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The dirt roads, grassy land, and inclines are not easy to be covered with the scooter, but if it is one of the all terrain mobility scooters then you can have a great exploration of your trip. Plus it can benefit you without increasing the air pollution in the atmosphere due to not releasing harmful fumes.

The best off road mobility scooter requires charging the battery according to the device. Off road Personal transportation has been made easier with this off road electric mobility scooter. These are affordable and you can operate them easily. You can make your way in traffic openly. No concerns about finding out the parking! Due to the fact of its lesser occupying space, you can park them conveniently in the parking lane.

We have selected the best electric off road mobility scooters for you. Let’s decide which one is the best for your next ride!

Personally, I am a big supporter and promoter of EVs. As a traveler, I always carry my electric ride to keep journey comfortable anywhere in the world. I came here online on this platform to give you my personal experience and other user’s reviews of all used products.


Market Analysis

5 Heavy Duty All Terrain Mobility Scooters

Most heavy duty all terrain mobility scooters have 4 wheels and are easy to drive down the freeway. You can enjoy the ride on sandy beaches and pebbles too. You can travel on large rocks like a dream. You can ride on this lightweight off road mobility scooters with your pets when they run on sand.

You can easily travel not only urban areas but also steeper hills. Even disabled people can use these off road disability scooters flexibly. There are many sorts of these vehicles for off road mobility in the market. We have collected the 5 best folding mobility scooters off-road. Must read and choose the good one for you!


EV Rider Transport S19M EZ Off Road Electric 4 Wheel Scooter

EV Rider Transport

11.5 AH lithium battery
270 watt 4 pole motor
10 to 15 miles range per charge
Weigh only 44lbs
8″x 2 flat-free drive wheels
7″ x 1.6″ flat-free front wheels
16″ fish on style seat

What if you get an automatic folding electric scooter off road which is available in one year extended warranty. Of course, you will feel great! We are talking about EV Rider transport S19 M EZ mobility scooter. EV riders always commit to quality assurance. It is possible due to providing the best customer services by the workers.

It shows that the company works with highly trained people. They are known for supplying the best battery-operated means of transportation. The company presents you with the ultra-lightweight off road mobility scooter. Let’s come deep inside the product!

Exceptional Functions

It pays you back with automatic folding and unfolding with the functioning of the remote control.  Only 3 steps and you will fold it that will occupy less space. It is guaranteed for one year that means you can buy it without any worry. This all terrain mobility scooter reviews leave behind the others in popularity.


You can carry it to your home, offices, or even in elevators with no sweat. It does not acquire much space in your home. You can put it upright in the closet or any corner. It has an 11.5 AH lithium battery that promises optimum services. It is the most ultra-lightweight off road mobility scooter.

Great Stability

The off road power scooter is powered by 270 watts 4 pole motor and its front ends are articulated. LED headlights verify your safety, especially in hours of darkness drives. You can adjust its height. It has the key ignition that starts and stops the vehicle efficiently. A dual-hand two-way throttle control provides you relief in your ride.

Battery and Range

It has 8.7 AH lithium batteries. It has a 10 to 15 miles range per charge. It has only 44 pounds of weight and has a compact size. That is only 17.3” x 16.5” x28.7”. It is the best possible option for roaming. None of the transport for off road mobility can beat this product!

Additional Features

The cheap off road scooters have 8” x 2 flat-free drive wheels; 7 x 1.6” flat-free front wheels and 16” fish on the style seat that keep you untroubled during the journey. There is a digital display to have an eye on the ride.

The seat can be removed. It has a unique design and unusual folding concept. It has front and rear lights to be confident in the traffic.

  • Automatic folding and unfolding options
  • One-touch on the remote control can change the settings.
  • One year extended warranty gives the confidence to buy.
  • It is easy to carry around.
  • Ultra-lightweight makes it portable.
  • Great stability is its plus point.
  • Front and rear lights provide safety.
  • Digital display and unique design
  • The removable seat is comfortable.
  • Sometimes circuit does not work well
  • Should be budget-friendly

Vive 4wd Off Road Mobility Scooter

all terrain favorite

Vive 4wd Off Road scooter

Support 265 pounds weight
8-inch tires
Maximum speed 3.7 mph
12.4 miles per charge range
15.75-inch seat
5 year limited warranty

Vive Health is a company that aids in a better life. They care when people are injured and towards recovery. They give them the self-confidence to go places on off road personal transport. The company is prominent for unique design products which are actually for the caring aims.

