Best Electric Scooters with Suspension – Front, Rear or Full Shock Absorber

Commuting to nearby places regularly has never been so much fun. There was a time when it used to hurt us with a lot of money. Time has changed now. Electric scooters have taken the world by shock with a joyful ride. Traveling to nearby places for daily routines such as offices, institutions, markets, or shopping malls, has become very easy with electric scooters. Electric scooters are well known because of their eco-friendly features. Electric scooters can be recharged in a quick time. We can use them for a good range regularly.

Moreover, the electric scooter rides are very convenient as well. Various top-notch manufacturers have joined this field. They are introducing different upgrades to electric scooters. Most important of them all, electric scooters are inserted with suspension. Shocks in the electric scooters can resolve your issues of back pain. You can ride them without worrying about back pain.

Suspensions have also made the electric scooters smooth to ride. Also, you can ride some off-road terrain with some mind-blowing electric scooters in case of emergency. Suspension in the electric scooter has made these scooters the finest commute in the market. It becomes budget-friendly as well.

Top 10 Best Electric Scooters with Suspension

Various kinds of suspension are introduced in the electric scooters market. Some are very expensive as well. We can tell you which electric scooter with suspension can be an excellent fit for your need.

Some scooters are electric scooter front suspension; some are electric scooter rear suspension, and many more. You don’t need to be confused about this feature. Relax and read our list of best electric scooters with suspension. This will help you to find a better electric scooter for you.

Hiboy S2 Pro Suspension for Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2 Pro

Motor: 500W
Tires: Solid 10 Inches
Range: 25 Miles
Top Speed: 19 Mph
Suspension: Dual Rear
Battery: 36V
Max Load: 220 Lbs
Headlight Range: 15 Meters

Working on a vast construction site of a mega project is always special. You need to travel miles within a construction site for some work. So you must have a comfortable ride for short commutes.

My company gave me Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter for on-work use. I used it for the short commutes within site. This electric scooter was so great for working that after coming back home after completing the project. I purchased Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter with my money for me.

Decent Sized Motor

This electric bike rear suspension does not claim to be the fastest in the market, yet it is one of the finest. The reason behind its success it’s the compatibility between the motor, battery, and shocks.

Everything is decently sized for decent performance. It comes with a 500w motor that makes it perfect for decent-sized people. It can go for a high speed of 19 Mph with a max load capacity of 220 Lbs.

Shock Absorbing Technology

The main thing that made me love this electric scooter is its shock-absorbing suspension technology. Roads at the mega construction sites are mostly paved. Some of them are not paved and have small-sized potholes on the road surface. The suspension for electric scooter comes with dual rear suspension that is a shock absorber in this scenario.

Dependable Battery Performance

This electric scooter is dependable for short commutes. As I used it on the mega construction side, I noticed it could travel somewhat 25 miles on a single charge. A 25-mile is a huge number for an electric scooter. It comes with a battery of 36V that can quickly generate a current of 11 Ah for the motor. Storing capacity of its battery is well known in the market.

  • Road expert with dual rear suspension.
  • Smart app connectivity featured.
  • A handsome range of 25 miles in a single charge.
  • Seat option for a reliable ride.
  • Made for a moderately weighed person with a limited payload.

Swagtron SG-8 Electric Scooter with Spring

Swagtron SG-8

Top Speed: 15 Mph
Range: 10 Miles
Fast Charging: 3 Hours
Tires: Rubber 5.5”
Max Load: 150 Lbs.
Increase in Range: 25%
Braking: Triple Braking
Suspension: Shock Absorber Spring

One of my best friends states about the best electric scooter. People criticize my never-ending love for electric scooters. They ask me why I do have so many electric scooters with me. I told them about their high-class performance and smooth ride.

The best electric scooter in my collection is Swagtron SG-8 Electric Scooter. I have tried many electric scooters in my life. Swagtron SG-8 Electric Scooter is the top electric scooter in all of them. It comes with high-tech features that give you the best riding experience.

Reliable Ride for Young People

This moderate featured electric scooter for young people. Its ride is genuinely compatible with young people. This electric scooter proved the most reliable riding experience. Its smooth-riding is far better than top electric scooters that claim to be best just because of the highest speed. Its triple braking technology makes you safe in accidental scenarios.

Electric Scooter with Spring

This electric scooter with spring is designed for moderately weighted young people, so the dual suspension is not introduced. Because it is of no use. Shock absorbing spring technology is enough for this lightweight electric scooter. It has a shock-absorbing spring on the front side that helps it to prevent any hard shocks. A scooter with spring is best for young people.

