6 Best Class 2 Electric Bikes with Throttle Assist [Review]

There are three types of electric bikes. The best class 1 e bikes run on pedal assist mode without any throttle. Do you know what is a class 2 electric bike? Class 2 Electric bikes can run with their throttle assistant quality. They can go at a speed of 20 mph. These bikes are the most suitable for cruising and mountain biking. These bikes have an activated control system to support the rider. Mostly a 350 Watt or more powered motor is used in these bikes.

When you talk about the best class 3 electric bikes, they are the fastest e bikes with no throttle. They work on pedal assist mode while having a speed of 28 mph. Now I have gathered the information about ebike classes 1 2 3. In this article, I will define the best class 2 electric bikes. Let’s not kill time and read more about class 2 e bikes.

 List of Class 2 E-Bikes

Now, look at our choices of the top 5 best electric bikes 2024.

Class 2 e bikes have pedal-assist mode and throttle mode for the working of the bike. Here we present a shortlist of the best class 2 Electric bikes.

  1. Red Rover 6 plus: It is the best bike covering up to 45 miles. It has incredible value and a high price.
  2. QuietKat Jeep: This bike has an LCD and a powerful 1000-watt motor. It can take a load of 300 lbs, man.
  3. Rad City 4: It is the bike having comfort and safety. It has 750 watt rear hub motor that can take you up to 45 miles.
  4. Electric XP 2.0: This bike has fat tires. It is a folding bike that can be the best partner for you because of its 500-watt motor. It is pretty affordable and reasonable in price.
  5. Engwe EP-2 Pro: The bike has 4-inch fat tires. It can cover 45 miles with 5 levels of pedal assistance. This bike is the best budget electric bike.

Maxfoot MF-19 500w Folding Electric Bike For Adults

Maxfoot MF-19 500W Best Class2 E-Bike

Tested Range: 50 miles
Max Rider Weight: 300lbs
Top Speed: 23 miles/h
Battery Capacity: 14 Ah, 48 V
Charge Time: 5-6 hours
Motor Power: 500W
Appropriate Height: 5.2 -6.3 feet

The MaxFoot MF-19 is entertaining, quickly moves, and has a long battery life. This bike is incredible and trouble-free because it has great power and incredible speeds. I looked into various electric bikes before deciding on the max foot, my favorite option ever. An electric cycle I can transport easily and ride on trails.

Stylish Design

The Maxfoot MF 19 is a foldable electric bike with a decent design. It is available in six attractive colors. Its frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, making it adorable.

Easy Portability

If you are going somewhere and want to bring an electric bike, you can fold it and keep it in the car’s trunk. It is a foldable electric bike that is very attractive in the market.

Long Last Battery

The 48-volt battery is inside the frame and is lockable and removable. It helps keep the battery clean and debris-free while keeping the MF-19 neat.


It has a headlight and LCD display it does a good job of improving visibility. A light with about 2,000 lumens should work if you intend to ride in poor light.

Reliable Baking System

Tektro mechanical disc brakes have 160 mm discs in the front and back. Still, they have plenty of stopping ability.

Top Speed

The Shimano Altus 7-speed derailleur provides you with 23 miles/h speed. They help you to climb hills and also maintain padel authority.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable & Durable
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent gear system
  • Bit heavy bike

VELOWAVE Class 2 Electric Bike With Throttle 750W BAFANG Motor

VELOWAVE 26″ Best Class 2 E-Bikes

Motor: 750 W
Battery: 48 Volt 15 Ah
Speed: 28 mph
Wheel size: 26″
Number of Speed: 7
Charging time: 6-8 hours
Range: 25-40 miles
Load capacity: 300 lbs

I love to have the experience of biking specifically. I prefer to go off-road with my bike. It is only possible with the Velowave electric bike, which is among the best class 2 electric bikes 2024. The brand works on an intelligent control system. They balance the power and comfort in their vehicles.

Ride on Your Style

I can ride the best class 2 electric bikes with all the possibilities of riding on smooth roads, beaches, snow, uphill, and downhill. You can also use them at night time. I have good riding experience with this multifunctional LCD bike with hydraulic brakes and suspension.

The seat is adjustable, and I love to use the brightening front light for night drives. The bike also has anti-skidding tires. I feel stability and comfort with this electric bike.

Powerful Electric Functions

The powerful motor of 750 watts covers the highest speed of 28 mph. Its removable larger battery assures me of a more extended lifetime guarantee. I can cover up to 40 miles when it is fully charged with my heavy-weight body. I can recharge while removing the battery according to my convenience.

