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For a perfect and balanced riding experience, handlebar grips play a vital role. But with time, they can undergo wear and tear. The best scooter grips are a perfect choice to replace the old handle grips or add more aesthetics and comfort to your ride. These grips usually have an anti-slip design which provides more control over your electric scooter ride.

The scooter handle grips are perfectly suitable for adults and teens. They come in various sizes and designs. It is imperative to look for the grips that best suit your needs. For this purpose, it is the best approach to get the best scooter grips that fulfill your needs. To do this, extensive market research is the best possible solution.

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Best 5 Electric Scooter Handlebar Grips

There are hundreds of electric scooter grips that are available in the market. To get the best scooter grips, you need to analyze each product and match it with your requirements. We have made the decision-making easier for you by listing the top 5 best scooter grips. They feature durability, comfortability, and anti-slip properties with universal compatibility. Let’s get started


Yungeln Scooter Handle Grips

If you are looking for high-quality and durable grips for your electric scooter, Yungeln scooter handle grips are the right choice. They feature an anti-rust design for protecting them from external elements and adding to life longevity. The reasonable handle grip design gives them a cool look for making them attractive to use for your kid’s electric scooter handlebar bag grip.


The material selection is very important for adding the durability of the electric scooter grips. The Yungeln grips feature high-quality aluminum alloy that makes them resistant against wear and tear. They come with lightweight and anti-deformation properties. This sturdy material is the same grade material that we often see in pro scooters grips.

You won’t notice any decaying material due to rust as all the grip material is either plastic or aluminum alloy. This is a welcoming and intelligent material selection over the traditional approach. In this way, you can get rid of repetitive handle grip replacements due to quality and rust issues. It offers a perfect fit for waterproof electric scooters due to these properties.

Adjustable Design:

If the original handlebar of the electric scooter is too high for your child to grasp, our handle grip altitude is readily adjustable depending on your child’s height. It allows the children to ride the scooter with their parents while remaining safe. This helps to safeguard the safety of children better.

Besides the adjustable handlebar compatibility for kids, adults can equally take advantage of these grips. If you have a short height of feel like the height of the handlebar is not according to your height, you can install these handlebar grips and adjust them according to the height where you feel comfortable to ride the electric scooter.

Anti-slip and Safe:

The handlebar has silicone as the primary material to ensure a comfortable grip. It’s safe for riders who don’t like hard and uncomfortable handlebar grips. By using this grip, you can feel the level of comfortability that stock grips do not offer.

Its non-slip material makes sure they can always provide a firm grasp while cruising around town or just practicing tricks at home. This grip is especially useful for the riders who ride in hot and humid weather. The non-slip material ensures an excellent grasp ensuring the good control of the rider on the electric scooter during travel.


Installing and removing the Yungeln best scooter grips is easier. It does not impact the electric scooter riding in any bad way as most aftermarket grips can do. The handle length is long enough to suit adults and kids without having any sizing issues.

We have tried these grips for Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro. The fitting looked pretty look similar to the original handlebar grips with a better touch. Once you install it to the scooter, they don’t come off easily as its anchoring mechanism is pretty reliable.

  • It has silicone material to provides a comfortable grip
  • The adjustable height makes it more versatile for use
  • It supports a wide range of electric scooters
  • Durable and sturdy materials provide extra longevity
  • Attractive design for both adults and teens
  • Weak connection for some electric scooter models

Opaltool Electric Scooter Handlegrips

Opaltool Electric Scooter

Universal voltage applicability
Auto Identify
Easy to Use
Wide application

Opaltool Electric scooter handle grips are a true alternative to the stock handlebar grips due to their highly durable and aesthetically attractive design. It offers loads of features that other aftermarket handle grips do not provide. The unique digital meter with the handle grip offers extra details of the ride and keeps you covered with the latest stats.

Fancy Display:

If your electric scooter does not feature Eye display, you do not need to buy any additional meter to monitor the remaining battery. The Opaltool handle grips do feature a battery voltage meter. The tiny screen displays the remaining voltage in the battery.

