Best Helmets for Electric Scooter

Road safety is the primary concern for electric scooter riders. As most scooters can reach more than 15 miles per hour, choosing the best helmet for an electric scooter is inevitable. They protect the rider from the impacts of a possible road accident. In addition, with their improved outer shell and comfortable inner lining, you can ride safely.

It is always confusing to buy the best helmet for an electric scooter as many manufacturers offer these helmets. To facilitate you choosing the best electronic bike helmet, we have compiled this article. We sorted the products based on their features, visor, protection, and comfortability. So sit back and read through this article to choose your best scooter helmet.

Make Safe Journey

10 Best Electric Scooter Helmet in 2022

Bell Qualifier Full Face Helmet

Bell Qualifier

Material: Polycarbonate, ABS shell
Type: Full-Face
Weight: ‎4.85 pounds
Size: S, M, L, XL, XS, XXL, 3XL
Certification: ‎DOT Certified

Bell Qualifier is undoubtedly our best helmet for electric scooter as it carries a uniquely attractive, simple, and trendy design. The full-face helmet makes it best for use while riding your favorite electric scooter on city streets. Moreover, it is highly durable with a much lightweight body. Besides that, five years warranty is a snatch for the money invested.

Besides the outer construction, the inner material is washable. Due to its removable protective shield and interior, the washing process is hassle-free. There a coating of top antibacterial material that protects the interior from the accumulation of germs. But washing the interior after prolong use is a good practice as you won’t like to expose your skin to germs.

One good thing about Bell Qualifier is its aerodynamics. You won’t get much sweat as it has a better design for getting aeration. In summer or during humid days, there is no or little sweat. The air passes through the helmet and provides a sweat-free ride without much noise. Its padded wind collar does check the extra noise and reduces them to keep the experience comfortable and quiet. 

Talking about comfortability, Bell Qualifier provides a reliable and comfortable contoured cheek pad. Its material and feel ensure a good fit and relaxation. The speaker pockets are exceptional that makes the riding experience much more entertaining. The high audio capacity of these speakers never lets you get bored on a ride towards your destination. 

There are few other features like ClickRelease technology that ensures the fast removal of shields for change. In addition, it is a tool-free utility for swapping the shield. The ClickRelease technology does work well with the NutraFog 2 anti-fog technology that keeps the fog away. The durable shield is anti-scratch and protected from UV lights.

  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch shield
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent value for money
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Click release technology
  • No visor lock that can be dangerous

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Scooter Helmet

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor

Material: ABS
Type: Full Face
Weight: 4.5 pounds
Size: S, M, L, XL
Certification: FMVSS-218, DOT Safety Standards

The ILM helmet has features that we look for in the best helmet for scooter riding. It is a full-face helmet that gives an elegant look with a matte black finish. The smooth texture enhances the style with proper ventilation spots at the right places. There are many features like removable cheek pads and easy to clean mechanism that you will not find in every scooter helmet.

The weight and feel of the ILM helmet are top-notch. ILM has a reputation for producing heavy helmets, but this helmet comes with a lightweight design. You won’t feel any issues in wearing it as it only weighs around 4.5 pounds. We have tested the helmets for long rides and found them promising as there is not much pressure on the neck while riding the scooter.

The visor performance does look pretty impressive. The dual visor system does add cool aesthetics to the helmet. You can ride in all weather conditions when riding the electric scooter with these dual visors. One visor is smoky while the other visor is clear. The smoky visor is useful when riding in sunlight, while a clear visor is a good option for traveling at night.

The replaceable cheek pads are the most comfortable component of the helmet. As the sweating accumulates on the helmet due to exposure to the sun, you can detach these washable cheek pads and place them again inside after drying them. The air passage helps to keep you cool in the summer and during hot days.

The retractable chin strap has a quick-release mechanism and is extremely effective. That does make the ILM the best full face helmet in the market for electric scooters. While meeting all safety requirements, the helmet comes with a durable ABS shell that protects the head and face area and boosts the helmet’s overall longevity.

  • Excellent design and features
  • Good quality based on the price of the helmet
  • The dual visor is very helpful while riding
  • Sturdy and adjustable chin strip
  • Durable ABS shell for protection
  • The visor screw comes off after few months of use.

