How to Lock an Electric Scooter? 5 Best Types to Protect

Electric scooters are personal vehicles that do not acquire a license or insurance. That is why the safety of your electric scooter depends on you. If the electric scooter is stolen, then nobody can claim for that. There is no way to find the electric scooter stolen because it is not the registered vehicle.

The only way to secure it is to use an e-scooter lock that must be powerful. You can keep your electric scooter in a bike rack in the parking areas. The locks for an electric scooter are available in the market of optimum quality. Different brands manufacture durable locks for electric scooters. If you want to know how you secure a scooter from theft, read this article properly.

Can Electric Scooters Get Stolen?

Yes, Thieves are everywhere. They can be professional or seasonal, but they can steal your electric scooters. Electric scooters are modern personal transport. When you visit a mall or watch a movie in the Cinema, you will have to leave your electric scooter in the parking outside.

You must lock it properly with a strong lock. Otherwise, you will have to go back to your home without your electric bike on foot.

How Do You Secure A Scooter From Theft?

There are two ways to secure your electric scooter:

  • First, you can use a portable electric scooter that can be folded, and you can carry it in your hands or a bag when you visit somewhere. But this is not a wise option! It is because nobody will feel comfortable while handling an electric scooter. If you go shopping, you need to carry your shopping bags, and it is not a good idea to bring the e scooter.
  • Second, you can secure a scooter from theft by locking it in the parking. This is the best option if you use a good lock. For this option, you need to research the best electric scooter locks on the market. We will guide you in this regard.

Some electric scooters have specific apps on the Google play store to lock them. The electric scooter lock app helps to make it secure by the software. It is the safest thing you can do with your Xiaomi, Segway Ninebot, etc. Additionally, you can use some practical locks for your electric scooter.

Types of

5 Best Lock for Electric Scooter

There are some types of lock systems for electric scooters that are safe and secure for your electric scooter. Let’s look at each of them and see how to lock your e scooter.

1) U Lock for Electric Scooter

These types of locks are U-shaped or D-shaped. They are considered the best locks for electric scooters because of their robust materials. They are made with steel bars. They have a rubber shield, and a U bar clamp is attached made of plastic.

Frames, screws, and nuts of steel are connected with the lock. These locks are available in different colors and styles. Choose by matching them with your electric scooter.

U Lock for Electric Scooter

How to Lock the Electric Bike with U Lock?

You can lock your electric bike with a U lock easily. You must find the perfect place to lock your electric motorcycle, specifically in front of a security camera, for extra security. Find something that is stable and does not move quickly, like heavy iron stands or racks with solid support.

Unlock your U lock with the key. Some keys have a built-in light to make visible in the dark. Try to secure the folding arm between the stand and the scooter’s deck with the lock. Keep the key safe in the pocket.

2) Chain Lock for Electric Scooter

There is a variety of chain locks available on the market. These locks can be used for bikes and electric scooters. They are also secured by keys and are up to 3 feet long. They can protect your electric scooter because of have a thick steel chain. Chains are covered with a flexible cloth sleeve that protects the chain from scratch. 

Chain Lock for Electric Scooter

How to Chain Lock Electric Scooter?

For securing the electric scooter with a chain lock, you need to place it in a stable place by which you can lock your electric scooter. Then use the key and unlock the chains.

Further, you can bind the electric scooter tire with the iron rack, snap both ends together, and fix the lock. Your electric scooter is secured now!

3) Disc Lock for Electric Scooter

Disc brake locks are durable and waterproof. These locks have a wide range of applications. This lock is installed into the electric scooters with a screwdriver. The safety has a steel cable that makes it sustainable against theft.

Disc lock needs a pair of keys to open it and a complex pattern. This lock is fixed on the electric scooter, and no need to take tension about placing the lock when you are riding on your electric bike.

Disc Lock for Electric Scooter

4) Cable Lock for Electric Scooter

Some brands recommend the cable lock. It has a coiled steel wire that is flexible and strong. PVC coating makes it more durable and anti-wear. Some cable locks have a combination to open them, or some have a key open function.

