Propella Begins Shipping its New Low-cost, Torque Sensor Commuter Electric Bike

The Propella 9S Pro V2, unveiled late last year, is gaining attention as one of the few low-cost torque sensor-enabled electric bikes. The new model has officially started shipping to customers, offering a unique feature highly praised by electric bike riders who prioritize pedaling over using the throttle.

Torque sensors, commonly found in European e-bikes, provide a more intuitive and natural pedaling experience than the simpler cadence sensors often used in lower-cost e-bikes in the US. While most US e-bikes with torque sensors are typically priced above $2,000, the Propella 9S Pro made headlines last year for offering a torque sensor at $1,199.

Propella Begins Shipping its New Low-cost, Torque Sensor Commuter Electric Bike

The Propella 9S Pro V2 comes with significant upgrades, moving away from the minimalist design that the brand is known for. It introduces two frame style options, including Propella’s first-ever step-through design, and features an integrated frame battery, enhancing aesthetics and complying with safety standards.

The 360 Wh capacity battery, while smaller compared to industry standards, provides a maximum range of 55 miles on lower power pedal assist.

Powered by a 500W peak-rated rear hub motor, the e-bike reaches a top speed of 20 mph, adhering to the legally allowable limit for Class 1 e-bikes. Including a torque sensor enhances the pedal-assist experience, delivering power based on the rider’s pedaling effort.

Additional features contributing to the bike’s value include a 9-speed drivetrain, an integrated headlight running off the main battery, an adjustable stem, a color LCD screen, fenders, a high-power charger for three-hour recharges, and hydraulic disc brakes.

While lacking suspension, the 2″ tires provide a cushioning effect for a more comfortable ride. The Propella 9S Pro V2 showcases how affordable electric bikes can incorporate advanced features, making them more accessible to a broader audience.

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