Bell Sanction Cool Scooter Helmets

Bell Sanction

Material: ABS Shell
Type: Full Face
Weight: 2 pounds
Size: XS, S, M, L
Certification: CE EN1078 Certifications

Bell Sanction is the best helmets for scooters if you ride long distances regularly and are annoyed by the fact that your neck becomes fatigued. The helmet has a durable ABS shell build that combines with the other features to make it the best and lightweight. As a result, you won’t get fatigued due to the constant wearing of a helmet.

In terms of the number of vents, the helmet features 15 of them, which is the most striking feature. While riding under the scorching summer sun, you will undoubtedly notice cool airflow into your helmet, making Bell Sanction cool scooter helmets for riders. Vents are also helpful when you want to feel the cool morning breeze passing through while keeping safe.

Its 1.87 pounds weight makes it lightweight and easy to handle. The helmet’s comfort allows you to ride for extended periods without getting fatigued. Thanks to the lightweight and sturdy material used in its construction that allows traveling comfortably and more safely. It is lighter than most premium electric scooter helmets while keeping safety alive.

The adjustable visor is also a convenient feature to have when riding. You are free to leave it raised, but we urge that you keep it down for safety reasons. The decision of visor depends on the weather and the time of the day. It helps prevent sunlight exposure to the skin during the daytime, and during extreme weather, it prevents a direct exposure to the weather conditions.

Even though many people dislike full-face helmets, the simple design and various colour options available with this helmet appeal to many people. It has a beautiful matte appearance on the top and a protective shell, making it extremely robust.

  • The size of the helmet is adjustable for most users
  • It has the extraordinary build quality
  • The design of the helmet is simple yet stylish
  • The excellent ventilation system keeps the internal atmosphere cool
  • The lightweight design is completely suitable for people of all groups.
  • The lower side seems tight on the face and jaws`
  • Slow customer service

GLX Unisex Best Scooter Helmet

GLX Unisex

Material: Microfiber, Leather
Color: Matte Black
Type: Open Face
Weight: ‎2.1 pounds
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Certification: DOT certification

The GLX Unisex helmet for scooter riders is among the better options available on the market for an electric scooter. Its beautiful appearance and durable attributes make it suitable for all riders. However, the best feature in this helmet is additional compartments for hearing aid or Bluetooth earphones storage comfortably.

The helmet’s weight is 2.1 pounds that are incredibly light, and don’t appear overly bulky. As a result, if you require a helmet for riding longer miles, this is the most appropriate option. Furthermore, the interior is completely washable and interchangeable. Finally, the smart and compact design suits best for all age groups.

GLX does have an EPS liner on the inside of the shell that provides moisture-wicking properties. The shell has an elegantly done, pleasant, and brilliant finish at the edges. It effectively absorbs moisture and makes riding the electric scooter on hot days much more comfortable and practical. The lining also protects the extra sweating from dripping off.

The drop-down sun shield on GLX Unisex shelters you from the blazing heat of the summer sun and improves the riding experience in the summer more comfortably. This is one of the favorite features that we liked in this helmet. In addition, you can add a visor to this shield to get more utility out of it.

For added comfort and ease, the chin strap of the GLX Unisex has durable padding. It has a quick-release mechanism for easy removal. You can remove it, wash it, and dry it for use again. This mechanism helps to clean the dirt and germs that get attached after frequent use. However, you can use any spray cleaner to clean it without the hassle of removing and washing it effectively

  • The incredible quality of the exterior
  • Easy to take on and off for most users
  • The protective shield is durable and less prone to scratch
  • Easy fitting with the chin straps
  • Highly efficient in air passage
  • The visor looks distorted

Daytona Helmets for Scooter Riding

Daytona Helmets

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polyester
Colour: Dull Black, Gun Metal Grey, Hi-Gloss Black, Hi-Gloss White
Type: Open Face
Weight: 2.15 Pounds
Size: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
Certification: DOT Safety Standards FMVSS 218

The Daytona Helmets is the best choice for electric scooter riders searching for an electric scooter helmet with visor. The design of the helmet is different from the traditional mushroom design. It comes in a different size to fit well for people of all ages. The shell design is perfect for giving a stylish and modern riding experience.

Like other featured electric scooter helmets, the Daytona Helmets have a protective ABS shell. This shell protects the helmet from wear and tear for an extended time. The internal lining of the helmet prevents the accumulation of moisture and gives a sense of comfortability. You can ride for longer hours without getting annoyed by the extra sweating.