These locks can be used in multiple ways, not only for protecting your electric scooter and bike but also for securing doors, windows, and sports items.

Cable Lock for Electric Scooter

How to Lock an Electric Scooter to a Bike Rack?

Electric scooters can be placed in the bike rack present in the parking area. These racks are stable and keep the bikes upright stand on them. Electric scooters may also be locked with the bike rack by using any lock.

You can use U locks, Chain locks, cable locks, or combination locks. Disc lock can also be installed into the electric scooter and secured with the bike rack

5) Combination Bike Lock

Combination locks are the safest locks for securing your belongings. The combination can be in cable, U, and traditional locks. You need to set your password, and your electric scooter is guaranteed because the lock will not open without the password. It is like the pin code of your ATM card. The combination locks make you free from securing the lock keys in your pocket or bag.

Combination Bike Lock

How to Lock Different Electric Scooter with the Bike Lock?

All the locks explained above can be used to secure the bike. The exact ways can be followed to lock the bike. Just keep in mind to place the electric scooter or your bike in a bike rack or a stable place like a strong tree trunk to make it 100% safe. The locks are available in various colors. You can select the color that matches your bike or you like.

How to Lock the Electric Bike with U Lock

How to Lock Electric Scooter Xiaomi?

Locking the Xiaomi electric scooter is the same as other scooters. Because of a slim design, you need to choose a padlock that must not be wide to fix the frame. You must use a high-quality lock, either a U lock or chain lock.

At the scooters back wheel, there is a part of the frame made with heavy-duty Aluminium. Nobody can break that quickly at all. You can tie the chain lock with something stable to make your Xiaomi safe. You need to lock your Xiaomi with the application installed on your mobile phone.  

How to Lock Up a Razor Electric Scooter?

You can lock your Razor electric scooter with Foldylock. This lock has a unique compact design, and you can easily keep it in your pocket. This lock is durable and super smooth. It has a quiet operation of folding and unfolding.

You can also use the above-defined locks for your Razor electric scooter. Remember to tie it by the most vital part of the scooter. There are some more locks that can be used anywhere for securing the electric scooters.

How to Lock Up a Razor Electric Scooter

Segway Ninebot Max Lock

Segway Ninebot max electric scooter has a unique design. It has a handle in between the feet pedals. This electric scooter is compatible with the GoKart kit. The cable or chain lock is suitable for the Segway Ninebot electric scooter. You must also install the related app on your mobile phone and lock the scooter by the app. It will be much secure then.

Gotrax Electric Scooter Lock

The electric scooter made by Gotrax can be locked perfectly with a Disc lock. This lock can be installed on the rear wheel of the electric scooter and then pushed the buttons to close it. This lock is noticeable because of its reminder cable. The keys are made with stainless steel to avoid them from damaging. Gotrax electric scooter can be the safest one with the disc locks.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter with Seat Lock

The Hiboy electric scooter with a seat must be locked with a chain lock. The chain lock is made with stainless steel material to secure the Hiboy electric scooter properly. This will make sure an electric scooter anti theft system.

Tips to Choice of Lock for Scooter

We recommend electric scooter D Locks or U Locks because they are strong and protected. These locks are available in different sizes. They are multipurpose locks. These locks are cheap and durable. Electric scooter riders are pretty satisfied with the D locks. You can also purchase combinations in D locks.

This will make you free from keeping the key safely in your pocket. These locks are available with flex cable and mounting bracket. The best brand is Kryptonite locks. There is a wide variety of locks available by the brand. Kryptonite locks are top-rated in the category.

Final Thought
If you search on Google how to lock my electric scooter, you will find various locks for the electric scooters. You will also come to know about how to lock electric scooters with a bike lock. After reading this article, you know how to close a scooter and keep it safe from theft. It is better to purchase a good electric scooter lock and purchase the electric scooter! Make a purchase of e scooter lock soon before any mishap!

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