10 Best Batteries for Electric Bikes – Types & Its Suppliers

A battery is the best alternative store where electricity will not be possible. The progression of electrons gives an electric flow that can run bikes, motorcycles, scooters, or anything else. The ideal clarification of batteries is the powerful small system that stores chemical energy. It converts it to long-lasting electrical energy up to 4 to 5 hours or extends the limit if you use the best brand quality batteries. The synthetic responses in a battery include the progression of electrons from one material to another through an outer circuit.

My most focus is on the batteries for electric bikes. The best batteries for an e-bike are 12v 36v, 48v, 52v lithium-Ion batteries (usually abbreviated to Li-Ion) along with, all the more explicitly, Lithium Cobalt Manganese batteries. This particular electric bike battery type has the most minimal release pace of all e-Bike batteries, which benefits when the bicycle isn’t used to standing in the resting position.

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Top 10 Best Batteries for Electric Bikes

The battery is one of the most significant components of an e-bike and the most outrageous depending upon the brand familiarity. The battery is the decisive factor in how long it can operate the bike without recharging, how long it will run, how much it weighs etc. In general, when you handpick an electric bike, the battery is an integral part that you must pay the most attention to in the biking world.

An intelligent battery regulates your efficiency and distances on a single charge. All batteries have unique attributes, including magnitude, voltage, size, weight, charging time, and complete battery life. I’ll give you the most appropriate electric bike battery types list. It will help you find the best battery for your bikes, e-bikes, and motorcycles.

Eyekan Original 36V/ 48V Electric Batteries for Electric bikes

Eyekan Original 36V

Brand: Eyekan
Volt: 36V, 48V
Current: 10AH on 36V
10AH/13AH/20AH on 48V
CE, MSDS Certified

Eyekan brand knows how to grip today’s youth by creating the stylish battery model that uniquely and smartly includes intelligent features. I feel proud of this brand by holding this brand battery for the first time in my hand. This brand has created a prominent place in people’s hearts in a short period. They produce the best lithium batteries for electric motorcycles online.

Battery Advantage:

The battery is outfitted with a switch, which I turn off on schedule without utilizing the battery to try not to waste power. Led indicator can remind me to charge on schedule to avoid low battery and save me from trouble.

It comes with a battery safety lock, the USB port can charge my cell phones and other devices, fixing the battery establishment to avoid misfortune.

Multiple Certifications:

This brand has the CE MSDS certification for satisfying the clients from their batteries. They have proficient cell recognition machines that are masters for detecting faultlessness and performance—the best e-bike battery supplier brand without getting the customer’s compliance.

Battery Safety:

On the grounds of battery safety, I give it 10/10. These company batteries will be adequately tested before leaving the company facility. You can purchase with complete confidence without getting any tension.

  • Stylish design electric bike battery
  • CE MSDS certified
  • Easy battery charge option
  • Safety lock mode and USB port
  • Maximum power fulfill capacity
  • Not stable on raised temperature
  • More features would be add

H HAILONG 36V 48V Lithium Battery for E Bike


Material: Lithium-Ion
Volt: 36V and 48V
Current: 8Ah, 12Ah, 20Ah
Power: 200w-500w
2A Charger
XT60 Connector

H Hailong brand is well known for creating elite execution of batteries. They are devoted to furnishing customers with palatable service and quality batteries for electric bikes. All products are sent from the US distribution center. They can create premium class batteries for e-bikes and the best e-bike battery suppliers worldwide. It is the best brand for continuing your journey without causing you trouble while riding.

Product Qualities:

The best motorbike battery is a generating manufacturer with long cycle life, light battery weight, high wellbeing execution. I liked it the best because it is eco-friendly with raised environmental protection parameters. It is a vastly improved battery than a lead-corrosive battery.

The external layers are made of waterproof PVC, which gives superior protection to the batteries for electric bikes. I can easily take out my bike in rainy hours by enjoying the weather, especially on summer days.

