Top 10 Fat Tire Electric Scooters 2022 | 500W, 1000W, 2000W

Big tire scooters are standard on the streets of the USA. These bikes are like fat tire electric mopeds. The fat tire electric scooter manufacturing is done for much exposure to the road surface. These bikes give you stability automatically. They are capable of having a good load. Fat tires are also functional in the rain or on wet roads because they grip the road while moving.

Fat tire electric scooters give much fun and pleasure to their users. You can go to remote destinations with your heavyweight. They are the best scooters to use on beaches. They run pretty well on sand. Only the threat is the cost of the flat tire scooters, which is much high. Most of the companies manufacture fat tire scooters on demand. That makes them rare and expensive for ordinary people.

Take A Chunky Ride Electric Scooter & Bike

I would love to recommend ECOTRIC 20″ Powerful Electric Scooter Fat Wheel because of its extraordinary features. It possesses a 2500 Watt powerful motor and 48 Volt 20 Ah battery. The scooter covers the distance at 32 mph speed and can go 20 to 28 miles per charge. It is a more comfortable and safer electric scooter that maintains its working on rough surfaces. This scooter can explore various environments like beaches, sand, and forest. The anti-lock braking system makes it more protective for the riders.

ECOTRIC 20″ Powerful 500W Electric Fat Wheel Scooter

ECOTRIC 20″ Powerful 500W 

Pay $52.22/month for 18 months, interest-free
Weight: 55 lbs
Motor: 500 Watt Brushless
Battery: 36V Lithium-ion battery
Charging time: 6-8 hours
Wheel Size: 20 inches
Range: 45-48 miles
Maximum load: 200 lbs
Top speed: 20 mph

ECOTRIC 20″ fat tire electric scooter has the power of 500 Watt motor that can cover up to 20 mph speed. It is the best scooter for daily commutation. This fat wheel scooter has excellent features for covering your distance and giving you the comfort and luxury of riding.

Stronger Motor Power

ECOTRIC fat tire electric scooters have a more potent motor with 500 Watt power. It can cover 7 speeds system. The rider can adjust the speed according to his need. ECOTRIC 20″ powerful 500W electric scooter tires are safe for riding heavy adults, but you need to avoid using them in the rain.

This scooter has an extra-long cruising range with its 12.5 Ah lithium-ion battery. It can cover up to 48 miles and be charged in 8 hours only.

Secure Double Braking System

It has disc brakes and an anti-lock braking system that can prevent you from accidents. These brakes can stop immediately when you want. The scooter has ultra-wide off-road tires that give you better stability and a comfortable grip. The electric scooter with fat tires can go up to 15 degrees slope. It has a sleek appearance and environmentally friendly design.

Special Features

ECOTRIC Powerful 500W 20″ wheel scooter has headlights and taillights that can benefit a nighttime drive. You can feel safer because you will be visible to others. This scooter also has a flash warning light for breaking up.

The comfortable seat cushion of the scooter has a high elastic form and anti-slip leather. It has an elaborated design and perfect features. LCD shows you the distance, battery, and more. The ECOTRIC scooter can be beneficial for rough road conditions.

  • Stronger power motor and extra long cruising range
  • The handlebar is fixed
  • It has a secure double braking system with an anti-lock design
  • The ultra-wie off-road tires can be beneficial for stability
  • LED digital headlights and warning tail lights are for the safety
  • LCD shows the speed, range, and battery
  • Rear shock absorption system for use on bumpy surfaces
  • Handle height is fixed
  • The scooter has a single seat

Toxozers Adult Citycoco 1000w Motor Fat Tire Electric Scooter

Toxozers Adult Citycoco

Pay $71.67/month for 18 months, interest-free
Weight: 200 lbs
Wheel size: 18 inches
Motor: 1000 Watt Brushless
Battery: 60 Volt Lead Acid battery
Charging time: 4 hours
Range: 15-23 miles
Maximum load: 450 lbs
Seat Height: 28 inches
Wheelbase: 51 inches
Top speed: 25 mph
Recommended age: 16+ years

TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco fat tire electric scooter 1000W has five 12-volt 12 Ah lead-acid batteries. It can cover up the speed of 25 mph with a high tensile steel frame and wheelbase up to 51 inches.