The voltage display by these handle grips is very helpful for people who usually have a hectic life routine. If they cannot keep track of the charge and remaining battery, the voltage meter estimates the remaining battery time. Now, you can travel for hours without getting stressed about the remaining battery and can charge the scooter on time.

Universal Compatibility:

The grips are compatible with 12-84V electric bikes or scooters, allowing them to identify voltage automatically and provide timely warnings. Furthermore, there are settings for the most common 12VDC power sources and part of the 84VDC range that will work on this device, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

In simple words, you can use a variety of electric scooters without having compatibility issues. It is an automatic identification system that automatically maintains the connection and indicates any computability issues. You can use it with the 12V, 24V, 36V, 72V vehicles directly and enjoy getting a reliable grip.

Easy to Use:

The design and bonding mechanism of these electric scooter grips is to use. The readily usable model makes them one of the best scooter grips available in the market. If your electric scooter voltage is under 100V, it automatically detects it with the connections provided.

However, the connection needs properly done, which you can do easily with the help of the manual provided by the manufacturer. The connectivity process won’t take much time for an electric scooter, given the situation if you understand the process.

Build Quality:

The build quality is the area where Opaltool handlebar grips are the best in the business. The aluminum alloy provided the perfect base for the non-slip material of the grip. You can use it for years, and still, they can run for the long term due to anti-rust aluminum material. Besides the aluminum material, the plastic on these grips seems premium and provides a more reliable traveling adventure.

Non-Slip Design:

The design of this electric scooter grip looks more practical. The ergonomic design feels comfortable for hands, while the non-slip design makes sure that you get full control over your ride. If you live in a humid and hot environment, you will like its anti-slip grips. The patterns on the grip don’t add irritation to the hands as we usually see with other anti-slip grips.

A Complete Wire Setup:

The Opaltool grips have a perfect solution for all your throttle needs. It acts as a handlebar grip and throttle at the same time. This is especially useful for the electric scooters that have throttle grips for acceleration.

Be careful to attach the specific wire to the same connection. The yellow wire is power positive and blue for the controller or key lock. There are also throttle wires like red, green, and black that act as positive, signal, and negative.

  • Key controlled lock system
  • LED display for remaining battery voltage
  • LED display for remaining battery voltage
  • Sturdy and lightweight material
  • It looks more like electric bike handles

DELUXEMOTO Universal Electric Scooter Grips


Universal grip
Adjustable design
Full throttle set

Third, our list is Deluxemoto universal electric scooter grips, which provide comfortable and durable grips. These increase the handling of the electric scooter due to their special pattern. The throttle control on this grip is extraordinary, given the price point. You can get a wide range of applicability due to its universal design.

Voltage Range:

If you’re looking for a safe and easy-to-connect handle grip, Deluxemoto grip is perfect. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues because it automatically recognizes voltage and gives timely warnings if something isn’t compatible with this device. It can cover 12VDC on one side of the spectrum and a range of 48V. There’s no need to be worried about the compatibility with your scooter.

The ability to use the scooter handlebar grips with any electric vehicle is a great convenience. The auto-identification system indicates when there are compatibility issues. It maintains an uninterrupted connection for you at all times so that your grip does not pose any issues once the connection gets established.

Easy to Use:

The design and bonding mechanism of these electric scooter grips is convenient to use. The readily usable model makes them one of the best scooter handlebar grips available in the market. If your electric scooter voltage is within the range, it automatically detects it with the connections provided. The grip is suitable for children to help make operating an e-scooter easier than ever before.

You don’t need to be an expert when it comes to attaching this grip to a scooter. The process is so straightforward that you can do with the manual provided by the manufacturer. All you have to do is follow simple, step-by-step instructions given in the manual. And ensure that connections are according to the given instructions.


Besides the voltage compatibility, many electric scooter grips are notorious for having sizing issues with the handlebar. However, DeluxeMoto does offer a precise dimension for the handlebars compatibility. You can use it with the electric scooter having 7/8 inch 22MM dimensions.

