France halts €100-a-month electric car leasing scheme after huge demand

The French government has temporarily halted its electric car leasing program just six weeks after its launch due to an unexpected surge in demand. The initiative, aimed at supporting low-income households and reducing carbon emissions,

initially intended to offer 25,000 European-built electric cars for leasing starting at €100 (£85) per month. However, the overwhelming response led to over 90,000 applications by the end of January, causing the government to double the number of vehicles available. The program is now suspended and will be reintroduced next year.

France halts €100-a-month electric car leasing scheme after huge demand

Introduced as part of President Emmanuel Macron’s 2022 re-election manifesto, the leasing scheme targeted motorists who found the upfront cost of buying an electric vehicle prohibitive.

The means-tested leasing program was priced at €100-€150 a month for cars valued at €47,000 or under. Applicants must be over 18, reside in France, live at least 15km (9 miles) from their workplace, drive more than 8,000km annually for professional reasons, and have a household taxable income below €15,400 per person.

The three-year leasing contract could be renewed once, with an option to purchase the vehicle, which had to be manufactured in France or elsewhere in Europe. The government subsidized each car up to a maximum of €13,000.

Roland Lescure, the industry and energy minister, cited the unexpected success of the program and urged French carmakers to accelerate production. Lescure emphasized the dual benefit of providing affordable electric vehicles to less affluent individuals while boosting French vehicle production.

The suspension gives manufacturers time to catch up with the high demand. The government plans to reveal details of the 2025 scheme later this year, with indications that the program will be broadened to accommodate increased demand.

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