Levy Electric Scooter Review – Comfy Ride for City Commuters

Levy electric scooter is an excellent addition to the electric scooters with unique battery swapping features to increase the travel range. It is a fantastic ride for teenagers and adults who like a good top speed, decent mileage, and comfortability. Several things, including safety features and waterproofing, make the Levy scooter an ideal ride for a large audience.

The riding modes help you to keep a balance between range and speed. Levy has eliminated the chances of getting you stuck when you are out of charge during the commute. It becomes annoying on the electric bike when they run out of charge. Levy is the best electric scooter under $500 that provides a removable battery for swiping with a spare battery during long rides.

During our tests for Levy electric scooter review, we feel the ride to be smoother. The throttle provided by the motor never feels like underperforming. The motor power and fast acceleration make Levey one of the best electric scooters in this price range. This electric scooter is worth investing your money in for the features it offers in this price tag.

Levy electric scooter is an attractive scooter aesthetically. The overall feel of the scooter does not look cheap. We can see some wires popping here and there, but they are not worth noticing. The scooter is effortless to fold, and its folding dimensions are compact enough to fit well in a car or train seat. It is available in three colors: black with red accents, blue and silver, and black with turquoise.

Levy Electric Scooter Review

Levy Electric Scooter Specifications

Motor Power350W
Travel Range10 miles
Battery36V, 230Wh
Top Speed18 MPH
Tire Size8.5 inches
Tire TypePneumatic
Item Weight27 pounds
Max Weight Capacity220 pounds
Battery Recharge Time3 hours
BrakesDisc, Regenerative
LightsFront, Rear
Water ResistanceIP54
WarrantySix months

Hassle Free Assembly

The Levy electric scooter assembly does not involve any hassle like tighten the break after passing its cable through the hand lever. On arrival, the package includes a 95% assembled electric bike, battery, handlebar, screws, display LED, user manual, and warranty card.

The assembly of the Levy scooter is straightforward. We have tested many electric scooter brands and their accessories, and comparing to them; the assembly is intuitive. You need to screw the handlebar to the stem and clip the battery. Plugin the battery to get it to charge fully for the first time. Once all the process gets completed, give the scooter a test drive to test the scooter potential.

Build Quality

Levy electric scooter does come at an affordable price, but it didn’t compromise the build quality. An aviation-grade aluminum alloy composes the body of this scooter. This alloy has the characteristics of being lightweight and very hard to break. So, the body of this scooter comes in a 27 pounds weight with sturdy and durable construction.

The overall solid build quality in this price range is not common. Besides the durability, the folding mechanism of this scooter is also user-friendly. The stem diameter is pretty large, and it provides a robust mechanism for portability. You can expect all the screws and bolts to join together securely. Even the moving parts have no loose ends and are tighten firmly. Overall, the well-finished Levy electric scooter gives a smooth and reliable ride.

Another strong selling point of Levy scooters is their water resistance. They are IP54 rated and can withstand water splashes very well. However, they are not fully waterproof, meaning you can carry them around in light rain but risky to drive when it’s raining cats and dogs. It is also not good to take the scooter in standing water or submerged conditions.

There are some things that you should keep in mind when purchasing with Levy electric scooter review. It has a durable body, but some spots need care. The fender’s quality is good, but if you repeatedly drop the bike, it can crack. And pneumatic tires are also prone to getting flat, but we will cover that later.

levy scooter weight limit

Levy Electric Motor Power

You never feel underpowered when riding Levy’s electric scooter. It has a 350W motor that drives on the front wheel. You can throttle the motor power to a peak of 700W for a decently good ride. However, the base power is what you should consider most of the time; you will use it when driving in the urban area.

We successfully hit speeds between 14-16 MPH during our test drive, but the company claimed 18 MPH under ideal conditions. The acceleration feels excellent on this scooter, and we reached 15 MPH in 6.1 seconds. We observed during the ride the quiet operation of the motor, even on the full throttle. It works silently with almost no buzz, even under high stress.

The Levy Electric scooter motor generates moderate torque. You can ride it and climb a 10% uphill with ease. But the rider weight, battery power, and weather play an important role in deciding the incline ability of the electric scooter.

There is no observant acceleration lag on the scooter during our test drive. We have checked the throttle and acceleration on different terrain. The throttle is highly responsive, and you can get immediate pull with the slight push down on the acceleration. The overall experience is punchy and but not extremely overpowered.

Travel Range

The Levy Electric Scooter battery department is where it shows an incredible utility as well as a mediocre travel range. It has a premium Panasonic lithium-Ion battery. The battery mounts on the handlebar stem and works on 36 volts. The battery does provide good support to the motor and works fine on high-capacity tasks.