These grips are suitable for a wide variety of electric scooters. You can use them as Razor scooter handle grips as they suit many Razor electric scooters. However, their diameter is adjustable to the handlebars due to the tightening screw that controls its attachment and placing.

Build Quality:

DulexeMoto’s grips are one of the most durable grips for your ride. The metal alloy is the perfect base to provide a non-slip grip, and you can use them year after year without worrying about wear or tear because of their durable material. And even better? It comes with plastic that seems like it’ll last years down the road. This is a win-win situation as you get affordable grips which such a durable quality.

Non-Slip Design:

The ergonomic design and non-slip grip give it a head start over its competition. The full control you get from the grips means that there will be no accidental slips, which can happen with other designs. You also won’t feel any irritation like some people experience when using anti-slip grips. This one has patterns to reduce friction while maintaining traction for all types of weather conditions.

  • Durable and handy for electric scooters
  • Patented design to suit every rider needs
  • Comfortable to grips and handle
  • Non-slips design for better handling
  • Wire seem short for some models
  • The style looks a bit classic but old

ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck Scooter Grips

ODI Soft Flangeless

Classic mushroom style
Collapsible rib pattern
Universal compatibility
Soft grip compound

If you’ve been looking for a pair of cheap scooter grips that are also really high-performing, then you will find ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck Grips the best choice for your needs. These differ from most others on the market today because they’re compatible with many different types of handles. So there will be no need to worry about compatibility.

The Feel:

ODI has been at the forefront of making high-quality products for motorcycle riders, and their Flangeless Grips are no exception. They’re soft, durable, and reliable than many other electric scooter grips available in the market. You’ll be able to ride with joy as you cruise down the open road in comfort without fear that your grips will shift or move around.

The ODI Longneck grips can last as long as you do wish for your scooter grips. They’re made from durable material so that they can withstand anything life throws at them. These unique handles also reduce the risk of blisters because they’re soft and comfortable on your hands – it’s like having a nice handshake all day.


The ODILong Longneck grips provide a better grip, and they do so remarkably. You don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable while using these bike or scooter accessories. The design makes them compatible with many types of bikes and other vehicles, such as scooters for your kids.

You can use them for any electric scooter, provided the dimensions are correct. One other thing you may find fascinating about these grips is their ability to mold well to bikes, electric scooters, and bicycles. You can cut them from one end if they do not fit well for your scooter handlebar.


The ODI grip has a unique design that’s perfect for those with delicate hands. It comes in jet black, so it complements any scooter color, and the bold lettering on both sides leaves no doubt to its authenticity as an original product from one of today’s most popular brands.


Installation might take a few tries, but once it fits correctly, it won’t budge again- not even when riding over rough terrain while taking corners at speed. You can go ahead and enjoy those long rides knowing you’ve got ODIS by your side with all the comfort and reliability.

No one likes to have to buy a new plug after they’ve just bought the electric scooter grips. Thankfully, these grips come with plugs included at such an affordable price. To ensure getting a plug version of these grips, read the order page carefully as some users faced issues regarding plugs not present inside the package.

Non-Slip Design:

The ODI longneck grips have a construction with a soft and comfortable mushroom-like design. They do not slip or wear quickly, which makes them great for riding bikes. Riders who have ridden with these grips know that they are some of the most comfortable grips on the market. Made out of durable materials and soft to touch, they are non-slip even during tough terrain rides such as mountain biking or racing.

  • Soft compound for better and comfortable grip
  • Additional plugs for installation
  • Easy to install and remove
  • The mushroom design gives a classic look
  • Universal compatibility for electric scooters
  • May need manual assistance for replacing

Vans x Cult Flangeless Cool Scooter Grip

Vans x Cult

Proprietary rubber compound
Classic design
Vans waffle pattern
Maximum traction

This Cult Vans by Odi is a perfect choice for those seeking an efficient and effective scooter grip. The rubber compound makes it easy to control the moves of your scooter, which leads to less struggling ride for you. Everything from design to build quality is exemplary in these best scooter grips.

