Mooncool MC E-TRI 350 Electric Trike Review – Power, Speed

I’m excited to take you on an adventure as we delve into the exciting world of the Mooncool MC E-TRI 350 Electric Trike Review. Anticipating the chance to explore this three-wheeled marvel, I’m drawn by innovative ways of eco-friendly travel.

The MC E-TRI 350 embodies technology, design, and excitement, not just transportation. This review will inform you about its powerful battery, performance, and distinctive features.

Mooncool MC E-TRI 350 Electric Trike Specifications

Mooncool MC E-TRI 350 Electric Trike Review
BatterySamsung 36V x 10.4Ah
Charging Time5 Hours
Motor36V 350W Front-Mounted Geared Hub Brushless Motor
DisplayColorful LCD Display
Throttle3 Class Speed Control
Integrated WiringWater-Resistant Connectors and Wiring Harness
Pedal AssistUpgraded 7 Level Pedal Assist
Turn radius≥ 2 meters
Turn Speed≤ 5 Miles/Hour

Mooncool MC E-TRI 350 Electric Trike Features

E-TRI 350 Trike’s aesthetic design skillfully merges practicality with contemporary visual appeal, captivating attention with its smooth and modern appearance. Despite slightly longer charging times and a slightly elevated upfront investment, the E-TRI 350 shines with its extended range, stability, and versatility, positioning it as an enticing choice for those seeking a fresh and captivating avenue of electric transportation.

Impressive Top Speed:

What is the top speed of the e-tri350? Propelled by its front-mounted geared hub brushless motor, this Trike offers an exhilarating acceleration that sets it apart. It sustains an optimal speed ideal for urban commuting and relaxed outings, all while following safety protocols. The powerful motor guarantees a quick and seamless voyage, whether you’re maneuvering through city avenues or savoring picturesque pathways.

Embrace the excitement of velocity and the feeling of liberation with the exceptional functionalities of the Mooncool E-TRI 350. Is an E-TRI 350 faster than a trike? The E-TRI 350 is frequently quicker than conventional trikes due to its robust motor and engineered structure, enhancing acceleration and higher top speeds.

Exceptional Motor Performance:

Underneath the streamlined exterior of the Trike lies a force to be reckoned with the 36V 350W front-mounted geared hub brushless motor. Boasting a substantial 80 Nm of torque, this motor propels the Trike with exceptional acceleration and climbing capabilities.

MC E-TRI 350 Motor Power

Its rapid responsiveness guarantees a thrilling and smooth journey, effortlessly mastering steep inclines and city roads. The front-mounted design enhances stability, providing excitement and safety during travel. With this motor, you’re not simply riding; you’re embracing the electrifying thrill of mobility.

Battery Power and Longevity:

At the core of the MC E-TRI 350 battery powered shows exceptional performance, lies a sturdy 36V 10.4Ah lithium battery. Fueling the battery-operated encounter of the MC E-TRI 350 is a captivating fusion of durability and effectiveness. The battery accomplishes a complete charge in roughly 5 hours, offering an estimated range of over 20 miles on PAS 1 mode, granting substantial travel without worries of exhaustion.

MC E-TRI 350 replaceable battery

Numerous individuals inquire about what is the lifespan of an E-TR 350? With a 1000-1500 charge cycles rating, this battery guarantees resilience, reinforcing its position as a dependable partner for countless voyages.

User-Friendly Controls and Display:

The user-friendly colorful LCD screen and smartly developed interface of the Trike revolutionize control and convenience. Instantaneous information like your current speed, battery status, and chosen riding mode is easily presented, keeping you well-informed and firmly in charge.

MoonCool E-TRI 350 User-Friendly Controls and Display

With a simple half-twist throttle, you can fine-tune your speed, adjusting your pace effortlessly. Enhanced by a 7-level pedal assist system, the transition between manual and electric propulsion is seamless and smooth. These sophisticated attributes elevate your journey into an immersive encounter where cutting-edge technology harmonizes with seamless mobility.

Frame and Build Quality:

Manufactured with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on long-lasting sturdiness, the electric Trike features a frame constructed from alloy. This material choice seamlessly combines strength with the utmost efficiency in terms of weight.

How much weight is an MC E-TRI 350 electric Trike? Coming in at approximately 60 pounds, the Trike successfully achieves a harmonious equilibrium between a robust frame, state-of-the-art components, and inventive design, resulting in a ride that is both comprehensive and comfortable.

The Trike’s stability on diverse terrains is assured by its solid foundation and this suspension system enhances comfort by effectively absorbing shocks and minimizing vibrations.