However, the problem lies in the travel range. It offers a 10 miles travel range under ideal weight and terrain conditions. For daily commuters that travel more than 10 miles a day, this can be a disappointing travel range, but Levy introduced a swappable battery to overcome this situation.

Levy E-scooter can travel easily between 16 to 20 miles on two swappable batteries. There are three preset modes for riding. You can choose between beginner, eco, and sports modes to limit the speed and increase battery life. The range varies on various factors like terrain, weather, speed, and rider weight.

Some users have shown concern regarding the swappable battery mechanism. But we observed no relevancy of their claims as to the batteries only weigh 3 pounds that is easy to carry around even in the backpack. The charging only takes 3 hours, and even you can charge the batteries outside the scooter using the charging ports provided in the battery casing.

Levy Electric Scooter’s Weight Capacity

We have already discussed how durable and sturdy the body of the Levy scooter. With its aviation-grade aluminum alloy and wide deck, Levy electric scooter’s weight capacity is 220 pounds. You can expect this type of weight capacity in this price tag.

There is good news for the riders that are more concerned about their height compatibility with the scooter. Levy electric scooter can support up to a height of 6 feet and 5 inches that is more than enough for most people. For people with more height than recommended, an electric scooter for tall people is the right answer.

Portability & Folding Mechanism

The Levy electric scooter portability is not a big concern as it only weighs 27 pounds which is an acceptable weight carrying capacity for most adults. You can take it easily on bus and trains between your commute without having portability issues. The design is also stairs friendly.

Levy electric scooter folding mechanism is robust, and it does not wobble around when you unfold it and ride to the destination. The larger stem on Levy offers more stiffness than the skinny stems of other scooters. You won’t feel much flex when riding due to its folding mechanism, as all the parts take their place firmly when unfolded.

The folding mechanism operates on two main components: a metal lever and a black safety collar. For initiating the folding, simply pulling the black safety collar to the side works great. Then you pull down the metal lever to maintain the folding in place.

To further ensure a secure folding, the stem of the scooter locks with the rear fender with the help of a hook. Locking the Levy electric scooter in this position makes the folding easier and facilitates the scooter’s easy carrying.

One odd thing that we observed in all this folding mechanism and portability is the battery storage position. It stores in the scooter’s stem that causes the balance of the scooter to shift to the front. So you won’t feel the balance good if you have to ride a scooter having batteries in the deck. Those scooters feel more balanced than the stem storage models.

levy e scooter Portability & Folding Mechanism

Heavy-duty Frame

Overall frame exhibits a great finishing and build quality. The handlebar grips have a good rubber textured grip. At the same time, brake levers are solid and control the well-controlled, smoother, and linear braking action. You won’t observe any lags in the application of the brakes.

The throttle on the Levy electric scooter is also smooth and linear like brakes. However, the material selection of the throttle is similar to the handlebar grip. It also features a power button and mode trigger to access these options easily. You can engage cruise control from the throttle bar and effectively control it.

levy scooter frame

Non-skid  Surface Deck

Levy electric scooter features a wide and more practical deck. You won’t feel any uncomfortable ride as it has enough space for standing. Its standing space is 18 inches by 5.7 inches, almost in the upper range from the scooters in this class. The rubber coating on top of the deck ensures a non-skid surface that helps to generate traction for the rider even at high speeds.

The 4 inches ground clearance of the deck is average. You can expect it to work on almost all terrain. But we won’t recommend Levy electric scooter for off-road. If you need an electric scooter for off-road adventures, then you may check out the best off-road electric scooters.

levy Non-skid Surface Deck

Levy Scooter Wheels

The Levy electric scooter has dual 8.5 inches pneumatic tires which are tubeless. They are common among electric scooters, especially the high-priced models. There are several reasons for the popularity of pneumatic tubeless tires over solid rubber or pneumatic tube tires.

The primary reason is their ability of resistance against getting flat. In contrast, pneumatic tube tires are more prone to getting flat, and they are comparably hard to repair. Tubeless tires are readily repairable with the help of compounds and various readily available fixes.

The perks that put the pneumatic tubeless tires on the top are their ease of repair mechanism and contribution to a more comfortable ride. They can bear severe tire damage and different types of terrains. You can easily replace them with new ones in the event of excessive wear down.

Levy Plus Suspension

In this affordable price range, Levy electric scooter does not have a suspension. However, The absence of the suspension does not feel like a downside as the pneumatic tires provide good cushioning to the scooter. These tires give a stable and comfortable ride even on rough terrain.

