8 Best Helmet for Electric Unicycle [2024 Review] Safety Tested

Head injuries can cause the worst headaches, vomiting, and unintelligible speech. It can be severe and take the person in trauma. To minimize this danger, motorcyclists are restricted from using a lightweight helmet. The best e bike helmet puts down the risk of acute head injuries during biking. It has a crushable foam layer that prevents the direct hitting of the head during an accident.

According to its use, there are different helmet standards, just like the motorcycle helmets are certified to multiple criteria. The best e bike helmet 2024 is certified by some other safety measures according to the use of bikes.

You can use a full-face helmet that covers your face and select from the half-face helmet, modular helmet, half-shell helmet, off-road helmet, and dual sports helmet according to your need. The best helmets for onewheel are manufactured with highly durable material to prevent any damage of fatal accidents.

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8 Best Helmets for Electric Unicycle

Electric unicycles may also be risky for some riders, so that wearing safety gear is very important. When you use an electric unicycle for your mobility purpose, you need to save your head with a safety unicycle helmet. You can choose the safety electric unicycle helmets according to your requirements.

For example, if you want to go uphill, you need to select a mountain unicycle helmet. These helmets are made for your safety. That’s why it is imperative to use them. The best electric unicycle helmet reviews are the top-rated on internet.

OutdoorMaster Lightweight Unicycle Helmet

Outdoor Master

Size 21.3-22.8inch (54cm-58cm)

Outdoor Master is the enthusiasts of New York and Paris. They are responsible for giving fast-paced tools for their users with full safety options. Their users enjoy exploration with all the security measures by their devices.

Durable Shield

This electric unicycle helmet is comfortable and durable due to its reinforced ABS shell and thick shock-absorbing EPS foam. It gives you maximum protection against crashes. It is a lightweight unicycle helmet.

Extra Removable Lining

This best EUC helmet is equipped with removable lining for different head sizes. You can wash it quickly to keep it fresh and healthy inside. In sweating conditions, it can have germs inside the helmet that can cause itching and infection on your head.

Double Adjustment

The e helmet reviews tell us that it is adjustable and well attached. It has a long-lasting adjustable dial. Its straps are skin-friendly that do not cause infection on the skin around your chin. It gives you maximum fit and comfortable feel when you wear this electric unicycle helmet.

  • It has a reinforced ABS material and thick shock-absorbing EPS foam.
  • It has an extra removable lining.
  • This helmet can be used for multi sports.
  • It has a smooth ventilation system.
  • An adjustable dial and adjustable straps that are skin-friendly.
  • It should be available in all sizes.

JBM Best Helmets for Unicycle

JBM Helmet

Small: 18.1”- 19.7”
Medium: 19.7” – 22.8”
Large: 20.9” – 23.2”

JBM international provides the best athlete services to its consumers. They are renowned for offering global standard gear to the world. The best EUC helmets for unicyclists are of good quality. This company is a leading seller because of its customer satisfaction and high-quality products.

Classic Electric Unicycle Helmet

This electric unicycle helmet is highly adorable by the electric unicyclist because it possesses a durable and robust shell. Its inner side is soft to hold the head of the unicyclist. It absorbs external pressure efficiently, and the rider doesn’t feel any shock even if he falls. It is very lightweight helmet 2024.

Removable Lining

This good helmet for unicycle has a removable lining that keeps you benefited by washing it. You can change its lining. It is also well suited for your health because there can be germs and bacteria due to the head are sweating. You can wash it occasionally. This unicycle helmet reviews show that it has the best features.

Adjustable Straps

The straps of this best helmet for unicycle can be fit on your head due to their flexibility. It helps you to fit the helmet on your head and tie the straps around your chin. It enables the good helmet for unicycle not to fall from the head or keep you suffocated during any condition.

Ventilation System

This lightweight helmet has the best ventilation system because of its aerodynamic design. The foam is also breathable. The unicyclists never feel suffocation inside it. Even if its summer and you are sweating. It will dry the sweat due to its breathable foam. The good BMX helmet keeps you stay cool inside your head.