Despite being loaded with safety and comfort features, Daytona helmets only weigh around 2.15 pounds. The lightweight design is the selling point of these helmets. You won’t feel your head and neck in discomfort at any time during your rides. This feature is especially useful for motorcycle and electric scooter riders that love to commute daily.

The chin strap on this helmet is the most comfortable aspect of it. It has a sliding adjustment, making it more pleasant and secure while riding than other unpleasant and firm chin straps. In addition, the Y-shaped chin strap has nylon material construction which is excellent at absorbing moisture and keeping you cool and comfortable without causing any discomfort.

This open-face helmet features a black bubble visor, which we think is a nice touch for the riders. It shields you from the sun’s rays and rain, both of which could impair your ability to enjoy the view. As a result, the helmet provides all of the necessary safety precautions while driving an electric scooter. You won’t get such features at this price.

  • Loaded with the security features
  • The design of the helmet is low profile
  • Sweat absorbing internal lining
  • Comfortable and sturdy strip
  • The helmet fits well for people of all ages
  • For some users, shape feel tight
  • Visor wears off quickly

ILM Off-Road Cool Helmets

ILM Off-Road

Material: ABS
Color: Green, Grey Red, Grey Yellow, Orange, Matte Black, White
Type: Full Face
Weight: 4.94 pounds
Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Certification: DOT Safety Standards FMVSS 218

ILM is a popular brand that has some famous products in the electric scooter market. The ILM off road full face scooter helmet is one of those helmets that meet the quality standards of high-end helmets. It features a sturdy design that is best for people that like to cruise at higher speeds. You can perform stunts and enjoy the off-road ride while wearing their protecting helmets on the best off-road electric scooters.

For convenience and utility, ILM off-road helmets feature dual visors. These visors are the most important part of these helmets as they protect them from external elements. For blocking the UV rays and excessive sunlight, a sun visor is the best. You can ride in any weather with these visors in front as they protect you from wind, fog, and sunlight.

Besides serving the purpose of safety in the sunlight and winds, the visor also has another special security feature. The second visor on this helmet has an increased angle and enhanced lens that lets you see long distances without any issues. This feature is useful for the riders that like to cruise at higher speed as they can observe the things from fat and prevent any chance of collision.

ILM Off-road helmets let you ride with ease as they have a very comfortable inner lining. The lining does absorb the sweat very well and keeps you in comfort all the time. Besides that, the lining is removable that makes them easy to wash. So you can take it out, wash it, and dry it for use again for long and comfortable rides.

In addition, there is a unique ventilation system in ILM off-road helmets. It has an efficient aerodynamic air intake system that allows all of the fresh air to enter while also converting the hot air into fresh air by processing it. As a result, you stay fresh and hydrated even after keeping the helmet during the rides. These are the best helmet for fast electric scooters as they cancel the noise level and air resistance.

  • Visors are very efficient in every weather
  • Tint shades prevent the entry of excessive light
  • Excellent helmet for the money
  • Good aerodynamics for air passage
  • People with glasses may have issues wearing a helmet
  • Sun visor can distort scene in low light

MMG Helmets Open Face with Visor

MMG Helmet

Material: Carbon Fiber, Plastic
Color: Grey
Type: Open Face
Weight: 1 pound
Size: S, M, L, XL
Certification: DOT Approved

The MMG helmet is another best electric scooter helmet for adults. You may get to get excellent value for money. This helmet includes some of the most innovative and interesting features that we have ever seen in an electric scooter helmet. But, more importantly, it provides the highest level of protection against any roadside impact and keeps you safe.

It has both a visor and a windshield for covering the rider’s face and protection from the outer environment. The visor is detachable and equipped with Flip-Up Technology for further convenience. However, because it is not colored, it may reflect some light on a bright day, creating a glare. Despite this, the helmet has a few important vents that allow for simple airflow and optimal breathability while driving.

The vents work in conjunction with the internal padding to provide you with exceptional comfort as well as outstanding moisture-wicking ability. Fortunately, the cushioning is machine washable, allowing you to maintain higher levels of sanitation while also reducing the likelihood of a bad odor developing due to excessive use. Alternatively, you can use any sanitizing liquid to clear any germs from the lining.