Moderate Speed & Range

Some best electric scooters with suspension in the market have top speed like a motorbike. Electric scooters are not meant to be fast like this. As we all know, speed thrills but kills. The best electric stand-up scooter is still a scooter. You cannot mark yourself safe at this high speed. This electric scooter with spring comes in a lightweight and at moderate speed.

  • Lightweight for young people.
  • Fast charging in just three hours.
  • Triple braking prevents accidents.
  • Spring technology is compatible with the design.
  • Low speed as compared to others.
  • Low range in a single charge.

Segway Ninebot E22 Electric Scooter Front Suspension

Segway Ninebot E22

Top Speed: 12.4 Mph
Range: 13.7 Miles
Max Load: 220 Lbs
Incline: 15 Degree
Brakes: Dual Braking
Weight: 28 Lbs
Tires: Dual Densityal
Battery: Smart BMS

My brother was in Washington DC. He told me his story of using an electric scooter. My office is a few blocks away from my home. I have faced many financial difficulties in the last year. The bank forced me to leave my car as well. My budget was concise to purchase a new one.

People were laughing at my condition. I decided to make a comeback to my life. I purchased a Segway Ninebot E22 Electric Scooter for my daily routine. The electric scooter front suspension helped me stand out in my office with some good cool vibes coming out of it.

Dual Density Tires

I liked its smooth and comfortable ride for my daily routine. Some speed breakers are also part of my route. They were never an issue in case of a smooth ride. Its dual-density tires are specially designed for the sake of a smooth ride. They work as shock-absorbing tires on every sort of surface.

Decent Speed and Range

As I use it regularly, I noticed some things that matter the most. First of them is the range of electric scooters. This electric scooter can ride for 14 miles on a single charge. I need two charges after every 2 to 3 days. Also, if I get late, I benefit from its good top speed. I once rode it up to 13 miles.

Easy Folding and Portable

Some electric scooters are so heavy they cannot be taken with hands. So, you are forced to leave them in the parking lot. That becomes risky. I found this budget-friendly electric scooter very easy to carry. It weighs 13 kg only. I folded it very quickly. It became portable. I carried it very easily due to its low weight.

  • Dependable range of 14 miles.
  • Handsome top speed of 13 miles.
  • Smooth ride with dual-density tires.
  • Safety is ensured by dual braking technology.
  • Smart Battery Management System.
  • The range is not good enough for long routes.

Hover-1 Rally Best Electric Stand up Scooter

Hover-1 Rally

Motor: 320W
Incline: 15 Degrees
Range: 7 Miles
Top Speed: 12 Mph
Charge: 4 hours
Max Load: 220 Lbs.
Tires: High Grip 6.5 Inches
Display: LCD

Riding an electric scooter on a paved road is a normal thing to do. Doing it with the purpose of off-roading is a challenging task. Not many electric scooters can work with off-road experience. Also, it becomes much riskier with an ordinary electric scooter. Top electric scooter like Hover-1 Rally Electric Scooter is specially made for this purpose.

Off-Road Expert Rally Scooter

Off-roading is its main feature that is discussed on every forum. I always wanted to ride an electric scooter for off-roading. I used this electric scooter and was stunned to watch it working on an off-road track.

This best electric stand up scooter comes with an incline ability of 15 degrees angle. That makes it the best electric stand-up scooter. Its high grip tires are specially designed for off-roading.

Decent Powered Motor

The top electric scooter doesn’t come with ultimate speed and motor, and it comes with people-friendly features. This best electric stand up scooter comes with a 320W brushless motor. A 320W motor can carry a typically weighed person quite easily. It can climb the incline of 15% as well.

Dependable Range and Performance

As this electric scooter is an expert for the off-roading experience. It is also suitable for a simple road riding experience. For example, it can work for the range of 7 miles on a single charge. It comes with fast charging feature, and it takes just 3 to 4 hours for a complete charge. It can also attain the top speed of 12 Mph in its good battery condition.

  • Off-road expert with high grip tires.
  • Shock absorbing technology for a smooth ride.
  • Easy to fold and lift because of lightweight.
  • Cruise Control for long routes.
  • Robust wheels made with stainless steel.
  • Low ranged in a single charge.

YADEA KS5 Electric Scooter Front Suspension


Top Speed: 21.8 Mph
Range: 25 Miles
Motor: 700W
Weight: 242 Lbs.
Fork Distance: 0.98 Inches
Tires: 10 Inches
Max Height: 6.6 Inches

The electric scooter market is expanding day by day. Various manufacturers are introducing newly developed models of electric scooters on the market. The top electric scooter must come with front suspension technology.

