Tesla or Kia? Mark Cuban Says He Owns Both But Prefers His Kia EV6.

  1. Billionaires Mark Cuban and Elon Musk have been in a bitter online feud.
  2. In a recent slight, Cuban said that he prefers his Kia EV6 over his Tesla Model X Plaid.
  3. He told Business Insider that he feels the car gets longer range and is “an easier drive.”

The ongoing public feud between Mark Cuban and Elon Musk has taken a new turn, with Cuban subtly jabbing at Musk’s Tesla on the social media platform Threads.

Tesla or Kia? Mark Cuban says he owns both but prefers his Kia EV6.

Responding to a user’s suggestion to “stick it to Elon” by sharing a photo with a Rivian, Cuban revealed he owns both a Tesla Plaid and a Kia EV but prefers the Kia, citing reasons like longer range, more accurate mileage, and better performance in cold weather.

While Tesla’s Plaid X model claims up to 326 miles between charges, Cuban’s preference aligns with the 2022 Kia EV6, which maintained 93% of its EPA range in cold weather, compared to Tesla’s 48%. Musk has yet to respond to Cuban’s latest comment.

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