Demandable Parameters:

An 8Ah 36V battery will provide the 8 amps current for I hours on the approximately 36V, and the ebike battery 48V will give the 12amps current for I hours. It is most suitable for the 288Wh motor on maximum consistent release current.

I experience a long service life of more than 1000 times using the 42V 2A fast charger with a standard connector in T plug. But I prefer the ebike battery for getting a fast riding experience.

Protection of BMS:

Lithium batteries for motorcycles or e-bikes are intended to be airtight and hermetically fixed. BMS has designed a modular that is entirely based on lithium batteries. It has a higher energy density and more steady execution. My battery has more than 1000 times profound cycles and 5 years of service long life.

  • Available in standard size
  • Long charging life
  • The consistent power is good
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Eco-friendly electric bike battery
  • It is reactive to high temperature
  • It is relatively pricey

JHKGY 48/52 Volt Electric Motorcycle Batteries

JHKGY 48/52

Brand: Jhkgy
Volt: 48V, 52V
Current: 20AH
Material: PVC Lithium Battery
Power: 250W-1200W
2.5A charger
Charge Time: 3 Hours

Jhkgy brand is famous for creating many specious things but has an excellent identity for generating the batteries bikes at a current level. Under the short duration, this brand makes a great place in the heart of global customers. I admired this brand of batteries for electric bikes. The prime e-bike battery suppliers locally and globally.

Ebike Battery Design:

This bike battery, 48V/52 V, will impart the 20AH current under the span of a single hour. This battery system is profoundly compatible with a 250-1500W motor. I got the best 2.5A charger for saving my time to charge the full battery under the scope of 3 hours. The implicit BMS gives me protected and solid activity to the lithium battery.

Waterproof Battery:

A significant quality is intruding on me to get this battery with a bundle of faucets. The external layer of the battery pack is made of waterproof PVC material, protection, hostile to consumption, and wear obstruction. But the inner layer enjoys the benefits of a low softening point and waterproof seal. After using it, I put the battery in its case to increase battery life.

Long Life:

I take the world’s best lithium electric motorbike battery for performing small daily tasks. Each lithium battery has to cover the QC appearance and capacity test before shipment for a long lifetime. It consists of the electric bike battery cells inside the whole lithium compartment to collect the power and boost riding speed up to 5 years.

  • Overcharge production with long life
  • Excess current protection makes it durable
  • Voltage satisfaction and self-executing Switching
  • Standard connector with an Anderson plug.
  • Ignite on high temperature

ZJDU Rear Rack 48V Lithium Battery for Electric Motorcycle

ZJDU Rear Rack 48V

Brand: Zjdu
Volt: 48V
Current: Equal to 5A
Power: 350W to 1000W
Cycle time: 1000
Current Capacity: 16AH/20AH/25.6AH/28AH
Capacity: 4 Light Producing
Charger: 54.6V 2A
Discharge Current 30A
Lithium-Ion Battery
Charger Safe Lock

Zjdu is a brilliant brand for bike battery suppliers on a large scale around the globe online. This brand has a full-fledged capacity for producing multiple electric bike battery types. The innovative, unique style is made for ease in buying decisions. It proudly matches the standard of modern-day e-bike batteries by maintaining a prominent place in the worldwide market.

Technical Design:

The high-level electric bike battery cells are about 18650 in no. to complete the target level of 48v. It is suitable for the 1000w motor with a maximum charge of current of 30A. I am impressed by the sleek and intelligent slim design with the lock safety features. I feel safe while leaving my cycle to shop in the parking lot.

Test and Quality:

The BMS system averts the overcharging, over-discharging, overcurrent, and short circuits. After stimulating daily use, my battery can still have a 78% limit staying after multiple cycles. The engineering test of the battery has worked best on my electric bike for over 5 years.

