Best E Bike Helmets 2024 – Stylish, Safest, Cool and Bluetooth Compatible

Ebike has taken this world by storm in the last couple of years. There was a time when authorities warned people to start using eco-friendly vehicles for short and long commutes. Ebikes have played a vital role in this change. Electric bikes are a universal preference nowadays.
People love to purchase electric bikes due to many reasons. Some people purchase these bikes for a budget and eco-friendly experience. Some people ride electric bikes because they love to stay adverse. They can ride with pure pedals to keep themselves fit. They can switch to pure electric mode quickly to enjoy pleasant rides like a motorbike.

Electric bikes are expanding the business day by day, so are their accessories. Electric bikes have a massive list of accessories with them. Many of them are very important. None of them is as essential as a helmet for an ebike.

Ebikes become dangerous without a helmet. Especially when people like to ride electric bikes with a top speed in electric mode, they know that speed thrill but kill. Speed can be fatal many times if you are riding an electric bike without any precautions. That’s why the helmet is essential for every rider.

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Top 10 Best E Bike Helmet 2024

There is a variety of ebike helmets available in the market. Halfords e bike helmets are known for their quality. Many more top-class competitors are available in the market. You can also see NTA 8776 helmet list. Some riders love to wear sassy-looking helmets. Some riders like to have helmets with extra facilities like Bluetooth etc. Some riders want to stay safe, so they love to have adequately covered helmets. We have gathered some helpful information about the best helmet for bike.

JBM Adult Helmet for E bike Full Face Helmet

JBM Adult

Head Circumference: 22 to 26 Inches
Material: PVC and PC
Inner: EPS Foam
Straps: Adjustable
Ventilation: Aerodynamic Vents
Usage:  Lightweight
Dimension: 8.46 x 11.6 Inches
Colors: Multiple
Vents: 17
Air Duct: Tridimensional
Knob: Adjustable
Buckle: Two Fan-shaped Buckles
Liner Design: Removable

This helmet is the best helmet for a bike with its specially designed material. The best e bike helmets are made of top-class PVC material. This PVS material went through a unique process to make it vulnerable. This helmet has two side strap that is adjustable according to the requirement.

A buckle and knob are also adjustable. This helmet is made of unique PVC material molded through a special process to make your head secure.

Aerodynamic Ventilation System

The best helmet for electric bike should have a particular ventilation system. Good ventilation of the helmet can keep the riders fresh all the time. This will automatically reduce the ratio of accidents on ebikes. That is the reason this helmet has a Tridimensional air duct system.

Also, it comes with 17 aerodynamic vents to cross the winds through the head quickly. The best e bike helmets have one of the best ventilation systems. The inner side is a mesh liner that works as a sweat absorber.

Perfect for Every Person

This helmet is counted among the best ebike helmets due to its unique features. This is not an intelligent helmet, but still, it is one of the top e bike helmets. This helmet comes with a standard head size requirement. Its dimension is 8.46 inches wide and 11.6 inches in length.

It will fit almost every person with 22 to 26 inches. Additionally, the best e bike helmets come with a removable mesh liner. Mesh liner can be washed easily.

  • Masterly and Eye-Catching Design
  • Beautiful Colors and Aerodynamic Vents
  • Perfect for everyone size and Light Weight
  • Specially blended PVC Material
  • Light Weight Design
  • Not a Smart Helmet

OutdoorMaster Cycling Best Helmet for Electric Bike

OutdoorMaster Cycling

Weight: 13.86 Ounces
Material: ABS Shell and EPS Core
Liners: 2 Removable
Lining Thickness: 0.24 Inches
Vents: 12 Aerodynamic Vents
Ventilation: Airflow Evacuation Channels
EPS Core:  Shock-Absorbing
Head Sizes; Standard
Strap: Adjustable and Skin Friendly
Head Circumference: Multiple Sizes

This helmet comes with specially designed material. The best e bike helmets consists of different layers of different materials. Reinforced Abs shell is used in one layer to make it vulnerable in any accidental situation. The EPS core is added to increase the safety measures.

