Why is My Electric Bike Not Working? Troubleshooting Guide

Electric bikes are one of the most reliable and eco-friendly solutions to cover your daily commute and explore adventurous terrains. Like other vehicles, e-bikes also require maintenance and part replacement.

Fortunately, repairing an e-bike is relatively less expensive. Even if you need to call a professional, the repair cost is much cheaper. The common problems you may face with an e-bike are motor malfunctioning, display issues, battery issues, and connection problems. All these issues are addressable.

So, if you are worried, why is my electric bike not working? Then, read this guide to explore the potential causes and their solutions.

Common Problems With E-bikes and Their Troubleshooting

The electric components can start malfunctioning, and e-bikes are no exception. Here are some common problems and their solutions that you may face while having an e-bike.

Common Problems With Electric Bike

1) E-Bike Battery Fully Charged but Not Working

If your e-bike battery is fully charged but still not working, it may be due to the battery management system or cell damage. It will not deliver power to the system effectively. To resolve the issue, you may need to replace the battery or change its damaged cell so that it can start working.

Moreover, checking the battery connections is essential because poor connections can restrict a fully charged battery from delivering power to the entire system. Perform a thorough inspection to reach the visible damage and test the components to get the root cause.

2) E Bike Not Working After Washing

You may think about washing your e-bike but remain cautious! It can damage your e-bike when water seeps into the electric components, causing disruptions in the system. You may face issues like corrosion, battery or motor damage, short circuits, or wiring culprits.

So, it is essential to be careful while washing your e-bike and not spray water directly on the electric components like the motor, battery, wires, etc. Moisture can also create a mess in the electric elements, so let it dry completely for a few days after washing.

After drying the components, check your e-bike to see whether it starts working. If your electric bike is not working after washing, take it to the repair shop or seek professional assistance.

Electric Bike Washing

3) Electric Bike Display Not Working

The electric bike display can indicate various potential issues if it is not working. So, it is essential to check the connections of the display with the battery and repair the loose or damaged connections that create malfunctioning.

If the problem persists, check the visible wires from the display to the battery and motor to see any cuts or fraying, as they can interrupt the electric flow in the system and stop it from working. Moreover, the display can be a problem due to any fault in built-in components and can cause technical issues. A simple reset or reboot can also resolve these faults with the display.

4) Electric Bike Pedal Assist Not Working

Another common problem behind the improper working of an e-bike is the failure of the pedal assist mode. If the pedal assist is not working, you may need to check the connections and sensor alignment.

You may ride your e-bike all around, but these tweaks may cause issues with the power supply of your e-bike, especially around the wheels and pedals. It is crucial to tackle these things carefully, as if you damage any connection, your e-bike may not work with pedal assist.

E-Bike Battery Fully Charged but Not Working

The front sprocket can also be a reason if your pedal assist is not working. The sprocket supplies electric power with a magnet while riding an e-bike. But if it is damaged or out of alignment, it restricts the power supply and creates a problem for pedal assist. So, adjust things and set the alignment to resolve the issue.

5) Electric Bike Battery Not Turning On

You will not get any electrical assistance if your e-bike battery has not charged adequately and will not turn on. So, it is good to see the control panel on the electric bike to check if the LED lights light up. If the lights won’t turn on, the battery is not charged correctly, or the fuse is blown.

You may need to charge the battery to resolve the issue. But if the e-bike is not turning on after charging, the problem is with the battery health. The battery may be damaged or failed.  It only happens if you do not change the battery for a long time. So, change the battery and then enjoy the ride on your e-bike, as it will turn on after battery replacement.  

problems with E-bikes

6) Electric Bike Won’t Turn Off

If your electric bike doesn’t turn off, it may happen because of the power button, battery connection, faulty controller, or technical glitch. You may need to press and hold the power button for a few seconds to turn off your e-bike. If the power button is working correctly, then check the battery connections. Sometimes, the live wire may not help or adequately complete the circuit.

Another solution is to disconnect the battery from your e-bike for a few minutes and then reconnect it. It will help you reset the system, and your e-bike will turn off. A faulty controller is also the reason why your electric bike won’t turn off.

What Are the Common Problems with Electric Bikes?

The common problems with e-bikes are punctured or damaged wheels, battery not charging, motor failure, display issues, throttle issues, controller issues, etc. You can resolve these problems by consulting a bike technician.

How Do I Reset My E-Bike?

Power on your e-bike, press the function button and choose the P1 parameter. Move to the C parameter and choose option C5. Adjust the value of C5 and save the settings. These steps will help you reset your electric bike.

Why Has My Electric Bike Battery Stopped Working?

It may happen due to the failure of battery cells. It is also possible that the battery is running out of life, and it is time to replace it. But if a new e-bike’s battery stops working, you may need to contact manufacturers or your dealer to resolve the issue.

Electric bikes are one of the complicated two-wheelers with lots of electric components. These components may start lagging or be damaged with time and require replacement or maintenance. So, maintaining these crucial parts and what needs to change are the keys to increasing the lifespan of your e-bike.
Addressing the issues as soon as possible is essential to encounter frequent problems. We hope this guide on why is my electric bike not working helps you learn which components can cause issues and how to address them. 

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