9 Best Longest Range Electric Bikes in 2024 Buying Guide

Electric bikes are becoming a new trend nowadays. People like to stay fit, so they love pedaling a bicycle. But if the bike is made of some other advanced features that are helpful in emergency needs, everyone will love to buy that sort of bicycle. Electric bikes are loved for being swift and reliable. But most electric bikes are not made by a professional team, making them less dependable. Our list consisted of the cycles with all the features plus long-range.

A powerful motor with a high-tech battery and fat tires. These things are found in almost every electric bike. But not all of them are dependable. Most of them have a low range of travel in a single charge. You won’t be stopping anywhere on the way to an essential task because it is out of commission. Instead, you’ll go on pure human resources mode. No, you don’t need to push the pedal and tire yourself. Our expert panel has gathered all the information for you. We have listed the top 8 products of the most extended range electric bikes.

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Top 9 Fastest Longest Range Electric Bikes

Best Recommended Product
You must be looking for an expert recommendation before buying a top-speed and long-range electric bike. We have mentioned almost everything in the article and buying guides. An electric bike should have all the advanced features gathered with a powerful motor and long-run battery. That is what makes the best electric bike.
We will recommend the Heybike Race Longest Range Electric Bike. Eahora Azarias Electric Bicycle is made of a pure Aluminum alloy frame. Eahora Azarias Electric Bicycle has the best range available for any high-quality electric bike. Eahora Azarias Electric Bicycle has the best battery and motor combination. Eahora Azarias is one of the finest manufacturers of electric bikes. It is recommended for you.

A long-range mountain bike is like a friend in foe. Our list includes the best available longest-range electric bike 2024. You must be wondering about a 100-mile range electric bike. It’s not that easy, but our inventory is full of surprises for you. So, we shouldn’t waste our time and look at all the most extended range electric bikes in detail.

Heybike Mars Foldable Electric Bike With 20″ Fat Tyre

Heybike Mars Fat Tire Electric Bike With 500W Motor

Range: 37-48 Miles
Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
Battery: 48V 12.5AH
Motor: 500W
Speed: 20 mph
Tire: 20 inches
Specialty: Urban bike

I was trying to purchase an electric bike with an extended range. A bike that is not just long-range but a powerful motor also. An electric bike which is suitable for racing. A motorcycle which is budget-friendly also. I waited so long, and then Heybike Race Electric Bike was launched.

I purchased this incredible bike for 1000 USD only. No one could imagine that a Heybike Race Electric Bike would be so cheap. Hey, the bike is the most inexpensive long-range electric bike. Let’s have a look at its benefits in detail.

Cheapest Long Range Electric Bike

Heybike comes with many specialties in it. The expert team has teamed up everything a person can imagine. Heybike is the cheapest long range electric bike ever launched. It is pocket-friendly. It is made with special racing features. High acceleration and torque are also part of this pocket-friendly electric bike.

A most important feature is yet to be mentioned. We call it the cheapest long range electric bike. Long range is its best feature. Heybike electric bike can travel up to 37-48 miles on a single charge.

High Quality Electric Bike

Heybike is the best bike on a short budget. Heybike is made of all top quality features a perfect electric bike needs. It is a lightweight bike. Heybike electric bikes are just 330 lbs. Heybike electric bike is a race specialist. It has high acceleration and extended torque limit, especially for racing. It is light in weight. A lightweight bike with added acceleration will get to a high speed in quick time.

Multiple Riding Modes

I loved the different riding modes of the electric bike by Heybike. The best of them is a PAS. Pedal assisting mode is the best example of a friend in need is a friend indeed. I rode it once at high speed to a long route when I met an accident.

Shengmilo has an aluminum alloy frame, so the bike was good. But I was hurt on my knee, so I decided to switch to PAS. Pedal assisting mode helped to reach the point in good time. I pushed the paddle, but initially, it was all about the mind-blowing feature of PAS.

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  • Lightweight geometrical frame with long range
  • Race bike with Alloy frame
  • Pocket friendly having good speed
  • Safe and durable
  • 7-speed, front fork suspension
  • Large and practical LCD display
  • Three working modes
  • Maximum acceleration but light in weight

VIVI 26” Electric Mountain Bike for Adults With 48V Battery

VIVI (500W) Folding Electric Bike for Heavy Adults

Motor Power: 350W
Top Speed: 21 MPH
Travel Range: 22-25 miles
Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 pounds
Wheel Size: 26 inches
Warranty: 2 years

While reviewing bikes for my wife, this VIVI Electric bike caught my eye. I instantly purchased it for my wife, so I could venture out and get a little exercise. It seems a pretty solid-built bike. I like the way it looks, especially the modern design. The 21 Speed Shimano gear system and hub motor work great. My wife loves its front and rear disc brakes. It is a decent ride for us, which I hope will last for years of enjoyment.

