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Electric tricycles are an excellent way for adults to get around, and they’re perfect for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of a car. They’re also eco-friendly and reduce gas expenditure. There are a lot of different electric tricycles to choose from, so it can be tough to know which one is right for you. I’ve been riding electric tricycles for years and tested many different models. In this guide, I’ll share with you the best electric tricycles for adults based on my experience.

As an expert on electric tricycles, I’ve compiled a list of the five top rated electric tricycles on the market. If you are searching for an electric tricycle that’s durable, efficient, and easy to ride, then check out the list below. For more information, I have also elaborated specs, features, benefits, and drawbacks of the listed products. Moreover, I will share some tips for choosing a suitable electric tricycle so you can make the best choice. There is a tricycle for every budget, so you are sure to find one that’s right for you.

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Top 5 Electric Trikes for Seniors

As we age, it becomes more challenging to get around. Many seniors find electric trikes are the perfect solution to their mobility needs. In addition to being easy to operate, electric trikes can also be used for transportation and recreation. The electric trikes available on the market come in a variety of types, so choosing the right one is important. Here are five of the best electric trikes for seniors:

Maxfoot MF-30 Best 750W Electric Tricycle

Maxfoot mf-30 Electric Trike

Bike Type: Electric
Max Speed: 20-22 mph
Lithium Battery
Number of Speeds: 7
Wheel Size: 20 Inches
Rider Height: 5’2″ – 6’4″
Charging Time: 6-7 Hours
Battery Life: 800 Charge Cycles

I’m an experienced electric bike rider, and I think the Maxfoot Mf-30 adults Electric Bike. Maxfoot Mf-30 great for those looking for a reliable and affordable electric bike. The 750W Brushless Bafang Geared Hub Motor is powerful enough to get you up to speed, and the SAMSUNG 48V 17.5AH Lithium Battery gives you plenty of range.

The (Front 24″ / Rear 20″) fat tires are superb for stability and traction. The front and rear buckets are perfect for carrying your things. The 7-speed shifter is easy to use, and the bike rides smoothly.

48V 17.5AH Larger Capacity Battery:

This bike is a powerhouse with a 48V 17.5AH detachable lithium battery that can take me up to 50-65 miles on a single charge. The bike get a full charge in just 6-7 hours.

I was impressed with how well the bike performed in different circumstances. There is no need to worry about the cycle handling whether you are taking a leisurely ride or commuting to work.

Extremely Sturdy & Great Shock Absorption:

This bike is exceptionally sturdy and has excellent shock absorption. The tires are comprehensive and provide great traction, even on wet or muddy trails. I also appreciate the low-step Aluminium-Alloy Frame, which makes it much easier to get on and off the bike.

Overall, I highly recommend Maxfoot Mf-30 Adults Electric Trike that having Waterproof Controller and Twist Throttle for both off-road and on-road use.


A great addition to the SHIMANO 7 SPEED SHIFTER were the fenders and rear rack, which helped make it a great pedal-assist shifter. I could efficiently run it in many different circumstances. Moreover, the best electric tricycles for adults were very comfortable to ride, and I didn’t feel any strain on my back or legs.

  • An excellent option for people who have trouble with balance.
  • With a 750W motor, this bike can go up to 20-22 mph, making it great for commuting.
  • This trike comes with a removable lithium battery that makes it easy to charge the bike.
  • Offer a comfortable ride with its Front (24″ / Rear 20″) tires.
  • This tricycle has a front and rear basket for carrying your things.
  • The bike is not foldable, so it can be challenging to store.

MotoTec Best Electric Tricycle For Adult With 48V Battery

Moto Tec Adult Electric Trike

Battery/Motor: 48V/500Watt
Size: Large
Assembly Required: Yes
Color: Black
Dimensions: 34 x 32 x 20 Inches
Frame Material: Alloy Steel
Item Weight: 100 Pounds

I have owned and operated the MotoTec best electric tricycle 2023 for over a year, and I love it! It’s perfect for running errands or just getting around town. The 500W motor packs a punch and can reach speeds of 22 MPH, making it perfect for getting around town quickly.

The 48V battery gives plenty of range for running errands or taking the trike on a longer ride. This trike is both fun and functional, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an electric trike.

