Electric Scooter Batteries Market Size By 2030 – Research

The Global market for electric vehicles is enlarging. We require robust vehicle charging infrastructure to support this enlargement. Indeed recent studies suggest that between 2 and 3 million public charges will be required in the European Union through 2030.

As part of an initial Four project funding push in Europe and America, CBI and its members are developing a project concept focused on the use of Lead batteries in electric vehicle charging. Rapid chargers can charge a standard Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) from 20% to 80% in approximately 30 minutes at a 50-kilowatt output power.

They are limited to areas where the supply can sustain a sudden 50-kilowatt load. Grid reinforcement will be required to enable the installation of rapid charges and guarantee sufficient Power is available.

Solution of Charging Electric Scooters

One solution to this issue is to deploy battery buffers. Battery-buffered EV charging does not require disruptive and expensive grid reinforcement. There are other benefits; charging the batteries with renewable energy is possible.

For instance, sites in remote or limited grid capability Lead batteries offer some attractive technical advantages in applications where charger use can be infrequent. They are excellent at a high state of charge.

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Electric Scooter Battery Manufactures

  • In the USA, three companies manufacture EV batteries; Fujian Double Tech Co, Ltd, E Group Inc, and All Cell Tech.
  • China has 51 companies that manufacture EV batteries, including Iborn Energy Technology, Shenzhen Smartpropel Energy System, and Super Tech Power Limited.
  • ERider is a German company that manufactures Electric vehicle batteries.
  • Samsung Sdi Co Ltd works in South Korea.
  • Two companies in France manufacture EV batteries; Easyli Batteries and Forsee Power. 

Market Segments of Electric Scooter Battery


Types of Batteries

  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Lead batteries
  • Nickel metal hydride battery

Battery Capacities

  • 100- 500 Wh
  • 500- 1000 Wh
  • 1000- 1500 Wh
  • 1500- 2000 Wh
  • 2000 Wh & above

Lead Batteries

Lead batteries are safe to use compared to other battery technologies as they contain water-based electrolytes that do not present significant resists to customers or the environment. Lead batteries also have the potential to reduce overall system overhead costs by eliminating the need for balancing electronics, air conditioning, and thermal management.

In addition, the global lead battery industry is well positioned to capitalize due to its sustainability and circularity, mature regulation, robust supply chain, and strong safety record. We are currently discussing with vehicle OEMs, charging station operators, and our network of battery experts to bring this project to reality.  

Electric Scooter Batteries Growth Opportunities

We see some dynamics that work for electric scooters and their opportunities. To develop these insights, some market research reports have been collected through significant secondary research and primary interviews with players throughout the value chain.


The electric scooter market has a reasonable opportunity; for example, the global electric scooter market forecast is expected to reach $16.4 billion by 2025. It represents a compound annual growth rate of only 1.2%, which is lower than GDP in terms of the overall opportunity.

Electric scooter represents 38% of the global market. Electric scooter opportunities have evolved through some stages over time to the current generation with advanced electronic features. Currently, the Retro electric scooter is the largest market by product type.

In contrast, plugins are the most significant technology type in the Asia Pacific, which offers an enormous opportunity, followed by North America and Europe. If you look into the value chain for the ecosystem of electric scooters, you see that it is composed of a diverse group of companies.

Major Drivers in EV Batteries Market

Increasing Disposable Income

Regarding the market drivers, we see increasing disposable income as the most significant driver for demand leading to leisure spending. The per capita disposable income of urban and rural housekeepers is increasing significantly in countries like China and the US as consumers can afford electric two-wheelers, which will also boost the demand for electric scooters in the forecast period.

Environmental Requirements and Industry Policy

Various countries’ governments are putting more stress on technological innovation to address the green environment issue and offer advanced two-wheeler services for the people.

Continuous Improvement in Product Quality, Design, and Efficiency

Manufacturers are making innovations in large capacities of e-scooter batteries coupled with aggressive developments in charging infrastructure technologies, which are expected to increase the adoption rate of E-scooter.

Key Challenge – High Upfront Cost

Regarding the challenges, we see the high upfront cost of creating charging infrastructure as a barrier to faster growth. Lack of technology support tools and practices involves huge procurement costs and charging infrastructure costs, due to which e-scooter rely heavily on government subsidies.

Electric Scooter Battery Market Forecast by 2030

Europe Electric Scooter Battery Market

Market size in 2021$20.87 Billion
Market size in 2030$50.99 Billion
Forecast Period2022-2030

North America Electric Scooter Battery Market

Market size in 2020$164.7 Billion
Market size in 2030$590.4 Billion
Forecast Period2021-2025

Asia Pacific Electric Scooter Battery Market

Market size in 2021$1.0 Billion
Market size in 2030$7.3 Billion
Forecast Period2022-2030
Who is the market leader in batteries?

In 2022, CATL will contribute 34% of the market expansion. It is a leading battery manufacturer.

How big is the lithium-ion battery market?

The estimated market size of the Lithium-ion battery is $44.5 Billion. The growth rate is 13.1%.

Who is the largest battery consumer?

The largest battery consumers are Asians. The countries are China, India, and Malaysia, where many consumer battery manufacturing companies are located, and this region also has good metal resources.

What country is richest in Lithium?

Chile is the richest in Lithium. Then Australia, Argentina, and China also have reasonable reserves of Lithium. 

The electric scooter battery market will increase with its attractive opportunities and growth in many regions. Batteries are also categorized in types and capacities. The market is expected to double in size by 2030 as it is in 2022.

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