Riding the Levy electric scooter does not seem tiring, and it does not hit directly to your joints. The ride is nimble and very safe. The tires are large to easily cover small road bumps, while their narrowness allows them to take sharp and quick turns. Due to the wide deck, you can place the foot easily and get a comfortable ride across the city.

Several competitors provide single and dual suspension, but their quality and comfortability do not match the Levy ride. Its ride seems more stable and smooth. However, consider buying a scooter with large pneumatic tires and a good-quality dual suspension system if you plan to ride off-road.

Levy Braking System

Without brakes, electric scooters are suicide machines. With their speedy acceleration and high top speeds, it becomes necessary to have a good braking system. The Levy electric scooter does offer a dual braking system with an electronic ABS brake and front and disc brake at the rear.

The braking process is very straightforward, and you do not need any calibration after the bike assembly. It controls both front and rear brakes using a single brake lever. The braking distance is reasonable, and you can achieve 0 mph from 15 mph in the merely 6.5-meter distance. According to the scooter class and its price tag, this is an impressive braking distance.

The braking mechanism involves dual brake action with a slight delay. It means that after pressing the braking lever, the first brake that acts is regenerative. But after pulling the lever further, the disc brake also comes into action. You can apply more force by grounding your feet on the road, but this is not advisable as it is a dangerous practice.

Levy has provided a solution to the manual foot brake by giving a third brake. This brake applies with the help of the foot. If you are good at driving with one foot, you can use the third brake to control the speed. This triple braking system allows more control over the ride, even at high speeds.

levy electric scooter manual


Additional Features

The Levy electric scooter cruise control is a very compelling feature. You can set the speed to the required limit and enjoy a quality ride. This function is easy to trigger as you can utilize the cruise control from the handlebar.

The LCD display on the Levy scooter is bright and well lighten even in the daylight. It displays the information related to the speed and battery range. You can easily use the screen as it resides on the top of the stem of the scooter.

For safety concerns, Levy has included LED lights at the front and back. The rear LED ensures good security as it alerts the rider behind you about your presence in the dark. The front LED light is vivid and shows you the road effectively even at night.

Other important safety features in Levy electric scooter are an IP54 waterproof rating and an anti-fire battery case. The IP54 rating protects the scooter from splashes of water and liquids. The battery case protects you in case of any battery malfunction event as it does not catch fire.


The Levy electric scooter warranty covers six months. The company provides a 14 days guarantee while the six months warranty covers any defects related to manufacturing. You can avail spare parts for free up to a year of your purchase. Levy has excellent customer support, and you can contact them any time, seven days a week, on their email or phone.

  • High quality build for reliable rides
  • The triple brake system provides more safety
  • Excellent ride comfortability
  • Pneumatic tubeless tires provide shock resistance
  • Swappable battery provides long travel range
  • Good value for money
  • Bright display to show speed and range
  • Average single battery travel range
  • The headlight is not adjustable
  • No suspension system is present

People Also Ask

Levy Electric Scooter FAQs

Are levy electric scooters good?

Levy electric scooter has a smooth ride and a powerful motor to support good top speed and acceleration. The ride is comfortable thanks to pneumatic tubeless tires and a wide deck. With their swappable battery features, Levy scooters are the best choice in $500 electric scooters.

Is Levy electric scooter battery removable?

Yes, Levy electric scooter battery is removable. It features a swappable battery system. You can charge the battery outside the scooter in just 3 hours and then carry it along in a backpack. The batteries only weigh 3 pounds, making the carrying much easier for getting a better travel range for your ride.

How do you lock a levy scooter?

There is not built-in lock system in Levy electric scooter. However, you can get affordable folding or U-lock. These locks are easy to apply on this scooter as they can loop around the scooter fork under the folding stem. You can secure the scooter with any fixed object or bike rack with the help of the lock.

How do you use a scooter, Levy?

Starting the Levy electric scooter is straightforward as you have to press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds. After it powers on, you need to kick push the scooter for at least two mph speed to activate the throttle. Once the motor engages successfully, you can increase or decrease the acceleration and speed accordingly.

Summaries Note
Levy electric scooter is a portable and lightweight scooter with everything you sought after an electric scooter in this price range. It offers swappable batteries, good top speed, speedy acceleration, and a triple brake system. It only lacks in the suspension system that gets somehow covered by the pneumatic tires. Levy is best for inner-city commutes as it has a lackluster travel range. If you can compromise on suspension and use swappable batteries to get the extended range, then Levy electric scooter is the right choice for you in this price bracket.

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