How to Derestrict an Electric Bike Speed? 4 Unique Hacks

With the petroleum price hikes and eco-friendly campaigns, electric bikes are becoming popular among adults. However, most e-bikes come with speed limiters that restrict their maximum speed. It can be frustrating for riders looking for more thrill and power. Luckily, knowing how to derestrict an electric bike can give you the boost you need.

In this blog, I will guide you while providing tips and information about the necessary tools. Are you a commuter looking to cut down your travel time or want to feel the wind in your hair? Let’s explore what does derestricting an electric bike mean? How you can do it and some hacks for ease.

Main Process:

How to Derestrict an E-Bike?

Derestricting your electric bike can be the best option to increase its speed and power. But how to derestrict an electric bike? Usually, an e-bike caps the top speed at 20 mph for safety reasons.

How to Derestrict an E-Bike

But after derestriction, you can avail of maximum speed. On the other hand, unrestricted electric bikes could be a tempting option for those who want more power and a faster ride. They offer 35 mph to 20 mph on different models.

The Process Involves:

Remove the limits to get a significant boost in performance. It will allow you to reach higher speeds and tackle steeper hills. Some bikes have built-in software that can be hacked, while others require physical modifications such as replacing controllers or wires.

4 Hacks for Speed Limits on Electric Bikes

Fortunately, you can use several e-bike speed limit hacks to increase the speed of your ebike safely. For example, you can use the Bosch electric bike speed limiter removal option on the bike. You must press the walk button to stop the restriction limit of 25km/h.

Moreover, if you’re wondering how to derestrict an oxygen electric bike, you may access two settings options in the ebike.

  1. Identify the type of restriction placed on your machine. Changing the settings on the motor controller is one of the simplest methods to circumvent an e-bike’s speed restriction. Most e-bikes include programmable controllers that let you change parameters like top speed and acceleration rate.
  2. Restrictions can be removed easily by adjusting the settings or upgrading certain bike parts.
  3. One of the best methods for hacking the speed of ebike is upgrading its battery pack. The motor can travel faster thanks to a more powerful battery, giving it more voltage and amperage.
  4. You can try E-bike speed limiter wires because they are safer to combat collisions and endangering circumstances.

How to Restrict an E-Bike?

There may be situations where you need to limit the speed or power output of an e-bike. In these cases, you must know how to restrict e bike.

First, learn how to remove limiter on ebike. You have to check the built-in speed limitation on the ebike. For safety purposes, most manufacturers include this function on their motorcycles. If it does not have one, you can purchase an aftermarket speed limiter that attaches to the bike’s controller unit.


The motor’s assistance may be adjusted using an electric bicycle throttle control. With this option, you can know how to derestrict giant e bike by installing a speed chip. Some versions include a variety of settings that you may change to suit your needs.

What speed is an unrestricted eBike?

The top speed of an unrestricted eBike varies but typically ranges from 20 to 28 mph (32 to 45 km/h).

Can you disable the throttle on an eBike?

You can disable the throttle on a few eBikes by removing or programming it to a speed of 0 mph.

Is it safe to Derestrict an ebike?

Derestricting an eBike can increase speed and power but can also be unsafe and may void the warranty. It may also be illegal in some areas.

Knowing how to derestrict an electric bike can significantly boost speed and power. It is better to understand the hacks and to get the desired speed without neglecting the safety implications. Moreover, what should you consider before derestricting an electric bike? You can try various methods, including modifying the bike’s software, replacing controllers or wires, and upgrading the battery pack.

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