancer survivors by covering expenses like transportation, domestic and household costs, and minor home modifications.

Jo Legg, SWVA’s business development manager, expressed the auction house’s desire to back a charity that positively impacts the community, and DCCF aligns perfectly with that goal.

Car auction announces to support Dorset charity

Legg mentioned that the team at SWVA is personally connected to the cause, as many have known someone affected by cancer or have lost loved ones to the disease. The team is enthusiastic about fundraising for DCCF and hopes for community support to make a significant difference.

Jannine Loveys, the fundraising manager for the charity, emphasized that DCCF relies on the hard work and commitment of volunteers, supporters, sponsors, and patrons to carry out its crucial work as a small yet vital organization.

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