  • Flexible and suitable for multi-sports activities.
  • It can be used by men, women, boys, and girls.
  • Made with rugged, durable material.
  • It protects you from a head injury.
  • It has an aerodynamic design that is breathable.
  • It should be economical.

Bell Super Best e Bike helmets

Bell Super

Sizes; Small (52-56 cm)
Medium (55-59 cm)
Large (58- 62 cm)

Bell helmet is the first name in making the best helmets for the motorcycle and unicycle. They provide riders to get a speed faster with their sturdy design helmets for electric unicycles.

They inspire and enable the next generation to go beyond the boundaries. These best helmets for one wheel are made for racing and mountain biking. They have been designed with the best material. This best EUC helmet aesthetic is unique.

Outer Design

The mountain unicycle helmet has been processed with the best outer shell made with the fusion of in-molding shell technology and progressive layering. It has an EPS foam liner to make it sturdy. These best e bike helmets 2024 are specially designed for the comfort and the perfect safety of the rider.

Flax Spherical for Chin bar

Flex spherical Chin enhances the ability to high-speed impacts in the good helmet for unicycle. It gives you comprehensive protection when you are on your unicycle and riding on rough terrain. It protects the chin from any crash.

Quick Drying Material

The e helmet reviews present that it has moisture-free material that is made with silver fiber. It has a sweat guide pad that keeps the moisture of sweat away. It also has an eyebrow pad and chin pads to get dry in these areas. You can adjust its dial easily because it is made with rubber over-molded material.


The best electric unicycle helmet has full ventilation to the head, eyebrows, and chin. It has an adaptable visor system that accommodates glasses. This lightweight helmet has 19 vents; 2 on brows and four chin bar vents. The rider does not feel suffocated during riding.

  • It has fusion in molding technology and progressive layering.
  • It is sturdy and made with EPS foam liner.
  • It enhances the ability to have high-speed impacts.
  • Best ventilation system with interchangeable liners.
  • It has quick drawing material with silver fiber.
  • An adaptable visor system that accommodates goggles and glasses.
  • It reduces the risk of injury.
  • It should be affordable.
Demon United FR Link
Size; 58-61cm
Weight 1.8 lbs

Demon United is the best company to provide snowboarding, skiing and mountain biking accessories. They are re-branded to Demon international. They distribute the best mountain biking helmets around the world.


The company provides the best Link freeride helmet that is the next level electric unicycle helmet for the riders. It has a friendly and excellent design with full of protection. It is stylish and functional. Only one side of the good BMX helmet is available. It has additional fit kit padding so that it provides you with the perfect size for your head.

Tight Dial

The helmets for electric unicycle have fixed and tight dial at the back of the helmet that can fit around the head’s circumference. It gets the perfect fit to not lose and fall off while mountain biking. It is the best electric unicycle lightweight helmet 2024.

Flip Easy Removable Chin Guard

The mountain unicycle helmet has a flip easy removable chin guard that provides safety to your chin because if the rider falls forward, his chin can be hit by the ground. The good BMX helmet keeps you safe from any unexpected injury.

  • It is a next-level freeride helmet
  • Equipped with additional kit padding.
  • It has a cinch-tight dial.
  • Easy removable chin guard.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is available in only one size.
  • It must be affordable in price.

Adult Bike Road Mountain Unicycle Helmet

Adult Bike Mountain

Sizes: Large: 58-61 cm (22.8-24.0 inch) for adult
Medium: 54-58 cm (21.3-22.8 inch) for adult / teen / kids
Weight: 270g

This best e bike helmet is made by a renowned company that produces special tools for the safety of the riders. The unicycle helmet reviews show that it is equipped with new technology and strong material.

