Segway & Vinfast Unveil New Electric Bikes at CES 2024

The introduction of electric bikes by two seasoned micromobility players, Segway and Vinfast, at CES 2024 raises the question of whether these new offerings will significantly impact the industry or merely contribute to an already saturated market.

Vinfast, a prominent player in the global intelligent electric vehicle revolution, unveiled its inaugural electric bikes at the extensive tradeshow in Las Vegas last week. As a Vietnam-based EV automotive company and a subsidiary of Vingroup since 2017, Vinfast operates from a state-of-the-art manufacturing complex in Hai Phong, Vietnam, characterized by 90% automation.

The company is committed to fostering a sustainable future through continuous innovation, delivering high-quality products, intelligent services, and seamless customer experiences. VinFast’s mission encourages global collaboration for a future marked by intelligent mobility and a sustainable planet.

Segway & Vinfast Unveil New Electric Bikes at CES

After offering a glimpse of various options at CES 2023, Vinfast has officially launched the DrgnFly, a 750W-powered electric bike marking its debut in the US electric bike market.

Priced at $2800, the DrgnFly boasts an array of features, including a built-in 4G connection, a feature-rich companion app, and a suite of intelligent functionalities such as riding modes, remote locking/bike locator (GPS), ride statistics records, and remote diagnostics.

However, given the prevalent inclusion of these features in bikes within a similar price and power range, the DrgnFly faces questions about what sets it apart from competitors.

Some critics argue that the design similarities between the DrgnFly and other well-known electric bikes overshadow Vinfast’s claims of collaboration with the world-class Danish design studio Eskild Hansen.

As Vinfast enters the electric bike market for the first time, there is speculation about whether the company is playing it too safe. Only time will reveal whether the DrgnFly will establish itself uniquely in the industry. Notably, Segway, renowned for its disruptive designs, is also venturing into the electric bike market, introducing two distinct models.

Segway’s Xafari targets adventure/off-road enthusiasts, featuring an expansive 913Wh battery paired with a robust 750W rear-hub motor, providing up to 80Nm of torque. With dual suspension and a sleek design, the Xafari appears tailored to meet riders’ preferences in this specific electric bike niche.

On the other hand, the Xyber from Segway blur the line between electric bikes and motorcycles. Equipped with 120mm of front and rear suspension, along with a substantial battery capacity of up to 2880 WH and 175 Nm of torque, the Xyber defies easy categorization within traditional electric bicycle segments. Despite speculation on the potential target market, further details are required to fully understand the specifications and audience for this unconventional ‘e-bike.’ More information is anticipated to shed light on Segway’s strategy in this dynamic market.

What does it all mean?

We’re witnessing a surge of companies aiming to broaden their presence in the electric vehicle (EV) market by incorporating electric bikes into their product lines. Does this signal a market-shifting move? Unlikely. Is it revolutionary? Not at all. However, the influx of companies serves two purposes: it adds further credibility to the electric bike market and contributes to the saturation of a market already inundated with electric bike options.

This situation is favorable, as the electric bike market is projected to sustain its impressive growth in sales. Moreover, reputable companies and high-quality products typically emerge as leaders amid the competition. The question remains: will these new offerings from various companies establish themselves as industry leaders alongside established players? Time will be the ultimate judge, and we’ll be closely monitoring the developments of both newcomers to gauge their impact on the market.

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