Speed and Range at a Glance

This best class 2 electric bike can compare to the best class 3 electric bikes. It can cover the speed of 28mp when it is on pedal mode. When it has a throttle mode, it can cover up to 20 mph speed. I can cover 25 to 40 miles by pedal assist and 35 miles by throttle mode.

These calculations are based on a 75 kg rider. My range can vary on the condition of the roads I prefer to cruise. The weather is a vital factor in minimizing the functionality of your bike. If it is harsh weather, I cannot run fast on the bike.

  • It is an off-road electric bike that can be the best for running on gravel
  • You can get comfortable with the front suspension and kickstand
  • The powerful motor and removable rechargeable battery can be the best to bring home or office
  • The speed and range of the bike depend on the rider’s weight, the condition of the road, and the working mode you prefer for the bike
  • You can get a good riding experience with it
  • The bike increases stability, comfort, and a good riding experience with its anti-skidding fat tires.
  • This bike comes with the one year warranty
  • This bike can have the best functions with only 75 kg weighted riders.

ENGWE 28MPH Best Class 2 Electric Bike for Heavy Adults

ENGWE 750W Best Class 2 Electric Bike

Motor: 750 W
Battery: 48 Volt 12.8 Ah
Speed: 28 mph
Wheel size: 20″ x 4″
Number of Speed: 7
Charging time: 6-8 hours
Range: 25 miles
Riding Modes: 3
2.4 inches front fork
85% pre-assembled
Load capacity: 330 lbs

The best class 2 electric bikes are my core engine with a 750-watt gear hub motor that provides stability and long-lasting energy. The bike is responsible for low-carbon activities. It develops a healthy lifestyle. It is the best class 2 electric bike.

Faster & Farther with Powerful Motor & Battery

This electric bike has a robust aluminum alloy frame with its mechanical lock front suspension fork. The bike has 20 inches wheel that can take up to 28mph speed. The 48-volt battery can charge within a few hours and gives me the best performance for covering 25 miles. This electric bike delivers a powerful performance in good road conditions.

Humanization Design with Comfort

The bike possesses a leather seat that is comfortable and easy to ride. The fat tires of the bike assure it more convenient for running on sand, snow, gravel, and uphill. This electric bike keeps a foldable design. The headlight and backlight are there for the best nighttime drive. This electric bike is suitable because of its human design with comfort.

Explore the Unknown Terrains

The bike has off-road fat tires and an aluminum alloy frame that can assure me to go up to 20 mph speed. I can go wild with this bike on mountains and cover up my passion for cycling. The electric bike has a foldable alloy frame. I can store the bike in a trunk or the closet.

Off-Road and Flat Road Riding

This best class 2 electric mountain bike has a front fork suspension that can tackle off-road rides easily. I can conveniently run on mountains, gravel, beaches, and snow. The bike has a flat road riding mode that can take less energy and power.

Half Twist Throttle and Front Ambient Light

This electric bike possesses half-twist throttle. I need to press the start button and then twist the throttle. When I want to speed up and speed down, then I need to twist its throttle. The bike has 1 to 5 pedal assist levels shown on the LCD of this bike. The bike’s ambient front light can gloom the fog and keep me safe during riding.

  • It is a faster and farther going electric bike.
  • An aluminum alloy frame and lock front suspension can keep you safe.
  • Different heights of the handlebar and riding style are available.
  • Keeping the lightweight of this electric bike can be the best for an urban environment.
  • The powerful motor is responsible for covering maximum speed.
  • The perfect brakes and speed transmission system are the safety of the rider.
  • The bike has a foldable design with headlights and tail lights.
  • Fat tires are the reason for making you smooth on bumpy roads.
  • The bike must have 20-inch tires.

Paselec GS9 Pro 27.5″ Fat Tire Best Class 2 Electric Bikes 2024

Paselec Electric Mountain Bikes

Motor: 750 W
Battery: 48 Volt 13 Ah
Speed: 25- 28 mph
Wheel size: 27.5″
Charging time: 5-6 hours
Range: 40-50 miles
5 Power Assistant level
3 Working modes
Load capacity: 265 lbs

The best team makes this electric bike of the Pasealac brand. They have a powerful, experienced team of workers who give a dynamic blast to this world in the form of electric bikes. These bikes are easy to handle and comfortable.

Always Be My Cycling Partner

This electric bike has an intelligent power system. It is sensitive towards action. It can detect the rider’s action and act accordingly. The bike has been manufactured with automotive hybrid technology that can give me the power to ride and keep me physically fit. It is always my cycling partner.

Upgraded Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The best class 2 electric bikes have a full suspension with lots of thoughtful details. The suspension system makes me comfortable during mountain biking. The bike has a powerful 750 Watt motor and intelligent battery control system. It can control the riding modes of the bike, acceleration, and battery power.