Safety Attribute:

I am thrilled by the waterproof and sand insurance aluminum case. Because of the intelligent lock model, I don’t need to stress while riding or leave this bike alone in the parking space. It is a save option lock for preventing me from robbery. It is the best battery for an electric motorcycle and my e-bike.

  • Prevent overcharging with safety lock model
  • Ensure the long-lasting expectation
  • Short circuit protection comfort
  • BMS protective plate is for safety
  • Aluminum plate shelter
  • Can be caught fire on high temperature
  • High- priced

JHKGY 48V, 52V Triangle Lithium E Bike Battery Suppliers


Version: U004
Maximum Voltage: 48V/52V
Capacity: 20Ah
Charging Duration: 3 to 5h
Max Fixed Discharge Current: 30A (BMS)
Working temperature: -20~60°
Maximum charging current: 5A
Best for 500W 750W 1000W 1100W Motor
Charger: 54.6V/58.8V 2.5A
1000 Cycles Life

JHKGY brand is a renowned brand for developing top-class battery bikes. The 52V ebike battery is the maximum capacity in the market available range. They manufacture the products by understanding the customers’ needs; everybody wants this brand of batteries for everyday used bikes and motorcycles.

Battery Parameters:

Getting the best voltage 48V and 52V will give me the 20amps current in under 1 hour—the best appropriate battery for the W-1100W motor. I achieved the maximum steady current release in 30A by applying the power of a portable charger 2.5A. It never stops me in the mid-travel from my house.

Waterproof Chemistry:

I take out my bike with zero dread toward the wind and rain with drops proof conformation. I fully feel my bike riding by utilizing the Japanese craftsmanship ABS waterproof sealing shell; dripping water is challenging to enter.

High Qualities:

The 18650 electric bike battery cells in this Lithium battery with the USB port. I can smartly charge the mobile phones and Bluetooth speakers using the USB port. The great off and on button option can help me save more power when I am not using it.

  • Stable power and high voltage capacity
  • Overcurrent with bear the overload
  • Short-circuit protection because of waterproof design
  • BMS pass best electric bike battery life
  • Voltage capacity can be increased more
  • Not able to bear the high temperature

ZJDU 52V Li-Ion Batteries Bikes


Voltage: 52V
Capacity: 13Ah, 17Ah
Charging Working Temperature: 0~45℃
Capacity: 4 Lights Power
Relevant Motor: 250W -1000W
Charging Port 3 Pin
Range: 45-85 Miles Covering Capacity

Zjdu is a splendid brand for bicycle battery suppliers for an enormous scope all over the planet on the web. This brand has an absolute limit for creating various electric bicycle battery types. The imaginative back rack’s one-of-a-kind style is made for individuals to ease purchasing choice. It gladly matches the norm of advanced e-bicycle batteries by keeping a conspicuous spot in the overall market.

Product Major Information:

The 52V ebike battery is suitable for producing the current at 13ah/17ah, which is much for finishing my bike needs. It is most applicable for 1000W/750W/500W /450W/350W/250W E-bike motors with an excellent 54.6V 2A charger.

I attain the maximum fixed discharge current 30A about to cover the 45-85miles perfectly for reaching the school vicinity. It would be best if you bought the most appropriate battery for your motor.

High-Quality Guarantee:

It is furnished with the top brand 18650 2500/3200mAh electric bike battery cells. Thanks to God, I put my hand on the world’s best battery for an e-bike to complete my journey successfully to get into the club for sports purposes.

The other firmed proof is that the built-in 30A BMS assurance board prevents overcharge and overload and maintains short-circuit performance. Finally, it is the best battery for electric motorcycles or e-bikes, in my opinion.

Performance and Advantages:

The environmentally friendly lithium battery for electric motorcycles and bikes is trendy in the advanced world. People have been educated about whether either product is most suitable for the environment or harmful to the climate. The battery is enclosed in the black hard plastic shell to safeguard the battery.

The battery charging time is around 3 to 5 hours. When the red light becomes green, the battery is completely energized. Likewise, the charging cycle surpasses multiple times, and the normal life expectancy is as long as 5 years.

