How to Fold & Unfold an Electric Scooter? 6 Simple Steps

If you recently bought an electric scooter, you are probably searching “How to fold & unfold an electric scooter?” to store it in compact space. Electric scooters are great for a zip around the neighborhood while providing ease of commute. But the most exciting part of these scooters is their folding ability.

You may Ride on Electric scooter for fun, leisure, or for going to work. The end of the ride needs a compact folding either for carrying in the subway or going upstairs. The folding mechanism involves basic steps that are almost common for all scooter types. However, there may be some differences in some models, but you can easily get over them once you learned the basics.

If you plan to fold an electric scooter, the first thing to do is determine if all of its components are in good working order. This means checking for rust and making sure nothing on it is tempered or broken.

What is a Foldable Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are the environmentally friendly, speedier cousins of traditional kick-scooter. Unlike other modes of transportation that require manual effort, e-scooters run on electric motors. They can travel from 20 to 60 miles depending on the model and manufacturer.

A foldable electric scooter is a perfect solution for transport in tight living spaces. It is easy to fold at the point where the deck meets the handlebar stem. However, it may vary for some models who do fold conventionally.

Once folded, the electric scooter is easy to carry and transport. Most models have one wheel that remains on the ground when folded for easier handling. Folded-up scooters are easy to push or pull when you need them.

What are the Benefits of a Foldable Electric Scooter?

Foldable Electric Scooter
  • They are easy to use on public transport during the commute as they are easy to manage and carry compared to other modes of transportation.
  • The compact size makes them suitable for use when carrying them in the car trunk or public transport.
  • They are suitable for storage in house or office due to their incredibly compact size and less space usage, which benefits the riders for easy storage.
  • Folding electric scooters are better than non-foldable electric scooters because they are easy to carry if your battery charging dies.

folding procedure

How to Fold an Electric Scooter?

For most electric scooters, folding involves these basic steps. If you own a Razor electric scooter, the steps may seem perfectly fit for folding the Razor scooter. However, for other models and manufacturers, these steps may vary depending on the shape and type. You may always get more help from the manual that comes with the scooters.

1) Getting into the Position:

The first step in folding the electric scooter involves placing it on the ground and using one foot to step on it. After that, stable the scooter before releasing the locking mechanism. 

Once you perfectly aligned the foot between the wheels on the deck, press the scooter down with moderate force while stabling the handlebars and prevent moving the scooter forth or back.

Stabling the scooter before releasing the locking mechanism for folding is very important. It is easier to achieve if you are not a newbie and know the mechanics of electric scooter operating. 

Keep the body parts safe from getting caught into the folding handlebar near the stem. This protection is crucial as you can get caught your finger in the release and pushing down efforts.

2) Pushing the Release Button:

After achieving stability on the deck, press the release buttons. These buttons are present on the handles to slide out the grips. The location of the release button may vary in different electric scooter models.

You can find the release button on the backside of the handlebar. If you are standing on an electric scooter, the buttons are easier to find as they are ahead of you. Also, push the buttons in a sequence as pushing them at a time is more accessible.

Once you push the release button on one side, take the grip away from the scooter. Then press the button on the other side and take out the seconds grip. But this is no universal approach for electric scooters, as most models can get into foldable positions without removing the handlebar’s grips.

3) Opening the Clasp:

Opening the Clasp

Now you need to remove the clasp that is present near the steering column. It is easier to find it as it is present near the area where the handlebars’ stem connects with the electric scooter’s deck.

Search for the piece of metal that looks circular and present in the middle of the handlebar. Once you located the clasp, pull it away from the scooter. It is better to look at the manual of the electric scooter that comes with the purchase to learn about the clasp’s position on your model.

4) Pressing Down the Steering Column:

After releasing the clasp, push down the steering column to its other end. This adjustability becomes possible after removing the clasp because it monitors the movement of the steering column.

Ensure to lower the handlebars by pushing it with one hand and gripping and controlling the steering column with the other hand. Now the steering column starts to disappear and move inside the central part of the scooter. Adjust the clasp to its original position now to keep the column in the desired place.

5) Flipping the Scooter:

Flipping the Scooter

Step off the electric scooter and flip it upside down. Keep an eye on the steering column and prevent it from getting loose during this step. If it gets loose, the electric scooter won’t fold in the desired position.

Hold the scooter upside down against your body or floor, whatever you prefer. Keep a firm control on the handlebars and push the loose steering column inside. Now flip over the scooter by maintaining the grip on the handlebars and the scooter.

6) Folding to the Desired Position:

Find the join-release lever that is present near the front wheel and close to the steering column. Now push the lever while holding the steering wheel with the other hand. Flipping the lever to the other side will activate the locking mechanism.

Once the locking mechanism gets engaged, the scooter folds up to the shape, convenient to carry and store. If the scooter remains upside down, you won’t have to do much as gravity will care for the locking and folding.

Some electric scooters give the option to push the steering column close to the deck or footpad to achieve a more compact shape.

unfolding procedure

How to Unfold an Electric Scooter?

How to Unfold an Electric Scooter

Reversing the steps of folding can get easily unfold the electric scooter. However, it needs precautions as you can damage the scooter if not done the process precisely. However, the steps may vary according to the electric scooter model and kind. Therefore, follow these steps given below to get the universal way to unfold an electric scooter.

1) Hold the Stem of Handlebars:

Take the stem of the electric scooter in your hand and make sure to grip it so that you don’t damage anything when trying to unfold the electric scooter. Also, avoid getting your hands caught between the unfolding parts.

Hold the Stem of Handlebars

2) Releasing the Step Lock:

The most electric scooter has a locking mechanism where the stem gets to lock with the deck using a hook or clip. Release the lock before advancing to the next steps; otherwise, you may end up damaging the scooter.

3) Press Down the Footrest:

Place the scooter on the ground and push it down by pressing the deck using your foot. Then, use your hands to apply the force to move the stem upward gently. Keep varying the force according to the needs, and don’t put extra pressure.

Electric scooters are delicate machines, and apply any extra force can permanently damage any part. Therefore, do this process with extreme precaution.

4) Release the Lever:

Now release the level and get the electric scooter perfectly upright before locking the level and stem lock again. It does require some experience and expertise for folding and unfolding the electric scooter for the first time. However, once you get used to it, the challenging part dies out eventually.

Find Reason

Troubleshooting Involved in Electric Scooter Folding and Unfolding

Sometimes people get stuck in the folding and unfolding of the electric scooter due to several reasons. So here we are mentioning some easy fixes of the common problems you can face in this process.

Adjusting the Handlebar:

Adjusting the Handlebar

Sometimes adjusting the handlebars can get troublesome. To mitigate it, make sure that you pulled it away from the column. If you need to move the scooter, pressing the release button can help. Once you press it, immediately move the handlebar away from the steering column.

Clean the Release Level and Steering Column:

Clean the Release Level and Steering Column

If you face any difficulty regarding releasing the quick-release lever and steering column clasp, it may be due to the debris or dirt stuck inside. Use a damp cloth and warm water to remove the debris.

Taking Apart of the Components:

Taking apart the non-moving lever or release clasp is not good advice for a newbie, but sometimes it is the only solution. The debris and dirt can get stuck deep inside the lever and clasp area, making them difficult to move. Taking apart the parts can help to easily clean and removing the debris from the area.

Lubricating the Parts:

To clean the lever, use any dirt cleaner available from the hardware shops. We recommend using WD-40 on the lever that will clean dirt and grime away from the surface. Clean that grime with any cloth and then apply any auto lubricant to ease the process of folding and unfolding.

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