Meet The Tank Chair: A Chair That is also an Electric Tank

When I initiated the “Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week” column nearly three years ago, envisioning unique and unconventional electric vehicles from China’s largest online shopping site, this particular find perfectly aligned with the essence of what I had in mind. After scouring through numerous intriguing options, I’ve stumbled upon a vehicle that stands out from the rest – a chair that doubles as an electric tank.

While it may lack a main cannon, the absence of such weaponry isn’t the highlight of a tank. The most impressive aspect of any main battle tank lies in its ability to roll over vehicles like a Camry without a second thought.


Though I can’t vouch for how this electric tank chair would fare against a mid-sized Toyota, the prospect of taking the driver’s seat (or should I say the only seat?) for an adventurous test drive is genuinely tempting!

Cruising along at a modest 5 km/h (3 mph), what sets this lousy boy apart is its capability to traverse over virtually anything – be it sand, snow, mud, gravel, logs, or almost any obstacle short of a compact car. Weighing in at just 200 kg (440 lb), this electric tank is the lightest option available for off-road excursions. While it might not sport traditional tanks’ typical olive drab look, it undeniably exudes a readiness for severe off-road shenanigans.

The build quality also seems commendable, featuring tank treads made from “High molecular weight polyethylene.” Rather than delving into a pocket periodic table to fact-check this, let’s take it at face value.

Regarding operating parameters, the tank chair boasts a maximum climbing slope of 15º, though lateral crawling on slopes is limited to 10º. While this might seem conservative, it’s crucial to exercise caution when your head doubles as the roll hoop.

Examining the tech specs, the tank chair operates on a 48V system with a power output of 2 kW. In perspective, typical electric wheelchairs usually have around 250 watts of power. With 2,500 watts, this tank chair is a monster truck compared to a standard wheelchair.

With a price tag of US $4,900 for an electric tank chair, it starts feeling steep for my budget. Admittedly, my unfamiliarity with the tank chair market makes it challenging to determine whether this is a reasonable price. However, envisioning the look my wife will give me upon seeing the credit card bill suggests I should pass on this one, not on a tank chair.

I’m not endorsing the purchase of one of these. I’m explicitly advising against it. But, if you are like some of my other adventurous readers who choose to ignore my warnings about acquiring peculiar finds from the depths of the Chinese internet, let me know how the ride turns out!

Mark Andrew

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