How Fast Does A Onewheel Go? New Speed Record 19.6 mph

Onewheel is a self-balancing single-wheel electric board, a leisurely personal transporter that is frequently compare to an electric skateboard.

Turns happen on the tyre’s edges rather than the board’s edges. One wheel features a motor and a computer controller. So just like learning to drive a vehicle or a motorcycle, a rider must take the time to understand how the engine and software respond to various conditions.

How is their speed? Top speed also varies depending on the board type and chosen Digital Shaping mode.

  • Cruz has a top speed of 15 mph on Onewheel+ XR.
  • Sequoia and Cruz have top one wheel range speeds of 12 mph and 15 mph, respectively.
  • Elevated, Mission, Delirium, and Custom Shaping all have top speeds of 19 mph.

Keeping the knees bent and shifting the rider’s weight to maintained directly over the wheel is the most effective method for preventing nosedives at high speeds. It’s critical to maintain a bent knee position. To increase or sustain the rate in the face of motor pushback, one should lean forward without locking their knees. Let’s explore how fast does a one wheel go?

How Fast Does A Onewheel Hoverboard Go?

I made record on Onewheel+ XR with top speed of 19.6 mph faster than ever. If you’re moving so quickly and something strikes you or the nose dips, this puts you in a dangerous position. Running out of a stop like that is challenging without suffering from severe road rash. Without a safety helmet and protective padding, 20 mph is a pain invitation.


You can thrust the pushback feature on One wheel to ride faster while maintaining a safe speed. The motor will lift the Onewheel’s nose when you get close to a dangerous speed, causing you to slow down. The motor is informing you to slow down in light of the circumstances.

Why Is OneWheel So Expensive: How Much Does Onewheel Cost ?

What Occurs if You Go Fast at 20 mph?

Although it will move more quickly to reach 20 mph, the engine is working hard to reach the desired speed and might be unable to prevent your forward foot from touching the ground. Maintaining balance will be challenging when you hit the floor above 15 mph.

I advise maintaining your top speed between 10 and 15 mph. I’ve been able to sprint out of a couple of potholes when I hit them at lower rates, but even though I’m a reasonably quick sprinter, I’m not sure I could dash out of a 15 mph stop.

However, my brother was traveling at 20 mph when he ran into the front end of his vehicle, and as a result, he suffered a minor wrist fracture and some skin damage.

Onewheel+XR 25.8MPH High Speed Commute To Work, Seattle WA
Credit: Shaddow Dembitsky

The top speed of the Onewheel Pint and Onewheel+ XR varies based on the rider’s weight, the Digital Shaping mode, the terrain, the slope, the tyre pressure, etc.

Depending on these variables, you may be able to maximize the board’s power at slower speeds, so pay attention to the Pushback warning on your board. You’ll be alerted when you’ve reached the board’s boundaries through pushback. Lean back and slow down as you begin to experience Pushback.

The rider’s feet are normally pointed perpendicular to the wheel and direction of travel, unlike the motorized unicycle. However, they may appear extremely similar and share some fundamental mechanics.

Be Cautious
Any activity where you’re moving faster than 10 mph in an open area might result in broken bones and road rash. I’ve been in the emergency room after crashing my bike, and this sport entails similar dangers. Wear the appropriate protection to keep yourself safe.
Are One Wheels Water Resistant?

No. One wheel is not waterproof. Although it may tolerate moisture, I advise using additional caution when riding in or near water and properly drying your board before charging to prevent damage.

What is Onewheel Charge Time?

Onewheel may be fully charged using the Ultracharger in under 20 minutes. The charge is finished when the charger’s red-to-green light switches. Leave your One wheel plugged in sometimes so the battery pack can balance out completely. It is the onewheel charging tips.

Will My Onewheel Work In The Snow?

Please exercise extreme caution when riding on ice or snow because it can be slick. Be mindful that riding in cooler weather may compromise the board’s performance. Tire, motor, and battery damage might result from storing your board in a chilly environment.

Why Is The Light Bar On My Onewheel Pint Flickering Yellow And Red?

The board is delivering an error warning if the Lightbar on your Pint is blinking yellow or red. A small problem is indicated by a blinking yellow Lightbar and can be resolved by charging your board. A blinking red Lightbar means there may be a problem that needs to be reported to customer support.

Range & Speed Of Onewheel GT VS Onewheel+ XR

About a month after I first ride my brother’s Onewheel XR. My own Onewheel GT showed up at my door, and I was eager to get riding. On my first night out, I could ride for 11 miles throughout downtown Charleston thanks to the longer range, and I still had a battery left over.

Onewheel XR claims to travel 12–18 miles, but I haven’t had enough opportunity to put that claim to the test so far. Since I’ve had it, I’ve gone on a few rides covering 10 or 11 miles, so the extended-range model is unquestionably beneficial. Onewheel GT has a range of 5-7 miles.

Range & Speed Of Onewheel GT VS Onewheel+ XR

To truly become accustomed to whipping it about, I’d advise trying the limits of how much it can carve until you’re comfortable riding in straight lines and doing turns. Your safety will increase as you become more adept at dodging obstacles and making rapid turns. It’s entertaining to carve back and forth when turning, which may be a full-body motion.

Factors That Affect The Fast Speed Of One Wheel

Numerous variables affect your Onewheel’s top speed like:

  1. Rider’s Weight
  2. The Digital Shaping mode
  3. Type of Terrain
  4. Slope climbing angle
  5. Tyre Air pressure

Depending on these variables, you may be able to maximize the board’s power at lower speeds, so pay attention to the Pushback warning on your board.

The Onewheel is unquestionably tough. It has a go-cart tyre from a store shelf, 29 pounds weight, and uneven surfaces. It seems more like a home-built item, and a few people have asked me if I made it. As an industrial designer, one of my first actions after receiving a new product is to mentally reskin it or consider how I may make it better.

The Onewheel is visually appealing enough to be purchased. Suppose someone else was producing a version that was as tough and looked better. It might face fierce competition, but no one is. Could the visuals be enhanced? Absolutely. But I understand why it appears that way. It is a valid reason for a Hummer instead of a Ferrari.

When it doesn’t start its life looking like a MacBook, you soon get past dings. My computer was scuffed and worn-looking a day after I got it. Do I still believe they should improve onewheel appearance? Yes, but not at the expense of tenacity.

How Long Is A OneWheel Usable?

Most OneWheel users concur that the board is exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting. I’ve used it for two years and have driven close to 1400 miles on it without any problems, but I know others who have gone 4000–6000 miles on theirs.

How Long Is A OneWheel Usable

However, some riders have reported experiencing electronic problems, such as the board retaliating against them or refusing to disconnect even after they get off. Outside of the warranty, OneWheel maintenance might be expensive.

Is One Wheel Worth Buy?

The OneWheel is worth the price if you have the money and want to ride on land like cutting in new powder. This self-balancing board is entirely controlled by the rider’s body and may be used on any (dry) surface.

Be mindful of the risk, which is there in all board sports but is increased with electric boards. Take it slow at first, and if you receive Pushback warnings, slow down immediately and prepare to leave. Better still, purchase those additional wheels for the board’s nose as a backup plan if it nosedives.

What Is Pushback In Onewheel Speed?

The safety feature of pushback alerts the rider when they have reached the board’s limits and should lean back and slow down. Pushback causes the board’s nose to rise, telling the rider to pull one wheel weight limit around and slow down gradually. It must always honor for the safety of the rider.

Pushback is not a predetermined speed limit that I have set to slow you down. It establishes the limitation that the board may travel safely based on factors like tyre pressure, rider weight, terrain, speed, charge levels, etc.

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