5 Best Electric Scooters With Light – Better Road Visibility

If you like to travel during the night or early morning on your electric scooter, you need a perfect lighting setup for better road visibility. The best electric scooter with lights can provide you with the required light and visibility on the road for safe travel.

Besides the essential lighting, there is an electric scooter that can provide additional lighting options. It’s always pleasing when you get lights on sides for reflectors, on deck, and for aesthetics on the frame.

Owing to various options for electric scooters with lights, the decision-making for buying intent gets tough. You may want a balance of all the features with perfect lighting or a high-performance light-up electric scooter with a fantastic light setup. Keeping in mind the diversity, we have chosen the 5 best LED scooters. We have tested several products in search of a perfect list.

Lightening Power

5 Best Foldable Electric Scooter with Lights


Hiboy Titan PRO Scooter with Lights

max range

Hiboy Titan

Motor Power: 2400W
Top Speed: 32 MPH
Travel Range: 40 miles
Max Weight Capacity: 286 pounds
Wheel Size: 10 inch
Warranty: 12 months

Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooters are part of the new Titan electric scooter series. Aside from its powerful motor and large battery, it boasts several impressive features. The suspension and comfortability of this scooter allow it to transform into a great city commuter.

The Titan Pro electric scooter is a complete mobility solution. With a top speed of 30 miles per hour, it outperforms the vast majority of the competitors. It strikes a good line between power and speed on the one hand and convenience and flexibility of operation on the other. With its three power settings, you can control the ride effectively. In addition, you can choose a single motor mode by pressing the switch on the controller.

A lithium-ion battery of 48V provides all the power that you need to make your journey more reliable. The travel range depends on the motor mode selected and the type of terrain you will explore. It has a 40-mile range when completely charged. However, this performance is based on flat, smooth terrain with a single motor running under a controlled environment. 

Thanks to its front and rear suspension, Titan Pro ensures a smooth ride. Despite the fact it is suitable for urban driving, it can climb hills and go off-road without many problems. The large deck can extend your feet out, which is helpful for added stability. Besides that, three intelligent light system keeps you running even on a night with its bright headlight.

With its forged aluminum frame, the Titan Pro electric scooter can last for years. Because of its weight, it is not readily portable and feels heavier to transport. However, it feels well-constructed and sturdy beneath your feet. As a result of its compact and collapsible construction, the scooter is easy to store in tighter spaces.

  • High-quality lighting system for night travel
  • Suspension is flexible for all-terrain
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Suitable for heavier adults
  • Pretty hefty to lift
  • Pricier than other options

Gotrax G Pro LED Scooters

long travel tested

Gotrax G

Motor Power: 350W
Top Speed: 15.5 MPH
Travel Range: 24 miles
Max Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
Wheel Size: 10 inch
Warranty: 6 months

Gotrax G Pro is a three-wheel electric scooter worth looking for when searching for the best electric scooter with lights. Several factors are contributing to the increase in its popularity. It is much easier to maintain balance on this three-wheel electric scooter comparing to a two-wheeled scooter. Furthermore, some riders may find an extra wheel comfier and smoother for a ride over longer distances.

The 350W motor seems enough for riding in urban terrain. However, people who live in mountainous terrain may find the performance below expectations. It can handle 14-degree uphill on paper, but in experience, the performance varies with rider weight and riding conditions. Besides that, the Gotrax G Pro can reach a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour for a decent run.

The LG battery of the GoTrax G PRO can provide a travel range of 24 miles on a single charge.  It is especially very practical as the charging takes only 4 to 5 hours to charge fully. Besides the travel range, the battery showed an impressive figure for lifespan.

The GoTrax GPRO 3 has a headlight that brightens the path when you travel at night time. The wiring of the scooter seems good on all parts except the headlight part. It can cover the headlight that ultimately reduces its effectiveness. However, this scooter should have sufficient lighting at both the front and rear to allow for safe nighttime travel. Even so, it is best to stay on the well-lit roads during night travel. 

GoTrax has established itself as a prominent electric scooter manufacturer and represents a build quality that is pretty outstanding, regardless of the model or price. The G PRO 3 undoubtedly shows sturdiness and durability throughout its body. Everything from the front wheel to the rear fender offers impressive quality.

  • Stable and reliable ride quality
  • Unique three-wheel balance
  • Lights are bright for night travel
  • Good charging time
  • Wires in front of the headlight need careful placement
  • Speed need improvement

Segway Ninebot Air T15 LED Light Scooter

Segway Ninebot

Motor Power: 250W
Top Speed: 12.4 MPH
Travel Range: 7.5 miles
Max Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
Wheel Size: 9 inch
Warranty: 6 months

The Segway Ninebot Air T15 features futuristic aesthetics with innovations to make the scooter experience pleasurable. It is one of its kind due to its signature design being limited to it only. Overall, looks and feel make it a premium grade and well-crafted aluminum frame scooter. Besides its appearance, however, there is a specific downside regarding features and value for money.

