This AI-Enabled E-bike uses ChatGPT To Give You a Smarter Ride

At CES 2024, the integration of AI took center stage, and one company is extending that experience to the mobile realm with an always-connected e-bike. This e-bike functions as a hub for various interactions and serves as a platform for coaching and collecting fitness data.

This AI-enabled e-bike uses ChatGPT to give you a smarter ride

A few years back, I tested a remarkable carbon fiber e-bike by Urtopia, featuring smart-riding features integrated into its dot-matrix display controller. During that period, the functionality was relatively straightforward, primarily aimed at improving the riding experience. However, Utopia has made significant advancements since then. I recently had a discussion with the company’s CEO at CES, delving into the upcoming e-bike models, a bright ring, and the incorporation of ChatGPT into the Urtopia platform.

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