Powerful Motor & 12 Ah Batteries:

It is an incredible electric trike for anyone looking for an alternative to a regular bicycle. The motor power is 500 watts, and the battery is four 12V 12Ah batteries, totaling 48 volts.

The maximum weight capacity is 240 pounds. The electric trike also has a great feature that allows you to pedal without using the motor. It is excellent if you want to get some exercise while still being able to ride your electric trike.

22 mph Speed & Long Range:

This vehicle’s rated speed is 22 mph, but that depends on how much you weigh. If you want to get around town or if you just want to take a leisurely ride through the park, this is the perfect bike. The recommended age of this adult electric trike is 13 and up, but I think even younger kids would enjoy it.

I weigh about 150 pounds and can go that fast, but if you weigh more than that, you might not be able to reach that top speed. The range per charge is also impressive – I can quickly get 20-25 miles on a single charge.

Advanced Features for Comfort:

The climbing ability is excellent, the seat is wide and comfortable, and the air-filled tires make for a smooth ride. The front wheel diameter is 16 inches, and the rear tires are 2.80/2.50-4 inches, which makes for a great ride.

Using the left-hand drum brake system and twist throttle, you can easily operate it. These best electric tricycles for adults come with 16″ Pneumatic front tire and two 9″ Pneumatic rear tires make for a smooth ride.

  • When you don’t want to walk or ride a bike, it’s a great option.
  • Trikes like this one are easy to operate with a twist throttle and left-hand drum brakes.
  • There is a key included, a battery meter light, a front LED headlight, and a carrying basket included as well.
  • Offers a 16″ pneumatic front tire and two 9″ pneumatic rear tires.
  • The MotoTec electric trike or tricycle has a maximum weight capacity of 240 lbs which is perfect for adults.
  • It is not suitable for climbing steep hills or rough terrain.

Razor DXT Best Electric Drift Trike for Adults

Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike

Battery/Motor: 36 Volt / 500 Watt
Size: Large
Max Speed: 15 mph
Assembly Require: Yes
Color: Black
Dimensions: 35.5 x 30 x 55.25 Inches
Frame Material: Alloy Steel
Item Weight: 46 Pounds

I personally love the Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike is the best electric drift trike for adults! It’s an entertaining way to get around, and the electric motor makes it much easier to use than a regular drift trike. It’s also effortless to control and maneuver, even for beginners.

Furthermore, the build quality is excellent, and it’s durable too. Overall, I would highly recommend the Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike to anyone looking for a great way to get around and have lots of fun!

500 Watt High-Torque Motor:

I have had the opportunity to test out the Electric Drift Trike, and I have to say, I was impressed! Powered by a 500watt high-torque motor, the DXT can reach speeds of up to 15 mph (24 km/H).

The DXT is stable and easy to control, even at high speeds. The chain-driven design also makes for a very smooth ride. I love this trike for its powerful motor and long battery life – it’s perfect for riders who want to keep the fun going all day.

Front 16″ Pneumatic Tire:

With its front 16″ pneumatic tire with heavy-duty steel rim and rear 10″ diameter cart-style slick pom pneumatic tires, the DXT can drift on any surface. And with its speed bearings, it’s easy to keep the DXT drifting for hours.

I can drift around corners and zip down the street with ease. I would not say I like the only thing: it doesn’t have a handbrake. This best motorized drift trike for adults can reach up to 15 mph, making it one of the fastest electric drift trikes on the market. And with a weight capacity of 198 pounds, it can accommodate riders of all sizes.

Unique Features:

Some features of this tricycle include a twist-grip throttle, hand-operated front disc brake, moto-style handlebars, an adjustable bucket seat, and adjustable foot pegs.

I have found that the twist-grip throttle is excellent for those who want to have more control over their speed, while the hand-operated front disc brake is also perfect for every user.

The moto-style handlebars are also a great addition in these best electric tricycles for adults, as they provide a more comfortable grip for those who are used to riding motorcycles.

  • One of the first electric drift trikes on the market, making it a unique and innovative product.
  • Its 500 watts’ powerful motor allows it to reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest electric drift trikes available.
  • Its large 10-inch rear wheels provide excellent stability and a smooth ride.
  • This DXT comes with a handbrake for easy stopping.
  • With its foldable design, you can store this trike in small spaces with ease.
  • It is not as lightweight as other models, making transporting it a bit more challenging.

