Land Moto Accelerates its Electric Bike Battery Play With $3M infusion

Land Moto, an electric motorcycle startup based in Cleveland, is seeking to expand its focus by enhancing the battery design aspect of its technology. The company has successfully secured $3 million in funding, adding to the $7 million raised last summer, with plans to implement these developments in 2024.

The flagship product of Land Moto is the District, an eye-catching electric motorbike that falls somewhere between an e-bike and a traditional motorcycle. The District is equipped with one or two sizable batteries designed by Land, providing versatility in its operation. It can operate in Class 2 mode, eliminating the need for a permit or reaching speeds exceeding 70 MPH in its high-performance mode.

In the spirit of full disclosure, the author had considered purchasing one of these motorcycles but ultimately deemed it too robust. After witnessing the District in person at CES, the decision to opt for a lighter alternative was reaffirmed, although the temptation to reconsider was sparked anew.

Land Moto Accelerates its Electric Bike Battery Play With $3M infusion

Like many electric vehicle manufacturers, Land recognizes the potential of having a substantial battery for transportation and as a versatile energy source at home. Just as some car manufacturers have explored the concept of electric cars serving as home batteries, Land believes electric bikes can offer a similar, albeit scaled-down, functionality.

Land’s Core batteries are available in various sizes, with the largest boasting a nominal capacity of 5.5 kWh, providing the bike with a range of 80-100 miles. Beyond transportation, these batteries can be utilized for diverse purposes, such as charging a phone for several months or powering essential appliances like a coffee maker during a power outage. Land has introduced a new accessory known as the Power Tap to encourage this multi-functional use.

Now available for pre-order, the Power Tap is designed to attach to the bike, featuring a 400W three-prong outlet and four USB-C plugs. While not intended for use while riding, this accessory proves handy when you find yourself outdoors or at a café during your biking adventures.

The recent injection of $3 million in funding for Land Moto goes beyond the mere production of their electric bike; the objective is to make significant investments in battery manufacturing and design, transforming the Core batteries into more than just components for a specific model.

Evan Painter, Head of Design at Land, emphasized the importance of this funding, stating, “Being able to make electric batteries in-house is a pivotal moment for the team. It allows us to ramp up battery manufacturing in 2024 and continue to innovate and improve the intuitive design of the battery.”

During a conversation at CES, Painter shared insights into how the electric ecosystem expands into specialized transportation, such as high-end electric motorcycles, micromobility, and off-grid applications. At CES, a newly redesigned battery was showcased, featuring the familiar shape but incorporating next-gen and consumer-grade inputs and outputs, including USB-C, USB-A, an AC outlet, and solar input ports. Painter should have provided more extensive details on the potential home use and integration applications.

Like other electric ecosystems, the new battery is designed for easy integration into the bike’s slot with minimal modifications. Additionally, it holds the potential to power future vehicles of varying sizes and types. The $3 million funding round, led by the particular purpose venture vehicle Nunc Coepi Ventures, brings Land Moto’s total funding to $10 million.

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