Suited to Relax Cruising

The electric bike has zoom hydraulic disc brakes with a dual-piston caliper. The bike’s brakes are very responsive and are suited to relax cruising. This electric bike is 85% free assembled with a 1-year warranty. I enjoy the sightseeing and outdoor activities while riding on this bike.

  • The bike has an accessory kit with a charger and locks
  • It has dual suspension and hydraulic disc brakes that are safe to ride.
  • The intelligent battery control system provides rational management of the battery.
  • You can enjoy the 3 modes of the bike.
  • It has easy pass ability, firm grip, and high speed.
  • It needs to have more hours for charging the battery.

ECOTRIC 26″ Best Class 2 Electric Mountain Bike

ECOTRIC 20 Mph Best Class 2 Electric Bikes

Motor: 750 W
Battery: 48V 13AH
Speed: 20 mph
Wheel size: 26″
Number of Speed: 7
Charging time: 5-8Hours
Range: 20-35 miles
4 Working modes
Weight: 51 lbs
Load capacity: 260 lbs

Ecotric electric bike has 26 inches fat tires and 750-watt motor power. It is the best bike, has a perfect speed and is practical. It can take me on a smooth road and highways with power and innovative technology. The bike has a passion for conquering unknown terrain, and you can be safe from crowded buses, traffic jams, and parking spaces.

Strong Gear Motor & Powerful Removable Battery

This best class 2 electric mountain bike is a masterpiece of the brand because it has a 750-watt gear motor responsible for taking me up to 20-35 miles per charge. This bike can cover the distance at 20 mph with its pedal assist and throttle mode.

The best class 2 electric bikes are the best options for my commutation and cruising. The powerful removable battery of the bike has a range of 48 Volt 13 Ah. It can give me plenty of adventurous riding experiences.

Comfortable Cycling Experience with No Risk

The bike delivers comfort and safety. It gives me a cycling experience with its sturdy body frame and durable design. It has resistant tires that can keep me straight above the ground.

The bike has an external gear shaft and a Shimano 7-speed system. It is the best bike with an ergonomic design and adjustable seat having anti-slip wear-resistant tires.

Quick Installation

The bike can be quickly installed because it is already 90% pre-assembled. When you get it, you need to spend a few minutes installing it by watching the video on Amazon perfectly. You can read the manual of the bike for the instructions. It is ready to get you a ride to the cityscape.

4 Working Modes Options

The four riding modes of the bike keep me versatile for my riding adventures. I can use pedal assist mode when I want to have some physical activity with less effort. The fully electric mode is the best for covering my commutation and when I want to reach somewhere soon.

The pedal mode of the bike is the best for the cycling experience and physical exercise. The booster mode of the bike can cover up to 6 km per hour. It is the best mode for running on highways and covering unknown terrain.

UL Certified Electric Bike

This electric bike is dual certified. It is the standard bike with a UL certificate. It approaches the safety standards and gives me the best comfort and safety for my riding experience.

  • It is the best for your daily travel and relaxation
  • You can cruise on mountains and use it for your daily commutation
  • The removable battery and 750-watt gear motor work best for this bike
  • The bike has 4 working modes that can be used according to your need
  • It gives you a comfortable cycling experience with no risk of shopping
  • Quick installation is due to 90% pre-assembling
  • UL certification is awarded to this bike for its safety and comfort
  • It is suitable for only 260 lbs riders, not more than this.

ReAspire 26″ Fat Tire with 750W Motor Affordable Class 2 Ebikes

ReAspire Best Class 2 Electric Bikes

Motor: 750 W
Battery: 48 Volt 14 Ah
Speed: 20-25 mph
Wheel size: 26″
Number of Speed: 8
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Range: 25-45 miles
Weight: 65.70 lbs
Recommended Height: 5’4″ -6’2″
Load capacity: 300 lbs

The ReAspire Company invented this best throttle electric bike with a 750-watt motor. This electric bike is upgraded with its 26 inches fat tires and 48 Volt 14Ah Samsung batteries. The bike has pedal-assist mode and pure electric mode. I can get the benefits of the bike with its dual shock absorption system.

750W BAFANG Powerful Motor

The best class 2 electric bikes have a 750-watt high-speed motor that is best for shifting. It is a small and lightweight electric bike. It creates excellent torque to run the bike up to 20-25 mph. The bike can create a torque of 85 NM. It gives you the power of acceleration and climbing up angles. The bike can be charged in only 4 to 6 hours.

48V16Ah Samsung Lithium Battery

The removable Samsung lithium battery of the bike has the power of 48 Volt 14 Ah. It is a larger battery that can be long-lasting and cover up to 25-45 miles when fully charged. I can charge this best throttle electric bike within 4 to 6 hours. I can easily remove the battery and charge it at my office or home.