My father uses electric scooters with suspensions and without suspensions as well. YADEA Electric Scooter KS5 is a great electric scooter with a front suspension. That helped him to ride smoothly. That helped him to stand tall with comfort on this electric scooter.

Top Range Experience

My father used this excellent electric bike regularly. It comes with many top-class features. Of all top-class features, the most dependable feature is its maximum range. It comes with a dependable battery and a heavy motor of 700w.

The best electric scooters with suspension battery can provide a range of 25 miles on a single charge. This full range helped him use it regularly for his office route that is not far away.

Front Suspension Scooter

A top electric scooter must take care that people deserve a smooth ride. This electric scooter comes with front suspension technology. A front suspension helped me to feel comfortable while standing tall. A front suspension is also necessary for people with back pain. It can prevent back pain by standing tall.

Comfortable Riding with Tires

Tires in electric scooter front suspension play a vital role. More importantly, the size and material of tires as well. This electric scooter comes with 10-inch solid tires. Its tire is maintenance-free, giving you a smooth ride in every scenario. Also, it has a 0.98-inch front fork installed in it. A 0.98 inches fork works as a shock-absorbing technology.

  • Smooth Ride with Maintenance-Free Tires.
  • Handsome front fork for the shock-free experience.
  • Good deck size for an easy ride.
  • Smart App Connectivity feature.
  • Easily portable as well.
  • Only front suspension technology

iScooter MAX Dual Suspension Electric Scooter

iScooter MAX

Motor: 500W
Range: 22 Miles
Tires: 10 Inches
Suspensions: Dual
Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Top Speed: 21.7 Mph
Weight: 35 Pounds
Max Load: 264 lbs

I shifted with my family to a new town. The town was not much populated as sit was newly constructed. The market was also two blocks away from my house. If I go to the market walking, it takes a lot of time just for minor shopping.

Going through my truck also takes time because it cannot go through those streets. Finally, I found a solution. I purchased iScooter MAX Electric Scooter for short commutes. It saved the two most important aspects of my life, time and money.

Dual Suspension Electric Scooter

The main feature that makes this best electric scooter with suspension my favorite choice for daily short commutes is its dual-suspension technology. I need to travel from the streets to go to the market in a short time.

Streets have cat eyes and miniature speed breakers as well. This dual suspension electric scooter comes with a dual suspension that helps me ride smoothly. Speed breaker didn’t bother me at all with its shock-absorbing technology.

High Range Capability

I have not used many scooters in my lifetime. But I have listened to people mentioning their concerns in the case of their electronic scooter range. They said their electric scooter needs to be recharged again and again. This is not an issue with my electric scooter. It comes with a battery of 10.4 AH. This battery can complete the range of 22 miles on a single charge.

Powerful Motor Experience

A 500w motor is installed in this electric scooter. 500w motor is more than enough to carry a moderately weighed person at high speed. It can manage the maximum load of 264 pounds in its original capacity. A powerful motor also helped me ride this scooter at high speed in case of a requirement. It can go up to 22 miles maximum on paved roads.

  • Smooth ride with dual suspension.
  • Easy to use as it is portable.
  • It can be carried as it weighs around 35 pounds only.
  • Its tires are shock absorbers.
  • It can be connected to a smart mobile.
  • Made for Adults only

Gyroor Dual Suspension Electric Scooter

Gyroor Dual

Range: 31 Miles
Motor: 500W
Safety: Safety Lock
Suspensions: Dual Shock Absorber
Speed: 18.6 Mph
Slope: 25 Inches
Tires: Pneumatic

My younger brother loves to use a Gyroor Electric scooter. Let’s read about his experience. Being a regular gym boy, I need to manage many things simultaneously. Most important is that I need to maintain a good character as I am a senior boy in the gym.

I didn’t waste my time walking, so I used my Gyroor Electric Scooter for my daily commute. It is made with an aesthetic style that helped me stand out in my gym. Its fresh design gives everyone a relaxed vibe.

Dual Shock Absorber Technology

I am always short on time due to my busy routine. So, I need to hurry on my electric scooter. There are many speed breakers in my route. I am not worried about them, and I cross them in speed. Because my electric scooter comes with dual shock-absorbing technology, I know that I can get over these breakers smoothly with it.