A 250-watt motor in Segway T15 is not overpowered at any level but makes it comfortable to ride a person up to 220 pounds weight capacity. The speed can hit maximum of 12.4 miles per hour on smooth and level terrain, generally within the urban speed limit for electric scooters. The acceleration and speed feel just right if you are not close to the weight limits on this scooter.

The travel range of the Segway Ninebot Air T15 is 7.5 miles, which is quite ordinary and prevalent among the e-scooter in this class. The battery drainage is faster, and you need to charge it every 5 miles when riding on an urban track.

The front light on Ninebot Air T15 is not a typical setup like its shape and aesthetics. An ambient LED strip on the front provides illumination while running down the steering column. It gives a great sighting when combined with the white frame. Lighting is the most specific function of Segway Air T15, as you can connect it with the smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy the customized lighting setup.

The Segway led light T15 scooter frame contains a corrosion-resistant and highly tensile aluminum/magnesium alloy that helps it to withstand external elements. The nice thing about the build quality is its impact-resistant construction from front to rear. The folding mechanism is outstanding as the stem and deck get near one another, resulting in a very compact unit. 

  • Highly compelling aesthetics
  • The folding mechanism makes it highly portable
  • Innovative yet sturdy design
  • Extremely lightweight for carrying around
  • The travel range is not impressive
  • Not suitable for incline hill climb

Razor E Prime III Electric Scooter with lights

Razor E Prime

Motor Power: 250W
Top Speed: 18 MPH
Travel Range: 15 miles
Max Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
Wheel Size: 8 inch
Warranty: 90 days

The E Prime III is high performance commuting electric scooter that is a recent attempt from the Razor to get hold of the entry-level electric scooter market. It features a respectable speed and travel range at an affordable price to announce it as a reliable ride. Despite its useful functions, it is still difficult to determine whether the application of this scooter is for leisure activities or a serious regular ride.

The Razor E Prime III has a 250-watt engine that takes the riders to a maximum of 18 miles per hour. This speed is not industry-breaking for entry-level scooters but a decent upgrade from the competitors. It contains a high-torque motor, but you will not experience the snappy acceleration like most electric scooters because of its low wattage. 

Razor’s best electric scooter with lights contains a lithium-ion battery, which has a capacity of 36V 5200mAh for a travel range of 15 miles per charge. Practically you can get 9-11 miles per charge depending upon rider weight and other conditions. For the majority of riders, the range varies due to the lack of flat tracks. It takes 6 hours to charge the battery every time you discharge it completely. 

The headlight on Razor E Prime III has an elevated position, and its mounts to the handlebars. This placement is highly preferable for getting maximum visibility without getting the light blocked. In addition, there is rear brake light and reflector lights for better visibility.

The build quality is rather good due to the utilization of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with an anodized finish. It is sturdy and lightweight, making it both portable and durable. E Prime III does not have suspension systems, and the front tire serves as the only point of suspension while the rear tire differs due to solid rubber construction.

  • The easily collapsible body makes it portable
  • The easily collapsible body makes it portable
  • Dual brakes provide extra stopping speed
  • A good value for money
  • Lightweight and sturdy frame and deck
  • The range could be better
  • There is not suspension system
  • Lacks off-road and uphill capabilities

Hover-1 Alpha Pro Light Up Electric Scooter

top motor power

Hover-1 Alpha Pro

Motor Power: 450W
Top Speed: 18.4 MPH
Travel Range: 18 miles
Max Weight Capacity: 264 pounds
Wheel Size: 10 inch
Warranty: 90 days

If you are searching for a well-balanced electric scooter with a lighting option, Hover-1 Alpha Pro is the best choice. It has more features and qualities than its predecessor Hover-1 Alpha Pro. There are quite a few similarities between both models, but the latest model excels in quality and rider comfortability. It does come at an affordable price which is a win-win situation.

Getting speed and acceleration is never an issue for Hover-1 Alpha Pro foldable electric scooter with lights as it packs a 450W brushless motor. You can hit a top speed of 18.4 miles per hour in only a few minutes of the ride. This is incredibly good for the riders who like their ride to have snappy acceleration and a decent speed. However, we have not tested the ability for uphill, which can clarify more about its vast applicability.

Most manufacturers tend to use Samsung and LG batteries for getting maximum travel range and quality. Similarly, Hover-1 Alpha Pro contains a 36V 6 Ah battery for an extended range. Under ideal road conditions and decent rider weight, it can take you somewhere between 14-15 miles. However, the manufacturer claims the travel range to be 18 miles for a single charge in this best electric scooter with lights.