It will seriously impress you with its ability to be incredibly durable and help make driving easier than ever before, thanks to great control over your movements. This makes the gripping effortless, so there won’t be any more struggles when trying to move about town or through crowds.


Vans has been in the game for a while now, and they have perfected their craft. The Vans waffle pattern design is aesthetically pleasing to look at and provides superior comfort and traction due to its non-slip grip material. Users tend to love these grips because not only do these provide all that was promised by the manufacturer when initially released, but it comes with an even better price tag.

How many times have you been out on your scooter and had to take a break because of sweaty palms? The struggle is real. But not anymore, thanks to these cool handlebar grips. They’re durable and robust, so they’ll last long even though their size may be smaller than other grips too.

The honeycomb pattern ensures that there will be no more sweat left behind since the palm remains cool all day long. This feature makes them perfect for riding your electric scooter during summers or in hot and humid areas.

What’s Promising:

The Van x Cult grips are perfect for those seeking an easy and comfortable grip. They have a waffle pattern that provides superior traction, while the rubber compound keeps your hands safe from calluses. They come in many different colors so you can choose one of your likings.

The rubber material may seem too hard for some, but these grips are durable and will last throughout your riding session. They’re grippy, so you don’t have to worry about sliding off the scooter or bike when things get rough. If you like your scooter grips smooth, comfortable, and stylish, then these grips are the best.


I need zip ties to attach with the electric scooter handlebars. It can take less than five minutes before getting them secured in place with 5-6 ties each. A little hammering at the ends can prove useful for placing the grips right into their place.

For easier installation, you can take help with hairspray. Spray the grip with the hairspray and let it settle and absorb in the grip. Once it soaked all the moisture, you can mount it over the electric scooter handlebars. For detailed instructions, read the installation guide given below.

Bottom Line:

The iconic Vans waffle-pattern grips are made in the USA from their proprietary rubber and make for a great gift to give your friends who you know to love all things active. The signature pattern ensures maximum comfort, control, and grip no matter what adventure they may take on next.

  • Comfortable grip for sensitive hands
  • Sturdy and long-lasting material
  • Premium quality rubber compound adds more comfortability
  • Highly practical design for handlebar grip
  • It feels hard compared to other options

Benefits of Best Scooter Grips for Sweaty Hands

It can be hard to find a scooter handlebar grip that provides the perfect grip and comfortability. Pre-installed grips are not always of high quality, but they have their place in certain situations. If you want your hands to feel safe on a long bike trip or if you plan on taking it off-road for some extra fun, then pre-installed handles may suffice.

However, most riders would prefer customized safety features like better ergonomics with aftermarket adjustable handlebar foam scooter grips.

Comfort and Luxury:

You must invest in high-quality grips so your hands will be comfortable while riding. Pre-installed grips are of poor quality and just there for show; they’re not going to provide much padding or comfort because their only purpose is providing enough grip thickness to keep from sliding off the handlebars.

If you spend long hours riding around on your scooter with no grips installed, it could lead to blisters and sore palms. The best solution? Get some quality grips that will keep both of those parts from hurting so bad.


If you want to have complete control of your scooter, then you must invest in quality grips. Low-quality grip covers are a dime a dozen, and they will start slipping out after just one week. So investing in quality grips is the last resort for getting more control over your electric scooter ride in winter, especially for the bumpy and off-road terrain.

If you use any low-quality grip, they can slip out during the off-road ride due to less gripping power. This is why you need to buy high-quality grips for electric scooters, as they provide reliable safety and support to the rider.


If you are a scooter enthusiast, your grips may wear down at some point in time or another. Changing them every few weeks may seem like the best option, but this will become tedious and expensive if they aren’t quality grips.

Quality handles last longer than most people would expect because they have been designed specifically for frequent rotation of hand placement on the handlebars. Besides flexibility, adjusting grip size by adding an extra layer over top of any given bar makes installation quick and easy. They keep everything firmly fixed into place with no additional tools necessary.

How To Put On Electric Scooter Grips?

There is not much written content on the methods of putting on the electric scooter grips. We have seen some interesting videos about the instructions for attaching the best scooter grips with the handlebar. So we have put together some basics instructions on how to put on the electric scooter grips.

