Horse of a Different Color: Can TREMEC Make the EV-Swapped Hot Rod a Reality?

Once a drag car, this Mustang is the foundation for a promising new EV conversion kit from industry veteran TREMEC. Despite the good intentions behind converting hot rods and classics to EVs, a significant gap exists between the idea and reality. EV conversions’ economic incentive and allure still need to be compelling enough for hot rodders en masse. The EV conversion landscape resembles the Wild West, awaiting pioneers and settlers.

TREMEC, known for its manual transmissions, aims to make strides in the EV conversion arena by acquiring Electric GT, an existing EV conversion company. Combining Electric GT’s 413 EV-swap system with TREMEC’s drivetrain expertise, the company introduces a plug-and-play e-crate solution. Based on a 2004 Mustang GT, the prototype boasts a 450-hp rating, an 800-volt architecture, and a 75-kWh battery pack.

Can TREMEC Make the EV-Swapped Hot Rod a Reality

Charging occurs through a Level 2 port, offering a 12-hour charging time for a full charge. While this might not be suitable for long trips, it proves sufficient for around-town errands and commuting. TREMEC plans to integrate Level 3 charging before the public release in the third quarter 2024.

Operating the TREMEC EV-conversion Mustang GT is user-friendly, involving an essential twist, brake application, and a dial twist for reverse or drive. The e-crate system delivers rapid acceleration, producing the distinct electric whir of a motor combined with the satisfying growl of gears meshing.

The prototype showcases various components through a wrap strategically placed on the Mustang GT. The e-crate solution, still being prepared for the market, is expected to be available in fall 2024 at the earliest. While the cost is high, the effort aims to spark interest in EV technology, positioning TREMEC as a leader in the evolving DIY EV conversion space. The success of TREMEC’s e-crate solution will depend on mastering Level 3 charging and addressing safety concerns, paving the way for broader accessibility in the future.

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