8 Best Skateboard Wrist Guards & Gloves in 2024 Buying Guide

Skateboarding is the game of passionate people. Youngsters love to glide over skateboards in their enthusiasm and delightfulness. Riding on these kinds of personal transport devices needs much practice. The newbies may hurt themselves if they do not adequately follow the safety factors. Even experts may also face some unexpected incidents during their ways.

To avoid the dangers of riding on skateboards, it is necessary to wear safety gear like helmets, wrist guards, and knee pads. The quality of these gears may differ from brand to brand.

Our articles always point out that everyone must go for quality when buying protective equipment. We are sticking to our point in this article. When choosing hand guards for skating, you must pick the best quality product.

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8 Best Wrist Guard Skateboarding

  1. Triple 8 Wrist Guards
  2. Ennui Wrist Guards
  3. Pro Tec Wrist Guards
  4. Roller Derby Wrist Guard
  5. Hillbilly Wrist Guards Gloves
  6. Metal Wrist Guards
  7. ELOS Longboard Wrist Guards
  8. Rollerblade Wrist Guard

The best skateboard wrist pads are for the security of your carpus. The skateboard wrist guards and knee pads are exclusively made with the best materials to give us complete safety and save us from sudden accidents.

Here we will discuss some best wrist guards for roller skating. You will find the information beneficial for your next shopping trip!


Triple 8 Wrist Guards for Hired Hands Skateboarding

maximum protection

When you are about to take part in action sports, you must need protective gear. The name of my new wrist guard is Triple Eight. Because Triple Eight is a company that incorporates everything pure, authentic, and soulful in skateboarding and beyond, much like New York City itself.

Triple 8 Wrist Guards

Small: 7-8 inches
Medium: 8-9 inches
Large: 9–10 inches
X-Large: 10–11 inches

Max Protection Layers

I got removable, replaceable, impact-resistant ABS top and bottom splints featuring the youth skateboard wrist guards. They are equipped with EVA foam for maximum rollover and slide protection.

The prices for skateboard wrist guards may vary due to the quality. No risk of awkwardness present on the way!


The triple 8 wrist guards are made with top-grain leather. They are double-stitched and have full padding. They possess a thick neoprene strap for increasing the durability of the guards.

I feel 100% comfortable wearing these best wrist guards for electric skateboards.

Ideal for Skateboarding

Skateboarding is the perfect game for wearing these best skateboard wrist guards. Getting minor injuries is common in sports. But these electric skateboard wrist guards can provide maximum protection against damage.

I used them for in-Line Skating or Rollerblading. They work great for roller derby.

  • Hook and loop closure
  • Top grain leather skateboarding gloves
  • It gives you maximum protection and support
  • It has an impact-resistant ABS splint
  • Includes EVA shock-absorbing foam layers
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Should cover full fingers

Ennui Wrist Guards

protective style

Ennui is a new concept of security measures. These are specifically designed for Sports and all motorized vehicles. You can have fun while wearing these gears. It is a reliable company that provides the best materials to its customers.

Ennui Wrist

Material : Cotton

Protective Style

Ennui wrist guards gloves can cover all the protective measures for skateboarding. Last year, I had a minor injury when using them. These top rated skateboard wrist guards have hooks to be tied quickly.

They get fit on my wrist. I don’t concern about losing gloves during skateboarding. They provide me with perfect protective manners during my excursion. The skateboard wrist guards and knee pads are made for safety options during taking part in sports.

Cotton Sock Double Strap System

These pro skateboard wrist guards have been made with arms technology that gives optimum position to my wrist and avoids any injury. If you do damage before wearing the Ennui wrist guards, you will recover from that soon. They have high-quality material that is ABS leather for the top and bottom.

The cotton sock double strap system endows relaxation so that you can get long-lasting protection and excellent support. They have unique floating neoprene sleeves that are comfortable and adjustable.

Best for Skateboarding

These best wrist guards for electric skateboards are well suited for skateboarding and other sports that have risks during playing. Once I fell from the skateboard while having the fastest speed, I needed to stop my body by placing my hands on the ground. It damaged my wrist, bones, and muscles badly.

Then my friend suggested me buy these gloves. The wrist protector skateboard is supportive and shields gears from my wrist.

  • Equipped with Hook-and-loop
  • Having Protective style
  • Top and bottom splint for more protection
  • Two velcro straps for good fitting
  • Cotton soft double strap system for comfort
  • Unisex gloves for all
  • It should be affordable and price

Pro Tec Wrist Guards for Street Usage

highly durable

Pro-Tech is a Californian company responsible for providing innovative design safety gears for the protection during Sports. Their products are the reasons for their 40 years heritage. They develop new products with advanced technology.