In general, grips are relatively easier to take off and put on for the electric scooters. Anyone with an intermediate skill level can easily do it without any issues. But some people may still lack the basic process and need detailed instruction about the old grip removal and installation of the new grip. To makes the process more streamlined, we will explain the process step by step.

Old Grips Removal:

First is the removal of the scooter grips from the handlebar for installing the new ones. It is not a tedious job as it only requires the right tools and methods. The grips are attached to the handle tightly that makes them difficult to rotate or remove. However, applying the right force counter-clockwise will help you gradually pull the grip off from the handlebar.

Sometimes the grip adhesive is tightly bound with the handlebar that you cannot take it off using bare hands. In this case, using the wrench is the possible solution. To do this, wrap the wrench around the grip and squeeze the bar end to pull the grip off from the scooter.

You can remove the old worn-out grips with the help of an air compressor. If you have an air compressor, the removal and putting on the process becomes easier. They help get the job done with ease, and you won’t have to spend much time playing with the tools.

If you don’t have an air compressor, another interesting method involves the use of hairspray. Yes, you heard right. This method works like a charm as everybody has hairspray at home, so you don’t need to buy anything from the market.

To start the procedure, use any flat head screwdriver to make more space beneath the grip. Once you get the required space under the grip, spray underneath it with the hairspray. You can also use thinner to achieve the results. After getting done with the spray, gradually pull the grip off from the bar by twisting them. It will easily slide the grip off the handlebar.

Putting on the New Grip:

Putting on the new grip is exactly the opposite of taking the grip off. You need to put some hairspray (as readily available as other materials) inside the grips and wait for it to soak well inside. Let them stay there for few minutes. Now take the grip and put them on the handlebar while continuously twisting it in a direction.

It will not take much time as soaking will make them grip easily on the handlebar. Once grips are on the bar, make sure to place the logo of both grips in the same direction. Now take the handlebar ends and place them in place to firmly attach the grip.

Ensure not to ride the scooter for few hours to let the grip settle well on the bar. Throttle grip can take nearly 12 hours to set well as they need to twist regularly to achieve the acceleration. You can ride them gently at the start to avoid any issues.

Best One


Electric scooter grips are an essential accessory that helps to balance and ride the electric scooter. Every electric scooter grip is unique in its features but serves the same purpose. We have tested several products, and after hours of research, we concluded that Opaltool Electric Scooter Handle grips is the best scooter grips due to their modern design, features, and LED display. They provide a complete replacement for your traditional handlebar grip with more functionality and freedom.

Do bike Grips work on scooters?

It depends; if the electric scooter and bike handlebar dimension are the same, it will work flawlessly. If there is conflict in the dimensions, then they don’t work on the scooter. Some other things need considerations like wire connection and voltage support as they have a huge impact on practical application scooter grips.

Do electric scooter grips come in the same size?

Normally electric scooter grips come in the same size and dimensions. They usually have support for all the electric scooter handlebars due to universal compatibility. However, some manufacturers produce special grips to fit only specific electric scooter models that may not prove suitable for the other electric scooters.

How do you clean dirty electric scooter grips?

It is easier to clean the dirty handlebar grips of the electric scooters. You can use the sponge or any other soft cloth to wipe them down using hot water. For deep cleaning and achieving more hygiene, you can use a scrub brush, simple scrub, or any brush to get into the grooves of the grips. Using chemical cleaner is also suitable for achieving more cleaning.

Are e-scooter grips universal?

Usually, electric scooter grips are universal, which means that they can fit various brands and their models with ease. However, there are some cases in which they don’t work well with some specific models. So, it is always a better approach to read the dimensions and applicability of these grips before buying them.

How do you put grips on an electric scooter?

Putting the grips on the electric scooter is easier than you may think. It involves spraying the grip with hairspray from inside and putting them aside for minutes to get them soaked well. After few minutes, take one grip at a time and push it on the handlebar by twisting it. Doing this will easily slide the grip on the bar in no time.

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