EPS core of this ebike helmet is specially blended to make it a shock-absorbing material. This helmet is counted as one of the safest ebike helmets.

Airflow Evacuation Channels

Every ebike helmet depends upon the ventilation system. A sound ventilation system always helps the rider in hot and cold weather. This great ebike helmet is specially designed with an excellent ventilation system.

The backside has different vents that are the entrance point of the air. A proper airflow evacuation channel is made at the front and upper sides to evacuate the air finely. That is why it is called best ebike helmet 2024.

Removable Lining

The inner side of any ebike helmet plays a vital role for different purposes. The inner side should be a sweat absorber and washable. To be washable, it should be removable also. That is why this helmet has two different removable linings inside. Two different linings can be removed from the inside and washed easily. This will help in hot weather when the inner lining is full of sweat.

  • Multiple sizes with Two Inner Linings
  • Shock Absorbing EPS Core with Specially Designed ABS Shell
  • Eye-Catching Design and Optimized Ventilation
  • Airflow Evacuation Channel makes you cool inside
  • It does not cover the face

GRottico Safest E Bike Helmets with Lights

GRottico Safest

Head Size: M (55-58CM), L (59-61CM)
Lighting Modes: 3
Ventilation: 23 Vents
Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 5 Inches
Colors: 2
Helmet Weight: 0.66 Lbs
Safety Rear Light
IN-MOLD Technology
Hot Pressing Process
USB Light Rechargeable
Ventilation: 23 Vents

GRottico is famously known for its top-class sports accessories. Ebike helmet is one of those fine-quality products. This helmet is made of pure foam liner from the inside. The foam liner inside will keep your head active due to its softness.

Foam liner is impact-absorbing in nature. So, it will keep your head safe in case of an unfortunate event. Also, this best e bike helmet is made of tough polycarbonate stuff from the outer side. These features make this helmet appear in the safest ebike helmets list, following international standards.

Safety Rear Light

Following its international standard, the manufacturer has introduced a great safety measure in the best e bike helmets by adding a rear light. This rear light is chargeable with a USB port. The rear light has 3 major lighting systems in it.

The first mode is the steady light mode. Steady mode is helpful in the nights for riding. 2nd mode is the flashlight mode. Flashing of light keeps you safe from a fatal hit from behind. Last and the best one is a wave; wave light attracts more people than other modes of light.

Ventilation Management

One of the most delicate features of this helmet for ebike is its ventilation management system. Most people don’t use helmets because of their excess heat to the head. The best e bike helmets have a unique feature of ventilation in it.

It comes with 23 vents on every side for the proper air crossing during the ride. Crossing of air during the rider will always keep you fresh with ventilation. This feature helped this helmet appear in the top e bike helmets list. Ventilation plays a vital role in the success of the safest ebike helmets.

  • Safety Rear Light and Hot Pressing Process
  • Rechargeable Light with USB Port
  • Various Modes of Rear Light
  • Polycarbonate Outer Shell with Foam Liner Inside
  • Easy for Breathing and adjustable Straps
  • Lightweight Moulded Feature
  • Suitable for Standard Size Mostly.
  • Not Recommended for Cool Breeze.

Smart4U SH55M Adult E Bike Helmets with Bluetooth

Smart4U SH55M Adult

Lights: 6 Rear LED Lights
Turning: Indicators
Display Modes: 3
Bluetooth:  Yes
Pairing: Yes
Speakers: 2
Lining: Removable and Quick Dry
Weight: 310 Grams
Material: IN Molding Process
Shell: Sturdy
Emergency: SOS Alert
Alarm: Fall Alert
Water Proof: IPX4
Battery Life: 10 Hours of Usage

This helmet is one of the best ebike helmets in the market nowadays. It comes in a limited price range with mind-blowing safety measures. It has an SOS alert feature installed in it. SOS feature will give your accident information to the added emergency phone numbers using your GPS location.SOS alert feature is helpful in the accidental situation.

