How Many Electric Cars Have Caught Fire? Common Causes of EV Fires 

Without any doubt, electric cars are a fascinating invention in recent times, and everybody loves to have one. But the recent news about them catching fire in some scattered events raised the concerns of people around the world. In the last 13 years, almost 30 million electric cars were on the roads around the globe, and only a few of them caught fire for multiple reasons.  

In this blog, you will dig into how many electric cars have caught fire in the world. You will receive a thorough review of the causes, prevalence, and current spike in EV fire events worldwide. Continue reading to find out how safe are electric cars? And more about the actual hazards posed by EVs and their level of safety. 

How Many Electric Cars Have Caught Fire Globally? 

Interestingly, about 393 electric cars have caught fire from 2010 to June 2023 around the world. This might sound a lot, but you will be amazed to know there are around 30 million electric cars on the road during this time. 

These figures show a low chance of an electric car catching fire. Even fires are rare, but it’s necessary to know more about why these incidents happen. If you learn about these causes and risks, you will drive your electric cars more confidently and know they are safer to drive.  

How Many Electric Cars Have Caught Fire

Recent Fire Incidents of EV Fires 

While reading this, one might wonder, how many electric cars have caught fire this year? A sudden increase has been noticed in fire incidents in electric cars. And it’s crucial to know that only in the UK 239 electric cars faced fire incidents between July 2022 and June 2023. 

Furthermore, the fire incidents recorded this year are 83% more than the last year. This recent surge in fire incidents has raised several questions and concerns about the safety of electric vehicles.  

But how many electric cars have problems? Before going into full-on panic mode, you should be aware that there are millions of electric vehicles on the road and that the chances of an EV catching fire are minimal. But it’s essential to guarantee safety fundamentals and advance EV technology to stop these occurrences. 

What Causes Electric Vehicle Fires?  

Knowing the causes is crucial so you can take preventive measures and be aware of the potential risks. Here are some of the causes that could cause fire in your EVs: 

What Causes Electric Vehicle Fires

1) Physical Damage from a Collision: 

The incident of fires can happen when an electric vehicle gets into an accident. In case of collision of two cars, the battery and wires could get damaged and cause fire. There are a couple of safety features in EVs that aim to reduce this risk. 

2) Manufacturing Defects: 

In some rare cases, problems during the manufacturing process can lead to fires. Several reasons could cause fire, including battery, wiring, or other crucial components. Manufacturers try to minimize the problems, but something could slip through unnoticed. 

3) Battery Faults: 

Batteries are crucial for EVs, but in some cases, they can be a source of fire. A problem in the battery, such as a short circuit, can cause a fire, but automobile companies are improving battery safety protocols to reduce the risks. 

4) Workshop Repairs: 

Faulty repair work can lead to fires, especially if the fault is in the electrical system. That’s why it is necessary to have a skilled mechanic or professional to handle your EV repairs. 

5) Overheating: 

Finally, if your electric car gets too hot, it can lead to fire. Overheating can be caused by several reasons, such as hot weather, extreme stress on the car, charging malfunction, or problems with the cooling system. 

How many electric cars have caught fire while charging? Exact statistics aren’t available, but the ratio of an EV catching fire while charging is less than 1 to 100,000. 

How Much Should You Worry About EV Fires? 

A global analysis revealed by EV Firesafe shows that only 0.0012% of EVs caught fire from 2010 to 2023. And there’s no need for any rocket science to understand that this percentage is remarkably low. 

How Much Should You Worry About EV Fires

How common are electric vehicle battery fires? If you compare it with the statistics of traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles, it shows an interesting perspective. While EVs catching fire are much lower at 0.0012, traditional cars’ risk of catching fire is significantly high at 0.1%. In a global context, EVs are safer when it comes to fire incidents as compared to their conventional counterparts. 

What is the failure rate of EVs?

Of all the electric cars made since 2000, only 20% didn’t pass their MOT tests. When we look at regular petrol cars simultaneously, about 29% didn’t pass their MOTs. 

How many years will an EV last? 

EV batteries last at least 10 to 20 years, depending upon the conditions where it is used. Factors like cold, heat, or swift charging can negatively affect life. 

Do electric cars have gears? 

Electric cars typically have only one gear, unlike traditional cars with multiple gears. 

Wrap up
Anyone considering an EV must know how many electric cars have caught fire. The numbers provided by verified sources prove that a very small number of electric cars have caught fire since 2010. 
An electric car fire risk is low, and they are usually safe. Despite the current increase in electric vehicle fires, it is critical to retain perspective. The risk remains low because there are millions of electric vehicles on the road.  
When these data are compared to those of traditional petrol or diesel vehicles, electric vehicles pose a decreased fire danger. As a result, because EVs are a safe option and electric car fires are infrequent, there’s no reason to be afraid. 

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