Addmotor Motan Fat Tire Electric Tricycle for Adults

Addmotor Motan 3 Wheel Electric Trike

Bike Type: Road and electric Bike
Age: Adult
Number of Speeds: 7
Color: Blue
Wheel Size: 24 Inches
Frame Material: Aluminum
Special Feature: Odometer

I have been using the Addmotor Motan fat tire electric tricycles for adults for over a year, and it has been a great experience. This three-wheel electric tricycle is perfect for adults who want to get around town without pedaling.

The 750W motor is powerful enough to get you up to speed quickly, and the 48V battery gives you plenty of range. The 20″ fat tires make it easy to roll over any terrain, and the rear basket and bag make it easy to carry your belongings. The Motan is easy to assemble and comes with everything you need to start.

750W Brushless Motor & 48V /20AH Lithium-Ion Battery:

I can take this scooter on any adventure with a 4-hour charge since it has a Bafang brushless motor and Panasonic rechargeable battery that provides 48V /20AH power.

 It is very comfortable to ride, and the fact that it is electric means that I don’t have to worry about getting tired or sweaty. The tricycle has also been conducive to carrying my groceries and other things.

Heavy-Duty & Features-Rich:

The best electric tricycles for adults are excellent for carrying heavy loads or extra support when the balance is an issue. It is a perfect fit for riders 5’6″ to 6’6″ tall and can accommodate adults weighing up to 350 lbs.

The extra-sturdy alloy frame makes carrying heavy loads a breeze, and the rear rack can hold up to 100 lbs. of whatever you need to transport. Whether you’re hauling groceries, running errands, or cruising around town, the MOTAN M-360 is a great choice.

Comfortable & Adjustable:

This model features an increased frame length and a center-mounted display that makes it easier to see in direct sunlight. The full-size USB port on the bottom is great for charging mobile devices while you ride.

The oversized saddle is comfortable, and the adjustable backrest supports your back. For people who have limited mobility or who have a larger frame, this tricycle is ideal.

  • 48V 20Ah battery gives it a max speed of 25 mph and a range of up to 60 miles.
  • Made of robust and powerful carbon steel and supports a load capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Comes with a large rear basket along with a bag for carrying groceries or other items.
  • Designed with a wide comfortable seat and armrests for sitting comfort.
  • Have the front and rear disc brakes for safety.
  • It is not suitable for off-road use.

MALISA Electric Battery Operated Tricycle for Adults

MALISA Electric Trike for Adults, 3 Wheel Motorized Bicycle with Big Wheels, , Comfortable Three Wheel Bikes,

MALISA Electric Tricycle For Long Range

Battery/Motor: 10.4AH Lithium-Ion / 750 Watt
Age Range: Adult
Max Speed: 26 mph
Number of Speeds: 7
Color: White-Solid
Range: 31 miles per charge
Frame Material: Alloy Steel
Wheel Size: 24 Inches

I have personally ridden and enjoyed the MALISA battery operated tricycle for adults, and I have to say that it is a blast! Getting around town without having to deal with traffic or parking is easy on this motorized three-wheeled bicycle.

The big wheels make for a smooth ride, and the long range of the battery means you can go up to 40+ miles on a single charge. Its foldable design makes it easy to store in your garage or trunk, and the 750W motor provides plenty of power to get up to speed.

Lithium-Ion Battery and Powerful Motor:

It’s a powerful 750W motor, and the li-ion battery lasts a long time. I got up to 40+ miles on a single charge with pedal assistance.

Without pedal assistance, the battery provides 31+ miles of range per charge, and the powerful motor provides 26 miles per hour of maximum speed. It is an incredible electric trike for adults who want a durable, long-lasting product that can go the distance.

Alloy Frame for High Weight Capacity:

The best electric tricycles for adults has a load capacity of 440 pounds thanks to its aluminum alloy frame. The load capacity is excellent, and it rides smoothly. The LCD screen is handy, and the electric tricycle is easy to ride.

Aside from city streets, it can be used on trails, beaches, and even on golf courses thanks to its three unique fat tires. A LCD screen also emits valuable data points, such as battery life and speed. A rear differential and two-wheel drive add to the traction of the electric tricycle.

