How to Charge an Electric Scooter? 9 Proper Instructions

Electric scooter manuals are good at explaining “How to charge electric scooter”?. Almost all the manufacturers offer their instruction manuals with the purchase. Sometimes they do not serve the purpose of information due to badly written instruction or preliminary steps.

People who recently inclined towards the electric scooters may find the instruction delusional. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. You can follow this step-by-step guide to learn about the exact steps needed for electric scooter charging. We have explained the procedure in detail to enlighten you about the whole process.

Electric Scooter Charging Instructions

Charging the electric scooter is not rocket science. However, you need to follow some steps to prevent any damage to the battery or scooter. These are the instructions that you can follow to set things properly for charging the electric scooter.

Electric Scooter Charging Instructions

1.   Properly Set up the Things

I’ve found many manuals that don’t include this step, but it’s very important for increasing your battery’s lifespan. Charging a scooter can be tricky, especially in the heat. If you just rode your scooter and it is hot outside, don’t charge for at least 30 minutes. Let it cool down to avoid damaging your battery life.

If you notice some water or any other liquid on your scooter, make sure to let it dry off before putting the battery back to charging. If you’re unsure about drying your motorized vehicle by yourself, allow at least 30 minutes after riding and wait for the moisture from rain or spilled drinks to evaporate naturally.

2.   Charge in a Controlled Environment

You want to charge your scooter in a room where the temperature is not too hot or cold. Temperatures that are colder than 0°C / 32°F can affect how well it charges, and temperatures hotter than 45°C / 113’F may also damage the battery.

It’s important to charge your scooter in the shade or indoors so that you don’t risk damaging the batteries. Not only can charging a scooter under the sun cause damage, but if left too long, an overheated battery may explode. Don’t let batteries overheat and ruin their lifespan when they are on power sources.

3.   Turn Off Your Scooter while Charging

Most electric scooters show the battery percentage even when they are not On. If your scooter has such utility, always charge it after turning the scooter off to prevent any damage to the battery life.

Turn Off Your Scooter while Charging

You may be wondering that why not charge it while keeping the scooter on? The answer is simple: simultaneously charging and discharging can damage the battery in the long run. If your scooter does not show charging status when turned off, you can charge it the conventional way.

4.   Use an Original Charger

If your original e scooter charger has broken down, avoid temptation and don’t try a quick fix by using either a replacement from another brand (this won’t work) or even from within the same brand but for a different model. Trust us on this one since it can damage the circuit or won’t charge the battery properly.

If your charger gets damaged, it is better for most people to buy new ones, but repairing the old one can also work well in some cases. Avoid using any charger that the scooter manufacturer did not make. Ensure it matches with the voltage of your battery so as not to damage them irreparably.

Original Charger Electric Scooter

5.   Plug the Charger into the Power Outlet First

When charging your electric scooter, it is usually better to plug the charger into a power outlet first. This will prevent short circuits and malfunctions from occurring in your device.

If the manufacturer manual says that you should connect the charger directly to your scooter before connecting it with an electrical socket, listen carefully not to damage anything.

But plugging the charger first in the outlet is logical. If anything like a short circuit happens, it won’t damage your scooter and only affect the charger. Getting a new charger is far cheaper than getting a new electric scooter.

Plug the Charger into the Power Outlet First

6.   Plug into the Scooter Charging Port

Once you connected the electric scooter charger with the outlet, the next step is to connect the other end to the scooter. For this purpose, take the charging port cap off (if any) and plug the charging head into the port. This will do the job, and the charging will start.

There is an indicating light in most electric scooters to provide a proper indication of charging. You can estimate the charging situation by the indicator light or by the screen on the scooter’s handlebar. These days electric scooters now offer app connectivity that can show the battery levels.

7.   Fully Charge the Battery

As an electric scooter owner, you know that it is hard to make each day for a full charge. You might need your vehicle before it’s fully charged, which can be stressful. Still, try and charge as often as possible, so you don’t get stuck out on the road without enough battery power.

Lithium-ion batteries can withstand partial charges with no real consequences. The reason we recommend that people fully charge their batteries before they ride again is that this will reduce how many times you’ll have to worry about draining them down and doing damage in the process.

8.   Avoid Overcharging your Battery

Many electric scooters have protection from overcharging built-in. The best practice is to unplug your scooter soon after it’s 100% charged and don’t leave the charger plugged for too long, even if you think there’s no risk of overcharging because some models offer the feature overcharging protection.

One of the first things you’ll have to master with your scooter is charging and figuring out a pattern that works for you. For example, if it takes 3 hours to charge from empty battery life, plug it in at home after work each day, so it’s ready when you need it later on. If it takes 8 hours before the battery’s full capacity, we recommend letting the charger do its thing while sleeping or spending time outside during daylight hours.

9.   Don’t Jump on the Ride Right After Charge

It’s great to unplug your scooter and storm out immediately, but if you want to make sure that the battery is cool enough before riding it again after charging it to full capacity. Ensure that you wait for 5 minutes to let everything cools down to normal, making it ready for your ride.