The Pro tec wrist guards manufactured by the company have their own identity in the world of Sports.

Pro Tec Wrist Guards

Sizes :
Youth: 5 in – 6 inch
Small: 6.5 in – 7.5 inch
Medium: 7.5 in – 8.5 inch
Large: 8 in – 9 inch
X-Large: 9 in – 10 inch

Specially Designed for Skateboarding

The ergonomically designed wrist guards skateboarding are specially manufactured for recreational activities. They have full rubber straps for my defensive action and support my wrist. The skateboarding wrist guards are made up of high quality to deliver the best protective gear used for skateboarding by youngsters and adults.

Full Wrap Straps

The best skateboard wrist guards are designed with full rubber straps that create a shield for my wrist. When I used Pro tec wrist guards, I found them extraordinarily protective against injury or sudden shock. They are full wrap straps custodial for my recreational activities. The prices for skateboard wrist guards are within the budget.

Highly Durable

These best wrist guards for roller skating are specially designed for skateboarding, biking, and incline skating so that they have all the protective measures for these Sports. These are highly graded gloves. The top rated skateboard wrist guards are made with durable fabrics that are nylon.

It protects me without making me uncomfortable and does not make me stop my movement.

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Specially designed for skateboarding, biking, and various other Sports
  • Complete strap system for the palm protection
  • It gives maximum wrist support
  • Manufactured with high-grade, durable fabrics
  • The material of nylon protects without stopping the movement
  • It should be made with more protective material

Triple Eight RD Wristsaver Roller Derby Wrist Guards

extra wide

Triple Eight’s RD wrist guard is made with a wider palm splint and tight fit body to hold the inflexibility of derby. These best skateboard wrist guards are equipped with uncompromising protection so you can whip around the track with confidence.

Triple Eight RD Wristsaver Roller Derby

Sizes :
Small: 7–8 in (18 cm-20.5 cm)
Medium: 8–9 in (20.5 cm–23 cm)
Large: 9–10 in (23 cm–25.5 cm)
XL: 10-11 in (25.5-28 cm)

Extra Wide Palm Splint

I felt that wearing these longboard wrist guards rendered more excellent coverage for my palm and wrist. The impact disbursement accepts the hits more hard more you do with these best skateboard wrist pads.

Ideal for Skateboarding

These roller derby wrist guards are beneficial for me during skateboarding. They provide me maximum assistance while not damaging my wrist. I experienced an accident and collided with the skateboard.

I was wearing these hand guards for skating. I thought my bone might be damaged, but it didn’t happen. I had a minor shock on my hand. They are the best product for safety.

High-Quality Functional Style

There is a sweat saver brow wipe on the back of the palm of the skateboard wrist guards. They do not make you feel uncomfortable. The double stitching throughout the wrist protector skateboard is there to maintain comfort and safety.

The easy-on loops help you gear up quickly while having fun on skateboards with the skateboarding wrist guard.

  • Have high-density impact-resistant front and black splints
  • Design for roller Derby with extra padding
  • Suitable for skateboarding and snowboarding
  • Features snug, supportive neoprene body
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Reinforced double stitching
  • Sweat saver brow wipe on the back
  • Should be affordable in price

Hillbilly Wrist Guards Gloves

high material

Hillbilly has designed the perfect rollerblade wrist guards gloves that are durable and have goatskin for comfort. They are double stretched nylon threads, so that these gloves are highly stable for skateboarding. When I use them, I feel protected by my wrist.

Hillbilly Wrist Guards

Sizes :
Small: up to 2.5 inches
Medium: 2.5-3 inches
Large: 3-3.5 inches
XL: 3.5+ inches


The hillbilly wrist guards are designed with highly durable goatskin stretched with heavy-duty nylon thread. These electric skateboard wrist guards have a spoon-shaped splint that gives maximum protection.

They give me extra support for the wrist bone. These pro skateboard wrist guards are highly durable and favorable for all aged people.

Best for Skateboarding

The best wrist guards for roller skating are specially designed to keep in mind for sports protection. These Hillbilly wrist guards have been made with highly durable material and perfect stitching to provide the best security.

When I wear the skateboard wrist pads during skateboarding, I hesitate to go faster and take my excitement level up.


The protection given by these gloves with wrist guards is an extraordinary feeling of safety. It is an essential feeling you experience after wearing these wrist guards skateboarding. I can use my fingers efficiently because of their half-finger design.

The best skateboard wrist guards also extend the protection of my palm and wrist.