It can help run the turn signals while making a turn in your ebike. This makes it be listed among the safest ebike helmets in 2024.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The best part of the best e bike helmets is its Bluetooth connectivity. Not many helmets can work accurately while relying on Bluetooth connectivity. This helmet can be paired to your smartphone using the Bluetooth connectivity option. I answered my phone calls using Bluetooth connectivity to my helmet.

This helmet comes with IPX4, famous for being the best waterproof technology in the sports market. Build In speakers are installed in this helmet to be used through a Bluetooth connectivity feature. You can enjoy your die on the ebike with your favorite music.

Ventilation and Designing

This great helmet tops the list of e bike helmets with Bluetooth. This helmet is not just good with its intelligent features. Also, this helmet comes with a beautiful ventilation system. This helmet consists of different big-size aerodynamic vents that work correctly as an airflow evacuation channel. I would love to use this helmet in every ride on my ebike.

Its design gives a sassy look with different LED lights at the backside. 6 LED lights at the backside of helmets make it visible in any weather from behind. Additionally, a removable inner lining helps keep your head away from sweat situations.

  • Smart Device Helmet with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-In Microphone and Built-In Speakers
  • Removable and Washable lining
  • Adjustable Straps with Phone Pairing
  • Turning Indicators and SOS Alert
  • Call Alert with Awesome Ventilation System
  • It has waterproof IPX4
  • They are not recommended for a long run in heavy rain.

NessKin Cycling Helmet for EBike


Inner:  Mesh surface
Liner: Sweat Absorbing
Ventilation: Vents
Vents: 12 Aerodynamics
Liners: Removable
ABS: Integrated ABS Shell
EPS:  Shock-Absorbing EPS
Dial: Easily Adjustable
Sizes: Multiple
Strap: Adjustable
Buckles: Webbing sliding Buckles
Durability: Matte Coating
Safety: Scratch Resistant
Certification: CPSC & ASTMF

This helmet has been constructed with proper care and engineering. You will not find a helmet for an ebike with so much testing and certifications. The best e bike helmets are ASTMF 1492 certified. It has been appropriately molded into the helmet’s shape by the engineers.

It has passed all the lab testing that makes it feature among the safest ebike helmets. Polycarbonate has been rugged from the outer side to mate it scratch-free in different scenarios.

Dependable Inner Surface

The inner surface of this mind-blowing helmet is specially made to provide every rider with a comfortable experience. A properly meshed foam liner is used in the helmet. Foam liner gives a pleasant ride experience to everyone using this helmet. Inner foam liner is easily removable. It will be removed for washing and can be fixed again quickly. The inner side of this helmet is made of foam liner that is purely sweat resistant.

Incredible Ventilation and Outer Surface

Ventilation is an essential aspect of any ebike helmet. This helmet is wonderfully designed for ventilation. A proper airflow evacuation channel has been designed at the upper side to cross the wind as per requirement. Different vents have been designed for ventilation.

Additionally, the outer surface is specially designed with different layers. EPS technology is introduced that is shock absorber also. The design of this helmet helped it to be part of stylish ebike helmets.

  • Fantastic Design and Shock Absorbing EPS
  • ABS Shell Rugged with Airflow Evacuation Channels
  • Ventilation design is comfortable
  • Scratch Resistant Outer Surface and Matte Coating
  • Front Face is not covered.

BASE CAMP E Bike Helmet with Visor


Material: Hardcore ABS Shell
EPS Core: Shock Proof
Certified: CPSC & CE
Light: Rear Rechargeable Light
Lighting Modes: 3
Visor: Detachable
Vents: 12 Vents
Weight: 430 grams
Dial Fit: 55-60 Cm
Liner: Removable

This helmet comes with strong engineering behind its making. The hardcore helmet is made of specially blended material through IN-MOLD processing. An extraordinary ABS shell is inserted into it. Hardcore reinstated ABS shell is added to decrease the risk of injury in case of an accident.

The excellent EPS core is added to make it part of the safest ebike helmets. The EPS core is specially made shockproof, which will help in case of an accident.

