26 Cool Electric Scooter Accessories & Gadgets Owner Needs

Have you ever thought about riding on your invigorating e-scooter making local errands fun to reaching your desired destination in minutes without any hassle? When only the thought of riding your first electric scooter has sent you overflowed happiness and imagination of you skiing on land, then indeed the experience would also prove to be wondrous and flabbergasting.

Not only are electric scooters an excellent mode of travel, but also they are ecologically friendly, accessible, and engaging. Some of them can even take you on off-road excursions the minute you plan your trip. E-scooters are made for all ages, from school-going child to job person, and offer a brilliant alternative compared to public transport.

Going on trips like these can be your dream come the actual moment, but do get your hands on these electric scooter accessories as they make your trip safer and more enjoyable before you get on. These electric scooter accessories have the potential to transform your recreational scooter into a formidable ally for your commuting and daily duties, ultimately making your life much easier.

As they are undoubtedly beneficial, many of the accouterments have become obligatory bits of kit for riders. From ensuring your security and safety in the first place to some just recommended ones for your future use, from listing down some must-have equipment to some just for enhancing the scooter exterior.

We have got you all covered with this healthy list of essential accessories that you should get hold of promptly.

For Safety and Fun

26 Cool Electric Scooter Accessories

Electric Scooter Bag

Most scooters, particularly those with a firm name, will come with some type of bag, which may or may not be waterproof. The bag is intended to be used for both carrying and storing your scooter over longer distances.

Electric Scooter Bag

If you’re planning on doing any of these things and don’t have a bag, Amazon, or Banggood have a wide selection of low-cost generic options. I recommend investing in a waterproof bag; the nicest one I’ve discovered is Lamaki Lab’s on Amazon; it’s designed for Xiaomi and Ninebot scooters and costs under $10.

You may only require a waterproof cover as an alternative to a bag. These are considerably less expensive, but their utility is limited. When you need to store your scooter, you can get one. Phone holder mounted on the handlebar of an electric scooter with a phone inside.

It’s a good thing to have a necessity. This is, in my opinion, a convenient addition that will save you a lot of time arm movement and will most likely prevent your phone from slipping away from your hand while riding. First and foremost, you should know that using your phone while biking is not a good idea. If you are a responsible rider, you will never do this.

Electric Scooter Helmet

Being an accessory cum required equipment, it prevents jeopardizing your lives and ensures your complete proof of safety. It ensures you are on the safe side, both in life and on-road on the road. Research has shown that un-helmeted scooter riders are three times more prone to sustain traumatic brain injuries in the event of a crash.

Electric Scooter Helmet

It substantially reduces the risk and severity of head injuries, i.e., the most common type e scooter injury. Reduction in cuts and bruises, head trauma, bone fractures, and face and neck injuries are also its perks side by side. The helmet always proves to be your wise and sound purchase by taking all your matters and life into its hands.

If you are still not investing your pinch amount of money in this life-saving equipment, then you are at significant fault. In that helmet, you feel safe as a tortoise under its shell because it’s preferable to be protected over sad.

LED Lights

Electric Scooter LED Lights

This item not only adds to your cool factor, but it can also save your life when riding at night. As you may know, Scooters are usually very quiet and not very large or noticeable at night. Adding pair of lights to the bottom or sides of your deck will significantly improve your visibility and safety. You have the freedom to choose any hue, or group of colors, that your height requires.

Wall Mount

Electric Scooter Wall Mount

I don’t think this addition will be handy. Why don’t you park your scooter on the sidewalk? Why take the chance of placing costly, electronic-heavy equipment above ground, where it could fall and entirely fail? In any case, you might have a different perspective or find yourself in a position where a wall mount is a good fit, and you should be aware of your possibilities. A few readers have recommended the Amazon-listed Clever Wall Mount for Bikes as an exceptionally stable and long-lasting solution.

Electric Scooter Tire Slime/Tire Sealant

Tire slime is the most effective approach to avoid and repair flat tires. Slime can often save you money on a tire and inner tube replacements. Being quick and straightforward in use, it is highly recommended to put it in the tires of the new scooter as a preventative measure to increase your safety level to one more step.