Lightweight and Foldable

VIVI Electric bike has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that helps us quickly and easily fold it to keep with us while going somewhere. I love its double-walled aluminum alloy rims because they provide excellent durability, and I go faster without dragging.

Secure and Comfortable

This VIVI Electric Bike has a double Shock absorber, providing a comfortable ride experience whenever I bump into the road. It’s front and back rear disc brakes provide me double safety and reliable braking force while riding in different weather situations.

3-Working Modes

This VIVI Electric bike has 3-working modes; Assisted Bicycle, Ebike, and Normal Bike. You can select 3-working modes with an LED Smart meter button. In assisted mode, I travel almost 45-50 miles and 25 miles with full power. Sometimes when I don’t want assisted mode, I turn ON its normal mode; it is also enjoyable.

  • The bike is super easy to charge because of its removable battery
  • Comes with a brighter LED light which is very convenient
  • It is easy to assemble and gets quickly ready for the ride
  • It can deal with the slopes quite well
  • Its seat quality is cheap; it can break anytime
  • The chain is of poor quality that can be snapped
  • It does not have a digital display

Maxfoot MF-19 Best longest range Electric Bike for Adults

Maxfoot MF-19 100W Best Longest range E Bike

Speed: 23mph
Range: 50-60 miles
Rear motor hub: 1000W
Motor torque: 90N.m
Battery: 48V-14h Lithium Ion
Payload capacity: 300 lbs
One charge: 60 mile

The MaxFoot MF-19 Folding E-bike is a compact and convenient electric bicycle with a powerful 1000W hub motor and an alluring series of features that make it a perfect eBike for a longest range electric bike

If you genuinely want to win a longest range electric bike with no questionable components, let’s dive into the details of the features below.

Quick Folding with A Built-in Headlight

It is super easy to fold, having their steps to follow only. You can carry it anywhere without worrying about its size and enjoy your ride. A built-in headlight helps you ride in dark corners. It gets the power from the main pack to make you feel comfortable riding in low-lighting conditions.

Rear Suspension

The six-bar linkage rear suspension isn’t the ultimate solution to withstand heavy shock absorption, and you get that with it.

Super Powerful Battery with Superior Motor

The battery is powerful enough to get a 60 km ride on one charge. It is suitable for speed and taking care of lighting supplies.

Solid Build with Affordable Price

It has a solid build with superior quality material to last long. Moreover, the price range revolves around 2000 bucks which is competitive.

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  • Only three steps to fold
  • Super attractive design
  • Power to absorb shocks
  • Good for long-range rides
  • Customization options available
  • Fat tires with superior material
  • Ideal for riding on mountains, beaches, and roads
  • A bit heavy weight and expensive
  • Limited range and maintenance costs

PASELEC Longest Range Electric Bike with 27.5” Tires

PASELEC 750W Longest Range Mountain EBike For Adults

Range: 80 KM
Speed: 25 Miles
Battery: 48v / 16Ah
Motor: 750w
Grade ability: 30 Degrees
Tire: 26 x 4 inches
Wheel: 26 inches
Frame: Aluminium alloy
Riding modes: 3
Power system: Intelligent GS9-plus

The longest range electric bikes list is incomplete without adding a masterpiece. Paselec electric mountain bike is one of the high-quality electric bikes in the market. I have used Paselec for a long time to date. I can assure its working smoothly.

Paselec electric bike is part of the most extended range electric bike 2024 list. I would love to explain you more about this beautiful piece of Tech. Here are its features in detail.

Longest Range

Mountain electric bikes are a pleasure to ride in harsh conditions. Paselec has one of the finest mountain electric bikes to its name. Paselec electric mountain bike is made for adults. I like to visit different mountain areas with my mountain bikes.

I saw other places with Paselec mountain electric bikes. It was a wonderful experience because of its high-quality tires. Disc brakes and hydraulic shocks make it more convenient. More importantly, its range is something I would like to mention.

Paselec electric mountain bike can travel up to 80 km on a single charge. This longest range electric mountain bike should also be listed in longest range electric bike 2024. It is doing a tremendous market in 2024.

750w Mid Drive Motor

Paselec mountain electric bike is the best 750w mid drive electric bike for an extended tour on a single charge. I have driven many 750w middrive electric bikes to date. I have visited different places with Paselec electric bike. This bike comes with a 750w motor.