Awesome Ventilation System

The manufacturer has produced one of the cool ebike helmets in the case of the ventilation system. Well, integrated ventilation is installed in this helmet. A total of 12 vents is used. Vents are strategically placed at different angles to make it work perfectly.

This helmet can easily differentiate between cool and hot air. It will engage the airflow channels according to their outflow’s hot and cool air.

Visor & Size Adjustment

Ebike helmet with visor is like a gift for the electric bike riders. This helmet comes with a detachable visor. The visor will work efficiently to enhance the vision during the ride. A detachable visor can be removed easily for your convenience.

This helmet comes with one of the rarest technologies of adjustable size. You can adjust the size of the helmet from 55 to 60 cm. you don’t need to purchase different helmets for size problems.

  • Detachable Visor with Awesome Ventilation
  • Size adjustment Feature and Rear Light
  • 3 Lighting Modes with Blinking Light for easy rare visibility
  • Pro Look Helmet and Removable Lining
  • Shock Proof EPS are the safest
  • Not an ebike full-face helmet.

KRACESS Adult E Bike Helmets with Bluetooth


Head Circumference: 22-24.4 Inches
Item dimension: 11.2 x 8.26 x 7.28 Inches
Item Weight: 1.1 Pounds
Ventilation: 4 Holes
Light Modes: 3
Waterproof level: IPXS
Bluetooth: 5.0 LP
Charger: USB
Battery: 1200 mAh
Led Light: 300 Lumens
Video Quality: 1080FHD

The best e bike helmets are not just about safety anymore. Manufacturers are trying their best to launch helmets with all the capabilities to perform like a smart device. This helmet is one of the best examples of this initiative. It comes with a front camera for recording the driving moments.

This camera can help to detect something unusual that happens on the road. Also, it can record the unfortunate accidental moments of the riders. I equipped this driving recorder camera with a high-quality camera that can record Full HD videos at the rate of 1080p.

Security Indicators

The manufacturer has introduced security lights to make it one of the cool e bike helmets. These security lights can help you overcome any accidental situations before they happen. This intelligent and the best e bike helmets can sense the acceleration and sudden stopping while it indicates the rear vehicles through warning indicators at the back of the helmet.

Also, it can be used as an automatically turning signal indicator if the remote control is installed on the ebike handle. This makes it a complete smart helmet in the market.

Smart Bluetooth Operation

This helmet comes with an advanced Bluetooth system installed in it. It is equipped with a 5.0 Bluetooth system that can perform different functions for you. First of all, it can play your favorites song as per requirement. It will answer the calls from the helmet.

Voice navigation can also be used using this high-tech Bluetooth helmet. The best part that makes this best helmet for bike is its waterproof technology. This intelligent helmet can perform all its functions during rain also. That is why it is a part of the safest ebike helmets.

  • High-Quality Video Recording Camera at Front
  • Advanced Bluetooth functioning and High tech Waterproof technology
  • Security Indicators with Three Lighting Modes
  • Automatic Indicators are for the safety
  • Rear Warning Light to prevent the accidental situation
  • Smart helmets cannot work for a long time in the heavy rain.

Lumos Ultra Smart & Stylish E Bike Helmets

Lumos Ultra Smart

Lights: Front and Rear LED
Weight: 400 Grams
Dimension: 10.83 x 8.27 x 6.1 Inches
Material: Polycarbonate
Size: 54 to 61 Cm
Turning Indicators: Yes
Remote: Handlebar Mounted
Safety: MIPS Equipped
Charging: Type C Cable
Charging Time: 3 Hours
Battery: 10 Hours
Remote Feature: Smartphone Connection
Bluetooth: 4.0

Lumos has launched one of the top e bike helmets in the market. The manufacturer is well known for initiating new and advanced technology trends in the market. This helmet is MIPS certified Helmet.

MIPS means Multi-Directional Impact Protection System; it is made of particular layers in its material that makes it perfect for accidental situations. This helmet is going to absorb the shock during accidents.

Smart Helmet

This stylish e bike helmet has almost all the advanced features called an intelligent helmet device. This helmet has 4.0 Bluetooth in it. It can be connected to your smartphone for different features. It comes with 2 lights on it. Rear LED light is installed in it for better visibility from the backside. The rear light has 3 different lighting modes.

