Land Moto Accelerates Its Electric Bike Battery

Cleveland-based electric motorcycle startup Land Moto has secured $3 million in funding to enhance its battery design capabilities. This comes in addition to the $7 million raised last summer. Land Moto is known for its electric motorbike called the District, which combines elements of e-bikes and motorcycles. The District can operate in Class 2 mode without requiring a permit or achieve speeds above 70 MPH in performance mode, powered by Land-designed batteries.

Recognizing the potential beyond transportation, Land is exploring utilizing its large batteries for home purposes, akin to how some electric cars can act as home batteries. The Core batteries, available in various sizes, offer up to a nominal 5.5 kWh, providing the bike with 80-100 miles of range.

Land Moto Accelerates Its Electric Bike Battery

The company has introduced a new accessory called the Power Tap, a 400W, three-prong outlet and four USB-C plugs, encouraging users to use the battery for additional applications, such as charging phones or powering appliances during outages.

The recent funding of $3 million aims to strengthen Land Moto’s focus on battery manufacturing and design, transforming the Core batteries into versatile solutions beyond the specific bike model. Evan Painter, Land’s Head of Design, highlighted the significance of in-house battery production, stating it allows them to scale up battery manufacturing in 2024 while continuing to innovate and enhance the battery’s design.

Land Moto’s observations of the electric ecosystem expanding into various niches, including micromobility and off-grid applications, have influenced their strategy. The redesigned battery at CES features next-gen and consumer-grade inputs and outputs, including USB-C, USB-A, an AC outlet, and solar input ports. The funding, led by Nunc Coepi Ventures, brings Land Moto’s total raised capital to $10 million, signaling a commitment to advancing electric vehicle technology and battery solutions.

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