Their products are 100% protected as well as the customer services suggest solutions to your problems. You can try their 4 wheel mobility scooters for the senior figures in your family.

The 4wd off road mobility scooter provides you the easy maneuvers smooth indoor and outdoor surfaces.  Going forward, we will come to know about it more.

Safely Navigate Smooth Surfaces

Smooth indoor surfaces and rough outdoor areas can be covered with this best off road mobility scooter. It gives you a more comfortable and easy trip. It has 65pounds of weight and it is durable and safe.

It has all-terrain tires which have flat-free material. It can run 23.7 meters per hour speed and can cover 12.4 miles per charge. I know you want to read about it more thoroughly.

Comfortable Seating

The comfortable seat provides you with gentle posture and support during the ride. Its seat can rotate and allow you easy to step off or step on without having back pain. So you can buy it for the senior citizens.

You can correct the altitude of the seat according to your comfort. The best off road mobility scooters for adults are surrounded by padded arm sets which are adjustable and convenient while sitting.

Easy to Transport

You can quickly assemble or disassemble the scooter in four separate pieces. It is portable and your journey will be comfortable when you keep it with you. It is removable and it can be folded. You can put it in the closest and also in the cupboards. The off road mobility scooter with tracks weighs only 29 pounds.

Intuitive Control Panel

The Control panel of the off road electric 4 wheel scooter allows you to set the speed. You can change your direction from forward to reverse or turn on the headlights just like you do on your bike.

The digital display also shows you a color-coded battery life indicator. That is why this best off road mobility scooter reviews the first-rate among the customers.

Vive Guarantee

As we mentioned above, the company is very watchful about delivering the perfect caring products, it gives you warranty claim opportunities. The five-year warranty gives you the perfect confidence for buying this 4×4 mobility scooter. It is made especially for disabled and the senior citizens. Now they are no more depending on you to travel!

  • It is easily maneuvered over smooth surfaces.
  • It is a four-wheeled mobility scooter.
  • It makes sure comfort and ease.
  • Safety support is a priority.
  • It is a durable vehicle.
  • Easy-grip tires contribute to safety.
  • Comfortable seating does not allow for bad posture.
  • Folding choices get easy to transport.
  • The Control panel has a battery life indicator.
  • 5-year warranty claims no worries.
  • Should be affordable

Atto Folding Mobility Scooter Off Road

Atto Folding Mobility

Maximum weight of 220 lbs
Drive up to 4 meters per hour
10 mph single charge
3-year warranty
Lithium battery

Moving life is the company that provides you with life convenience keys. It delivers the serving choices for the busy schedules of the citizens. Its mobility scooter has no match with any other brand.

The best off road mobility scooter is robot-like and fulfill on the specification of modern gadget. Mainly this off road power scooter is compatible with any automobile. It is eye-catching and has a distinctive design.

Portable and Foldable

The mobility scooter can be folded and maintained small in size, that you can put it in the suitcase. You can split it into two because it has two major segments. It is easy to transport and storage. The mobility scooter off road tyres is for use on rough terrain. So be patient, it will not deceive you on rugged surfaces.

Airline Approved

The lightweight off road mobility scooter can be put in the airplane when you are traveling by air. It is lightweight with a lithium battery and it is approved to be safe for traveling.

It can be segmented into smaller pieces that can fit easily in the airplane storage compartment. When you make plans for vacation, don’t forget to put them with your luggage!

Sleek design

The best outdoor mobility scooter is very much stylish and eye-catching. Everyone likes its design. It can hold up to 20 pounds of weight and it can take speed up to 4 meters per hour. If you charge it fully then you can travel up to 10 miles. You can freely turn it many times during your ride.