  • High voltage capacity and BMS protected plate
  • Hard Protected shell around the battery
  • Maximum work for 5 hours and lightweight
  • Compatible model with E-bike motor
  • USB Port with lock safety
  • Less capability to tolerant the high temperature
  • High price tag

WYYZSS 48V Lithium-ion Battery Best Electric Bike Battery Life


Volt: 48V
Current: 24 AH
Power: 1000W
Material: Lithium-ion
Charger: 54.6V
BMS approved
Battery cells 18650

WYYZSS brand is a prominent brand for framing top-class batteries bikes. The 48V e-bicycle battery is the most outstanding limit in the market-accessible reach. They fabricate the items by getting the clients’ requirements; everyone needs this brand of batteries for regularly utilized bicycles and bikes. They bring out the best batteries for electric bikes and motorcycles on the web.

Custom-Made Battery:

I cherish the custom-made battery service of this company. This brand offered me to customize the battery according to per requirement. When I decide to buy the battery for e-bikes, I specify the necessary battery parameters.

They will adjust the lithium battery according to my wish. Because I am a student, and my only vehicle is my e-bike. So, I want to purchase the battery yearly by using this customized offer. But this brand can turn out the best electric bike battery life.

Design Elements:

With 48V, I will give myself the 24amps in one hour. I achieved the high compatibility factor for the cycle motor is 200w-1000w. I prefer this battery because of lightweight and climate-friendly. I rave off these are the best electric motorcycle batteries ever for customer use.

Water-Resist Battery:

I obtain the e-bike battery 48V that bring me the waterproof PVC material. This material gives me more robust insulation, erosion security, and wear obstruction. After charging it, I increased the battery life for years by putting it in a pack and bag. My country’s weather is rusty and humid; the plastic bag is the appreciable thing they added to the package that prevents my battery from rusting.

  • Maximum power and customized service
  • Waterproof PVC with a most appropriate bicycle motor
  • Superior quality lithium battery
  • Super safety features
  • Should expand the power in volts
  • Low tolerance to high temperature

ZJDU Silver Fish Electric Motorcycle Batteries

ZJDU Silver Fish

Volt: 48V
Material: Lithium-ion
Battery Charge Voltage: 48-54.6V
Current: 13ah, 15ah, 20ah, 25ah, 30ah Capacity
Charging Duration: 1-3Hour
Compatible Motor: 250W 350W 500W 750W 1000W
1000 times Cycle Life
Fixed Discharge Current: 30A (BMS)

Zjdu is a splendid brand for bicycle battery suppliers for a vast scope all over the planet on the web. This brand has an absolute limit about delivering different electric bike battery types. The inventive, exceptional style is settled on for ease in purchasing choices. They gladly match the norm of advanced e-bike batteries by keeping a noticeable spot in the overall market.

Quality Certification:

The product has acquired me high-quality testing certification regarding the battery for e-bikes. All products have passed severe quality standard testing before leaving the factory.

It includes overcharge and practical testing, insurance board testing, high and low-temperature testing, limit testing, vibration testing, short circuit testing, far-reaching charge release maturing analyzer, and so on to give a solid guarantee.

Safety and Ecological Protection:

The class batteries bikes are lithium-ion harmless to the ecosystem materials. It is a built-in 30A BMS defensive plate, which has stable battery execution and strengthens the overvoltage, overcurrent, overburden, short circuit protection, and temperature Insurance. I attain the phenomenal e-bike battery 48V with silverfish color sleek and elegant style.

Safety Protection:

The battery is equipped with a BMS defensive plate. BMS is a measured standard used to supervise battery voltage, temperature, flow, and SOC (State Of Charge). It gives out alerts under suspicious circumstances; removing electric power links in a tough spot to protect the battery makes it longer. BMS can balance energy among electric bike battery cells to make them more identical and extend its release by about 1000 cycles.