Safety First

This lightweight helmet is designed to keep in mind that safety is the first thing when using an electric unicycle. It has been made with a durable PC on the helmet’s outer shell and EPC material that is present in the foam of the inner side. It has been built with in-mold technology that provides maximum protection to the unicyclist. The best helmets for electric unicycle have all the good qualities.

Size Adjustable

The best EUC helmet is available in two sizes large for adults and medium for adults, teens, and kids. You can prefer according to the size of your head that is very important because to keep the good helmet for unicycle fit on your head. You need to select the best-fitted unicycle helmet for your head.

Removable Liner Padding

The best electric unicycle helmet has removable and washable lining pads. You can wear it comfortably, and when you need to clean up, you can remove the liner and wash it. There is an insect net on the front of the helmet to keep you away from bugs and small flies. This is among the best electric unicycle helmets.

Detachable Visor

There is a detachable visor that reduces glare during extreme Sun lighting. It provides you clear vision. The helmet is lightweight and comfortable. It has an aerodynamic ventilation design that keeps you cool on summer days.

  • It has safety standards.
  • Made with sturdy PC shell and high-quality foam.
  • It has an adjustable dial and straps.
  • Two interchangeable visors, black and white.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • It has removable liner padding.
  • It should be available for kids too.

Grottico Adult Bike Good BMX Helmet


Sizes; Large (23.2″-24″/59-61 cm)
Medium (21.6″-22.8″/ 55-58 cm)

Grottico Company is the safety provider to the riders of motorcycles and bikes. They provide the best products for their users according to their requirements. This lightweight helmet contains all the best features that are productive for unicyclists. It gives a top safety ride to the unicyclists.

All-around Security

This lightweight unicycle helmet has in-mold technology with a shell outside of the helmet and EPS rigid foam that provides reliable support to its user. It has lightweight material and a beautiful design. This mountain unicycle helmet meets with the US standards of bike, skateboard, scooters, and unicycles.

Dial Fit System

The best helmets for unicycle are easy to adjust on your head. It has a fit size with the back dial. It is suitable for most people’s head circumferences. You just have to measure your head circumference above your eyebrows with the tape measure and then select the best size for you. You can choose between medium or large.

Helmet Taillight

The best electric unicycle helmet has all in one fashion taillight. It makes you safe, especially at night time. The light has three steady lighting modes, flash and slow flash. You can set it according to your convenience. The best helmets for onewheel have superb classic and vintage style. It also possesses an integrated sun visor. It is simple and generous.

Smooth Air Channels

The lightweight helmet has six big vents that keep you cool. It also has two sets of liner pads. You can use them interchangeably. This mountain unicycle helmet is suitable for men and women. You can use it for your recreational activities and for your commuting too.

  • It has a low-profile design and all-around security.
  • This best electric unicycle helmet meets US standards for unicycles and bikes.
  • It has a dial fit system.
  • Available in medium and large sizes.
  • It has an all-one fashion tail light that has three lighting modes.
  • It has six big vents.
  • Suitable for men and women.
  • It must be affordable.

HCI Open Face Fiberglass Unicycle Helmet

HCI Open Face Fiberglass

Sizes: XS/S fits 20 – 21.25 in (52 – 53 cm)
Small fits 21 – 21.5 in (54 – 55 cm)
Medium fits 21 ¾- 22 3/8 (56-57)
Large fits 22 ½ -23 1/8 (58-59)
XL fits 23 ¼ – 24 in (60 – 61 cm)
XL fits 24 1/8 – 24 7/8 in (62 – 63 cm)
XXXL fits 25- 25 ½ in (64)

HCI is the premium company to deliver the best safety gear for its users. They do not compromise on quality and also have something unique in their products.

Dual-certified skateboard/Unicycle helmet

This mountain unicycle helmet is dual certified for skateboard and unicycle. It has high-impact-absorbing EPS foam that keeps you safe from any crash.

It has thick dual-density soft foam. It is made with moisture-wicking sweat-saver fabric. These are the best helmets for onewheel. HCI 15 helmets are the best in quality.

