10 Best Electric Bike Racks and Carrier For Car & Truck 2024

Some electric bikes are not foldable. It is difficult to transport them. If you want to travel to the other city and you have plans to take your electric bike with you in your car, then you have the option to install car racks for the electric bikes.

First, you must decide how to use the racks and how many bikes you wish to transport with your car. You must see your vehicle’s compatibility with the racks. There are some types of the car racks like trunk-mount racks, hitch mount racks, roof-mount racks, and spare tire mount racks.

Trunk mount racks have straps to secure your bikes at the back of the car. Hitch mount racks are suitable for daily usage. They can carry 2 or more bikes together. They can be in hanging cradle style or platform style. Roof mount racks are the most secure bike racks. These racks can be used to carry luggage and cargo boxes too. In this article, we will read about some best car racks for electric bikes.

Top 10 Best Car and Truck Racks for Electric Bikes

KAC K2 2″ Hitch Mounted E Bike Storage Rack

KAC K2 2″ Hitch Mounted E Bike Storage Rack

Load capacity: 60 pounds
Weight: 44.8 lbs
maximum wheel width: 54″
Hitches receiver: 2 Inch
Mounting Type:Hitch Mount

My family always makes plans to travel on the holidays. Last year during the summer season, we had plans to travel nearby city. Traveling brought hectic planning and management of travel accessories and personal belongings. My wife and I wished to take our electric bikes with us. Fortunately, I know about KAC K2 2″ Hitch Mounted e bike storage rack. I immediately ordered it and installed it on the back of my car.

Easy Rear Cargo Access

When I installed the best car racks for electric bikes, I learned about its safety straps. It is much more accessible to use because of its locking hitch pin. I just read the manual and did it myself in a few minutes. It is much more secure, and I was satisfied that our bikes would be saved. Its tilting design is more comfortable to use. It gives quick access to the rear cargo. I folded it down when I used the bikes there.

Safety First

The safety straps can secure the bikes firmly. The bikes are there in the same position during traveling. It keeps an anti-wobble system due to which receiver and rack eliminate slack. There is a rear reflector so I can see the bikes in the dark.

Special Features

The e bike storage rack has the folding option to save space when not in use. You can easily park your car in garages. No need to remove the rack again and again. The rack has heavy-duty wheel trays. The powdered coating steel tubing makes it reliable to use.

Two bikes can be mounted together. It has pre-assembled parts, so installing it is quite a piece of cake. Not only electric bikes but other vehicles can be carried on them. Adjustable hooks can secure the bike more firmly. 

  • Sturdy and safe with anti wobble system
  • Rear reflector for night visibility
  • Convenient and versatile to use
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Safety straps and locking hitch pin
  • Easy rear cargo access with quick-release tilting lever
  • Fold-up option when not in use
  • Padded hooks and wide steel trays
  • It is not rated for use with RV or 5th Wheel

Leader Accessories 2-Bike Platform Style EBike Car Racks

Leader Accessories 2 Electric Bike Car Rack

Hitch receiver: 2 Inch
Supports: 2 bikes together
Maximum capacity: 70 lbs
Weight: 41.3 pounds

I saw Leader Accessories 2-Bike Platform Style Best EBike Car Racks. It was connected with a car carrying 2 bikes. I like the platform style of the rack. It is more secured and can carry a maximum weight of 70 lbs for each bike.

Best Choice Rack

The best ebike car racks have a quick-release handle that can be operated easily. It has an anti-wobble system that eliminates the movement of the rack. This rack possesses safety reflectors for a night drive. There are extra straps to hold the bikes firmly. 

Easy to Access

The clever tilting construction allows it to fold down easily. When the bikes are mounted on the best ebike car racks, you can freely tilt it down to access the cargo at the backside of the vehicle. The quick-release handle works smoothly and instantly. It is the best car racks for electric bikes.

Extra Features

This bike rack has a stress-free design to operate with an adjustable frame. It makes sure the stability of the operation. The quick hitch pins are fit for various bikes. It is 12.5 inches away from the vehicle and gives it a protective measure.

  • East to operate with quick release handle
  • Foldable and tilt-back design for easy access to cargo
  • Compatible with 2″ receiver and different styles of bikes
  • Stable rack due to anti-wobble system
  • Extra safety reflector for night safety
  • Made with strong and durable material
  • The stress-free way to transport bikes
  • Sometimes the straps are loosened on the bikes

ARKSEN 2 Heavy Duty Bicycle Carrier EBike Rack

ARKSEN 2 Heavy Duty Bicycle Carrier E-Bike Racks

Weight: 24.85 pounds
Supports: 2 bikes
Spacing b/w bikes: 5″ -7″
Hitch Receiver: 2″
Total load: 70 lbs each

Sports Utility Vehicles are high vehicles off the ground. The people like them due to their rugged style. These vehicles deserve the best accessories as ARKSEN 2 EBike Racks for SUV. This rack can carry two bikes together. The ebike racks for suv have a hitch style that is comfortable to use.