  • Great Voltage holding power obtain high-quality testing certification
  • Lithium-ion climate-friendly materials
  • Expansion of discharge cycles up to 1000
  • Advance Safety options are the best
  • Loss of the functionality on high temperature
  • Available at an expansive rate

ZJDU 36V Water Bottle Electric Bike Battery Types


Volt: 36V
Charging current: 2A
1000 cycle time
Temperature: 0-45℃ Storage
Capacity Range: 5AH/5.8AH/7AH
Weight: 2Kg
Charger: 42V 2A
Material: Lithium-Ion Battery
Anti-theft Lock Safety Mark

Zjdu is a breathtaking brand for bike battery suppliers for an immense extension all around the globe on the web. This brand has a flat-out limit about conveying different electric bike battery types and creating outstanding elegance and graceful ideas that directly hit the customer’s mind.

The innovative, excellent style is made for ease in buying decisions. They readily match the standard of cutting-edge e-bicycle batteries by keeping an observable spot in the global market.

Safety and Convenience:

The electric motorcycle batteries utilize lithium-ion cells and BMS defensive board. It can prevent overcharge, over-release, current, and short out. I feel comfortable while thinking about the never-ending benefits of riding with batteries bikes. The battery for e-bikes is made with a battery base, which will fit most motor-bicycle engine outlines.

Protection Highlights:

The electric motorbike battery utilizes an aluminum compound and an ABS plastic defensive shell, waterproof and defensive. The batteries for electric bikes are made with a safety lock with a key, keeping the battery safe from being stolen.

It is a very portable water bottle design that is simple to install and dismantle. The battery for the e-bike has an on and off switch to drive the power show.

Excellent Quality:

Every battery will come with a BMS defensive plate in the battery to guarantee the long ride and keep away me from harm by overcharge, over-burden, and impede short circuit. The sleek plastic bottle battery design has an audience-catching capacity. This plastic shield effectively saves the inner electric bike battery cells and lightens the final weight, and gives me long and charming cycling even at night.

  • Water bottle stylish customer grasping design
  • BMS defensive plate and safety lock
  • Aluminum compound and ABS first quality plastic
  • Lithium-ion battery for e-bikes with climate-friendly material
  • It can’t resist the towering temperature
  • High-rate tag

JHKGY 12V 24V 36V 48V Best Battery for Electric Motorcycle


Volt: 12V 24V 36V 48V
Current: 10Ah 15Ah
18650 2500mAh cells
Li-ion Battery
Charging Duration: 3 to 5h
Working temperature: -20 to 60°
Highest charging current: 5A
1000 life cycles
Power: 1000W -200W Motor

JHKGY brand is a renowned brand for creating top-class batteries bikes. The battery for e-bikes is the most extreme limit in the market-accessible reach. They make the batteries by getting the clients’ necessities; everyone needs them for ordinary bicycles and motorcycles. Nowadays, it is an enormous e-bike battery supplier brand throughout the globe.

Super Endurance:

I can finish a full recharge in only 3 hours, but the numerous different batteries require 8 plus hours. The Li-particle E-Bike Battery is a superb decision for riders who need to drive to work. This huge lithium battery limit permits me to go for a long time without charging and further develops commuting velocity.

Simple Installation:

The battery for e-bikes is not difficult to introduce and charge. It exerts much force and holds a charge well. I generally took steep uphill and downhill terrain; this battery caused no issue. Every Lithium battery for an electric motorcycle has breezed through the voltage assessment, cell aging test, and work test before shipment. Have CE, Rohs, ISO9001, and different Certifications to prove portability and durability.

Safety Function:

The electric motorbike battery utilizes a grade cell for the battery pack. The cells are sincerely protected and don’t explode. I used this battery for 4 years but still have long-range power and long cycle running capability. This battery is listed on the BMS defensive plate. It can add to the safety of the battery and enhance the life duration.