The off road electric 4 wheel scooter has 3 years limited warranty for the frame of the vehicle. The 2 years warranty for electronics is given. A one-year warranty for the drive terrain motor and batteries can be claimed.

You can file the warranty claim for the battery within this period. The mobility scooter off road top gear is its Lithium battery and the good thing is its warranty.

Additional Specs

The off road mobility scooter for adults is durable and is optimized for traveling. It has the FD safety certification.  Safety is the main idea behind its manufacturing. It has anti-flat airless tires.

You can store anything under the seat. You can correct the seat height on three levels. This mobility lightweight folded scooter can be put into your backpack on your flight. You can put the arm sets on the chair for your relaxed trip.

  • It is portable and lightweight.
  • Foldable design occupies less space.
  • Easy transport and storage for sure.
  • It gives you company in safe air travel.
  • Stylish and eye-catching design appeals to all.
  • Warranty claims benefit you more.
  • High in price
  • Available in one color only

EV Rider Folding Travel Mobility Scooter

The folding travel mobility scooter provides you with a simple and comfortable ride. You can fold it when not in use and unfold it manually when you want a trip. It is the perfect transportable for old and weak people.

It has all the great characteristics to welfare the user. It is easy to use for the mobility purposes of the disabled and the old gentleman. Watch out for its benefits!

EV Rider Folding Scooter

42 pounds weight
11.5 AH rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Narrow space with 31 inches turning radius
3.8 meter per hour maximum speed
Range 10 miles


The best off road mobility scooter has only 42 pounds of weight. It has an 11.5 AH rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can fold it or unfold it manually and can easily travel with it into trains, cruise ships, and planes. You can put the all terrain mobility scooters in the closest or at the side corner with no trouble.


It can be easily stored practically anywhere. You can fit it in the chest of any trunk. Traveling too far from a place is easier with it. Just fold it and keep it at the back of any automobile. You don’t feel its weight surely. It is only 17.3 x 16.5 x 28.7 inches that is much smaller than any other vehicle.

Tight Turning Radius

You can turn with this mobility scooter off road tires beyond any doubt. It will turn in narrow spaces with a 31-inch turning radius. The best off road mobility scooter reviews are highly rated among the rest of the vehicles.


The lithium-ion battery provides you 3.8 mph maximum speed.  The 4×4 mobility scooter can travel up to 10 miles per charge. That is easy to control for long distances. Your grandparents do not get stuck in the middle of the road thanks to its high power.

Safety features

The mobility scooter off road tires is puncture-proof. It has LED headlights and an adjustable tiller. You can correct the seat position according to your convenience. The key ignition provides you with a good on and off the vehicle. The dual-hand two-way throttle control can give you comfort during your excursion.

  • It is ultra-lightweight.
  • It can fold for the travel experience.
  • Easily stored in tight places.
  • Easily maneuver in narrow spaces.
  • It has a long drive range.
  • LED headlight and height-adjustable tiller.
  • Dual hand two-way throttle control.
  • Puncture-proof tires are the surety of all terrain.
  • A seat cushion is needed.
  • Must be on a budget

EWheels EW Cheap Off Road Scooter

Ewheels is the distributor of high-performance electric scooters. It supplies the best cheap off road scooters. Its products are free of emission. Its aim is to provide the best means of transport to its customers. The lightweight travel electric battery provides you mobility around the home and outdoors too.

The mobility scooter off road tires is unique in design. The performance of the best off road mobility scooter is unrivaled.  Identifying its benefits, you will have a decision to buy.

EWheels EW

13 meter per hour speed
35 miles of range
85W maintenance-free high torque hub motor
48 volt 12 AH battery
Weight capacity 260 pounds
3 years warranty
16 inch traded tires

Mobility Anywhere

This mobility scooter off road top gear is perfect for outdoor or indoor mobility targets. It is lightweight and has a 48-volt 12AH battery. It charges the scooter on and off. You can go anywhere and enjoy yourself on beaches, rocky areas, and up hills.   