Blinking lighting mode is very helpful to be visible from the backside in bad weather. This helmet has a front LED light also. Front LED light is helpful on nights to travel on your ebike. E bike helmets with Bluetooth are blessed to have this helmet on their list.

Advanced Ventilation System

This stylish e bike helmet comes with polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate I blended wonderfully and artistically to give an intelligent helmet look in the first instance. Extra layers of safety and ventilation have been added to it.

A particular ventilation system is installed to keep your head cool every time. Vents are placed within polycarbonate and are not easily visible. This can reduce the damage during rain also.

  • Extra Protective Layers with High Tech Bluetooth
  • Turning Indicators and Rear and Front LED Lights
  • Smartphone connection and Blinking Light Mode
  • Easily Chargeable and Good Battery Timing
  • Healthy Ventilation System with Smart Look
  • Adjustable Straps are comfortable
  • Adult Ebike Helmet Only.

BELL Super 3R MIPS Adult Class 3 E Bike Helmet


Weight: 1 Pound
Type: Mountain
Straps: Quick Drying Silver Fibers
Protection: MIPS Equipped
Airflow: Air Channel Evacuation
Ventilation: Full Head Ventilation
Visor: Removable
Camera Mount: Yes
Size: 52-59 Cm
Vents: 23
Brow Ports: 4
Chin Bar Vents: 6

This helmet by Bell Super is one of the most reliable helmets. One of the main reasons behind the success of this class 3 e bike helmet is its protection assurance for an accident. It is made of a specially blended material considered for different scenarios—properly tested through different accidental tests.

The best e bike helmets are equipped with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection). It will save the rider in maximum situations with its top-notch quality of the material. That is why it is admitted as best class 3 e bike helmet.

Proper Ventilation System

This helmet is one of the fewest helmets in the market that comes with Over Brow Ventilation system. The helmet has a closing bracket as a front of the helmet, like a traditional helmet. The front has brow vents for the crossing of air. Brow ventilation will also help the rider stay fresh and active on a hot day.

This traditional mountain bike helmet can be called the best for class 3 e bike helmet. 23 Vents are provided on the helmet for better airflow. A protective chin bar is also available that can be removed as per requirement. Chin bar is having 6 vents for better ventilation.

Visor and Camera Mount

This helmet comes with a seamless camera mount. The camera mount is necessary for the changing world who like to film their rides regularly. This seamless camera mount is breakaway technology that will decrease the risk of injury.

Ebike helmet with visor is not hard to find. Finding an ebike helmet with a visor that is removable as per requirement is a tough job.

  • Hardcore Helmet with Protective Chin Bar
  • Overbrow Ventilation and Breakaway camera Mount
  • High-Quality Straps with Ebike Full Face Helmet
  • Removable Visor and Perfect Fit Helmet
  • Not for Rainy Weather

Giro Trinity Adult Cycling Helmet- Top E Bike Helmets

Giro Trinity Adult

Material: Polycarbonate
Process: In MOLD
Size: Universal Fit
Circumference: 54-61 m
Weight: 0.6 Kg
Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 6 Inches
Ventilation: 22 Vents
Surface: Rugged
Inner:  Expanded Polycarbonate

The best e bike helmets will give you a complete sports feeling. It is made of polycarbonate from the outer side. Outside has been rugged for a better experience. Ebike helmets usually have many layers in their helmets. That makes it more complex/ this great helmet comes with complete polycarbonate material from every side.

The outer side is polycarbonate, and the inner side is expanded polycarbonate. A complete In MOLD processing took place to make this wonderful-looking helmet.

Advance Ventilation Process

Any ebike helmet is measured with the features added to it. This helmet for ebike looks like a spartan helmet with no special features. It is specially designed for ventilation. This helmet is made of polycarbonate entirely.

Huge-sized aerodynamic vents have been added to make it the best ebike helmet 2024. Total 22 vents are available in these sports ebike helmets for a wonderful ventilation experience.