The lighting options for this electric scooter is excellent as it features a combination of utility and aesthetics. There is LED lighting on the deck that increases the ride visibility with a pleasing display of aesthetics. Besides that, the headlight at the front is vivid enough to illuminate the road at night for increased visibility. You can control different settings from the LED display at your reach.

During our tests, the Hover-1 Alpha Pro produced excellent results regarding build quality. It has a weight capacity to hold the rider’s weight of 264 pounds. The pneumatic tires are a complete package for comfortability and ride quality due to their shock-absorbing nature.

  • Ride quality seems excellent
  • Integrated Bluetooth speakers provide entertainment
  • Can handle heavier adults
  • It packs a decent speed and torque
  • Accelerator feels jumpy
  • Less travel range

Benefits of LED Light Up Electric Scooter

When riding an electric scooter, it is important how much visible you are to others. Electric scooters with extra lights can play a vital part in the visibility of you and your scooter for other riders. These lights are necessary when you are riding in the early morning or after the sunset. Let’s discuss the benefits of different types of electric scooters with lights for riders.

Additional Lights:

Most of the time, electric scooters come with the basic lights at the front and rear. In this case, the front light acts as a headlight to show that the roads at night and rear light or brake lights increased your visibility for the riders coming behind you. But many manufacturers now provide additional lights.

The additional lights are a tool for making you more visible on the road and provide better road visibility at night. They include side reflector lights and front lights beside the main headlights.


The front light is the most important part of an electric scooter as you can easily see your path and increase your visibility on the road. It is highly recommended for electric scooter riders to use a powerful front light for their safety. Luckily, these lights come stock with the scooter and good ones available in the market nowadays.

In most electric scooters, these lights come on the handlebars or a kiddy bar. These lights have a variable rubber strap so that you can adjust your scooter light according to your preference. Mostly lights put out 750 lumens blinding brightness which helps you to see your way or road. Ensure the presence of these lights in your scooter so that you have a safe journey in the dark.

Rear Lights:

While moving on the rear, lights are also important for any vehicle to be visible for the traffic behind you. But it is difficult to perform for even the best rear lights in electric scooters due to the design and low mounting position on the rear fender. However, for the traffic approaching you from behind, you can use clip-on LED lights on your T-shirt’s back or your backpack. Most modern scooters now feature powerful rear lights to make you more secure on the road.

Deck Lights:

Some electric scooters come with “swag” lights on stem or deck and have a “ground effect.” But it’s important to know that an electric scooter with lights underneath can help you be seen but is not as proper for best light results as you think. Scooters with insufficient front and rear lights are not safe for you. With these types of swag lights, you may not see any dent on the road and pothole properly, which jumps out from nowhere.

What to avoid when Selecting LED Scooter with Lights?

Commonly electric scooters do not come with suitable built-in lights, and most of them suffer from low-mounted lights, poor quality optics, and underpowered LEDs. The low mounting looks cool for the outlook of the design. But for safety, it is not satisfying because the ring of light is too small to see the hazards on the road. These lights mostly make visible a few feet in front of you. That’s why at speed with this kind of light, it is impossible to avoid any bump on the road with a short time interval. 

The other problem which you may face in the mobility scooter lights is the poor quality of optics. Light projected from these poor-quality lenses does not spread properly on the road, making it difficult to see the people on the road. These lenses do not have a proper mounted place. These all consequences are brought problems for you while riding in dim light.

Nowadays, LED lights are common everywhere as these lights are a powerful source of bright light. These lights offer a useful source of light in a tiny place. But to our grief, it looks like that the manufacturers of electric scooters are not familiar with this technology. Most electric scooters do not feature LED lights technology.


On Road Experience

Hiboy Titan PRO Scooter with Lights is our top pick due to its many features and a good lighting setup. This is the best electric scooter with lights for adults as it has a blazing fast acceleration and speed with a good weight carrying capacity for adults.

Gotrax G Pro LED Scooters is our personal favorite. We have tested this scooter on a variety of lighting conditions for three weeks. It showed excellent performance during tests, while the extended range comes in handy for long trips.

If you are looking for a balance of everything with a perfect lighting setup, Hover-1 Alpha Pro Light up Electric Scooter is an ideal choice. It has 18.4 miles per hour top speed while the range is satisfactory for routine travel. The 264 pounds weight capacity makes sit suitable for people of every age group.

Do electric scooters have lights?

Electric scooters treated just like other types of vehicles and have to fulfill some legal requirements. But due to the absence of visible rear lights, these are restricted from the roads. Without light, their only use left is for the enjoyment of a local ride.

How do I turn on the lights on my electric scooter?

Mostly there is a button on the electric scooter from which you can turn on and turn off the lights. But the procedure may change from one brand to the other. You can read the function on the pamphlet, which comes with scooters.

Can I attach additional lights to my electric scooter?

Yes, you can attach additional lights to your scooter as of your choice. These lights also help you to find your way in the dark. These additional lights may also add glory to your electric scooter.

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