This bike is as excellent as one could imagine. Because the bike has an engine placed at a beautiful place. The bracket is not easily accessible for thieves. Water will not be hurting this motor place.

Fat Tires and 9 Speed Gears

Paselec electric bike is suitable for mountain rides. The reason is that it has a beautiful fat tires combination. Paselec electric bike has a 26 inches wheel size. Wheel size will make the ride on the mountains smoother and more accessible.

The tire size is 26 x 4 inches. The 4-inch width of a tire makes it more dependable. It will work smoother on the long tours of mountains. The 4 inches tire width will give this excellent electric bike the perfect grip required for every mountain bike.

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  • Equipped with intelligent power system
  • High speed calculating of riding power
  • Long battery life and safety
  • Rational management of charging protection
  • Powerful motor with professional 9 speed shifter
  • Three riding modes for relax cruising
  • Excellent companion for classic trekking riders
  • Fat tires reduce bumps and achieve car like comfort
  • Very expensive for common people

FREESKY (32 Mph) Electric Bike for Ladies With 26″ Fat Tire

FREESKY 750W BAFANG Motor Electric Bike For Females

Motor Power: 750W
Top Speed: 32 MPH
Travel range: 30-50 miles
Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
Wheel Size: 26 inches
Warranty: 18 months

I researched several bikes, but this one was a fascinating Ebike for longest-range electric bikes. I have had this Ebike for 2 weeks, commuting about 15 miles round trip. It is so easy to put together. Its brakes are awesome, the throttle and motor ride smooth, and very easy to get up to 32mph. The overall ride was very good and comfy, giving me great pleasure whenever I rode it. Its quality and looks are top-notch.

Powerful Motor Experience

FREESKY e-bike has a 750W high-speed brushless hub motor with immense torque and strong climbing power. Its powerful motor helps me to travel faster at 32mph speed when I go climbing. Its powerful motor never disappoints me when riding on snow, mountain, beach, or city road.

Larger and Long Lasting Battery

Due to a 48V 15Ah removable Samsung cells lithium-ion battery, FREESKY offers long-range travel. It only takes 4-8 hours to get completely charged. With just a single charging, I go for almost 50 miles on electric mode and 80 miles on pedal assist mode.

Super Convenient and Comfortable

The high-quality aluminum frame is very robust and sturdy. Its Shimano 7-speed shift gears always give me pleasure in riding because of their accuracy and stability. It has a strong headlight, fat tires, and 5 pedal assist modes, proving it a perfect choice for me.

  • Comes with 3-riding modes and 5-pedal assist modes
  • It is a perfect choice for long travel and exercise
  • Its dual, front, and rear disc brakes provide an effective braking system
  • A low center of gravity makes it stable
  • Its pedals and front wheel are a little detached
  • Pedals have very lower ground clearance

Shengmilo MX02S Snow Mountain EBike 26 Fat tire

Shengmilo 1000W Long Range Electric Bike

Range: 60-90 Km
Motor: 1000w
Battery: 48V / 13 Ah
Net Weight: 29 Kg
Wheel size: 26 inches
Max weight: 180 kg
Rider Height: 165 CM
Max speed: 25+ miles
Charge time: 6-8 hours
Shift system: 21-speed

Shengmilo is in the race of being a top marketer in the electric bike industry. The electric bike of Shengmilo is listed as a high-quality electric bike. Shengmilo electric bike is a high-tech electric bike. I felt savvier while riding this one regularly. Shengmilo is not just listed in high-quality electric bikes. I would love to list it as the fastest, longest range electric bike. Let’s have a look at its features in detail.

High Quality Electric Bikes

Shengmilo be one of the finest manufacturers of electric bikes in 2024. Shengmilo has launched a 1000w electric bike with a long-range battery. It also has a 21 intelligent speed system. Shengmilo has a healthy speed as well. This speed is not found in many electric bikes nowadays. A reasonable rate teamed up with a long range makes it rich in features.

 I have witnessed all of its feature sand. That’s why I would love to, and it is on top of high quality electric bikes. Shengmilo has never let me regret my decision of taking it to the long ride of high-speed terrain. It is also helpful in all the landscapes. It is called an all-terrain bike.

Fastest Bike

Shengmilo is not just good because of its top-notch features gathered at one place. It is also fast enough to be part of the fastest, longest-range electric bikes. I was able to ride it at 25+ miles per hour. 45 miles per hour is a massive number for any electric bike in any category.

That’s why I would love to enter this superb bike by Shengmilo in the fastest, most extended-range electric bikes. It has many added features also. It comes with a digital meter on the handle. The Digital meter will show you different specs at the same time. The Digital meter will also tell you about the remaining battery percentage.