Sporty Designed Helmet

The manufacturer has not just worked on the build quality of this best helmet for ebike. This helmet has also been specially designed to give a rugged sports look. While riding the ebike, you will feel more confident due to the professional-looking helmet by this manufacturer.

A specialty lab testing has been processed to make it a proper professional helmet. Also, this helmet is produced with a universal size helmet. It will fit almost every standard-sized person.

  • Sport Design with Polycarbonate Material Rugged
  • Fantastic Ventilation with 22 Vents
  • Giro Category and Universal Fit Sized
  • Rugged Look and Comfortable feel
  • No sweat Absorbing Material Inside.

Buying Guide for Cool E Bike Helmets

Purchasing an e-bike helmet is as tough as an electric bike. Multiple companies have introduced different technologies in electric bikes. It’s not easy to purchase ebike helmets with no experience.

Our tech team has gathered some helpful guides to get a better e-bike helmet as per your requirement. The best e bike helmets are vital in your daily usage of electric bikes. So, you cannot ignore the fact of technical buying guides.

Class 3 E bike Helmets

First of all, you need to decide which class of electric bike helmet you are looking for as electric bikes are divided into three categories, i.e., Class1, Class2, and Class3. The Class 3 electric bikes are the fastest e-bikes introduced in this market. Most people purchase fast electric bikes, so you must decide on the first level of your electric bike and helmet.


The most important thing nowadays for orders is the safest. Helmets are produced that are not good enough to bear the accidental situations. This may result in a fatal accident. Polycarbonate helmets are accepted as the best if they are appropriately blended.

Layers in Material

Various helmets are in the market with no distinct layers added to them. Some of the helmets have a special layer installed for your security. Reinstated ABS shell should be confirmed. Another thing you should look for is EPS technology. EPS layer should be shockproof. That will reduce the risk of injury in an accident.

Sweat Absorbing Inner Mesh

Every helmet must have a unique foam liner installed on the inner side. Foam liners have different qualities on them. One should try to purchase a helmet with a sweat-absorbing inner foam liner. That will help in hot and sweaty weather.

Removable Inner Liner

Most inner foam liners are attached permanently. When the inner mesh absorbs the seat, it needs to be aired to get dry. That is why you should purchase the removable inner liner. It can be removed so it can be dried quickly.

Perfect Ventilation

The best e bike helmets come with a perfect ventilation system. Aerodynamic vents are installed from different angles to differentiate between cool and hot air. That is why you should purchase a helmet with a perfect ventilation system.

After looking at the top 10 helmets in this article, if you are still confused about choosing the best e bike helmets, we recommend you purchase JBM Adult Helmet for E bike. Lumos has introduced one of the best advancements in the market.
It comes with adequately blended material. This helmet is better than Halfords e bike helmets in many manners. This ebike helmet is MIPS certified helmet. That means it has passed the lab testing of accidental situations in almost all scenarios. It comes with a rear and front LED light. Moreover, this helmet has safety and intelligent features with an excellent ventilation system.

Best Recommended Product
What Helmet Should I Wear on an ebike?

Specialist manufacturers are manufacturing specially designed helmets for ebikes. Cool ebike helmets have many different top-quality features in them. That is better if you purchase a helmet equipped with MIPS technology. MIPS is a specially designed tested technique to keep your head safe in accidental situations.

What is MIPS Helmet?

MIPS means Multi-directional Impact Protection System. MIPS is a specially designed test for bike helmets. The helmet that passed the MIPS testing is one of the safest ebike helmets. MIPS system is specially designed to reduce the risk of head injury during an accident.

Can I Ride an electric Bike without a Helmet?

You can ride a motorcycle without a helmet, but you are also banned from doing so for your security. You should wear a specially designed electric bike helmet during ebike rides.

What is a Class 1 eBike?

There are 3 classes of electric bikes. Class ebikes are the fastest electric bikes. And class 1 ebike is the bike with a single riding mode. You can enjoy pedal-assist mode only in class 1 ebike. Other classes of ebikes have 3 riding modes in total.

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