High Efficiency and Convenient

TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco electric scooter covers up high efficiency and is convenient for the age of 16 + people. Jane is my friend. She has this scooter. She loves its performance. This electric scooter has the power of a 1000-watt motor that can cover up the speed of 20 mph.

It is safe and suitable for driving because of its double braking system with hydraulic rear and front brakes. The fat tire electric scooters have a dual shock absorption suspension with large off-road tires.

Ergonomic Design with Safe and Smooth Drive

Toxozers Citycoco fat tire electric scooter 1000W has an ergonomic design with a broader cruiser style handlebar and soft padded seat. The scooter has a comfortable backrest that can make you relax and ride on. The LCD and LED headlights are for stability and control during riding.

Special Features

The scooter has pneumatic tires that can give a safe riding experience. It provides stable control. The scooter has a tremendous economic design that gives comfort during riding. It keeps a dual braking system and a double shock suspension. This scooter can be charged in 4 to 8 hours only.

  • The scooter has an adjustable handlebar with two numbers of wheels
  • With the dual suspension and ergonomic design, It delivers high efficiency and convenient controls
  • Has a safe and smooth drive experience with a double braking system
  • LCD shows the statistics of the scooter
  • It can take 450 lbs weight
  • Off-road electric tires are well to use on sand and other road conditions
  • The seat of the scooter must be adjustable
  • It only can cover up to 25 miles in optimum conditions

Winkine Fat Tire Electric Bike Scooter with Front/Rear Shocks

Winkine 2000w Bike

Pay $127.72/month for 18 months.
Weight: 54 KG
Motor: 2000 Watt Hub motor
Battery: 60 Volt 21 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Charging time: 6-10 hours
Range: 50 miles
Maximum load: 440 lbs
Climbing angle: 20 degrees
Top speed: 40 mph
Seat Height: 28 inches
Front and Rear tires: 225/55-8

Winkine fat tire electric scooter 2000W has an incredible design for lively people. It has excellent features to cover up the trail distance with its 2000-watt electric motor. It has a foldable footrest and two charging ports that can be easy to charge.

Storage and Comfortable Design

This electric scooter has a double seat with a backrest. It provides perfect stability to the rider. My neighbor says it is a comfortable and exciting electric scooter that has secret storage space under its seat.

He can keep his toolkit or other belonging there under the storage compartment of the scooter. The Winkine fat tire electric scooters have a comfortable design with dual seats and leg space.

Excellent Performance with Safe Drive

Winkine fat tire electric scooter 2000W delivers excellent performance with its safe driving experience. It keeps front and rear disc brakes and an anti-lock braking system. It can prevent accidents, and you can use these scooters at nighttime drives because of their LED headlights and rear brake lights.

You can be visible to people. It can be the best feature for driving on unlit roads. The scooter has a rearview mirror, backrest, and armrest for the rider’s comfort.

Special Features

This electric scooter has the power of 2000 watt motor. It can go up to 40 mph and travel 50 miles per charge. It can easily cover up obstacles during riding.

Winkine electric bike scooter has a 60 Volt 21.8 Ah removable battery. It can be charged for 6 to 10 hours. The electric scooter has a foldable footrest, so you can easily adjust it in a sufficient area. It has a multifunctional LCD that can show the rider’s speed and battery level.

The fat tire electric scooter 2000W has a shock absorber and airless tires with two charging ports. It also works with a twist throttle. It is just perfect for 440 lbs riders.

  • It is much better than many small power scooters
  • Can be charged in 6 to 10 hours
  • Offers you safe driving with its front and rear disc brakes
  • Has anti Lock braking system that is effective for preventing accidents
  • Comfortable seat with secret storage and multifunctional LED display
  • You must use dual batteries to cover 60 miles per charge
  • The seat height is fixed

Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric Bike Fat Wheel Bicycle

Cyrusher XF800 750W Bike

Pay $116.61/month for 18 months, interest-free
Weight: 30 Kg
Motor: 750 Watt Brushless
Battery: 13A Lithium Battery
Charging time: 5 hours
Range: 50+ miles
Maximum load: 250 lbs
Top speed: 35 mph

Cyrusher XF800 fat wheel electric bike is the best scooter with an 48V intelligent battery system and lighting. It was only 66 pounds, and it is the best for adults. Cyrusher is the name of quality.