Similar to the other helmet we reviewed, it has an adjustable strap. You can place the strap in place by keeping it in a D-ring strap holder. You can adjust the strap with it and prevent it from getting loose once you place the strap with the holder. We found out that the strap is very comfortable during our tests and adjusts well with the different face types. 

The helmet is lightweight and sturdy due to its polycarbonate composite shell construction. This material is significantly safe in the event of a high-impact situation. In addition, the helmet is street legal and DOT approved, making it the greatest helmet for motor scooters available on the market today. Therefore, it is good for using everywhere with the electric scooter without legal issues. 

  • It has protection from high impact
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Lightweight body for stress-free rides
  • It fits well for most users
  • Air vents are limited

Triple Eight Helmet for Electric Scooter

Triple Eight

Material: ABS, EPS foam
Color: Black glossy, black matte, blue matte, Kelly green, white matter, gun matte
Type: Open face
Weight: 1.8 pounds
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
Certification: ASTM F-1492, CPSC Safety Standard

Triple eight is one of the helmets in the market. It has many features that make it suitable for both long and short rides. You can expect it to last long with its durable outer shell and a protective inner lining. From air vents to the certifications, the quality is top-notch and gives you a premium driving experience in any weather.

Talking about the outer shell of the helmet, it has ABS protection. This material is no doubt very durable and long-lasting even after a beating of several years. So if you use the helmet and ride in extreme weather, you can still expect to remain intact. 

The lining of the Triple Eight helmet is very effective in absorbing sweat. It incorporates a uniquely designed fabric for perfect absorption. The lining perfectly fits with the skin, and it keeps the head dry and cool even on hot summer days. The material is resistant to bacterial growth. However, you can wash it once it gets dirty or gets loaded with germs.

The helmet has a total of seven vents for aeration, which is particularly useful for riders who tend to develop increased heat accumulation and sweat during their rides. The vents are excellent at moving heat out of the helmet and replacing it with cooler air and fresh air. As a result, it takes only a few minutes to chill you down while riding in hot summer. 

It is possible to get a perfect fit with these helmets because of the securing mechanisms. The helmet feels well secured and comfortable for people of all ages. The variety of colors available is mind-boggling; white, blue, red, and zest are just a few examples. The triple Eight helmets comply with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for bicycles and the ASTM F-1492 standards.

  • Antibacterial and germ proof lining material
  • Impact proof outer ABS shell
  • Perfect aeration for a summer drive
  • Withstand high impacts
  • Complies with the safety standards
  • Sizing issues for some users

Razor V-17 Open Face Rider Helmet

Razor V-17

Material: ABS
Color: Magenta, Geo, Pink sparkles, Gloss black, gloss blue, lucid red
Type: Open Face
Weight: 0.95 Pounds
Size: Child, youth, adult
Certification: CPSC standards

The Razor V-17 is for young adults and kids that like to skate and ride an electric scooter. These incredible helmets protect the head and face area with their top-notch material. There are vents on top and both sides of the helmet that prevent heat accumulation inside and significantly reduce the temperature in hot weather—no wonder this helmet is best for kids and youth.

The chin strip in Razor V-17 helmet is adjustable for various size variations. You growing kids can use this helmet for riding the electric scooter and buckle the strap according to their desired size. The material used in the composition of this strap is durable. It handles the sweat and winter fog very efficiently, depending on the weather type. 

The helmet size falls between 21.5 to 23 inches, which is best for most head sizes. Unlike most competitors, the helmet only weighs 0.95 pounds. The skinny looks may add an element of fragility but don’t get fooled by its appearance. The build quality is robust, and the helmet won’t break even after extended use. 

The safety rating on Razor V17 electric scooter helmet is of a high standard. It complies with the American safety laws and CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Commission) standard, which is federal testing and certifying authority. This is high-end protection and safety compliance for a kid’s helmet. So your kids can ride with style and safety on the roads.

Besides that, the design and aesthetics of this helmet are amazing. It attracts the kids and teens with its sleek and glosses finished back. The ergonomics design fits well for kids aged 8 to 14 and suitable for riding on a bicycle and electric scooter. With all these high-end features, the price tag of this helmet amazes everyone as it is the cheapest option for kids and teens.