High Powered Electric Scooter

This dual suspension electric scooter comes with a top speed of 18.6 Mph. I have ridden this scooter at this speed many times. It comes with a hub motor of 500w. That means it can carry a heavy-weight person as well. A top electric scooter should have all of these features in it. It comes with a 42V battery as well. It can work for a massive range of 31 miles on a single charge.

Safety Ensured with Smart App

Best electric scooters with suspension have a pervasive issue. They are not having any sort of safety features. This electric scooter has many safety features. Turn signals are a permanent part of its supremacy. It can prevent accidents. It can also be used while connected to the smart app. A brake light and safety lock are also added to it.

  • Safe and smooth ride with shock absorber.
  • High-class tires for a smooth ride.
  • NFC feature for remote operation.
  • Turning signals for a safe ride.
  • High-powered motor with good range.
  • The top speed could have been better.

JOYOR G Series Electric Scooter Full Suspension Scooter


Top Speed: 25 Mph
Range: 31 Miles
Frame: Foldable
Tires: 9 Inches
Max Load: 265 Lbs
Suspension: Dual
Height: 38 Inches
Weight: 39 Pounds
Recharge: 6 to 7 Hours
Incline: 25 Degrees

It is the story of my colleague who uses electric scooters. He explains his practice with the vehicle. My electric scooter is my permanent partner in my daily routine. It was my first year at the university. I don’t have a bike or car for my regular usage.

My university was a few miles away from my house. The summer season was approaching. So, I bought an electric scooter for my regular use. Electric scooter gave me the confidence to ride university. I made an incredible entrance to the university. Everyone praised my ride. Moreover, this JOYOR G Series proved to be the most budget-friendly ride for a student.

Full Suspension Scooter

An electric scooter with dual suspension is the most significant gift in this fast-moving world. I have used this electric scooter for the complete summer season. It doesn’t bother to provide you shocks during a ride.

Thanks to its full suspension technology, I have enjoyed its sweet and smooth ride. A dual suspension electric scooter can easily ride a moderately weighed person to off-road tracks.

Long-Range Electric Scooter

An excellent technology experience awaits you in the shape of this top electric scooter. It can ride 25 miles on a single charge. A 13 Ah battery is the best battery to depend upon for regular use. As I told you that my university is a few miles away. The return commute to university can be around 6 miles. It means I can easily use it for 3 to 4 days with a single charge.

Portable Electric Scooter

Scooter with shocks doesn’t usually come with portable features. This fantastic electric scooter is made of an aluminum alloy frame. The frame is comfortable for managing the load of 265 Lbs. That helped me not to worry about my electric scooter parking. I can easily fold the best electric scooters with suspension and put it in a nearby place rather than parking.

  • Dependable Ride with Long Range.
  • Smooth ride with Dual Suspension technology.
  • Fast Charging in 6 Hours.
  • Easily foldable and portable.
  • Can ride up to the slope of 25 degrees.
  • Portable but Heavy to Carry for a Long Time.

Yume Y10 Adult Electric Scooter with Shocks

Yume Y10

Motor: 2400W
Battery: 52V
Top Speed: 40 Mph
Range: 40 Miles
Tires: 10 Inches
Max Load: 330 Lbs
Meter: Digital
Suspension: Double

High school life is all about swag and cool vibes. My friends at high school have different things they use for the commute. I had nothing and requested my father to buy me anything. He took some time and gifted me a Yume Y10 Adult Electric Scooter.

I have seen many electric scooters with high-tech features. The best electric scooters with suspension are everyone’s favorite. Yume Y10 Adult Electric Scooter is a most advanced-looking scooter with cool vibes.

Dual Suspension Electric Scooter

This electric scooter is one of the finest with its suspension performance. Suspension for electric scooters is the most vital organ. This electric scooter can work as an off-roading expert electric scooter. The main reason behind this success is dual-suspension technology. It works as a shock absorber in off-road terrain. Its 10 inches tires are specially designed to win any battle in off-roading.

Dual Motored Power

I have not seen any electric scooter this fast. It can quickly go for 40 Mph in its pure electric mode. This speed makes it one of the fastest electric scooters on the market.

Even electric bikes cannot achieve the feat with ease. The reason behind its power is its dual-motor technology. This electric scooter has 2 motors of 1200W each. In this way, it can work as a 2400W motor.

Dependable Battery Performance

I used this electric scooter regularly. I go to my high school every day on it. It has a unique design that helped me stand out in my high school. Also, its battery has a high performance on its back. The battery is 52V which can create a current of 23.4 Ah for the dual motor. I witnessed its performance of 40 miles range in a single charge.