Easy Secure and Storage

It is made with heavy-duty material and steel construction. It is easy to transport two bikes together. The cradle’s hook and loops are for the bike’s protection. It is easy to transfer bikes with 2 hitch receivers. The double-cradle straps give immediate security to the mounting bikes.

Smart Design

The best car racks for electric bikes have a folding design for quick and convenient storage. It can load the bikes quickly on it. The tilt-down mechanism gives easy access to the cargo on the rear part of the vehicle. It has 5″ to 7″ spacing between the bikes. The hitch tightener makes a secure connection.

Additional Features

The unique features of the bike racks include the heavy-duty steel construction that makes them unique among others. It protects the bike with hook and loop straps. Quick and easy storage is possible due to its folding arms. The anti-rattle hitch can provide a firm connection. They are lightweight bike racks for SUVs.

  • Heavy-duty all-steel bike rack with 2 bikes transfer
  • Innovative and folding design for quick storage
  • Tilting capability for easy access to the trunk of the vehicle
  • Safe and secure transportation with wide spacing between bikes
  • Anti-rattle hutch tightener for a quiet drive
  • It does not have reflectors for a night drive
  • Some customers have a problem loading four bikes together.

IKURAM R 2 Bike Rack for Electric Bikes with Fenders

IKURAM R 2 Bike Rack for Electric Bikes with Fenders

Weight:10.27 K
Style: 2 bike Rack
Load capacity: 84 lbs for each bike
Mount Style: Hitch Mount

While watching our car racks, some family friends also bought the one for them. One of my friends picked up IKURAM R 2 Bike Racks for Electric Bikes with fenders. This car rack also supports 2 bikes simultaneously. It can load heavy bikes and is the best travel for a long time.

Easy Fold-Down Arm Design

The bike racks for electric bikes with fenders can be much more compact by its folding arms. It will never make you in trouble while parking your car. It can tilt down freely and give you convenient access to cargo. So you can accommodate different styles of bikes with stability.

Quick Secure straps

It is a long-lasting and durable bike rack. It is protected with a powder paint finish and keeps UV-resistant rubber cradle straps. They can secure the bikes at their place. It protects the bikes with its soft cradle bed.

Special Features

The best car racks for electric bikes also have a backward swing design. It is much better to give access to the bikes coming out. With its folding arms, it is compact and easily stored. The bike racks for electric bikes with fenders also possess an anti-rattle hitch tightener. It does not make your bikes have jerks or bangs. A smooth towing happens with this.

  • It can be used with SUVs, Trucks, and minivans
  • Fold-down arms to be compact
  • Long-lasting and durable with steel construction
  • Dual-arm mounting design for different styles of bikes
  • Easy tilt down for convenient access
  • Fully adjustable and individual tie-down cradles
  • Rust-resistant due to powder finish
  • Quick, secure straps for complete protection
  • Anti-rattle hitch tightener to solidify connections
  • Does not have hatch access
  • It can be used for intra-urban transportation only.

Hollywood Sport Rider Bike Rack for Heavy Electric Bike

Hollywood Sport Rider Bike Rack for Heavy Electric Bike

Dimension: 37 x 22 x 8 inches
Weight: 56 pounds
Load capacity: 80 pounds
Wheel size fits 5.”
Hitch receiver: 2″

Reliability is the main factor when choosing car racks. If you choose cheap quality racks, then you may have trouble traveling. You have to check its security again and again. So, picking up the best quality bike rack for your car is better. It is Hollywood Bike Rack for Heavy E Bike.

Secure and Fit

This bike rack for heavy e bike can carry two bikes easily. It does not need tools or wobbles to tie. It accommodates a secure installation. This rack can carry standard bikes having 5″ width tires. It can take the load with its heavy-duty performance, making it fit for traveling.

Easy Cargo Access

For transferring cargo, the bike rack for heavy e bike can be folded against the vehicle. It can be tilted, and carrying cargo is much more accessible. It is better to remove the batteries of the electric bikes when mounting them on this rack. This bike rack for heavy e bike protects your bikes with its locking hitch pin. 

More Features

You can take 80 lbs load of each bike on the best car racks for electric bikes. The wheel holder can carry 5″ wide tires bikes on it. It gives you easy cargo access. This car rack is secured with its 8″ cable and locking hitch pin. It is the best bike rack for Sports people who wish to carry their electric bikes on a long journey.