  • Best value for money
  • Cheaper and more viable helmet for kids
  • Ergonomic and sleek design
  • Internal padding soothes and adds more comfort
  • Chin strap secures the helmet reliably
  • It moves around for some head sizes

O’Neal Unisex Full Face Helmet

O’Neal Unisex

Material: ABS, Polyester
Color: Black, White, Black and white
Type: Full face
Weight: 3.5 pounds
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Certification: DOT Certified

O’Neal Unisex full face helmet for electric scooter features a stylish design and loaded with safety features in an affordable price range. If you are looking for an attractive and long-lasting helmet, then the O’Neal helmet is the best option you got in the market. Similar to other durable helmets for electric scooters, O’Neal has ABS shell construction that makes it best for urban and off-road travel. As a result, it is hands down one of the top-ranked full face electric scooter helmets for riding.

To add more comfortability and premium sense, there are soft polyester lining features in this helmet. This lining makes the wearing and taking off of the helmet comfortable. It fits well with the head and face area to let you enjoy a smooth ride. The moisture absorption properties of the lining and inner material keep you refreshed even in the hot summer. 

Besides the out durable and weatherproof material, the inner material of the O’Neal electric scooter helmet resists the stress very well. It is washable material that lets you take it out for washing and then put it back. This ensures better hygienic measures and keeps the inner part free from germs and bacteria. 

The chin strap keeps that sufficient padding to let you drive in comfort. Its material helps to absorb the sweat and provides extra cushioning. It gives a sensation like you place the head over the pillow. There is a safety D-lock that offers extra fitting for the helmet for the rider. It perfectly aligns the helmet and prevents it from slipping and falling off. 

Even though it provides adequate cushioning, the O’Neal helmet is remarkably light, weighing only 3.5 pounds in total. With the integrated face shield comes a sun visor, which is an additional feature of the helmet. It is simple to raise and lower the visor. Furthermore, the vents provide excellent airflow while also keeping you dry during hot summer rides.

  • A remarkable design that delivers comfort
  • The finish and feel looks excellent
  • Integrated visor and sunshade make it more practical
  • The venting system keeps the inner cool
  • Lightweight design is excellent for a long ride
  • Issue of loud noise at high speed

Buying Guide

Helmet for Electric Scooter

When you buy a helmet for a ride, you have a lot of questions in your mind that will make you doubt your choice for an electric scooter. Is it safe enough? Does it fit properly?

We’ve reviewed several types of helmets in this guide to help you make the right decision. In this case, our complete buying guide will help you select the right helmet without compromising on protection.

Adjustable Fit:

You must take the time to measure your head and find the perfect size properly. A helmet that’s too small or too larger wouldn’t protect your head since a small one will be uncomfortable, and a large one will keep moving around. 

A good helmet should fit easily and comfortably on your head to give the best possible protection in the hap of a bump shifting around. Therefore, you should choose a comfortable helmet with the proper fitting. The good thing is that different helmets have a fit adaptation dial.

Helmet Type:

The most noticeable distinction between these two types of helmets is that full-face helmets protect the top, sides, and front of your head and protect the jaw and chin area. It will provide you with maximum safety and is very strong to give an aggressive look. It has a streamlined shell designed and suitable for a high-performance rider who needs more safety and extra coverage afforded by full-face helmets.

While open face helmet also has its perks and negatives. It does not protect you from the external environment as it has not fully covered design. It invites more sound and pollution directly to your mouth area. However, the breathability is more in this helmet type compared to full face helmet. Electric scooter helmets with lights are also a good choice for riding at night.

Breathability Vents:

In hot areas where the sun stays at the topmost of the year, sweat is a common problem for the electric scooter rider. If the internal lining does not absorb the sweat well, you can get sensitive to excessive sweat. To prevent sweat dripping from your face and head, always choose the helmet that absorbs the sweat and contains the inner lining that is removable for washing and maintaining hygiene. 

Most helmets have a cooling mechanism that ensures a proper ventilation system that prevents the buildup of extra sweat even in the scorching heat. If your commute involves travelling on sunny days, then make sure that the helmet’s ventilation keeps the internal atmosphere cool and breathable. It keeps you cozy and comfortable while you ride.

Multiple Certifications:

Certification is essential for an electric scooter helmet as it shows the safety status. Safety is the most important aspect if you ride on a fast electric scooter. There are several electric scooter helmet laws associated with the helmets depending on the country. Almost all the helmets for electric scooter comes with DOT standard which is the least performance requirement for an electric scooter or motorcycle helmet. 