Robust and Powerful

This robust electric bike is made with an aluminum alloy frame. It has removable lithium Samsung battery and a 750-watt motor. The bike has the superpower to give you the cycling experience. The bike has hydraulic disc brakes with a speed gear system.

The color LCD screen of the bike shows all the statistics in front of me. I can benefit from its 26 inches fat tires and dual shock absorption system because I am overweight.

Excellent Professional Services

The best throttle electric bike has an excellent battery, motor, and controller warranty service. I can have the service up to 1 year after buying the bike. It is the company that provides professional services because the bike is UL certified.

I can get this bike with 85% pre-assembling. The rest can be assembled by following the video instructions. This brand offers 24 hours customer service.

  • High-speed motor continuously output superpower
  • Longer and larger removable battery
  • This is a reliable and hyper-performance electric bike
  • The bike has hydraulic disc brakes with a color LCD screen
  • It has warranty services for battery, motor, controller, and charger
  • The brand gives you professional services for this bike
  • It is an all-season electric bike
  • Much high in price

Buying Guides for Class 2 Electric Bike

Here are some components you need to keep in your mind when you want to buy the best two person Electric bikes. You can search for class 2 electric bike for sale.

E-bike Types

You must know which type of bike you need to have. If you want to buy a class 2 electric bike, just go for pedal-assist mode and throttle mode. If you want to have class 1 or 3 bikes, then you will have different modes on these bikes.

Frame Style

Youngsters are pretty attracted to the aesthetic of the product. If you wish to have the best frame style for the bike, you can go for the best design. We have gathered some best electric bikes in our article. You can take any of them because they look good when you ride on them.

Electric Parts of the Bike

When you buy expensive and the best class 2 electric bikes, you must look for electric parts of the bike like batteries and motor. You must go for the high power motor if you want to cruise around the city. The bike’s battery must be removable and easy to charge within a few hours. Otherwise, you could have trouble charging it.

Modes of Electric Bike

There can be around 4 modes of electric bikes, as we have discussed earlier in the article. You can select the four modes or three working modes of the bike according to your range.

If you need to have the bike for the racing experience, you must go for the best range of the bike. It is only possible with the powerful motor of the bike that can cover up to 50 miles range.

Weight of the Rider and Bike

Your bike must have lightweight because you cannot carry it in an emergency. You must keep in your mind your weight and buy the electric bike according to it. If you are over-weighted, select the maximum load capacity electric bike.

Buildable Quality and Reliability

When you shop for an electric bike, you must go for the most reliable electric bike. That can take low maintenance and give you the perfect safety and comfort.

Bike Pricing

Electric bikes have powerful motors and batteries, so they are expensive. You must take care of your budget and choose according to your need.

Class 2 Electric Bike Laws

When we talk about electric bikes laws, they can differ from country to country and state to state. Most of the laws are the same for class 2 bikes. The best class 2 electric bikes must have a speed of around 20 mph.

The minimum age to use this bike is 16 years old. The rider does not need any license for riding on these bikes, but he must wear safety gear like helmets and comfortable shoes.

Class 2 EBike Sticker

You can buy class 2 bike stickers from Amazon. It is mentioned on these stickers that your bike is in the class 2 category. They will show about the motor and speed of your bike.

The stickers are made with metal and vinyl material. They are only black and white, and you can use these rectangular stickers easily. You can remove them when you want.

Top Product
I will recommend VELOWAVE Class 2 Electric Bike With Throttle because it has a powerful motor of up to 750 watts and 48 Volt 15 Ah removable battery. The bike can cover an average speed of 28 mph. It has a 7-speed gear system with a UL certificate.
The bike is significant, and it is the best for smooth roads. This electric bike gives you comfort and safety because it is practical. The bike can be installed quickly with its 90% pre-assembling.
What is a Class 4 electric bike?

Class 4 electric bikes are not allowed to be used on roads. They have more incredible top speed than 28 mph. They have a more powerful motor than 750 Watt. These are why the US government does not allow Class 4 electric bikes on roads.

Can you add throttle to a Class 1 ebike?

Class 1 electric bikes can run with pedal assist mode. The throttle is attached to them, but it is used only to boost the bike. The rider may use the bike’s throttle for going up to 20 mph speed.

Can you ride an electric bike without pedaling?

Pedaling is a must for electric bikes. Even in electric bikes, the rider needs to pedal for covering a long distance. If he wishes to go uphills, then he must pedal hard.

Can a mid-drive electric bike have a throttle?

The bike engine works well when you pedal. Mid-drive motors have pedal-assist mode only. They do not need throttle for their work.

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