How Do Electric Scooters Charge?

Electric scooters use lithium-ion batteries as their power source. The same goes for laptops, phones, and other electronics. So you may already be well versed with the charging process.

It is a fairly simple process involving a power source that pushes the voltage on the battery during charging. The voltage of the charger and battery need to match each other. For example, if the battery has an input value of 42V then charger output needs to be 42V to provide perfect charging.

The input of the charger and output of the battery may differ. They are not interlinked, so only battery input and charger output are relevant. The charger throws forces a current to flow from positive to negative electrode through the battery. It charger the same way until the battery gets full.

How to Use a Quick Charger?

When it comes to fast chargers, you want more than just a plug-n-play solution. Quick charging features give users greater control and feedback for prolonged battery life.

If your Gotrax Scooter charger has the option of switching between voltage (110 V or 220V), make sure to tune the appropriate settings before beginning the process.

  • Take the charger and plug-in into the power outlet.
  • Now adjust the amperes rate from the setting according to your scooter model.
  • It’s time to adjust the depth and set the value from 80% to 100%.
  • Now turn on the switch of the charger.
  • Attach the charger head to the charging port of the scooter.
  • Complete the charging process till its charges the battery to full.
How to Use a Quick Charger
How do you Charge an Electric Scooter at Home?

Make sure your charging station is well-ventilated and free from dust. Make doubly certain that it’s not too hot or cold, as this can cause charge malfunctions. Plug the charger in a power outlet.
Connect your scooter by inserting one end of the wire into an opening on either side of the bottom part. Take care with wires, so they don’t get tangled up when covering them over for safety – you want to make sure everything stays clean.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Scooter Battery?

The electric scooters that are most popular today will take 3-8 hours to charge fully. The average electric scooter charging time for a budget or popular electric scooter is 5 hours, and the average of all models being 6 hours 40 minutes.

Can you Overcharge an Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter is a great way to get around town. Smart charging features will protect against overcharging and related damages from it. Still, you must be careful when plugging in your device, or else the battery may become too hot, which could cause damage. Always unplug an electric scooter once fully charged for maximum safety.

How to Charge a Razor Scooter?

If you are looking for How to charge a Razor scooter, the instructions are loud and clear. Its charging is not different from other scooters. However, we will list some points that may help you with Razor electric scooter first charge.

  • Use the only genuine charger that comes with your scooter.
  • Ensure that the charger and scooter are dry and at room temperature.
  • Avoid completely discharging the battery before charge to get prolonged life.
  • Turn the scooter off.
  • Now plug the charger into the outlet and wait for the green light.
  • Following that, plug the charger head into the charging port of the scooter.
  • The light will turn red, indicating the charging process.
  • Wait for the scooter to get charged completely.
  • Take the plug out and wait for few minutes before taking a ride.

How to Charge Electric Scooter without Charger?

Using an alternative charging method means that you are not getting the optimal charge for your electric scooter battery, leading to a more likely chance of breakage or malfunction with time.

There are instances where you have no choice but to use your car battery as a power source. If this is the case, then be sure to grab jumper cables and some other means of jump-starting it like another car’s engine or an electrical outlet.

Follow these easy steps to charge your electric scooter without the charger.

  • The source (car) battery needs to have a higher voltage than your electric scooter battery to mediate charging.
  • Turn the scooter off before anything.
  • If you have a removable battery, take it out from the scooter. In the case of a fixed battery, you may void the warranty doing this process.
  • Find out the positive and negative terminals of the battery. These are easier to spot as positive has + sign while negative have – sign.
  • Now it’s time to attach the jumper cables between both batteries. Take red cable first and attach it to the scooter battery on + sign terminal.
  • After that, connect the black cable with the car battery. Do not attach this cable with the scooter battery and attach it to any bare metal or grounding point.
  • Start the car engine and run it for few minutes and keep the battery on charge.
  • Once the charging gets completed, remove the black wire from the ground and don’t touch it yet.
  • Remove the red cable from the scooter battery, and don’t let it touch the black cable.
  • Now remove the red and black terminals from the car battery.

How Long Does an Electric Scooter Charge Last?

To extend the time that you can ride an electric scooter, you may have to switch modes. If speed is of no concern and saving energy is your goal, then it’s possible to ride on a power-saving mode as long as 6 hours with minimal charge less compared to 2 hours in fast speed mode.

However, if there are times where you need enough battery life, then it would make more sense not only because faster speeds use up more voltage but also due to how quickly higher quality batteries lose their ability once they run out. This will usually happen after just 50 minutes, depending on what type of scooter one has or rides while riding swiftly down city streets.


Finding the right charger for your electric scooter battery is an important decision. Your choice will depend on a few factors, including where you’ll be using it and what type of power outlet you have access to use. We’ve outlined some instructions so that you can charge your electric scooter in the right way. If this article helped you find the electric scooter battery or addressed other concerns, let us know in the comments.

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