Sturdy and Powerful

The big tire bike performs sturdy and robust with its 750-watt dual motors that can cover up to 35 mph speed and 50 miles range. This bike scooter can take a load of 250 lbs when charged fully. It can cover the whole range of distances.

Safe and Comfortable with Intelligent Management System

Cyrusher XF800 fat wheel electric bike has an 13Ah Lithium battery system that is the safest in the bikes. It has knee control bars that can be easily lifted. The Lithium battery extends the life of the motor. The fat tire electric bike scooters have 26 inches pneumatic tires that are comfortable on bumpy roads.

Special Features

Cyrusher XF800 has a remote control and auto-follow mode. You can use the handle or joystick for the functions of the bike. It can give you a hands-free riding experience, and you can enjoy the scenery around. The intelligent app management system of the scooter is anti-theft.

You can adjust the speed limit and more functions. You can also diagnose vehicle performance by the app and adjust the ambient lights. The app management gives you the option of firmware up-gradation. It can also monitor the battery and the remote control performance.

  • It has sturdy and robust performance with its 750 Watt motor
  • You can enjoy the beautiful scenery with its hands-free functions
  • The bike is safe and comfortable due to its intelligent battery management system
  • The tires of the scooters are comfortable and smooth on bumpy roads
  • Has a multifunctional remote with an intelligent chip to control the device
  • The app management system can detect your speed limit and battery performance
  • You can adjust the lights and diagnose your vehicle performance and upgrade it
  • It must have more weight load capacity

Eahora M1P 2000W with 4 Speed Big Wheel EScooter for Adults

Eahora M1P 2000W

Pay $183.33/month for 18 months.
Weight: 170 lbs
Motor: 2000 Watt Brushless
Battery: 60 Volt 30 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Range: 35-40 miles
Maximum load: 300 lbs
Climbing angle: 18 degrees
Top speed: 40 mph
Recommended age: 16+ years
Maximum Torque: 95 NM

For adults, this big wheel electric scooter has a 2500 Watt electric motor with a 60 volt 30 Ah lithium battery. The bike is equipped with all the best features for covering up to 40 mph maximum riders’ speed. The bike was launched in April 2021.

Change the Way of My Travel

The Eahora M1P fat tire electric scooters have a high standard design that gives the rider comfort. My brother uses this electric scooter. He needs to insert the key and turn it on for the traveling. It is easy to solve his traveling troubles and change the way of his travel. He quotes that it is the best fat electric scooter.

Wear Resistant Anti Slip Tires

This chunky ride electric scooter has vacuum rubber tires that are wear-resistant. They have excellent bumping effects and a firm grip. The electric scooter has a perfect grip on the road. It starts quickly and exerts the brakes quickly. It is highly stable on road surfaces.

Special Features

For adults, Eahora M1P big wheel electric scooter has a high-power motor that can go up to 30-degree steep slopes. It can easily handle that trouble-free riding experience. My brother finds it environmentally friendly. Its batteries can be charged in 4-6 hours. It can cover up to 40+ miles with a maximum load.

  • Adjustable handlebar with rubber wheel material
  • It can change the way of travel with its 2500 watt power motor
  • The scooter has anti-slip tires that are strong and grip able on the road
  • Environmental friendly lithium battery can be charged in 4 to 6 hours
  • It can get a maximum load of 440 pounds easily
  • The scooter brand offers the best after-sale services with 24 hours promise us to reply
  • The scooter is made for the adults only
  • It is available in only black color

Razor EcoSmart Metro and SUP Electric Scooter Fat Tyres

Razor EcoSmart Metro

$469 $699
Pay $39.17/month for 12 months, interest-free on Amazon Rewards Visa Card
Weight: 65.12 lbs
Wheel size: 16 inches
Motor: 500 Watt Brushless
Battery: 36 Volt Lead-acid battery
Charging time: 4-8 hours
Range: 12 miles
Maximum load: 220 lbs
Run time: 40 min
Top speed: 18 mph

Razor Company has manufactured this Eco intelligent Metro and Sup Electric Scooter that has 16 inches wide wheels. The electric scooter fat tyres weigh only 65.12 pounds, and it is for adult use only.