Besides the DOT standard, the Snell standard is also prevalent in the safety requirement of helmets. It is a step further from DOT but not essentially required by US law. However, people prefer this standard for extra security measures. The best helmet for electric scooter contains ASTM standards that make them eligible for exporting to other countries. 

Helmet Weight:

Most people overlook this feature but believe me, the helmet’s weight can greatly influence your buying decision. It may not be a big concern for the people buying electric scooter helmets for the first time but can cause a problem in the future. If you choose a heavy helmet, then get ready to have a stressed neck all the time.

Heavy helmet weight might be a no issue for people that travel short distances. But for the people who travel long distances daily, heavy helmets can cause the neck to ache. If you use it daily, then you may develop a headache. So, before making any buying intent, make sure that the helmet does not exceed the bearable weight limit.

Comfortable Padding:

Just like the external material, internal padding is essential in the best helmet for electric scooter. Contrary to the outer shell, the inner padding is soft and helps in sweat absorption. Inner padding keeps you comfortable during the long rides. 

They also come with a moisture-wicking inner liner that is best for sunny days. The liner prevents the buildup of sweat inside the helmet. As the liner absorbs the sweat, it should be removable and washable for better hygiene. 

Protective Visor:

Riding the electric scooter on winter and sunny days is equally difficult without the presence of a visor. Several visor types suit best for each weather. For example, if your commute involves travelling in winter in snowy areas, the anti-fog visor is the best bet for preventing the moisture buildup and disturbing the view. 

A dual electric scooter helmet with visor is always a better choice for various situations. There are other visor types like a sun visor and tinted visor. The sun visor keeps the distortion away in the sunny areas for a clear view of the road. Tinted visors are the best for protecting the harmful sun rays and filter the light for a better view. 


Every best piece of equipment comes with a price. While buying a helmet for scooter riding, there are helmets in various price ranges. Always buy a helmet that has a reasonable price while offering all the top-notch features.

Remember not to compromise the certification and build quality when choosing the helmets against the price. Instead, prefer the basic protection according to the budget and go with any additional features that you can get by narrowing down the price range.

Best Rider’s Choice
Bell Qualifier Helmet our best pick due to its lightweight ABS and polycarbonate construction. It offers great road safety with its DOT certification and meets FMVSS 218 standard. We have used the helmet for one month during the testing. It is the most comfortable and full face helmet that we used in a while.
If you are looking for a more breathable option for the best helmet for electric scooter, then MMG Helmets is the finest option you can get in the money. With a DOT-approved safety standard, you never feel unsafe during the daily commute. Its aerodynamics and clear windshield are the icings on the cake compared with other helmets of the same class. 

People Also Ask

Best Helmet for Riders FAQs

What kind of helmet do I need for an electric scooter?

We recommend using full face helmet for electric scooter. It effectively protects the chin and face. A regular open face electric scooter helmet won’t protect these areas. But the issue with full-face helmets is that most people don’t like them due to their level of comfortability. So before making any decision regarding helmets, make sure to choose one that suits your needs.

Should you wear a helmet on an electric scooter?

Yes, wearing a helmet while riding makes it safe for the rider. Especially if your ride at more than 10 miles per hour on an electric scooter, then road safety is the main concern. Most electric scooters have 15 miles per hour average speed, so any fall or accident can prove lethal if you don’t wear a helmet for protection.

Can you use a mountain bike helmet for electric scooter?

The answer to this question is in the usage and type of the helmet. If the mountain bike helmet is premium and does qualify all the safety standards, it can be good for riding an electric scooter. But a basic mountain bike helmet does not provide safety at the level of a regular certified electric scooter helmet.

Which helmet is good for a scooter?

The quality and qualification of being a good helmet for an electric scooter depend on the type of usage. If you ride at less than 15 miles per hour, getting a basic electric scooter helmet with standard safety features can do the job. However, if you ride at more than 15 miles per hour, getting a premium full-face helmet is the best option.

When should I replace my electric Scooter Helmet?

Electric scooter helmets usually last longer if they don’t get damaged from rough use. It is, however, more practical to change the helmet every five years. The criteria can vary depending on the degree of the damage and getting cracked by accident. If the lining and foam damage from prolonged use, then replacement is a must.

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