Chrysler reveals new Halcyon concept car as direction for future EVs

Chrysler unveiled its future product direction on Tuesday by introducing a new concept car named “Halcyon,” as the automaker seeks attention amidst a lack of new products.

The concept car is a futuristic, streamlined sports car that integrates emerging technologies, including autonomous driving, advanced EV battery materials, and enhanced charging capabilities. It showcases an updated Chrysler logo and design elements intended to carry to production vehicles.

Despite the exciting concept, consumers may need to exercise patience before being able to purchase a Chrysler featuring these technologies or resembling the concept car. Following last year’s discontinuation of the Chrysler 300 sedan, the brand’s current offering is limited to the Chrysler Pacifica minivan, including a plug-in hybrid electric model.

Chrysler reveals new Halcyon concept car as direction for future EVs

Apart from a minivan update, Chrysler, now owned by Stellantis due to a merger between Fiat Chrysler and the PSA Group, is not expected to introduce a new vehicle until next year. The upcoming release is anticipated to be a crossover, marking Chrysler’s first foray into all-electric vehicles as it shifts towards offering a fully connected lineup of EVs by 2028.

Chrysler’s CEO, Christine Feuell, who assumed leadership in September 2021, expressed optimism about the brand’s future and emphasized plans for a rapid succession of vehicle launches after introducing the EV crossover next year.

Feuell acknowledged the historical need for more investment in the brand but highlighted recent growth in sales and profitability. Despite the slower-than-expected adoption of EVs in the U.S., Chrysler remains on track for its transition.

Chrysler reveals new Halcyon concept car

Feuell revealed that Chrysler sold approximately 144,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada last year, achieving a “very good profit” in 2023, which will contribute to funding future cars inspired by the Halcyon concept. Concept vehicles like Halcyon gauge customer interest and showcase a brand’s future direction without being intended for consumer sales.

The Halcyon concept emphasizes “harmony in motion” and sustainability principles, featuring synthetic materials, a 45% glass surface exterior, and 95% sustainable interior materials, including crushed compact discs (CDs) integrated into the Chrysler logo. Built on one of Stellantis’ next-generation EV platforms, the Halcyon concept represents Chrysler’s commitment to environmentally conscious design.

Halcyon joins a series of Chrysler concept vehicles, including the “Portal” in 2017, the Airflow crossover in 2022, and the “Synthesis Cockpit” demonstrator in 2023. Initially planned for a reveal at the CES tech trade show in January, Stellantis canceled those plans and other events as part of capital-saving measures.

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