Segway Ninebot ES4 Review – Long Batteries for Daily Commute

Since its procurement by Chinese firm Ninebot in 2015, the firm has presented a wrap of items going from electric go-karts to robots and various e-bikes as well. The Ninebot Segway ES4 is its most recent two-wheeled movement – the replacement to ES1 and ES2 lines of e-bikes. While it comes at a more exorbitant cost, it has further developed highlights that we will share in this Segway ninebot es4 review.

Segway ninebot kick scooter es4 has a utilitarian look and plan in shades of dark. It’s easy to utilize and was the norm for the common market for an explanation – yet has been upstaged by different bikes.The ES4 is very much fabricated, genuinely sturdy, and adequately quick to explore with others in rush hour gridlock. Coming norm with double batteries, the ES4 gets around 35% more reach than the ES2 and goes 5 km quicker, with a maximum velocity of 29.5 km. Our cherished highlights of the ES4 are the ergonomic cockpit with agreeable, adjusted handgrips and the tomfoolery under-deck lighting.

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With a Bluetooth-empowered versatile application, you can handle the lights, including shading plans that are mentioned in this Segway ninebot es4 review. It’s quick to the point of staying aware of bicyclists in rush hour gridlock, and its familiar market looks might hold others back from taking it. Anyhow, the ES4’s strong tires keep you from feeling any damping from the suspension and make longer rides genuinely awkward. Here are the Segway ninebot es4 specs:

Brand NameSegway
                        Model Name  Segway Ninebot Es4 Kick scooter
                      Material  Metal plastic and rubber
                   Maximum speed  25 km/h
                      Maximum load weight                   100 kg
                     Recommended age (min)                  14 years
                    Display technology                   LED
                  Displayed parametersBattery status, Distance traveled, Gear indicator, Operating mode, Speed
                  Power protection featuresOver current, Overcharge, Overheating, Short circuit
                      Battery capacity  10388 mAh
                    Weight  14000 g
                  Suitable for surface type  Asphalt
                    Maximum gradient  15°
                     Operating temperature  -10-40 °C

Segway Ninebot ES4 Speed Hack

The ES4 is a solid electric bike. The engine has a pinnacle force of 800 watts, making it one of the greater bikes. At the expected result, we’re taking a gander at 300 watts (which is 50W more than the Xiaomi Mi M365 Scooter). It additionally has 2 batteries – an inner one and an outer one. That additional outside battery is what the future holds scope of 19 miles. Assuming your drive is long, you’ll require that battery power.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Speed Hack

If you don’t require it, you can disengage the external battery and depend on the inside one. Concerning speed, the ES4 is a redesign on Segway’s more established ES2 and ES3 models. The ES4 can get up to 19 mph. There’s a speed limit mode, a norm, and a sports mode to save money on influence. Assuming you want to get up slopes on your drive, the ES4’s slant grade is 15 degrees.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Weight Limit and Construction

Segway’s deck has a cross-section design for better grasp, and the handlebar is also agreeable. The bike folds up rapidly, so you can take it on a means of transport or train if vital however the ES4 is a piece weighty at 31 pounds. That is heavier than past ES models.

As far as how much weight the bike can hold, the specs in the Segway ninebot es4 review say 220 pounds. For shading choices, you can pick dull dim, or silver. Its front is 8 inches, and back is 7.5 inches. You brake the back tire precisely, while the front tire utilizes an electrical brake situated on the handlebar. You also have the brilliant option to slow down with the 2 tires assists with maximum accuracy.

1) Safety

Fortunately, the ES4 Kick scooter is UL 2272 ensured, which is likely the most fundamental security component to search for with bikes. This confirmation implies that the lithium battery with a Segway ninebot es4 charger has undergone thorough tests, so the cycle will not detonate appropriately.

You can additionally guarantee your safety by treating the battery well and never cheating it, keeping the bike in an excellent, dry spot, and just utilizing the authority charger. The bike’s lighting is additionally worth looking at, and Segway was savvy to keep the backlight adds with the ES3.