  • They are made with highly durable material.
  • Nylon thread gives support to your palm and wrist.
  • You can grab it ideally with the half-finger design
  • They are the cheapest wrist guards.
  • Must be designed for full fingers

Carpal Tunnel Metal Wrist Guards

breathable material

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause insensibility, itchiness, and weakness of your hand’s movement. It is a narrow passage of bones in the palm side of your hand. If it happens to you, you have to use the perfect protective gear for the movement of your wrist.

I used carpal tunnel metal wrist guard gloves when I injured my wrist during biking.

Carpal Tunnel Metal Wrist

Sizes :
Small/Medium: 14-19 cm or 5.5-7.5 inches
Large/ XL: 19-23 cm or 7.5-9 inches
Material : Aluminum

Lightweight Aluminium Splint

The metal wrist guards are the most sustainable wrist guards. A lightweight aluminum splint offers rigid wrist support. The sling is removable for a customizable fit. I use the gloves with wrist guards for varying support needs.

Relieve Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

The wrist guards skateboarding stabilizer aids in relieving symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by securing the wrist with a firm splint. It reduces pain and irritation from weak or sore wrists. The metal wrist guards also support avoiding risk during skateboarding.

Breathable Material

The breathable material of these pro designed wrist guards releases excess heat and moisture. I keep myself calm, dry, and comfortable throughout all day, wearing these perfect gears for the games. The prices for skateboard wrist guards are economical for everyone.

  • Provide instant pain relief
  • Best for gaming, sleeping, and daily activities
  • They are rigid and comfortable
  • Made with the lightweight Aluminum splint
  • Three secure straps offer hand sport
  • Soft cushions and comfortable design
  • Made with premium material
  • It gives you a full range of finger motion
  • It fits like a glove in your hand
  • Must be affordable in price

ELOS Longboard Wrist Guards

ease of use

ELOS is a company that provides an effortless lifestyle of skateboarding. They deliver iconic shapes and extra-wide skateboards and give the best self-safety gears for their users.

They sell their products in dozens of countries. They make the wrist guard the best material for fun and safety simultaneously.

ELOS Longboard Wrist

Sizes :
Small: 5-5.9 inches
Medium: 6- 7.4 inches
Large: 7.5 -8.9 inches
X-Large: 9- 10.5 inches

Easy to Use for All

These longboard wrist guards are easy to use. I found detailed illustrations of how to put on in the packaging. I also scanned the QR code on the box for a video demonstration of the usage. It all went supportive and relaxing with skateboarding wrist guards.

Convenient and Comfortable

The gloves with wrist guards are convenient and comfortable. I look good wearing them in my hands because of the minimalist design. The best skateboard wrist pads look good externally and provide comfort internally.

Improved Protection

These rollerblade wrist guards are modified with the shock-resistant ABS splint. They cover the palm generously to absorb the impact of shocks and injuries. Wearing these best skateboard wrist guards to provide improved protection.

  • Three adjusted color straps give for the perfect fit
  • Shock-resistant abs splint
  • Comfortable and breathable fabric
  • Do not make you uncomfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Extra-long gloves worth for the price
  • The best material to use in wrist guards
  • Should have finger and thumb protection

Bodyprox Rollerblade Wrist Guard

easy slip on fit

Body proxy is a brand that was started in 2017. It empowers and strengthens with their protective gears for the people who have injuries or prevent injuries in sports. They provide you with advanced technology products for your optimum protection.

Bodyprox Rollerblade

Sizes :
Small: 7 “-8”
Medium: 8″-9″
Large 9″-10″
Material: Neoprene, Polyester, and Aluminum

Protection is Must

Bodyprox pro designed wrist guards are specifically made to protect and prevent wrist and palm injuries for those involved in risky sports activities such as snowboarding, skiing, motocross, roller skating, etc.

These activities demand extensive cushions against hard falls. These gloves with wrist guards are manufactured to give protection to their users.

Rugged & Compelling Design

The pro skateboard wrist guards are made with protective splints from the palm up to the base of the hand effectively. They protect most of the complex impact from snowboarding when sudden accidents happen to the riders.

The best wrist guards for electric skateboards have a rugged and compelling design that adds to your support.

Lightweight and Sturdy

The rollerblade wrist guards are made only from a prime neoprene cuff with Velcro. They are a full-on protective wrist guard for men. The best skateboard wrist guards are so lightweight and gives extra confidence to fall and get back up again.

Easy Slip on Fit

The best skateboard wrist pads have a flexible hook and loop. They are cinch wrist straps for maximum support. They are easy to put on, adjust, and tighten until they get fits while maintaining thumb and fingers the freedom to move comfortably. The electric skateboard wrist guards give you an easy slip-on fit.