Removable Liners

This good BMX helmet has two different sets of removable and washable cloth liners that are sweat-free and customized to fit on your head. You can adjust the helmet straps at your convenience with the buckles. These are the helmets for electric unicycles.

Fiberglass Shell

The HCI 15 helmets are specifically designed with a fiberglass shell that has a ladybug print. This best EUC helmet that is available in black and red color looks best for the young girls and women. It is painted with high quality fiberglass paint.

  • It is dual certified.
  • High-impact absorbing EPS phone.
  • Compiled with US safety standards.
  • It includes two differences removable and washable cloth liners.
  • It is customizable and fit.
  • Adjustable helmet straps with a side release buckle.
  • It is available in one color.
  • It does not look good for men.



Size: Medium: 21.65-23.6in
Helmet weight: 0.62 lb

Base Camp is an online store that is popular to deliver camping accessories to people. Their online store has everything you need for hiking. Their e helmet reviews are better because of their fine quality. They are specifically produced with high standards and durable materials.

Dual Safety Certified

The best EUC helmet has dual safety certification. It is made up of a durable high-density PC shell. BASE CAMP has EPS foam on the inner side of the good helmet for unicycle. It absorbs impact force if the rider crashes towards any sharp object and keeps the rider’s head safe from hitting.

Detachable Led Taillight

The best e bike helmets have a detachable LED tail light. It has two steady and flashing mod bills helmet that provides excellent safety and maximum visibility when riding on the streets at night. The unicycle helmet is highly comfortable because it keeps you sweat-free for hot summer days

9 Cooling Vents

The good BMX helmet has nine strategically placed vents to pass the air. The interior cooling channels keep you cool on long rides. It increases your field of vision, and due to its structure, you can reduce glare from the image during sharp sunlight. The best electric unicycle helmet is lightweight and breathable.

Secure Fit System

The lightweight unicycle helmet is adjustable, and you can set it according to your head. You can adjust it up and down. The good BMX helmet provides the perfect safety for its rider. It gives you individual fit for men and women. It is available in medium size only.

  • It is dual safety certified.
  • It is durable and high density product.
  • Detachable tail light with two lighting modes.
  • Nine cooling vents for extended riding.
  • It secures you from any severe injury.
  • It is only available in medium size

Optimal Factors To Read

Buying Factors On Top Helmets for Unicycle

If you are trying to find out the best safety lightweight helmet for your electric unicycle, you need to be picky enough to select the best product. First of all, you will observe it critically because this is not only for your recreational activity but also for your security. Let’s consider some more factors regarding this.

Protection Standards

The safety unicycle helmet can protect you against falling objects and being in touch with sharp objects because its foam saves your head from any severe injury. The best EUC helmet must have the features to keep you from shock and have a good grip on your head.

Perfect Fit

The mountain unicycle helmet must be fit. If your helmet does not adjust to your head, it can fall off your chair while having any shock. If it is too tight for you, then it can suffocate you due to its tightness. You need to choose the right size of the best helmets for onewheel in concordance with your head.

Price and Quality

You need to consider the price of the best electric unicycle helmet, but please do not compromise on quality. If you are about to purchase a product for your safety, you need to think about its quality, not the price. You will get a lot of variety in the product. Durable products are somehow expensive rather than low-quality products. You can settle the best e bike helmets 2024 within your budget.

Style and Color

There are many stylish unicycle helmets in the market. You can pick the best one according to your style. You can match the helmet with your unicycle design and compare the color too. It will look elegant, and the people appreciate and follow you in this aspect.

Pro Protection

Benefits of Using Lightweight Unicycle Helmets

Many people do not like to wear the helmet because of their uncool look. The people may also observe that there is no guarantee of the life-treating protection when wearing the best EUC helmet.

We admit that no one knows about the accidents before and no one can plan to save from it. But we can sidestep the protective measures of traumatic brain injuries by keeping our head inside the helmets for electric unicycles.