Superior Handling and Safety:

Achieving superior control and prioritizing safety, the Trike maneuvers through city streets and intricate trails with remarkable ease. Equipped with mechanical disc brakes featuring 180mm rotors, it ensures reliable braking performance, greatly enhancing both control and the overall safety of the ride.

Remarkable maneuverability is a standout feature, characterized by a turning radius surpassing 2 meters and the capability to achieve a turning speed of up to 5 mph. These attributes synergize to streamline cornering, particularly in bustling urban environments.

Combined with the Trike’s robust construction, such attributes instill the confidence to venture into uncharted territories while maintaining an unwavering commitment to safety.

MC E-TRI 350 Front Headlight

Ergonomic Comfort:

The ergonomic design of E-TRI 350 Trike places a strong emphasis on rider comfort. With precision, ergonomic grips and a sweep-back handlebar made from sleek black aluminum have been meticulously crafted to encourage a relaxed riding posture. This design choice aims to minimize strain during prolonged journeys.

Elevating comfort to unprecedented levels, the Mooncool exclusive well-padded saddle incorporates a supportive backrest. This combination ensures exceptional comfort, maintaining cushioning and providing vital support, even throughout extended rides.

The Trike features quick-release mechanisms for seat posts and pedals for added convenience. This thoughtful addition simplifies adjusting your riding position, allowing you to find your optimal setup effortlessly.

Large Load Capacity and Convenience:

Featuring large aluminum baskets, the trike offers an appealing storage of 50lbs, and is ideal for groceries, parcels, or daily essentials. Simultaneously, the removable rear aluminum basket extends storage for bigger items or additional bags. This impressive load capability transforms the Trike into a versatile partner for tasks, shopping, or moving possessions.

Seamless Gear Shifting:

Furnished with a reliable SHIMANO 7-speed rear derailleur and a SHIMANO right thumb shifter showcasing the SIS index system, the electric Trike ensures smooth and accurate gear changes.

This arrangement effortlessly adapts to different terrains and slopes. The Trike’s gear mechanism offers the flexibility needed to sustain optimal cadence and speed, whether conquering steep hills or gliding on even ground. This feature elevates your riding experience and adds to the Trike’s overall efficiency and performance, ensuring fluid and delightful journeys.

What is the Difference Between E Bike and E-Trike?

The main contrast between an e-bike and an e-trike is its design and stability. E-bikes, often called electric bicycles, retain the traditional two-wheel configuration but integrate an electric motor to assist pedaling, blending physical activity with electric support.

Mooncool E-TRI 350 E-Trike

In contrast, e-trikes, also known as electric tricycles, feature three wheels to enhance stability, catering to individuals seeking a riding experience that is more secure and well-balanced. Incorporating a third wheel enhances the weight distribution, addressing the needs of those who encounter difficulties maintaining equilibrium on two wheels.

  • 36V 10.4Ah capacity lithium battery.
  • Powerful 36V 350W front-mounted geared hub brushless motor.
  • Colorful LCD display on the Mooncool delivers real-time speed.
  • Upgraded 7-level pedal assist.
  • Mechanical disc brakes provide dependable stopping force.
  • Unique design of Alloy double wall rims.
  • Large aluminum baskets provide substantial space for errands and shopping.
  • Enhanced features and design lead to higher initial costs.
  • Limits service and repair centers for specialized electric trike components.
The MC E-TRI 350 Electric Trike Review blends advanced technology with graceful design to offer an exhilarating and eco-conscious riding experience. It showcases its excellence through impressive top speeds, robust motor capabilities, intuitive controls, and exceptional maneuverability. Noteworthy attributes encompass its distinctive aesthetics, ample carrying capacity, ergonomic coziness, and smooth gear transitions.
How Much is A 3 Wheel MC E-TRI 350 Electric Trike?

The 3-wheel Mooncool MC E-TRI 350 electric tricycle flawlessly combines technology, design, and functionality, culminating in an elevated riding experience.

Why are electric trikes so expensive?

The elevated cost of electric trikes results from advanced technology, intricate design, and specialized components like batteries and motors. These factors collectively lead to increased production and development expenses.

Should I get an electric trike?

Opt for reliable mobility, ample load capacity, and a comfortable journey. Perfect for individuals valuing stability, user-friendliness, and an eco-conscious mode of travel.

Is an E-TRI 350 faster than a bike?

Thanks to its robust motor and design, the E-TRI 350 generally outpaces regular bicycles, offering enhanced acceleration and higher top speeds.

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