You’ll see from behind, which is similarly as significant out and about as seen from the front. For riding security, there are shock-retentive materials, so you’re not bumped as hard on the off chance that you hit something.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Parts

Segway Ninebot ES4 Parts

1) Cockpit

The cockpit of the ES4 is exceptionally simple and easy, with thumb controls on one or the other side of a round, single-button dashboard. The showcase is quite simple to peruse and permits the rider to turn on, switch through riding modes, and turn on the lights.

Likewise, you can match your bike with the Ninebot cell phone application employing Bluetooth, and a symbol will show up on the screen when linked. The application permits you to set capacities, run firmware refreshes, control the lights, and lock the bike, among different highlights.

Most likely, our cherished element of the Ninebot ES4 is the enormous finished handgrips, which are recorded to the handlebars. It implies they’ll remain set up as you’re riding, which is an essential however liked highlight in our Segway ninebot es4 review. They have a pleasant grippy feel, and the enormous breadth makes them simple to the clutch.

2) Lights

The Ninebot ES4 accompanies fun lights for evening riding. There is a high-mounted front lamp, brake-detecting bumper-mounted taillight, and under-deck loot lights (otherwise called street impacts) that you can set to an assortment of shadings (through the application). There are likewise reflectors on the sides of the front of the deck.

The front lamp isn’t splendid, yet the general lighting bundle is an excellent treat in a generally mediocre mid-range worker bike that you can see in the Segway ninebot es4 manual. We suggest adding more lights for riding a bike around evening time, including one more morning to append to the rear of your cap or knapsack.

3) Tires

A most unforgiving aspect concerning the Segway ninebot es4 review is the strong tires, which are among the most awful out there. They are substantial while riding over knocks, and the shallow track implies they don’t give a significant foothold and will break down rapidly.

In addition to side, the arduous elastic means you will not get level spots in your tires under hard braking, which can occur with solid tires made of gentler material.

4) Deck

The deck is shrouded in slender elastic with a precious stone-formed design. It feels somewhat limited and not particularly lengthy and measures 15.2 cm wide by 43.2 cm long with 9.1 cm of ground freedom. The deck isn’t minuscule. However, there’s very little space for various standing positions.

The back bumper serves triple obligation: first as a bumper, second as a foot brake, and third as the anchor moment that the bike’s collapsed down. It is a phenomenal plan that keeps the deck liberated from hindrance as specific bikes join the tier.

5) Control Panel & Bluetooth

To get meaningful information in this Segway ninebot es4 review like your speed, riding mode, and battery duration, investigate the ES4’s LED screen. Segway likewise has a Bluetooth application for this bike. It allows you to redo the shade of your back and sidelights and turn the front light here and there.

Likewise, you can utilize an enemy of burglary capacity, caution, and lead vehicle diagnostics. There’s additionally a voyage control choice, which restricts your speed to a windy 12 mph. It is an extraordinary method for saving money on batteries without losing critical speed.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Quality

Segway Ninebot ES4 Quality

The Ninebot ES4 most certainly fits inside its family, with a similar form as the others in the ES series and a general strong form quality. One thing that Segway shows improvement over different brands is linking the executives. There are zero uncovered links on the ES4, giving it a perfect look from start to finish.

The ES4 has water resistance of IP54. However, prior renditions got known to have engine regulator disappointments because of water harm in the stem. As of June 2019, Segway encases the engine regulators in clear plastic to make water preparations more readily.

The basic plan likewise makes the bike extremely simple to dismantle, as the handlebars are associated with utilizing a solitary fitting and-play connector.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Portability

With a genuinely lightweight 14 kg assemble, the ES4 feels lighter than it is at the point at which you’re moving it around. However, the stem overlays don’t telescope, and the handlebars don’t overlap yet are thin. Its collapsed impression is 114 cm long by 43 cm wide and 36 cm tall.

The width of the handlebars keeps the bundle little and makes it simple to move through entryways. A catch on the progression effectively locks to the bumper when collapsed for more straightforward care, yet the wide stem makes it somewhat hard to grasp while attempting to hold one-gave.

The inward battery is in the stem (rather than in the deck). As the ES4 likewise accompanies an outer battery. The collapsing system comprises a flip-down tab that delivers the branch. To overlap, flip the bill down, then, at that point, give a slight forward strain against the handlebars while venturing lower on the tab.