  • Carry 2 bikes with a 60″ wheelbase
  • Fits 5″ wide tires bikes
  • The locking bike frame and locking hitch pin for safety
  • Fast and secure installation
  • Tilt down capability for easy cargo access
  • Requires no wobble and no tools for tightening
  • Not to be used on a trailer or towed vehicles

HYPERAX Volt RV Series Best Electric Bike Car Rack

HYPERAX Volt RV Series Electric Bike Car Rack

Hitch Receiver: Class III and higher
Load capacity: 140 lbs
Tires width: 5″
Wheelbase: 58 inches
Weight: 47.4 pounds

I was on a trip with my office associates. All of us used our cars to reach our destination. While driving, I stuck my eyes to my Boss’ car. It is because a car rack was attached to the car that kept two electric bikes on it. I saw that when I went near it. It was HYPERAX Volt RV Series Best EBike Car Racks.

Anti-Theft Frame Lock

This bike rack has the best features that are worth it. It has a key lock system to secure the frame. It does not allow to scratch the paint of the car and locks bikes in their places. The main feature is 2 inches hitch mount. It gives your bike extra safety for camping. It can support 70 lbs of electric bikes.

Storage Saving Solution

It works with its top carrying handle. The rack can be moved easily with this handle. You can hang it on the wall after folding it. It can take two bikes at a time. It is made with carbon steel which makes it durable.

Soft Rubber Hooks

The best ebike car racks also possess ½ inches anti-wobble pin. The soft rubber hooks can give extra safety and protection to your bikes. The best car racks for electric bikes can tolerate 140 lbs of the total weight of the bikes. Its tray is fit for 20-29″ wheels have a 5″ width. It protects the bikes with its dual key locks. Different sizes of bikes can be carried on it.

  • Folding design for easy storage
  • Strengthened hitch mount for extra safety
  • Can carry 140 lbs of different style bikes
  • Fully secures with co-injected soft rubberize hooks
  • Dual vital locks give anti-theft benefits
  • Adjustable wheel holder for different sizes of bikes
  • Velcro straps for night safety
  • Mounting on the bumper may seriously damage the vehicle.

WEIZE Hitch Fat Tire Best Electric Bike Carrier

WEIZE Hitch Carrier Fat Tire Best Electric Bike Carrier

Weight: 36.7 pounds
Load capacity: 120 pounds
Supports: 2 bikes
Wheel size fit: 17-29 inches
Hitch receiver: 2″

I have plans to buy a new car rack. The reason is that I wish to have a low fuel cost. It can be possible only if I shift towards WEIZE Hitch Best Electric Bike Carrier. It will benefit me with a 30% low cost of fuel by reducing wind resistance. I have ordered it and will receive it soon.

Easy to Use

This best electric bike carrier is versatile with its capacity to carry 2 bikes. It can tilt and give access to cargo easily. The foam-padded clamp does not allow to scratch the car. The hitch tightner also secures the bikes at their places. It is a durable and robust bike rack.

Smart Tilting Design

This best electric bike carrier has the most brilliant tilting design. It can lean on pulling out a pin. You can easily uplift the hatchback of your vehicle. There will not be a need to mount down your bikes. You can efficiently run your vehicle on all grounds because the rack can secure the bikes firmly.

Features Addons

It can take fat electric bikes on it. The rack has Nylon safety straps. They have loops and buckles to secure the bikes firmly. The foam-padded hooks and 5 inches wheel holders give it versatility. It has an anti-theft design and no wobble hitch. It is a user-friendly bike rack with a 1-year warranty. The most promising thing is that it can save 30% fuel when giving a reduction to wind resistance.

  • Save 30% fuel by reducing air resistance
  • Anti-scratch design with foam-padded clamps
  • No damage to bikes due to hitch tightener
  • Convenient and easy cargo access
  • East tilting functions for cargo access
  • Folding design with user-friendly features
  • Not suitable for Swing-out tailgate

YAKIMA Bike Rack with Ramp for Truck

YAKIMA Bike Rack with Ramp for Truck

Dimension: 53 x 24 x 11 inches
Weight: 57 pounds
Supports: 2 bikes
Load capacity: 66 lbs each
Wheelbase: 50″

Going to the way of the village, my best buddy needed a car rack for his electric bike. He bought the YAKIMA Bike Rack with Ramp. This works best for his way toward the village. He kept on enjoying himself on his bike after reaching there. He took the perfect advantage of the car rack.  

Adjustable Frame Attachments

This bike rack is reasonably accessible to use. It has adjustable frame attachments. It gives you comprehensive options of the bikes to be carried like mountain bikes, BMX, kids bikes, and women-specific bikes. You can also carry bikes with fenders on this car rack. It supports wide tires bikes too.

Convenient Access

This bike rack with ramp can load two bikes on it, each of 66 lbs weight. It possesses an integrated same key system. That can secure the bike with a rack and vehicle receiver. The bike can quickly load on the rack while rolling over because of its ramp.

