HAOQI Green Leopard Pro Electric Bike Review 2024

I love bike riding and have tested various e-bikes and scooters. And finally, I got an amazing e-bike for riding: HAOQI Green Leopard Pro. HAOQI gets my attention due to its innovative design, color, and powerful performance. What I liked most was its powerful battery and fast, smooth ride to help riders reach their destination. It is a perfect choice if you want to ride the countryside or plan a fishing trip with your friends.

I found this bike excellent and decided to give a review after testing it. So, this HAOQI Green Leopard Pro electric bike review will explore everything from its distinctive design to its potential eco-friendly performance. 

Join us to learn the riding capabilities, user impressions, and specifications of this green leopard e-bike. Let’s find out if HAOQI Green Leopard Pro fat tire ebike is a mountain bike? Or it’s an electric bike with pedal assist features. We hope this review will help you decide whether to upgrade your two-wheeled lifestyle.

HAOQI Green Leopard Pro Electric Bike

HAOQI Green Leopard Pro Electric Bike Specs

Motor Power 750W
Maximum speed 28 MPH by pedal
Range 60 to 80 miles
Weight limit400 lbs
Special Feature6061 Aluminum frame
Age RangeAdult
Wheel material Rubber
Frame material Aluminum
Wheel Size ‎26 Inches
Bike Weight72 lbs
Handlebar TypePremium ergonomic
Suspension TypeFront
Brake StyleHydraulic Disc Brake

HAOQI Green Leopard Pro Electric Bike Features

Green leopard Pro bike offers different features. I found its build quality high-end, as the aluminum frame provides durability to this bike. Other features I liked most are: 

  1. 7-speed shifter
  2. Multifunctional LCD
  3. Hydraulic disc brakes
  4. RST alloy Suspension fork
  5. Adjustable seat
  6. High-quality front lights
  7. Anti-skidding fat tire
  8. Reliable stability
  9. Comfortable riding experience
HAOQI Green Leopard Pro Electric Bike Handlebar

HAOQI Green Leopard Pro Bike Build Quality:

I have tested HAOQI and find it an amazing bike to ride around the countryside. It is an excellent e-bike customized with a brushless geared motor that ensures powerful performance. 

I found it sturdy and durable due to its aluminum frame that provides a good lifespan for an excellent user experience. I ride this bike up to all terrains, from smooth city roads to bumpy paths of mountains. Green Leopard Pro is an adult bike that will take you anywhere you want. 

Battery of HAOQI Green Leopard Pro Electric Bike:

Green Leopard Pro e-bike comes with a 48V/20AH lithium battery. I ride this bicycle with a single charge and cover up to 60 miles with one full charge. However, it takes 6 to 9 hours for a full charge. 

Battery of HAOQI Green Leopard Pro Electric Bike

The best and one of the most convenient parts of this bike is that it has a detachable battery. You can remove the battery and take it for charging in your home or office.

EBike Brakes and Suspensions:

When it comes to the brakes and suspension of the Green Leopard Pro, they also work great. I used to ride my e-bike to the countryside and take it for mountain riding. These suspensions work great and help me ride my bicycle without any bumps. 

Moreover, the brakes are also efficient and instantly stop my e-bike without any delay. In short, it is good to say that the suspensions and brakes of HAOQI offer everything you can expect from an e-bike of this price range.

HAOQI Green Leopard Pro EBike Suspension and brake

HAOQI Green Leopard Pro Electric Bike Top Speed:

The maximum speed this bike offers is 28 MPH. Its high-power motor helps you cover your commute comfortably and quickly. Removable batteries add extra marks to their list, which may help you cover 60 to 80 miles with a single charge. You can adjust the speed with 7-speed shifters. 

HAOQI Green Leopard PronElectric Bike Price

Given the features, you may be thinking of an expensive price tag. So, what is the HAOQI Green Leopard Pro electric bike price? The price of HAOQI Electric Bike is $1699. With the ongoing end-of-season promotion, it is now available at a discounted price of $1349, thanks to a $350 reduction.. 

It is an affordable price range for this e-bike. I recommend this bike for adults who want to enjoy their ride. It is very convenient and saves your energy. Overall, it is worth buying it.

HAOQI Green Leopard Pro 7-speed shifters
  • Reliable and durable build quality.
  • It comes with a long-lasting battery.
  • The seat adjustment option makes the commute comfortable. 
  • Ergonomic handles give a solid grip. 
  • It comes with anti-skidding fat tires. 
  • N/A
HAOQI Green Leopard e-bikes are amazing not only in their appearance but also in riding experience. If you are looking for an ergonomic design bicycle that can give you a comfortable ride, you can consider getting a HAOQI e-bike. The ergonomic handle is comfortable, and the adjustable seat adds extra marks to its list. 
A powerful motor and detachable battery help you to cover 30 to 60 miles with a single charge. I have tested this bike and hope my HAOQI green leopard electric bike review helps you get whatever you need in an e-bike. 
What is the HAOQI Green Leopard Pro electric bike weight in kg?

The HAOQI weight is 72 lbs. The e-bike weighs much more than a conventional bicycle, which may remain between 20 to 30 kg. But the Green Leopard’s weight is quite reasonable compared to other bikes. 

What is the lifespan of a HAOQI Green Leopard Pro electric bike?

The lifespan of the average bicycle is about 10 years. However, this lifespan may vary depending on maintenance and bike use. The lifespan of HAOQI also depends on its maintenance. 

What’s the longest-lasting HAOQI Green Leopard Pro e-bike?

HAOQI produces e-bikes that offer different features. The best e-bike from the brand is the HAOQI Leopard Pro Electric Bike for Adults 48V 20AH, as it comes with many excellent features, from a powerful motor to an excellent riding experience. 

Can an e-bike battery last 10 years?

Batteries can last a few years, but some may last a decade or more. It all depends on the quality of the battery and the cells. The battery construction also matters a lot. Moreover, the charging habits also can impact the battery lifespan.

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