A system on the underside of the bike will let the deck out of the stem. Ensure the tab gets flipped up whenever upstanding, so you don’t unintentionally overlay the bike while riding.

Segway ES4 Problems

Folding it away isn’t precisely so natural. While the Xiaomi M365 Pro and the Unagi Model One have an effectively hand-worked switch or button that you want to deliver or press to overlay the e-bike, with the ES4, you need to kick the little folding pedal where the deck meets the neck with your foot while pushing down the handlebar.

Now and again, you want to kick it reasonably tricky for the channel to the crease, which makes a noisy, unsavory sound that sounds like plastic breaking.

In this Segway ninebot es4 review, another important problem to mention is that you can’t utilize the ES4’s kickstand to set up the bike when it’s collapsed away, and it doesn’t work all that well when unfurled either, tending to overlay under the bike’s weight on slanted surfaces.

  • Long battery duration for a long time use
  • Various riding modes with complete efficiency
  • Effective Voyage control for your safety
  • Mobile Bluetooth mode for multiple uses
  • A widescreen with thorough details
  • Solid tires for safe portability
  • Weighty and a bit difficult to transport
  • Rough surface on lopsided landscape

Segway Ninebot ES4 Battery and Charging

The Segway Ninebot ES2 has a somewhat short charging of 3.5 hours to go from 0% to 100 percent. One of the quickest charging times we have seen on electric bikes in this section. Assuming you pick the ES4, it will take you 7 hours to charge the two batteries.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Battery and Charging

Ninebot by Segway tries to carry out wellbeing control on the entirety of their items. Very much like Segway Ninebot ES1, the ES2 and ES4 models have general battery wellbeing controls:

  • Over-warming insurance
  • Impede
  • Over-current assurance
  • Over-charge assurance

As practically all electric bikes in the business, Ninebot by Segway utilizes great Lithium-Ion batteries, which should serenely last 500-1000 charge cycles which are approx. 2-3 years of everyday use.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Price

Ninebot es4 release date was July 1, 2019, as well similar to the freshest model, the Segway ES4 is additionally the most costly. It cost just £500, whereas the ES3 and ES2 cost £450 and £360 separately. Costing that much, it separates our beloved e-bike, the Xiaomi M365 Pro, which costs £550, and the advanced however defective Unagi Model One, which costs £700.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro has a similar reach and power rating as the Ninebot Segway ES4. It is more agreeable to ride on its pneumatic tires and is less off-kilter to convey than the ES4.

Design and Setup

Out of the box, setting up the Ninebot Segway ES4 is quite simple. Push the back bumper down and pull the stem up until it fits properly. You need to join the handlebar to the steer tube utilizing the four screws and the Allen key when upstanding.

However, the ES4 is easy to work with. The gas pedal control is on the right, and the brake is left. You can likewise slow down utilizing the curved guard at the back while extra halting power is required. However, unlike other e-bikes, the ES4 doesn’t accompany a chime or horn preinstalled.

To charge the bike, you associate the charger given in the crate with the battery on the outside stem battery. A full charge of the 374Whr batteries takes around seven hours, and the reach depends on 28 miles. The Xiaomi M365 Pro has a similar distance yet takes approximately 1.5 hour longer to charge.

While charging, the ES4’s handlebar-mounted show shows you the battery charge as a rate, which is incredible because other e-bikes depend on the battery bars.

Assemble Quality and Convenience

The strong aluminum combination body feels extremely firm. Every one of the joints and associations feels solid, and hard elastic tires won’t go level since they aren’t inflatable. During our trial of the Segway ninebot es4 review, no quality issues emerged. The main thing we would like to change is the counter slip adjustable base.

Whenever you venture with muddy, dusty, or wet shoes, you can quickly see it on the dark elastic, which discolors the bikes new look. Assuming the shading was dark, maybe it wouldn’t look as messy. Even though we didn’t experience any quality issues, we have seen specific individuals revealing broken or harmed pieces.

It occurs every once in a while with practically all-electric bikes; however, we needed to feature that Ninebot by Segway will fix your bike, assuming it’s inside the guarantee period. Nonetheless, it would be best to deliver it to them from your pocket. We have seen a couple of clients who were not content with a seriously high delivery value to fix or supplant their bikes.