  • The wrist guards prevent wrist and Palm injuries.
  • Best for snowboarding, skiing, and roller skating
  • Having rigid and compelling design
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Give you additional confidence
  • Easy slip-on with heavy-duty application
  • Save you from injuries
  • Should cover thumb and fingers properly

Look These Before Buy

Purchasing Factors of Youth Skateboard Wrist Guards

You cannot be skateboarding without using safety gear like helmets and wrist guards. Also, you must use safety knee pads while riding. When you fall to the ground, your knees wrist can damage with serious injuries.

To avoid these risks, you must wear safety gear during skateboarding. However, purchasing safety gear may waste your money if you do not prefer the quality of the safety equipment. Buying top rated skateboard wrist guards also depends on many factors; we will tell you everything.

Perfect Size

Choose the perfect size for your Triple 8 wrist guards that can be adjusted to your hand. It will provide you solid fit. If it is not, you may have a problem adjusting these gloves to your wrist. These gloves with wrist guards must cover your wrist and palm adequately.

Best Material

The youth skateboard wrist guards must be made with the best material to provide maximum support. They must be soft inside to make you feel comfortable and hard outside to avoid damaging your palm or wrist. There are many kinds of materials that can be used, like cotton nylon, for relaxing grip.

Flexible and Perfect Fit

Your skateboard wrist guards must be comfortable and flexible to fit on your palm. They must have straps to be adjusted easily. These straps help get the perfect fit sticking to your hand while slipping out or having any risk during your gaming.


The best wrist guards for roller skating must be equally economical because they don’t need much money to be spent on. You must get the perfect safety wrist guards for yourself within your budget. There are many varieties online, and in the market, you may select the best one for you.

Style and Looks

The best wrist guards for electric skateboards have the best style for their users. They may have the design to cover the full fingers or half finger design. Some skateboarding wrist guards do not protect the fingers and just give you a grip on your palm and wrist. You can select the best style for you as you like.

Maximum Protection

You must go for the safest pro designed wrist guards when buying them for your skateboarding adventure. They must be comfortable and have perfect padding for your comfort. The splint may be made of hard plastic that assists and protects against any risk.

The splints can be removable and exchangeable for the long-lasting experience of the best skateboard wrist pads.

Benefits for Hand Guards for Skating

The gloves with wrist guards give you complete protection in all kinds of sports. You can use them as a medical aid to avoid the pain of fingers and thumbs.

These gadgets are used to protect your wrist because if there is any damage to the wrist bones or nerves, it will be challenging to use your hand correctly. There are many benefits of using wrist guards for skating.

Let’s have a look at them:

  • The youth skateboard wrist guards are responsible for reducing wrist pain while falling or damaging.
  • Skateboarding needs much practice, and wrist guards can prop up your wrist against injuries so that they must give you complete security against wrist pain.
  • It gives stability to your joints and the delicate bone of your wrist.
  • It relieves fatigue and pain because it gently supports the palm and the wrist.
  • The rollerblade wrist guards are the reasons to heal your wrist from injury.

Other Benefits of Wrist Guards

The pro designed wrist guards help exercise in the gym. They are a bit differently designed to do proper exercising in the gym. It is a necessary factor of bodybuilding when lifting weight for exercising.

Wearing them in your hands, you can lift heavier weight due to the support at your palm. All the weight lifters can lift more weight than their stamina. The best skateboard wrist guards support muscles of the body in lifting weight and during workouts.

The best skateboard wrist guards prevent the physical overload taken on your body. The wrist guards may also help the typists. When they type on the keyboard for a long time, they may feel pain in their wrist.

For protecting this scenario, they need to use wrist guards. These tools comfort them during the repetitive action of typing. Using these safety gloves, people can perform typing or similar activities with their hands.

What Happens When People do not Wear Safety Gear during Skateboarding?

People who do not wear safety gear during skateboarding may seriously damage their body parts. The first risk is related to the head injury if the safety helmet is not there. A helmet can minimize the threats of severe head lacerations.

They create a shield around a significant part of the body. There is much variety of helmets found in the market. If the rider does not wear electric skateboard wrist guards, he can harm his wrist badly, which means the hand, fingers, and thumb will be unable to move correctly.

All the nerves of the fingers and the thumb belong to the wrist. That is why it is essential to save it first. Knee pads save the rider’s knees from hurting. When someone fell on the ground, he showed resistance by putting down his hands and knees.

These body parts may break intensely. Knee pads are a highly durable material to save the knees from shock and crashing. Elbow pads are also for the protection of elbows because these joints may also damage when colliding on the ground due to an unexpected situation.

Wearing proper shoes that cover your feet adequately is also an essential component of skateboarding. The rider must wear comfortable and supportive shoes for his security.

Last Words

The best skateboard wrist guards must possess the fines quality material for the comfort and safety of the users. Now, you have all the knowledge to pick the best skateboards wrist pads for you.

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