Electric Scooter Tire Slime

Mostly, people prefer pneumatic (air-filled) tires because they smooth your ride and provide the best traction in icy or rainy weather. Unfortunately, the major con is their penchant for tires, which is especially true if you use ones with inner tubes.

Electric Scooter Turn Signals

In any case, they’re a good addition if you’re all about safety. Typically, you will purchase easy-to-install lights and mount them either on the back of your scooter or on the sides of your deck, depending on your preference, and then control them using a little controller attached to your handlebar.

Electric Scooter Turn Signals

Electric Scooter Horn Bell

When you’re approaching bystanders, cyclists, and other electric scooter riders, you should have a bell on your e-scooter. You’ll need to buy a bike bell because no bells are built explicitly for e-scooters. Only a few examples include modern bells, horns, and electric bells.

Electric Scooter Horn Bell

The tone of the bell is the most critical factor. You can choose the tone you desire because each has a distinct sound. Whatever you choose, make sure the bell is clear and loud enough to be heard. It is not always true that the louder the sound, the better. Deafening bells might frighten people.

Eye Protection

Riding throughout on a bright day with scorching heat rays projecting over you can get uncomfortable, making it mainly impossible to see. Scooter sunglasses can also help you cope with Windy wind, creepy bugs, and rainy weather conditions, making your way clean and clear to your destination.

Eye Protection

Riding fast without a windshield invites bugs, debris, and dirt to get in your way, immediately jeopardizing your retina or momentarily causing blindness, leading to vicious life situations. For everyday use, physical protection can be quickly assured by sunglasses. While riding at night or in foggy conditions, transparent photo chromic glasses are more recommended.

Carry Strap

Due to their foldable nature, one should consider purchasing a shoulder strap to make it user-orientated. The scooter will be easier to carry this way on shoulders in different methods, and you won’t have to grip it with your hand all the time. Making scooter users’ lives practical and portable can be a lifesaver for owners of commuter scooters by providing an alternative to carrying it around anywhere anytime.

Electric Scooter Carry Strap

If you are inclined to travel a lot and need to carry your scooter for longer distances, then this cost-effective item will serve as your salvation. Purchasing it will always prove to be your sound decision by saving you a lot of time and dragging you from points to points.

Electric Scooter Safety Armor

Having a cool safety armor gives you a robust physique while riding and prevents severe injuries to your torso and arms. It is a necessity for all riders. Vests, spine support, and full jackets are part of a comprehensive safety armor set, which must be purchased, especially at high speeds.

Electric Scooter Safety Armor

Riding on congested city streets and crowded areas provides considerable visibility to nearby pedestrians, walkers, and riders, allowing them to detect you and your movement from afar. Some of its cherry on top qualities are brightly colored, reflective patches, increased comfort, and low cost, making it stand out in everyone’s list of electric scooter accessories.

Bystanders and citizens have been injured in numerous cases near construction zones, roadways, and job sites, making them more vulnerable to tragic accidents. As a result, it is recommended that safety armor be worn at all times in such locations to prevent a significant reduction in the rate of hitting. Wearing safety armor throughout the trip should become standard procedure to ensure everyone’s safety.


Finally, you’ll need a set of wearing reflectors for lighting. While the lights stated above to assist you in seeing the road ahead, reflectors are essential for assisting other road users in seeing you, particularly at night or on foggy days. Although most electric scooters come with reflectors, there’s no harm in attaching more to your luggage or clothing.

Electric Scooter Reflectors

Bookman’s Clip-on Reflectors come highly recommended. These employ magnets to clip onto your clothing, such as your jacket cuffs or the back of your hood, swiftly and firmly. These reflectors, according to Bookman, can be visible in a car’s headlights from up to 125 meters away, which is twice as far as white clothing can be seen in the dark. These reflectors can also be used while walking, running, or cycling because they attach to your clothing rather than your scooter.