  • Multiply voltage option, and BMS certified
  • Simple installation process
  • Durable and long-lasting cells pack system
  • Safety features make it long-lasting
  • It needs to add more features for safety purposes
  • Price is relatively high in comparison to features

Buying Guide for the Best Batteries for Electric Bikes

However, despite the extra expense and additional cost of decent quality, a nice limit capacity lithium-ion battery is often the most practical choice for batteries bikes. It will give you the best reach, dependability, and longevity.

You could peruse a wide range of cases for various lithium batteries for electric motorcycles with cobalt, manganese, and more remembered for the blend. When you have to decide to purchase a battery for e-bikes, you will have to focus the following points.

Voltage Power:

When you come to any shop physically or online, you must check the voltage capacity of the batteries. For example, the 12v 24ah electric bike battery price or power is less than the 48v battery power. You must choose the higher voltage battery for the e-bikes and motorcycle etc.

Durability and Shelf Life:

The second most important thing you should apply before buying is the durability and the battery’s shelf life. You purchase the best brand battery by focusing on the long-lasting life. The best electric bike battery life is around about 4 to 5 years.

Safety Features:

The safety features must be necessary to fight against theft and robbers when your bike and motorcycle are standing on the parking slots. You select the lock and key having a battery for your usage and are also recommended to friends.

Quality Certifications:

You must check BMS certifications and other stamps before buying a decision. The product has acquired high-quality testing certification regarding the battery for e-bikes. All products have passed severe quality standard testing before leaving the factory.

It includes overcharge and practical testing, insurance board testing, high and low-temperature testing, limit testing, vibration testing, short circuit testing, far-reaching charge-release maturing analyzer, and so on to give you a solid guarantee for making your buying decision easy.


You prefer lithium-ion batteries for electric motorcycles and bikes to clean and sound the environment. You feel more proud by purchasing an eco-friendly device with no health side effects.

The best batteries for e-bikes, motorcycles, and motorbikes are the only ones named is lithium-ion Batteries. These batteries have great features of voltage for all humanity. These batteries have the massive power for holding the charging for a couple of days. I will recommend you the Eyekan Original 36V/ 48V Electric Lithium Battery for Electric Motorcycle.

It’s high taking certification of batteries for achievement of more intension from the customers. These are the best batteries for electric bikes because of the lock safety and the eco-friendly nature. The waterproof PVC material on battery for e-bikes plays the most significant role under heavy rain in the case of emergence. I highly suggest you as the number one battery in the world.

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What sort of electric bicycle battery is ideal?

Lithium-ion batteries are the ideal choice for e-bikes. It has more voltage power and a high compatibility factor for synchronizing with the e-bike’s motor. Although lead-corrosive batteries are fundamentally less expensive, they’re multiple times as weighty as their li-particle reciprocals.

How would I pick an eBike battery?

In picking a lithium battery for your electric bicycle, you want to think about the voltage and ampere evaluations. It is significant as it decides your battery’s reach, toughness, and power contribution. Volts and amperes evaluations are the two essential ideas while picking the correct battery for your electric bicycle.

Which eBike battery endures longest?

Lithium-ion batteries are the most broadly used battery for electric bikes. They can endure as many as 1000 charge cycles in a life expectancy. Additionally, the new Lithium Phosphate battery has shown to be more demanding and more secure to use than different kinds of batteries. The best electric bike battery life is around about 4-5 years.

Are all e-Bike batteries the equivalent?

Sadly, e-bicycle batteries are not widespread or compatible. An electric bicycle requires a particular sort of battery in light of its voltage (V), amps/limit (Ah), and different highlights like size and weight.

How long will the 48V 20Ah battery last?

In principle, a bicycle with two riders, stacking 150 kg, 48V 20Ah battery pack, could run 40 Km, and a bicycle with one rider could run 70 km with a more little gas pedal. Gas pedal size significantly affects mileage. The 48V12A battery, hypothetically, could run 40-50 kilometers with 300 pounds of freight.

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