Electric Assist & Soft Saddle:

With three big wheels, the ride is smooth and comfortable, and the electric assist prolongs your rides. Getting on and off this powerful step-through fat-tire electric trike is simple.

These advanced rear and front disc brakes provide the most significant stopping power with the least effort. For a more comfortable ride, this adult 3-wheel bike has an adjustable front suspension and a soft saddle with a backrest.

  • It is a fantastic alternative to using a car to get about town.
  • When not in use, folding and storage are simple.
  • Large wheels are designed to provide a very smooth ride.
  • The electric motor gives you plenty of power to get up hills and cruise around town.
  • A very long range that allows for a single charge to take you up to 40 miles.
  • It is one of the most expensive trikes available on the market.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Tricycles for Adults

When selecting the best electric tricycles for adults, there are numerous aspects to take into account. That’s why I covered a few things to consider before making a purchase.

Powerful Motor:

When choosing an electric trike, the motor is a crucial component to take into account. The tricycle’s speed and load capacity are both controlled by the motor.

Make sure to choose a powerful motor to meet your needs.

Long Lasting Battery:

The battery is another crucial factor when purchasing a buzz electric tricycle for adults. The battery will determine how long the tricycle can go before recharging. Make sure to choose a large enough battery to meet your needs.

Faster Speed:

The speed of the electric tricycle is a vital factor to consider. Its speed will determine how fast the tricycle can go. Make sure to choose an Electric tricycle with a top speed that is safe for you.

Weight Capacity:

One very important thing to think about is the electric tricycle’s weight capacity. The weight capacity will determine how much weight the tricycle can carry.Make sure choose a tricycle with a weight capacity that is safe for you.

Durable Tires:

The electric tricycle’s tires are an important thing to think about. Tires of electric trikes will determine how well the tricycle handles. Make sure to choose tires for the terrain you will be riding on.

High-Quality Brakes:

The brakes of the electric trike scooter are a vital factor to consider. Make sure to choose brakes for the terrain you will be riding on. The brakes will determine how well the tricycle stops.

Convenient Assembly:

The assembly of the electric tricycle is an essential factor to consider. The assembly will determine how easy it is to put the tricycle together. Make sure to choose an electric tricycle that is easy to assemble.

Desired Price:

The price of the electric tricycle is a crucial factor to consider. The price will determine how much the tricycle will cost. Make sure to choose an electric tricycle that is affordable for you.

Best Product Recommendation
I’ve used the MotoTec Electric Tricycle both for business and for recreation, and I must admit that I’m impressed with how well it performs. One of the greatest and the best electric tricycles for adults available, it is also incredibly simple to use.
The twist throttle is on the right handlebar, and the left handlebar controls the front drum brake. There is also a key ignition, battery meter light, and a front LED headlight for desired outgoing freedom. For carrying groceries or other stuff, it has a carrying basket.
I like that the seat is wide and comfortable, and the tires are air-filled, making a durable companion for a smooth ride. Overall, the MotoTec electric trike is an excellent option for those looking for an easy-to-use, affordable, and fun way to get around.
What is an electric tricycle for 2 adults?

While some electric tricycles are made for use as commuter vehicles, others are made for leisure. A few electric tricycles can seat two adults, while others can seat only one. Ultimately, the best electric tricycle for two adults depends on the specific needs and wants of the individuals involved.

How do electric tricycles work?

Electric tricycles work by using an electric motor to power the vehicle. Typically, the motor is housed in the back wheel and is powered by a battery. A number of wires connect the battery, which is normally in the front of the car, to the motor.

What qualities should an electric tricycle have?

The battery is the most crucial factor to take into account when purchasing an electric trike. Make sure the battery is powerful enough to get the tricycle up to speed and has a long enough range to get you where you need to go. The price, the top speed, and the weight restriction are further factors to think about.

What advantages does the best electric recumbent trike 2023 offer?

Compared to conventional bicycles, electric recumbent trikes have a number of advantages. The electric motor makes it easier to pedal and can go much faster than a conventional bike.
Additionally, because of their lower center of gravity, they are more stable while riding. Electric recumbent trikes are often comfortable, thanks to the reclined seat position.

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