Tire Valve Extender

A tire valve extender is a short piece of tubing that allows your pump to reach further. The valves on many electric scooters are recessed within the wheel, making them unreachable. If your scooter doesn’t come with one and has recessed valves, you’ll need an extension.

Tire Valve Extender

A tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS, can help you keep track of the tire pressure in your RV’s tires in real-time, but when it comes to filling them up, you’d be better off doing it yourself. Properly inflated tires are safer, permit better handling, and improve fuel economy; reaching the valve stem to fill them up will be much easier with these valve extenders.


Probably the least necessary, but unquestionably the most entertaining item! Stickers won’t help you get more work done, but they will make your scooter appear outrageously excellent.

Electric Scooter Stickers

If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, I recommend this option. If you want to give your scooter a custom look want to cover a scratch or some other sort of damage, don’t like the look of your scooter. You may also choose from a variety of reflective stickers that not only look great but also work as reflective lights for your scooter.

Bluetooth Earbuds

I’m hesitant to endorse these because they’re a lot of fun, to the point where they’re potentially harmful. When you’re riding with headphones on, you’re not entirely focused on the ride, and the odds of an accident are higher. Not to mention the fact that one of your most vital senses is entirely shut down.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Even yet, there are a few scenarios where cycling with earbuds is safe, such as in a bicycle lane or somewhere where cars are prohibited. You’ll need headphones that are compatible with your helmet in that scenario. You can look for earbuds that are meant to fit in your helmet or, at the very least, have been shown to do so.

The Sena SMH10-11, which can be found on Amazon, is a popular high-end, premium alternative that many helmet owners have. The SkullCandy Ink D Plus or the Edyell wireless Bluetooth headphones, both available on Amazon, are a more budget-friendly option that is nevertheless high-quality.

Electric Scooter Taillight

Even though tail lights enhance your vehicle’s beauty and aesthetic, it also becomes excellent assistance to your safety on roads. Through them, you get to watch out at the streets more clearly, so it becomes more feasible to ride it with ultimate security to yourself.

Taillights are intricately designed to bear and stand through all the turbulences of the weather. After all, a high-powered light does evidence high sustainable health security. So nevertheless, of all the other automobiles out there with the installments of low power lights with their dimming glow!

Electric Scooter Taillight

Alongside its high-powered generation and smooth and vibrant lightning capabilities, through them, the vehicles surrounding your automobile would be able to detect its size and shape with precision, so that even in the dark or thundering environment, your automobile could be more visible and so, safer. Because of its durability, reasonably priced, easy installation, and high speed, e-scooter riders tend to buy it.

Besides, their accurate and robust crafting and designing, mainly to bear the tear of roads and harsh weather extremes, won’t get destroyed easily. This characteristic feature makes the taillights to be more likable by the consumers.

As mentioned, these ultra-beneficial LED taillights are sleek in their shine, gloomy, and keenly brightening to enlighten your experience with the automobile. These features make the taillights highly delightful than all the others out there. 

In a desire to be seen by others, it is essential to hold an eye to see others; similarly, with us, ourselves, to see another vehicle on the road, it is essential that we too are visible enough for them to see us. It is essential for the safety and satisfaction of all the riders on the road, making taillights are our life easier.

Front Light and Rear Light

Spotting slippery drain covers, dodging potholes, and overcoming hurdles in your way have considerable importance while riding – both for you and other road users.

Where the front light assists you in seeing where you’re going, the rear light will assist other riders in catching sight of you. Spreading illumination around all four sides by front light allows you to skim and scan your left and right traffic.

Front  Light and Rear Light

A recent survey from various riders has shown how dim or low-mounted lights have caused mishaps and vexation on the road, especially in the dark, ultimately leading to unforeseen repercussions. These rain-dirt- and snow-resistant lights are built in such an economical manner, making them less receptive to blemish.

As electric scooters require only a minimal amount of light to illuminate your way, LED lights are well recommended to use in this case. It provides higher visibility and ensures safety to the utmost level. Emitting out the tiny array of glittering lights quickly makes you visible enough to be spotted by others.

Due to its high durability, ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, vibrations, shocks, and ease of installation, front and rear lights have been in high demand these days.

