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When it comes to protecting your valuable items, preventing theft is an essential component. It is particularly true for your electric cargo trike or your 3 wheel electric bike. Theft rates have skyrocketed with an increase in the number of people riding electric bicycles, which are becoming more popular. As a result of the extensive precautions that Maxfoot has taken to assure the safety of its electric bikes, riders can look forward to an experience that is second to none. 

We will go through a number of different anti-theft precautions that you may take with your Maxfoot Ebike to prevent it from begin stolen.

Understanding the Risk:

What Makes Electric Bikes Attractive for Thieves?

The ease of use, less impact on the environment, and improved general performance offered by electric bikes. Especially electric cargo trike and 3 wheel electric bike, have contributed to the surge in popularity of electric vehicles. Because of this, thieves have begun to concentrate their efforts on them as potential targets. 


The high resale value of electric bikes, the high demand for the components that go into making electric bikes. The simplicity with which ebikes may be disassembled are some of the aspects that make ebikes appealing targets for theft.

Maxfoot’s Anti-Theft Features

Theft protection was a primary consideration throughout the design process for the electric cargo trike and 3 wheel electric bike. 


The following are some of the most essential characteristics:

  • Integrated locking System: The ebikes produce by Maxfoot come with built-in locks that provide an additional protection.
  • GPS Tracking: Some Maxfoot electric bikes are equipped with global positioning system (GPS) tracking technology. It enables the rider to readily find their stolen bicycle in the event that it is stolen.
  • Identification Tags: If your Maxfoot electric bike is ever recovered from a thief, you will able to reveal that you are the real owner of the bicycle. Thanks to the one-of-a-kind identifying tags that are attached to each model.

Theft Prevention:

Tips for Protecting Your Electric Cargo Trike or 3 Wheel Electric Bike

Some helpful tips to keep in mind if you want to protect your electric cargo trike or 3 wheel EBike from stolen:

1) Use a High-Quality Lock

To prevent theft of your electric bicycle, it is important to choose a lock of sufficient quality. Among the many available choices, U-locks, folding locks, and chain locks are three of the most common types. Be careful to secure your electric cargo trike to something stable an immovable bike rack, when you leave it unattended.

2) Lock it Properly

When you lock your 3 wheel electric bike, you should be sure to secure both the frame and the wheel. Make sure the lock is elevated off the ground so it is more difficult for criminals to break it with tools.

3) Keep it in a Secure Location

Your electric cargo trike should keep in a safe place while it is not being used, such as in a garage or a storage room that requires a key to enter. If you must stow it outside, do it in a well-lit place that sees a lot of foot traffic this will help deter theft.

4) Insure Your Electric Bike

You may want to think about purchasing insurance for your 3 wheel electric bike. This might give you extra peace of mind in addition to cash protection in the event that your belongings are stolen.

If you own an electric cargo trike or a 3 wheel electric bike, preventing theft is a vital part of your ownership responsibilities. You can protect your electric bike from the possibility of being stolen by adopting the appropriate safety measures and making sure you are familiar with the anti-theft tools that Maxfoot offers. You may minimise the chance of theft and guarantee the safety of your important possessions by following the suggestions suggested in this article, which will allow you to enjoy the numerous advantages of riding an electric bike while also ensuring the protection of your expensive possessions.

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