Adjustment Features

The bike rack with ramp can support 4.5″ wide tires of the bikes and a 50″ wheelbase. You can access the trunk of the car while tilting the rack with loaded bikes. There are adjustable bike trays that can be fixed on different styles of bikes.

  • There are tire mounts, trunk mounts, and hitch mounts.
  • Integrated ramp engineering for easy mounting
  • Adjustable frame attachments for different bikes
  • Integrated same key system to secure bikes
  • Can tilt forward for easy trunk access
  • Adjustable bike trays for minimizing interference
  • There is a weight limit to use on RVs.
  • Some customers feel it is narrow and heavy.

Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR EBike Hitch Rack

Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR Electric Bike Hitch Rack

Weight: 52.04 pounds
Load capacity: 60 pounds
Fits 20-29″ wheels
Mountain Type: Rack
Carries: 4 bikes at a time

My brother’s friend works for an electric bike rental company. It is a private company providing the sturdiest electric bikes to users living far away in the city. He has an SUV, and with that, he attached Thule T2 XT/ XTR EBike Hitch Rack. This bike rack can carry 4 bikes together.

Versatile Style

This ebike hitch rack possesses a versatile style that suits all the bikes. It can carry 60 lbs weight of each bike and does not make contact between the bikes. It is easy to move the rack while it is dismounted from the car because of its wheels. This is appropriate for the bike’s 20-29″ wheel sizes. 

Secure Transport

This ebike hitch rack has a lock system. When the electric bike is placed on the rack, the hitch receiver keeps a lock on it. The thule ebike racks have tilting down capability. You can access the luggage kept in the rear of your car while your bikes are mounted on the best car racks for electric bikes.

Expandable Capacity

This is the only rack giving you the advantage of carrying four bikes simultaneously. You must attach the Thule T2 Pro XT add-on for mounting four bikes on it. It carries all sizes and styles of bikes.

  • All styles of the bikes can be carried due to their versatile design
  • An integrated wheel is there to maneuver the rack easily
  • Tilt the rack down with a hitch switch lever
  • Integrated cable lock system
  • PositiGenerous spacing of 12.5″ between the bikesve
  • Auto attach system with no tools requirement
  • Some customers complain about its balancing

Thule Helium Bike Platform XT Electric Bike Rack

Thule Helium Bike Rack XT Electric Bike Rack

Dimension: 60 x 17.8 x 12 inches
Weight: 23 pounds
Hitch: Bike Rack
Limited lifetime warranty

From my experience of using bike racks, I will say platform bike racks are more secure. It can grip the bike wheels so that the bike is much safer. I suggest the Thule Helium Bike Platform XT electric Bike Rack to others. It can carry a good load with safety.

Secure Holds

The thule ebike racks keep many secure holds for bike protection. These holds are not in contact with the bike’s frame, which is why your bike does not damage. The bikes can quickly be attached and secured with the loops built in the rack.

Effortless Fold Down

This electric bike rack is made with Aluminum. It is easy to install and remove. The rack arms can be folded when you dismount your bikes. It does not create any hurdle to getting access to the vehicle’s trunk.

Special Features

The bike rack can be folded down when the traveling is over. This electric bike rack has a hitch switch lever that can tilt the bike when you need to access the car’s trunk. The rack has been made with Aluminum and alloy steel. Some parts also contain plastic.

  • Foldable bike rack made with Aluminum and steel
  • It has secure holds that do not contact with the frame
  • Ratcheting wheel loops can secure the bikes
  • Easy access to the rear part of the vehicle
  • Hitch Switch lever for convenient tilt down
  • It can carry only 40 lbs each bike
  • Has only a limited warranty
Recommended Product
I recommend you the KAC K2 2″ Hitch Mounted rack. It is a platform-style bike rack for your vehicle. It can take 120 lbs total weight of the bikes.
It also possesses an intelligent tilting design for easy reach to the luggage kept at the backside of your car. It is a sturdy and protective anti-wobble car rack that provides stability. It is pre-assembled, and it is easy to install the rack in your car. It has double powdered coated steel construction for more safety.
Does a bike rack damage your car?

In this category, you can put trunk-mounted bike racks that can damage a car’s paint. It straps to the trunk with metal clips and sits against the car’s paint. Other car racks can also damage the cars if used improperly or carelessly.

Can you put an electric bike on a bike rack?

Electric bikes can also be put on car racks. They need some extra safety and care. The rack must support your bike’s geometry. It is better to remove the bike’s battery before mounting it on the rack.

How do you store a heavy electric bike?

The electric bike must be placed in a perfect, dry space. It must be away from high humidity. It must be under a shed. The bike storage racks can be used for home and traveling too.

Are e-bikes allowed on planes?

Electric bikes are not allowed in the planes due to their Lithium batteries that can explode on overheating.

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