  • Road Expert with Dual Suspension and Tires.
  • High-powered motor for the high-speed ride.
  • Dependable battery with stunning range.
  • Excellent design to attract the people.
  • Robust frame with a massive limit of max load.
  • Easily foldable and portable.
  • High speed without a proper kit can be fatal.

Inmotion S1 Electric Scooter Shock Absorber

Inmotion S1

Range: 59 Miles
Speed: 18.6 Mph
Tires: 10 Inches Pneumatic
Suspension: Dual
Motor: 1000W
Deck: 7.3 Inches
Slope: 30%
Display: LCD

This electric scooter shock absorber is the 3rd electric scooter in my life. I have used different top-class brands in my life. Most of them cannot deliver what they claim. Their performance depends a lot on the required circumstances.

Inmotion S1 Electric Scooter is far better than all other top brands. A full-suspension scooter with many outclasses advanced features. Its performance has made me its fan for a lifetime.

Front and Rear Suspension

One of its leading features is its dual-suspension technology. The front side of this top electric scooter has twin shocks. The rear suspension also has air springs that work to prevent the shocks during the ride. It can be called an all-terrain bike with its pneumatic 10 inches special tires. Rear and front suspension make this ride smooth and soft for every rider.

Top Class Range in Single Charge

This electric scooter shock absorber comes with an ultimate range on a single charge. It can travel up to 59 miles on a single charge. Fifty-nine miles in a single charge makes it ultimately the best electric stand-up scooter on the market. I use this electric scooter for my long route to my office regularly. Its deck size is very comfortable to stand.

Ready to Upgrade

This model can be upgraded to L9 if you need a better experience. Although, it comes with a 500w motor that can quickly achieve the top speed of 18.6 Mph. After the upgrade, motor power will be 1000w, which will change every feature performance in it. The electric scooter suspension upgrade is the unique thing I have ever seen.

  • Shock-free ride with dual suspension.
  • The Rear Air spring makes it perfect for everyone.
  • Ultimate max range of 59 miles.
  • Easy folding and portable.
  • Most astounding frame and deck size.
  • Speed might be below without an upgrade to L9.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Scooters with Suspension

After discussing everything in detail, you must wonder why it is very technical to purchase the best electric scooter. You are wrong this time. I have gathered some main points that should be considered before purchasing any electric scooter. These buying guides will make you an expert in electric scooters.

Motor Capacity

Various kinds of motors are available in the market. Some are distinguished according to their power and capacity. You should purchase a moderately powered motor. Ranging between 1000 to 1500 watts can be the best motor for you. It will not take too much current from the battery.

Dependable Battery

You should care about the battery. A battery should b powered enough to work for a healthy range. Some batteries take too much time to recharge. Try to buy a fast-charging battery.

Scooter with Suspension

Not many electric scooters come with suspension. The top electric scooter will always come with some sort of suspension. Full and dual suspension, rear suspension, front suspension, shock-absorbing fork, and springs are some kinds of suspensions. Try to purchase a full suspension electric scooter.

Dual Braking

Some electric scooters have a single brake, some double, and very few have tripled. Try to purchase an electric scooter with a dual or triple braking system. It will help to ensure safety.

Smart App Connectivity

Some electric scooters come with an intelligent app connectivity option. Smart app connectivity will tell you the stats of the scooter conveniently. Try to buy a scooter with an intelligent app.

Best Recommended Product
We have discussed all the essential matters of the electric scooter. A list of the best electric scooters with suspension might be confusing for you. We will recommend you to purchase Hiboy S2 Pro Suspension for Electric Scooter. This scooter has very decent power, battery, range, speed, and braking system. This electric scooter is budget-friendly as well. It is very durable, so that it will work for a long time with you. Its technology is counted as one of the finest due to its suspensions feature.
What is an electric scooter suspension kit?

As we mentioned, most electric scooters don’t come with suspension. So, manufacturers have launched an electric scooter suspension kit. They can be fixed on your electric scooter permanently. It helps to provide a smooth ride.

Can electric scooters go up hills?

Electric scooters that are launched with full suspension can mostly climb an incline of 15 degrees. They can go up hills if the track is not very tough.

Which scooter has the best suspension?

Any electric scooter with full or dual shock-absorbing suspension technology can be counted as a scooter with the best suspension. iScooter, Segway, and Aprilia are known for producing the top electric scooter with suspension.

Do you need suspension on electric scooters?

Electric scooters are primarily used for paved roads. So, you don’t exactly need a suspension for them. But if your road is a bit difficult to ride on, having suspension with an electric scooter can provide you with the best riding experience.

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