Shengmilo is one of the finest 1000w electric bikes. A 1000w electric cannot have a long range usually because the motor is heavy, which takes more power from the battery. The battery gets empty for this reason in 1000w bikes. But Shengmilo 1000w electric bike range is better. Shengmilo can work for 95 km continuously on a single charge. That makes it an exception for the rule of 1000w bike.

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  • Long-range and high tech frame electric bike
  • Swift ride with digital meter
  • Waterproof battery pack provide safety
  • High strength suspension mountain bike
  • Fast charging capability
  • Not easy to carry
  • Non-foldable

AVANTREK Cybertrack 200 Electric Bike for Adults with 1.5X Faster Charge

AVANTREK Cybertrack Powerful 500W Folding EBike

Motor Power: 500W
Top Speed: 28 MPH
Travel Range: 50 miles
Maximum Weight Capacity: 265 pounds
Wheel Size: 20 inches
Warranty: 1 year

I purchased AVANTREK Cybertrack 200 Ebike a few months ago. I charged up the battery and took it for riding in my yard. This bike has everything that I hoped for. I do photography on trails and plan to use it in the woods.

After being comfortable, I ride down our steep gravel driveway. Its brakes were good, and the pedal assist mode was perfect. I also rode it to our church and enjoyed every single moment while riding it. I travel almost 30 miles on it on the first day of arrival, and it is still doing perfectly.

Powerful Battery

AVANTREK Cybertrack 200 Ebike has a great feature of a removable battery hidden in the center frame. I remove it to charge it once, and it ends almost after a week. After charging it, it can be fixed again and locked with a key for safe storage.

Powerful and Safe Motor

Its 500W brushless motor and 55Nm torque reduce the stress on my thighs and knees while riding. This Electric Bike helps everyone to conquer hills and inclines more efficiently. Its powerful motor always provides immense pleasure with its fast and safe speed.

Convenient LCD Display

Its intuitive and readable LCD keeps me updated about its speed, distance traveled, battery, and many more. The LCD display visualizes my riding data and provides me with navigation with more fun and confidence.

  • Its front gears strongly help you in climbing hills
  • Fat tires are super floaty and bouncy that protects from bumping
  • Its powerful battery only needs to be charged once a week
  • It has a perfectly working assistance mode
  • Its seat is so narrow and hard
  • It is a little heavier than other bikes

HOTEBIKE Powerful Off Road Longest Range Electric Bike With Rechargeable Battery

HOTEBIKE Powerful 350W Off Road Electric Bike For Males

Range: 80 km
Speed: 30 km
Wheel: 27.5 inches
Battery: 36v / 10 AH
Gearing: 21-speed shifter
Charge time: 4 hours
Motor: 350W brushless motor
Working modes: 3

There are multiple bikes in the market that are long-distance touring specialists. But none of them will be as good as Hotebike is. Hotebike has produced a powerful electric motorcycle. A bike that is not just powerful can also cover the long distance in a single charge. Hotebike is the best electric bike for long distance touring. Here are its features and benefits.

Best Electric Bike for Long Distance Touring

Hotebike electric bike is a pure mountain bike. I have used many electric bikes in the 350w category. But his brushless 350w motor by Hotebike makes this electric bike a special one. I visited different road tracks of mountains with this bike. It was a pleasure to ride such a great mountain bike. 350w brushless motor is a true power generator for a mountain bike.

More importantly, 36v battery performance is indefinite. I visited different mountain tracks on the same day with the same charging. And I was surprised that this is the same as the company itself tells it. I would love to call it the best electric bike for long distance touring without any doubt.

Off Road Longest Range

Hotebike is a new competitor in the market. I have tried different new generation electric bikes for my off-roading passion. None of them was as good as Hotebike. Hotebike is undoubtedly having an extremely technical team at its backend. This ride is so smooth, even for the off-road track.

It has many supportive features, such as PAS. Pedal assisting mode is perfect for off-road routes. It also has a 21-speed shifter gearing technology. This technology makes it swifter on the off-road tracks. The best part is its battery performance.

Not many electric bikes can have a long run in challenging off-road terrain. But the Hotebike has something special in it. It should be listed on top of electric bikes off road longest range.

Hidden Battery and Other Advanced Features

Hotebike is not like a traditional electric bike. It has added many advanced features to it. These advanced features will surely attract a young audience. They have added a remote battery system. The hidden battery can also be safe from rainwater. A hidden battery is good for safety from thieves also.