Luckily, there are quite a few great, cheap options here. You can find some fabulous sets of front + backlight for under $20 on Amazon. In my opinion, the best value for money is the Cinched bike light set, with impressive 400 Lumens powerful headlight. You can find it on Amazon here.

Bike Gloves

It counts in as a piece of safety equipment but indeed proves to be a highly recommended riding gear. Keeping your hands warm in long chillier rides of winter and protecting your hands and fingers every time in a crash enhances your quality of life smoothly.

According to the pace of the scooter, he is driving; the thickness and snugness of the gloves should be considered. When driving at modest speeds, a regular bicycling glove will suffice. However, driving at high speed necessitates motorcycle or mountain biking gloves. Leather gloves are ideal for material because they are all-weather resistant. However, synthetic gloves are more affordable.

Electric Scooter Gloves

On the surface, gloves appear to be a poor choice for a scooter accessory, but they have several advantages. It keeps your hands and fingers from becoming numb, gives you a firm grip in adverse weather, makes long trips more straightforward and more pleasant, and protects your hands and fingers from excessive strain when traveling.

Also, unlike wrist protectors, which appear awkward, individuals prefer to wear gloves while driving since they look relaxed, flexible, and lightweight. According to a recent poll of e-scooter users, Gloves avoid blisters, calluses, sweat, numbness, and tingling sensations and absorb much of the vibration that can be felt when driving.

Electric Scooter Basket

Electric scooter basket is also one of the handiest of all the accessories. Some scooters will come with a basket, which is fantastic. Unfortunately, some scooters do not have an easy way to attach a basket to them. A basket can be mounted on the front of the handlebar on most scooters, and some can be mounted above the rear tire. If the scooter has a seat, it’ll be an excellent location for a basket.

Electric Scooter Basket

Still, double-check that adding a basket to your scooter is a good idea and won’t compromise the scooter’s design or ergonomics. In any case, adding a basket to a scooter is one of the most popular and practical adaptations, and most scooters allow it. Usually, I would recommend the trunk over the basket because you don’t need both, and the trunk can be closed, but if the objects you carry are more extensive, the basket is a superior option.

Electric Scooter Alarm

There’s a potential that your electric scooter already has a built-in anti-theft alarm system. If it doesn’t, this is a fantastic low-cost investment that will save you a lot of grief. There is one bottleneck here, and it is the controller on your scooter. For this type of gadget to work, it must allow remote start.

Electric Scooter Alarm

While I haven’t investigated much, if the controller has this feature, the producers have already tried to please their consumers with an anti-theft alarm system. It’s a relatively inexpensive feature to implement, especially during production, yet it can save owners a lot of time and aggravation.

Even if your scooter’s controller enables remote start, it’s possible that your scooter still lacks an anti-theft alarm. If you don’t have an anti-theft alarm, your best bet is to contact the scooter’s manufacturer or reseller and inquire if an anti-theft alarm system is available as an add-on. If it does, you should get one. Onvian is the top-selling one on Amazon, and it usually costs less than $20.

Electric Scooter Trunk or Storage Bag

A trunk or storage bag on your scooter can differentiate between an enjoyable hobby ride and a valuable ally in everyday activities. It is without a doubt one of the most helpful scooter accessories. A trunk may be preferable to a basket in various ways. It offers all of the benefits of a basket, but it can also be closed for additional security.

Electric Scooter Trunk or Storage Bag

The trunk is usually attached to the front of the stem. Although this has not been tested as much, attaching a more motorcycle-style basket on the back may be possible. It is common for many popular scooters like the Xiaomi M365, Pro version, and Ninebot ES scooters.

Electric Scooter Speedometer

Your scooter is likely to come equipped with a speedometer right out of the box. This is a feature seen on very few scooters. It’s nice to have, even if it’s not required. If your scooter does not come with any, contact your shop to propose the best option for your scooter. Check out the SY Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer Wireless Waterproof on Amazon for roughly $15 if you want a good generic one.