Comfortable Sit and Ride Experience

This electric scooter has a comfortable seat and riding experience with its soft paded seat and bamboo deck. It is a very stylish electric scooter for riders. It has plenty of food places.

You can easily handle the scooters 16 inches pneumatic tires that can be good for uneven terrain. The twist grip handle throttle and hand brakes can provide you with better control over the scooter.

Carry your Cargo with You

This scooter lets you carry your cargo for a long drive journey. You can have your groceries, books, bags, and shopping bags in this scooter’s luggage rack and basket. The fat tire electric scooters also give you fast and powerful performance with its 500-watt high chain driving motor can cover up to 18 mph speed with 12 miles range.

Special Features

This electric scooter fat tyres are safe and stable due to its rear-wheel-drive chip. It can glide on the driving track and has ease of steering. The scooter has smooth riding with its multifunctional features. It is an eco-smart and economical scooter that does not require any fuel to run and is environmentally safe.

  • Soft padded seat and expansive bamboo deck with plenty of foot room
  • Smooth handling with the safe drive for uneven terrain
  • Best for taking your cargo with you
  • Pneumatic 16 inches tires, safe and stable
  • Fast and powerful with its high torque powerful motor electric scooter
  • Environmental friendly, sturdy, and stable
  • It is available in white color only

H4-Pro 2000W Wide Tire Electric Scooter for Adults

H4-Pro 2000W E-Scooter

Pay $127.72/month for 18 months, interest-free
Weight: 52 kg
Motor: 2000 Watt Brushless
Battery: 60 Volt 21.8 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Charging time: 4-8 hours
Range: 50+ miles
Maximum load: 300 lbs
Climbing angle: 35 degrees
Top speed: 21 mph
Wheel size: 18 inches
Recommended age: 16+ years

The H4-Pro wide tire electric scooter has an 2000-watt powerful hub motor. It can be recommended to 16+ youngsters. I have read the reviews of many people using this electric scooter. The brand H4-Pro manufactures the perfect scooters for youngsters with incredible technology.

Excellent Performance with Fat Tires

The H4-Pro off road fat tire electric scooter has three-speed moves at 10, 15, and 20 mph with a 60 Volt 21.8 Ah removable lithium battery. It gives perfect extended cruising up to 50 miles, but it depends on the weight of the rider and road conditions.

The fat tires of the bike are responsible for giving you the perfect stability and grip. The H4-Pro fat tire electric scooters’ brakes are instant and safer to use.

Safe Driving Options

The H4-Pro electric scooter has safe driving with LED headlights that can make you safer on dimly lit roads. It gives warning lights that can be clear for the covering the distance.

The horn and true signals of the scooter are for the alert pedestrians and other vehicles. The scooter has an anti-locking braking system that can identify the brake signals sensitive to braking distance.

Special Features

It can climb over 35 degrees slope. It can take a load of 300 pounds rider. The scooter company delivers quality services, and they will reply to you within 24 hours. This electric scooter has a large capacity battery with front and rare disc brakes. It has an aesthetic design.

It is perfect for your daily commutation and travel. The H4-Pro scooter has a stable and robust design. The throttle of the scooter is a variable twist type.

  • The scooter has three-speed modes that can provide a long cruising range
  • This electric scooter has ultra-wide beach tires for the better stability and more grip
  • Provides safer driving with LED headlights and safety flashing light warning
  • An anti-lock braking system quickly identifies braking signals
  • LCD shows the speed, mileage, and power
  • The vehicle has left and right turn signals and a gear switch
  • Soft and comfortable seat with a durable experience
  • It is delivered on-demand only and can be much expensive for ordinary people.

Eahora M8 2000W

Pay $183.33/month for 18 months
Weight: 186 lbs
Motor: 2000 Watt Brushless
Battery: 60 Volt 30 Ah Waterproof battery
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Range: 40 miles
Wheel size: 12 inches
Maximum load: 440 lbs
Climbing angle: 30 degrees
Top speed: 37 mph
Maximum Torque: 124 NM

The fat tire electric moped has given you the adventures beginning with up to 37 mph speed. You can go farther, faster, stronger, and safer. The scooter has a 60 Volt 30 Ah Lithium battery and a 2000 Watt powerful motor.

