How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go Quickly?

Electric scooters are so common these days that you see them everywhere. They are more prevalent in the urban areas near ATMs, coffee shops, or workspace. The popularity of these scooters is due to their faster mode of travel. But how fast does electric scooter go? That is the question that resonates in our minds.

They offer a comfortable and hassle-free ride in the urban area. However, electric scooter performance and application are not confined to the city roads as you can take them off-road and hilly terrain depending on their type.

E-scooters are a great way to commute around town. They offer the benefits of being portable, convenient, and environmentally friendly while saving you money on gas prices. Plus, e-scooters can give your legs some fresh air as they zip past traffic jams in every major city with ease.

To answer how fast do e scooters go, let’s explore their speed by model and type.

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go Quickly

Electric Scooter Speed by Model

Here is the list of electric scooter models from top to bottom and their speed to help you decide the fastest electric scooter. You can see our list for more information.

Name of Electric ScootersTop Speed (MPH)
Rion RE9080
Minimotors Dualtron X II68
Kaabo Wolf King60
Zero 11X60
Minimotors Dualtron X55
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 1150
EMOVE Cruiser28
Mercane WideWheel25
Unagi Model One (E500)20
Hiboy MAX V219

Speed According to Type

Imagine the convenience of an electric scooter. You can go anywhere faster and easier than a regular bike or even a skateboard. People might prefer these vehicles over cycling because they are safer, more comfortable on your joints, and you won’t huff and puff when climbing hills like with other transportation methods.

When shopping for electric scooters, it’s essential to consider what speed you want the scooter. Why? Do you need a way to get around faster? Here we discuss how fast stand-up adult and kids e-scooters go.

Electric Scooter for Kids:

Kids electric scooter has speed limits for safety concerns and for getting more control over the ride. Therefore they have an average speed of 13 MPH, while the top of some scooters may reach 18 miles per hour.

Electric scooters for kids are a great way to keep them entertained and enjoy the outdoors. Manufacturers limit their speed during production because they want your child to be safe. It is unlawful in many states for these electric vehicles, so you may not have as much freedom with this purchase as you thought.

Electric Scooter for Adults:

The average speed of electric scooters for adults is 20 mph (not including recent technological advances), so it makes sense why many people choose these over cars because they’re green transportation alternatives – saving money at the pump as well as gas emissions in general.

However, electric scooter speed can vary depending on the model and manufacture. For adults, some electric scooters have nearly 40 miles per hour speed, which is 2 to 3 folds the legal speed in many states. These electric scooters offer quick navigation while you travel between places.

Electric Scooter for Off-Road:

In the beginning, no one considered the application of electric scooters for off-road paths. But with the advancement in technology and increased demand, electric scooters for off-road are getting common.

These high-speed electric scooters are best for adventures. So you can ride them with a top speed between 40 to 55 miles per hour. These scooters are advanced and more robust than many electric scooters in terms of build quality and performance.

Speed According to Type

Factors that Make An Electric Scooter Go fast?

Although all the electric scooters have decent speed, some factors can affect the speed. Due to which you can get less top speed than the company claimed speed. Let’s see each factor in detail.

Rider Weight:

If you want to have a good time on your electric scooter, you need to consider its weight capacity first. That means you need an electric scooter designed for people of all shapes and sizes, including heavy riders.

You can start by looking at the weight limit. It should match or exceed yours so that you can easily zip through the traffic faster. If the rider’s weight is less, the electric scooter can go faster on top speed.

Tire Pressure:

Electric scooters are all the rage these days, but have you ever wondered what’s under their sleek exterior? Everything from gears to motors and batteries. One place that people ignore when maintaining an electric scooter is tire pressure.

If your tires don’t take a beating on rough terrain throughout their journey, they will be much more reliable and easier to ride for long distances at top speeds. By checking your pneumatic tire pressure before every trip, you’ll find yourself with less downtime while saving money in replacement costs down the line.

Tire Pressure:

Battery Capacity:

Batteries with large capacities are the future of electric scooters. They promise to offer extended range capabilities and a more convenient ride for riders on these machines. They are also deciding factors for the range, price, and speed of the electric scooter.

The most electric scooter can reach 20 to 25 miles on a single charge. However, some long-range electric scooters can travel more than 40 miles on a single charge and allow you to ride faster and reliably.

Terrain Type:

Electric scooters work best in a city with very smooth roads without many obstacles. In more natural areas, such as dirt tracks or trails, the electric motor will slow down due to ground conditions like bumps and lumps that might throw riders off balance while they are on their ride.

So terrain types greatly influence the speed of electric scooters. However, you can get an off-road electric scooter to overcome this slowing down as they offer more power and speed to carry you around in the rough terrain.

Wattage VS Speed

When it comes to e-scooters, your choices can be daunting. There are two main categories of scooters: seatless and with seats. Seatless models tend to have less power but offer more flexibility in where you ride because they’re lighter weight than their saddled counterparts.

A seatless electric scooter’s average motor produces 250 watts, while large “intermediate” style e-scooters provide 500-watt motors for those wanting extra speed or comfort on longer rides.

If you’re looking to hit the pavement at lightning speed, then it’s time for an extreme performance scooter. They come with up 1200 watt motors – and that can mean a fast ride on any terrain!

The motor powering your high-speed performer is what makes all the difference in terms of getting around quickly from point A to B. Typically speaking, more power means more incredible speeds. So if you want something speedy, choose one with over 1000 watts for a speedy ride.

Wattage Vs. Speed

Do Investing in Super Fast Electric Scooter Worth it?

Electric scooters offer a fast, convenient way to get around town. The fastest electric bikes are known for their speed and agility. It might be worth considering whether they’re what you need in terms of performance – or even if an e-scooter is more your style.

Electric scooters were seen as another mode of transportation that offers convenience but no real excitement. But now, with so many different models on the market today offering varying levels of speeds (from 5 mph up to 50+ mph), there’s something out there for everyone looking specifically for a “fast ride.”

In countries where e-scooters are legal for use on public roads, there are some speed limits. Anyone who exceeds this can receive a fine, and it would not make sense to buy an expensive fast electric scooter that they could never legally ride at high speeds.

Do you ever think about how safe electric scooters are? They can reach speeds of over 50 mph! When riding in an area with other people, even on private property, there is a serious risk to them and yourself. Riding at higher speeds needs the proper protective equipment. It’s important not to make exceptions regarding this either because these risks will certainly take their toll at some point or another.

How to Protect Yourself while Speeding?

There is protective equipment available that protects you when cruising at higher speeds. Follow these steps to protect yourself when riding fast.

  • Always wear a high-quality helmet
  • Cover up elbows and knees with protective gear.
  • Quickly adapt to the terrain, weather, and surrounding while driving.
  • Achieve a good balance and riding experience before jumping to higher speeds.
  • Slow down at turns and corners as you can fall off from ride at a higher speed.
  • Keep the ride straight and on flat roads for getting a better road grip.
  • Use both hands on handlebars to get a better grip.
  • Always keep an eye on the battery and remaining mileage.
How to Protect Yourself while Speeding?
It’s exciting to hit scooters’ maximum speed while riding. But watch out for accidents. Train yourself and pick streets with less traffic or pedestrians so that you can get more comfortable before taking on the city streets.
Remember, it’s important not to bike too fast because accidents happen more often when going faster than 20 mph on a city street or in a bike lane. Don’t forget that protective gear such as knee pads are necessary for preventing.

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