New Eovan GTO Silo Skateboard Is Coming This Year 2022

Eovan has just launched its newest long-range electric skateboard with the range up to 60km: the EOVAN GTO SILO. This top-of-the-line skateboard comes packed with great features and advanced configuration, making it one of the best on the market today. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the EOVAN GTO SILO is worth checking out.

Eovan has made it its mission to improve electric skateboard reliability, speed, and higher transmission efficiency. With over 18000 satisfied customers, Eovan is well on becoming the leading innovator in the electric skateboard industry.

Eovan GTO Silo is Coming Soon

The most anticipated upgrade from the Eovan, GTO Silo, has made headlines due to its improved design and speed up to 58km/h. It has increased the interest of commuters due to the sublime body, featured packed design, and improved battery.

Eovan GTO Silo Skateboard Release Date

GTO Silo has been making headlines since the Eovan revealed it. With many speculations over the release date, the manufacturer has finally confirmed the release date and pre-sales. They have started with pre-sale order booking and will continue till the end of this year.

The manufacturer has revealed the price although the release date is still unclear. which falls in the premium electric skateboard category.

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Upgraded Features

What’s New in Eovan GTO Silo?

The Eovan GTO Silo has many features worth praising. Here is the list of the features that have improved in the GTO Silo:

1) Upgraded Battery

The larger discharge rate and improved battery capacity ensure that the GTO Silo gets more stable power output for a reliable commute. The battery design enables the commuter for a reliable and longer journey due to the molicel P42 model.

The most improved aspect of the battery is better stability and high discharge performance that we usually get in the electric skateboard. It is especially useful for performing in a low-temperature environment.

The power capacity is great, but it also has a 12S5P battery with a highlighting capacity of 21AH for a long-distance commute and better battery life.

2) Tough Build Quality

The tougher and sturdy carbon utilized in the board construction shows the capabilities of the GTO Silo skateboard. The carbon fiber adds toughness and superior construction that one may like when riding for commuting across different terrains.

It lets the commuters glide smoothly with an upgraded width. The stability is second to none due to the appropriate foot socket. It offers higher comfort rates while providing better control for the lock foot.

3) Double Deck Bridge

Eovan has utilized an upgraded and brand-new double-layer bridge. It has discarded the use of the first-generation double-layer bridge with a better second-generation bridge. The result is improved shock resistance and more stability when riding the board.

Moreover, the GTO Silo has a single-layer base. It helps the commuters to easily switch between the bridges and let them customize the experience. The biggest advantage of this function is the free sliding according to their habits.

4) Smart ESC System

The build quality is not only a highlighting feature; the GTO Silo has ESC that adopts Hobbywing ESC. It has better linear acceleration, intelligent control, regenerative charging, and powerful braking control.

With over 170KV and a 2*3500W motor, the GTO Silo never remains short of power. It has a gearbox transmission system for high efficiency, better control, and minimum wear and tear.

If you have to commute over a hilly area, the GTO Silo is never short of a surprise. It has 40% climbing power with the support of dual motors. It not only helps in the smooth gliding over any surface but also ensures that operation remains smooth and under control.

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