Functional Electric Parts

This electric scooter has 2000 watt QS motor that can cover up to 92% high efficiency. It can take you up to 37 mph speed. The battery of the scooter is integrated with the controller system. The fat tire electric scooters give you quality assurance and make your travel up to 40 miles after 4 to 6 hours of charging.

Explore with the Wind

You can explore the wind with this big tire scooter with its faster speed. Three colors of the fat tire electric moped are available black, red, and brown. It has a reliable design with its dual hydraulic brakes system that is highly sensitive. The 12-inch tubeless tires are suitable for all-terrain.

Special Features

The electric scooter has bright headlights and LED taillights with the rearview mirror. You can feel safer with these accessories of the scooter. The intelligent LCD monitors everything on your scooter during riding.

The scooter has a high-performance complete suspension system that prevents bottoming out. This scooter has a saddlebag and fenders. You can schedule your test drive with this scooter by reaching out to the brand’s website.

  • The brand gives you the comfort of getting a scheduled test drive
  • You can have the customization in the spare parts of the scooter when ordering it
  • 12-inch aluminum cast wheels can cover off-road adventures
  • It has full suspension that will be best on bumpy roads
  • A multifunctional display can show every data of the scooter
  • A powerful motor and battery can take you up to 37 mph speed efficiently
  • It can be charged in 4 to 6 hours only
  • Very expensive for ordinary people
  • It is not readily available in the market.

TOXOZERS Electric Fat Tire Scooter Foldable 2500W 48 Volt

TOXOZERS 48 Volt Foldable

Pay $71.61/month for 18 months, interest-free
Weight: 110 lbs
Motor: 2500 Watt Brushless
Battery: 48 Volt 20 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Charging time: 4-8 hours
Range: 20-28 miles
Maximum load: 330 lbs
Top speed: 32 mph
Tire Size: 145/70-6

TOXOZERS Electric Fat Tire Scooter gives the freedom to the riders to cover up the commutation for their daily life, and I use this electric scooter. It makes me independent of public transport. It gives me stressless riding and parking spaces at the best prices.

Powerful and Large Capacity Battery

This electric fat tire scooter has 2500 Watt powerful motors. The electric scooter can cover 32mph speed with a 48-volt battery. It can cover up to 28 miles in optimum conditions. The scooter battery can be charged in 4 to 6 hours only.

More Comfortable and Safer

TOXOZERS Electric Fat Tire Scooter bike offers you more comfortable and safer features with advanced shock absorption and an LCD. The pneumatic fat tires can be the best for rough surfaces and bumpy roads. The scooter has dual disc brakes and LED headlights for nighttime safety driving. The fat tire electric scooters can cover up off-road adventures in various environments.

Special Features

The electric fat tire scooter has a dual disc braking system with an anti-lock braking system. The bike can stop in a few seconds. It has switchable headlights and taillights.

Horn and backrest are for the comfort of the riders. TOXOZERS Electric Scooter has wide tires to cover up different terrains. The brand provides quality services to its users. This electric scooter has a removable seat cushion that is made of plastic.

  • It has a large capacity battery that can cover up to 28 miles in optimum conditions
  • The bike is more comfortable and safer for all conditions
  • Shock absorption system and anti-slip pneumatic tires give perfect road adventures for the various environment
  • An anti-lock braking system is adequate to prevent accidents
  • The scooter has suitable LED headlights and taillights, and wide tires
  • Has a removable seat cushion and dual disc brakes
  • It is safe and economical on the move
  • Possesses maintenance-free motor, substantial battery, and adjustable braking system
  • It has only a rear suspension

ZOOMERS Electric Motorcycle for Adults

ZOOMERS Electric Motorcycle

Pay $94.44/month for 18 months, interest-free upon Amazon Rewards Visa Card
Weight: 26.98 lbs
Motor: 2000 Watt Brushless
Battery: 60 Volt 20Ah Lithium-ion battery
Charging time: 4-8 hours
Wheel size: 12″
Range: 40 miles
Maximum load: 300 lbs

ZOOMERS fat tire electric motorcycle has 12 wheels with a powerful motor. It is the best bike that has a holding frame. The wheel is made with rubber materials and has a 94 cm handlebar height.

Improved Battery Life and Motor

Zoomers electric bike has improved battery life with 60 volts 20Ah battery power. It can be charged in 4 hours only and cover up to 28 miles. The top speed of the scooter is 25mph. The improved motor of the bike scooter can take you up to 25mph and can handle 300 lbs person easily.