The unicyclist may have the following benefits of the lightweight unicycle helmet.

  • A helmet makes them visible among the crowd.
  • It protects them from harsh weather.
  • The helmet saves the riders from head injuries.
  • It makes the rider feel safe during travel.
  • The helmet can set an example for the other unicyclists.
  • It makes the rider follow the traffic rules.
  • Helmets can reduce wind noise.
  • It can protect against glare in the sharp light.
  • The rider can watch out the way clearly.
  • The hair of the rider does not disturb him during the journey.
  • It protects the rider from flying objects.

Reasons to Wear Lightweight Helmets

If you are a biker or use an electric unicycle, wearing a helmet is vital to your journey. It is to avoid the risk of any fatal accident. You need to choose the best safe helmet for your riding on an electric unicycle.

It reduces the danger of head injury. There are many reasons to wear the mountain unicycle helmets. We are discussing some of them below.

Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcyclists may not ride on the motorcycle without wearing best EUC helmets. The most accident occurs due to motorcyclist on the road. Statistics show that 80% of American motorcycles wear helmets. It is due to the restriction in traffic laws.

Bicycle Helmets

The people who use bicycles for their activities or the cyclist who participate in the races need to wear good BMX helmets. These helmets avoid severe head injuries to cyclists. Otherwise, they also face fatal injuries by crashing down on the road.

Scooter Skateboard and Unicycle Helmets

Youngsters love to use unicycles and skateboards for their recreation and also for their transportation. These vehicles have many chances to crash because of not having any safety belts.

Being intact with the ground, the rider has a lower risk of getting any severe accident. The chances can be minimized by wearing the best helmets for unicycle. The unicyclist must also wear safety knee pads to avoid any injury when your fall suddenly.

Ski Helmet

Ski divers wear these helmets. These Ski helmets are essential for the skiers because they can also have an injury by crashing with the trees or complex objects. Skiers need to wear a helmet; otherwise, they can have a traumatic brain injury. The helmet for the skiers is made according to the requirements.

Other Reasons to Wear Helmet

Engineers and builders also wear specific helmets to cover their heads from different incidents. These helmets are designed for the safety of the head. The primary purpose of using a helmet is to protect whether you are using it for the motorcycle or an electric unicycle. All you must do is to pick the fitting helmet for you!

Summary Box
The best electric unicycle helmets are essential because they keep you safe from fatal accidents. Motorcycles, cycles, skateboards, and unicycles are not allowed to use without wearing helmets. It can keep the rider safe from head injuries.
These injuries can take much time to recover or can be fatal. To minimize the risk of accidents, you need to wear the best electric unicycle helmets. You can choose the best helmet according to your need.
But be choosier in the quality of the best helmets for unicycles. The helmets for electric unicycles must have a soft lining inside and robust material external shell. These are the safety gears for the riders.
What are the types of electric unicycle helmets?

Types of unicycle Helmets
● Full-face.
● Modular.
● Open-face.
● Half Helmets.
● Off-road.
● Dual-sport.

How do I choose a helmet?

The steps to choosing the fitting helmet are simple:
Select a helmet style.
Measure your head circumference.
Try and wear the helmet.
Check if it is properly fit.
Wear the helmet for a while.
Still, feels right? Ride!

Are half helmets safe?

Half helmets are usually worn with goggles or sunglasses. They only offer protection from traumatic brain injuries in 36.8% of crashes. They offer protection from brain trauma in 55.5% of motorcycle crashes.

Why do motorcycle cops wear half helmets?

We wear half helmets (Seer) to aid in being able to see and hear around us. Remember, we keep the helmet on when off the bike and when dealing with a situation.

How protective are motorcycle helmets?

Motorcycle helmets minimize the risk of head injury by 69 percent and reduce the risk of death by 42 percent. The motorcyclists need adequate head protection to prevent one of the leading causes of death and disability in America.

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