Other advanced features include the most advanced form of the brake system. The gearing system is also supported by 21-speed shifter advanced technology. Battery performance makes it invincible. It is indeed the best electric bike for long distance touring.

  • High tech hidden battery
  • Brushless motor and intelligent gearing technology
  • Fat tires and standard wheel
  • Digital Display with Aluminum alloy frame
  • Front and rear mechanical Tektro disc brake
  • LCD display and LED headlights
  • For adults only

Eahora Azarias 100 Mile Longest Range Electric Bike

Eahora Azarias (750W) Powerful EBike For Heavy Peoples

Range: 90+ Miles
Speed: 32 Mph
Speed Gears: 7
Frame: Aluminium alloy
Wheel size: 26 inches
Battery: 18 Ah / 48 Volts
Motor: 750 Watts
Riding Modes: 3
Tire: 20 x 3 inches

Electric bikes are a very savvy method of traveling nowadays. More importantly, I looked very cool while riding this electric bike by Eahora Azarias. Eahora Azarias is one of the finest electric bikes in the market. It is a cheapest long range electric bike. More importantly, it is called the best electric bike for long distance touring. The reason is that it has a long range for traveling in a single charge. This bike is a friend in hard times, honestly.

Highest Range Electric Bike

I always love to ride an electric bike. But this electric bike by Eahora Azarias is the best electric bike I have ever ridden. It has many supportive features in it. Especially the best quality is its long-range. Eahora Azaria’s electric bike is our list’s highest range electric bike.

Clearly, it is stated that it has a long-range of 90+ miles. This 100 mile range electric bike can complete your wish of having a 100 mile range electric bike in specific scenarios if you ride at moderate speed and with moderate weight and moderate surface.

Longest Range Electric Folding Bike

I have purchased many top-notch electric bikes in my life so far. But believe me, there is no one like Eahora Azaria’s electric bike. I call it the longest-range electric folding bike with many added features. One of the features is folding and carrying it easily.

No one can simultaneously imagine an electric bike with a vast range and foldable options. Its folding option makes it easy to carry. I carried it to the tenting in the mountains. And I realized that this longest-range electric folding bike is the best for long-range in a single charge.

48 Volts Removeable battery with lock

Eahora Azaria has launched its highest range electric bike with a high-quality battery. Battery is vital part in the performance of most extended-range electric bikes. A high-tech 48V battery supports it. The battery is removable, so that makes it easier to carry. More importantly, it has a battery lock which makes it invincible. A battery lock can prevent the terror of theft.

  • Highest range electric bike
  • Dependable and swift ride
  • Fat tires and high tech battery with battery lock
  • Possess powerful motor to run smoothly
  • Hill climbing power and range variation
  • High tech bike for adults only
What’s the point of an electric bike?

There are different reasons to have an electric bike. It will help you to get quick as compared to conventional bicycles. It has different modes that will help you ride faster and ride uphill.

How fast can electric bikes go?

It depends on the weight, technology, tires, and motor size. Fast electric bikes with heavy motors can go up to 90 km per hour.

Why can’t they go faster?

An electric bike cannot go much faster because it is an electric bicycle. IT means that it is an updated version of a conventional pedal bicycle. Some people confuse it with a motorcycle.

How long can electric bikes run?

The range of the electric bike relies on the size of the battery. A good and best electric bike can ride up to 1000 miles per hour. This makes it a fast-running electric motorcycle that is not easy to handle.

What is PAS?

PAS means pedal assist mode. A pedal-assist method helps you to pedal in harsh conditions. A pedal-assist way is preferred for riding uphill or dirt mountain off-road track.

Buying Guide for the Cheapest Long Range Electric Bike

There are some things that you should see before buying a 100 mile range electric bike. These points of buying guide are gathered with due diligence by our experts. Have a look at them in detail.

Long Range

A must thing you should look at before buying an electric bike is long-range. Long-range bikes are expert bikes. They will not disturb you by charging again and again. An excellent electric bike should cover the maximum distance in a single charge.

Fat Tires

Secondly, fat tires are necessary for every electric bike. Most electric bikes are preferred for mountain trails. So fat tires are required in this. You should look for a size of 20 to 26 inches.

Working Modes

A bike should have three different working modes. Different working modes will give you a feeling of a versatile electric motorcycle. There are three modes: human resources mode, pure electric mode, and PAS (Pedal assisting mode).

Removable Battery

You should buy an electric bike with a removable battery option. A removable battery can prevent the theft probability.

Brushless Motor

There are several motor sizes available in the market. But one thing is mandatory. A brushless motor technology is accepted as the only compatible technology for electric bike motors.

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