Love Your Commute with Amazing Features

The rider can enjoy and have comfort with its rubber grip tires. You can easily use handle brakes. The shock absorption system can take you on the rough terrain easily. The Zoomers fat tire electric scooters have improved the battery life holding mechanism and other functions.

Special Features

This ZOOMERS electric scooter for adults has a portable foldable frame, and you can easily lock it for storage in your car, school, or office. It has an anti-lock braking system. The scooter can take up to 300 lbs weight. The digital display can show speed, battery life, and headlight status.

  • Intelligent digital display folding frame design
  • A powerful motor can handle up to 300 lbs of weight
  • The 12 inches inflatable tires and anti-lock braking system
  • Portable and folding frame with grip able robust tires
  • Equipped with improved motor and battery
  • Must have larger tires

Buying Guides of Fat Tire Scooter in 2022

You must follow these things when you buy the best fat tire scooter 2022. Fat tires scooters can have seats because of their weight-loading capacity. You can enjoy the ride while sitting on fat tire scooters. Other scooters make you tiresome due to their standing position.

Speed of Scooter and Bike

You may find the top speed of phat tire scooters from 17 mph to 35 mph. Although the scooter’s speed depends on the rider’s battery performance and weight, fat tire scooters have their speed limits. They do not have concerns about the weight of the rider. You must select the scooter’s speed according to your capability and usage.

Fat Tire Electric Scooter Battery

Batteries must work around 6-8 hours on the best fat tire electric scooters. If your scooter’s battery is dead before that, your scooter is underpowered. You must also know about the charging time of the scooter.

Safety Features

Fat tire electric scooter 3000W has hydraulic disc brakes. They are many operatives as they can stop immediately. In addition, headlights are vital for safety too. They save not only you but also other vehicles.

These features must be there in a scooter to give the perfect safety on the road. The rider needs to maintain his scooter On & OFF for safety purposes.

Laws of Electric Scooter

You must check the laws on big tire bike scooters before buying. In some regions, the speed is limited to 20 mph, so you cannot use faster electric scooters there. You must also check for the front and brake lights rules and safety gear rules. Mostly these rules are the same in all the states of the US.

Give Time to Research

You must research well to find out the most suitable scooter for you. Be patient when watching the pricing and the features. You must have been worth buying these expensive scooters. You can wait for the Christmas sale to purchase the fat tire electric scooter 1000W, 2000W or 3000W as you can get a good discount then.

Fat Tire Electric Scooter Accessories

As fat tire electric scooters can take maximum load capacity, they can be beneficial with more accessories like bags and luggage. You can keep the clothing bag and essential supplies on the scooter’s side. You can tie it accordingly. You can have handlebars with this scooter too.

They will look good and give it a unique style. Your need can change the seat and saddle. You can also have a rearview mirror, front light headlights, and display scooter speedometer with your fat tire electric scooter.

You can also buy a basket and cargo net for fat tires scooter. The Boss audio speakers, cup holder, and phone holder can also be added. The scooter looks good with RGB lighting. You can also have locks with fat tire scooters.

There are many accessories for the phat tire scooter when you search for them online. You can have the customization in your scooter with fat tire electric scooter accessories.

Rion2 RE90 Racing Edition is the most expensive chunky ride electric scooter. It costs around $6800. If a person outside the US orders it, he must pay $600 to ship the scooter. It has a maximum speed of 160 km/h, so it is the fastest electric scooter.

The expense of the chunky ride electric scooter is due to its making, which involves high-quality material and incredible features. Plus, it will be manufactured specifically for the customer in 90 days when he orders that. The long-range of 96 km can be covered in a single charge.

The fat tire electric scooters’ battery has a capacity of 2898 Wh. the motor has 12,800 Watt power. You can call the scooter a true monster for the racing experiences. The scooter is made up of carbon fiber, and it can be charged in 5 hours only. It has fat pneumatic tires.

Mark Andrew

I am a big supporter and promoter of Micromobility & EVs. As a traveler, I always carry to share my hand-on experience on new electric ride to keep journey comfortable in Urban and off-road tracks. I came here online on this platform to give my personal experience and other user’s reviews of all used products.

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