Electric Scooter Speedometer

Hanger and Hook for Handle

Many popular scooters come with the hook on the stem as standard equipment. The hook may be a part of the folding mechanism on some scooters, and it will be used to attach to the back fender and lock the scooter when folded. If your scooter doesn’t come with a hook and you need a quick and easy way to carry groceries or other goods while riding, the hook is a smart purchase because it’s only a few bucks and simple to install.

Electric Scooter Hook

You should still be able to fold your scooter correctly. If you use the hook, don’t overload the scooter with heavy bags; this may throw off the balance of your ride and may even increase the risk of toppling. If you keep those two tips in mind, you’ll find the hook quite handy.

Make sure to choose one that is relevant to your scooter. Most popular scooters, such as the Xiaomi (Amazon) and the Ninebot, come with pre-installed hooks (Amazon). On Amazon, a few generic ones will work for most other scooters.

Electric Scooter Seat

You can probably skip this part if you’ve picked a scooter that doesn’t support the option of installing a seat. You can try installing the framework yourself, but you should be sure you know what you’re doing first.A seat can be purchased as an accessory for scooters that can accommodate one but do not have one. Also, if your existing seat is broken, you might wish to acquire a new one.

Electric Scooter Seat

In any case, your best approach is to investigate the options provided by your manufacturer. Attempting to install a generic seat on your scooter increases the likelihood of failure. If you own a Xiaomi, a Ninebot, or one of their many clones, a Xiaomi M365 seat will most likely fit.

E-Scooter & Bike Locks

Many cases have been reported where crooks steal low-value scooters and embezzle them in heinous crimes, violent robberies, and murders. After crooks flee the scene, bystanders and riders are being put at severe risk and questioning, making their life miserable and worrisome from that moment.

It is used as a weapon or element in crime scenes, but it sometimes gets stolen and raises safety issues for the driver. Also, although most e-scooters have the facility of being folded up or taken inside with you in shops, it might not always seem to be a convenient option. Sometimes, you have to leave your scooter in an unknown area as the only option.

Electric Scooter Locks

Henceforth, electric scooter locks serve to be a savior in these cases for all riders. Depending on the area you are living in, electric scooter locks have been categorized into three types. A cable lock is the most common and is flexible, light-weighted, and easy to carry around. But as they are easy to cut, they are not preferable to use in high-risk areas where thieves are always one step ahead in getting what they want.

Stepping up from cable lock comes chain lock. Being heavier, it provides more security and safety to its users; carrying it seems awkward at times which is its one con. Last but not least, U-lock/D-lock, named due to its shape, is the most advanced and secured big padlock. Because of how the U-lock works, you won’t always find a place to utilize it.

Fluorescent Turn Signal Vest

During the day and at night, high-visibility uniforms and vests are available in various reflecting and bright fluorescent hues. It is critical to select high-visibility apparel appropriate for the job area and conditions.

Fluorescent Turn Signal Vest

Reflective vests and uniforms are designed to be worn in low-light and night time work situations. Road construction workers, for example, should wear fluorescent apparel when working at night. The vests reflect the light shone on them, making workers more visible.

Fluorescent vests and outfits are more appropriate for bright, daylight work conditions. Because the vivid colors stick out, people are more likely to notice workers. They are not suitable for working in low light or at night. You can get the regular green fluorescent vest for about $15 on Amazon, but I highly recommend spending an extra $5 or so and getting the Fluorescent Turn Signal Vest on Amazon.

Cup Holder

Electric Scooter Cup Holder

In my opinion, this is an entirely optional accessory. Even the most minor bumps can result in chokes, stains, or burns. Still, it’s a free world. If you want to drink something while riding, you will get a cup holder for your scooter. As with most accessories, this is a cheap item you can easily find on Amazon for under $15, Sheer Living being the most popular choice.

So next time you want to enjoy your leisure time by traveling byways or making your way to breathe in fresh fumes of air, or you are in haste rushing to your office, grab your electric scooter and lead your way to your terminus point. Don’t forget to take all these accessories with you; for either your safety or just to look cool, as some things are mandatory while others are purely optional.

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