HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike Tested Review

The HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike stands out in the market as a versatile option designed to provide a powerful ride, extra battery capacity, and the capability to carry cargo effortlessly. Is HAOQI a Chinese company? HAOQI is well-known in the electric bike world and comes from China. 

In this in-depth review, we’re going to take a close look at the HAOQI Antelope 500W eBike. Get ready for the lowdown on this bike before you take the plunge. We’re here to show you what makes it tick and if it’s the right fit for you. Are electric cargo bikes worth it? Let’s dive in and read HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike Review!

HAOQI Antelope Electric Bike Unboxing 

It’s the first e-bike of this style that anyone can ride around town or up on the casual trails. It’s a dual-battery bike so first let’s unbox it. The bike comes in a big carton and I had to remove some wrapping to use it. I am pleased with its cargo carrier. 

HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike

The batteries are packed separately. I fixed one battery into the front part and the other one under the bike seat. Let’s take a look at the specification of the HAOQI Antelope Cargo ebike.

HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike Specification

Motor500W Bafang Motor
Battery48V 25AH
Range65-85 Miles
Top Speed28 MPH
Weight Capacity400 LBS
Torque90 NM

HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike Features

Now, we have evaluated the bike on behalf of our team and performed a few tests. You can get the details below.

Design and Build Test:

The HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike is designed to be both practical and good-looking. I feel it’s a strong build that carries extra weight, perfect for transporting items. The cargo area keeps the bike balanced. 

The HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike is a solid performer, and the battery neatly integrates into the frame, giving it a streamlined look. Riding is comfortable with well-designed handlebars and a seat that’s suitable even for long journeys. Operating the controls and display is a breeze for accessing vital data and making adjustments. 

HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike Display and control

When it comes to looks, I must say the HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike truly nails it by blending contemporary style with everyday usefulness. What really caught my attention was the clever addition of fenders and lights – and it’s not just about looks! They’re like your trusty sidekicks for tackling different weather situations and keeping you visible, whether it’s day or night.

Performance Test:

My experience with the HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike has been quite remarkable, as it effortlessly handles various terrains and scenarios. The bike remains consistent for smooth takeoffs and consistent speeds. 

It conquered uphill slopes effortlessly during our hill test, excelling in both city streets and hilly landscapes. With a strong and responsive motor, the bike handles well. I get comfort and enjoyment with its Pedal assist mode, allowing you to adjust power levels to match your liking and the terrain.

Longevity and Battery Performance Test:

We tried out the HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike for a long time, and its battery lasted really well. The lithium-ion battery kept going for a long distance on one charge, whether we were riding in the city or just enjoying a leisurely ride. 

It didn’t lose power over time, so it stayed strong. This means you can count on the HAOQI Antelope 500W to keep you going on your rides without any interruptions.

Motor Power and Performance Test:

Is HAOQI Antelope 500W ebike motor enough? HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike led me to thoroughly explore its motor and performance capabilities. Its robust power delivery was evident right from the start, offering swift acceleration and seamless transitions between different assist levels. 

Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike Performance Test

When I explore different terrains, from busy city streets to uphill, my bike shows a consistent and dependable performance. Because of the motor consistency, I enjoy an enjoyable and exciting ride. I was particularly impressed with the ease of switching between assist levels, tailoring the bike’s power to match the situation. 

Top Speed Test:

What is the top speed of the HAOQI Antelope 500W bike? When we looked into the HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike, we did a complete test to see how fast it could go. With its 500W motor, the bike reached an impressive top speed of 28 mph on flat roads. 

I’m cruising through the city streets on the HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike. The speed feels just right for urban riding, allowing me to effortlessly navigate through traffic. What’s truly impressive is that even with cargo loaded onto the bike, it doesn’t lose its momentum. 

The bike maintains its top speed without breaking a sweat, giving me the confidence to zip through the city while carrying my essentials. Riding this electric bike is such a thrilling experience – it’s like a mix of speed and dependability all in one. It’s great for everyday travel and also adds a touch of excitement to my adventures. Whether I’m using it for my daily commutes or going on a fun ride, this electric bike has got it all covered!

HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo EBike Speed Gears

Hill Climbing Test:

Can a HAOQI Antelope 500W eBike climb a hill? Eager to test the HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike’s uphill capabilities, we embarked on a challenging hill climb. The strong 500W motor effortlessly conquered inclines, with electric assist ensuring a comfortable ascent on steep hills. I’m taking the HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike on a ride that transitions from the city streets to a challenging uphill climb. 

The bike’s climbing prowess shines as it effortlessly conquers both urban slopes and steeper gradients. It’s like having a trusty companion that adapts seamlessly to any terrain I encounter. When I’m navigating through the city or venturing onto more demanding landscapes, the HAOQI Antelope 500W proves its versatility, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride no matter where I go.

Cost-Effectiveness of Electric Cargo Bikes Test:

What is the HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo price? When we looked at whether the HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike is worth the money, we thought about what you get for what you pay. When compared with other electric cargo bikes, the HAOQI electric cargo bike stands out with its attractive price. 

Packed with features like the 500W motor, extra battery, and cargo capacity, all at an affordable price point, it’s not just about the cost – this bike can potentially save on transportation expenses and contribute to a greener environment. With low maintenance costs and its durable build, the investment in the HAOQI Antelope 500W promises long-lasting benefits, maintaining its performance and practicality over time.

What’s Better 500w or 1000w?

The choice between a 500W and 1000W electric bike often hinges on individual preferences and requirements. How long does a 500W electric bike last? The HAOQI Antelope 500W eBike’s motor power strikes a balance, offering a potent yet efficient performance that meets the needs of most riders. 

A 500W motor is often sufficient for daily commuting and recreational riding, delivering a combination of power and energy efficiency.

Speed Test Without Limiter: 

How fast can a HAOQI Antelope 500W eBike go without a limiter? We wanted to see how fast the HAOQI Antelope 500W Cargo Electric Bike can go without the speed limiter, so we did a test in a controlled setting. When we turned off the limiter, the bike was able to go faster than its usual limit. 

It went much faster, and it was really fun to ride. But there’s something important to remember: going faster than what the manufacturer says can be risky for safety and how the bike works. Even though you can sometimes go faster by turning off the limiter, you should always be safe and follow the rules where you ride. 

  • Electric bike with extra battery capacity
  • Efficient power delivery for various terrains
  • Storage space for transporting goods
  • Disable speed limiter for faster-paced rides
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly transportation 
  • Not Available

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