Segway Ninebot ES2 versus ES4

ES2 versus ES4

The Segway Ninebot ES2 versus ES4, very much like its kin ES1, are extremely simple to use from the beginning when you turn it on. You have unequivocal data on your front LED screen to see speed, pinion wheels, and battery state. Agreeable speed increase and slowing down make it a lovely green vehicle.

After your ride, it effectively overlays for you to convey or store. The Segway Ninebot ES2 is lightweight, yet assuming you buy an extra battery and make it ES4, recall it adds 2.3 kg (5lbs). Weighing practically 14.8 kg (33 lbs) is marginal lightweight and will be heavier to convey. Fortunately, you can wheel it along behind you when you’re not riding it.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Extra Parts

Segway offers an range of extra parts and swaps for all way of models. These different Segway parts are a terrific method for fixing or improving your model; peruse Ninebot electric brakes, back tires, handlebar grasps, and considerably more.

Segway offers a variety of frill, including chargers, telephone holders, sacks, external batteries, protective caps, locks. Investigate a portion of the Segway embellishments on offer in this Segway ninebot es4 review.

Security and Ease of Use

From Segway Ninebot ES1, we realize that it’s more grounded kin. The ES2 and ES4 got constructed and protected to use out and about. Hostile to slip elastic permits having a real sense of security on the off chance that you step on it with wet footwear. Segway ES2/ES4 has front LED lights and back and side red LED lights rather than reflectors to make you more noticeable in the evening.

The front electric brake and back manual brake will give safe slowing down regardless of whether you utilize the Segway Ninebot ES2 as a customary kick-bike. With the electric brake, you should stop within 4 meters of distance.

Maximum velocity and KERS Front Brake 

The front brake has KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which implies that the vehicle will take care of a piece of its dynamic energy back to the battery at whatever point you use it. It requires around four seconds to come to a complete stop at the bike’s maximum velocity, yet you can stop yourself faster on the off chance that you utilize the foot brake simultaneously.

However, when you become acclimated to securely controlling your speed, you may never have to use the footbrake. The ES4 has a quiet engine, which is incredible until you whizz by individuals and frighten them. That is the point in this Segway ninebot es4 review at which you understand that the bike could utilize a chime or the like to caution individuals of your oncoming presence.

The closeness of the ES4’s handlebars to the power button makes it simple to switch between the three riding modes. When in doubt, you should choose your model before you begin riding, yet it’s excellent to realize that you don’t need to arrive at a stand-still to switch modes securely mid-ride.

On this note, it’s likewise great that the bike consequently connects with voyage control when you’ve been going at a steady speed for a couple of moments. It implies you can go for significant distances without constant strain on the choke.

How to reset Segway ninebot es4?

On the off chance that the bike is over stacked, the electrical switch might trip and stop capacity to the engine. Right the riding condition that caused the overload to stand by a couple of moments and afterward press the reset button to reset the circuit.

Is Segway-Ninebot good?

This Segway Ninebot ES2 survey subtlety is one of the most productive yet average electric bikes available today. The ES2 is underpowered and short on range. The plan and fabricate quality are great, yet we don’t think it is a decent worth as a general bundle.

How long does ES4 battery last?

As practically all electric bikes in the business, Ninebot by Segway utilizes excellent Lithium-Ion batteries, which should easily last 500-1000 charge cycles which are approx. 2-3 years of everyday use.

Does Ninebot ES4 have cruise control?

Indeed, it has fantastic cruise controls that permit you to have excellent command over your speed even as you save your battery and increment the reach from 13.7 miles. You are allowed to pick your riding mode from journey, game, and standard.

It has a genuinely extraordinary reach and power, so it’s ideally suited for workers who need to ride the bike however much as could be expected. The external battery was brilliant. In any case, the bike’s tires aren’t excellent. They can’t deal with anything harsher than smooth city asphalt, and they haven’t got updated by any means since the ES3.
One more justification behind the Segway ninebot es4 review is the value, which could be restrictive for many individuals, and there are other comparative, more reasonable bike choices out there. Assuming the ES4 is in your financial plan, you’re getting a durable, very much fabricated e-bike from a solid brand.

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