Powerful Design

The off road personal transport has a powerful design with a three-speed powered capability. It can reach up to 30 mph ranges up to 35 miles. It can hold a load of 400 lbs. The turning radius provides you 73°. It is made up of steel and aluminum.  It is the best outdoor mobility scooter.

Safety First  

The safety is provided by a LED console with a twisted throttle handle. It is easy to read the speed and mileage. The battery info is updated. The non-slip deck and adjustable seat provide you with safety and comfort at maximum speed. It is a heavy duty all terrain mobility scooter.

Built-in storage  

The seat of the electric mobility scooter off road is attached to the rear basket. Under-seat storage is an exceptional feature of the gadget. It helps you to keep various items of your use. You can go shopping and save the shopping bags in the compartment. Its storage is out of danger and worth the money.


The mobility scooter off road tires is 16-inch in diameter. It makes it better to keep the faith on rugged surfaces. The bright front LED headlights can make your ride safe during the night. The signals turn can provide you safety turning point. The brake lights, side running lights, and side-view mirror endow with perfect safety and visibility to the backward traffic and possible risk.

  • Power core technology equipped.
  • Maintenance-free high torque hub motor.
  • A Rechargeable sealed acid battery is great.
  • It offers an extended ride time.
  • You get better balance control.
  • It is safer and stable.
  • Lightweight flat-free solid tires are guaranteed safety.
  • Hand-operated front brake for the sudden stop.
  • High in price

Feature to Look

How to Buy the Best Buy Mobility Scooters?

The selection of mobility scooters can be complicated because of not researching the products. Because you want to buy it for senior citizens, disabled people, or for your comfort then you will have to go through some qualities of the mobility scooters.

We have mentioned here some best characteristics which you need to consider before buying the best off road mobility scooter.


The all terrain off-road scooter is the best for your riding experience. It will go farther where you want it to run. It should have better miles per charge range. It should be covered with unforeseen resistance coming into the way.

The mobility scooter off road tyres should be puncture-free and airless so that they direct better on rough terrain roads.

Satisfying Lifestyle:

The electric mobility scooters are made to provide you with a better lifestyle in order for your comfort and the safety of the environment. Because it does not release hazardous fumes so the oxygen around the environment is fairer. 

The other automobiles exert fumes of toxic fuels. You must buy the gadget by keeping this main aspect in your preference.

Battery and Range:

It should have a good battery which can provide you with better mileage and which will charge quickly. The range of the mobility scooter must be good because when you want to travel a long ride, then you need to charge it on and off. It is not fine for your long journey.

Also, if some handicapped travel on it, he is not able to get down from it and then charge it along the way. So, consider this point very important before buying it.

Seating Type:

The seat of the mobility scooter should be comfortable enough to sit and the arm sets should adjust according to your convenience. So you cannot feel the back or neck pain while sitting on it.

If it is adjustable then it will be the plus point of the 4×4 mobility scooter. You are not going to have a poor posture because of the uncomfortable seat that may be a cause of injury or surgery in the future.


If your mobility scooter has storage compartments then what else do you want more? When you are on a journey, you may need any of the specific medicines or first aid. It is great if you keep them with you. If you go shopping then you can put your shopping bags into it. If you are going to your office, you can put your office accessories there.

Some vehicles have a cup holder for holding the cup of your beverage vertically straight during your journey. If it is also present in your favorite off road power scooter, then just enjoy fresh juices!

Safety Precautions:

The off road mobility scooters are designed for your safety because the adults and the senior citizens must have better safety options. It is designed with that thing in consideration. Disabled people can also feel comfortable while riding on it without using their disability as a weak point of balancing it. The all terrain mobility scooter reviews must be top-rated.

Budget Friendly:

Indeed buying products should be budget-friendly. If you want to buy it for your mobility purpose then you won’t be going with an expensive one. You don’t know about the terrain roads and other risks involved in riding on them. So choose the best cheap off road scooters!



We will recommend the VIVE 4wd off road mobility scooter because it is a powered wheelchair device that is compatible with the travel of the elderly and the disabled. The people can feel safe sitting on it. It gives you comfort and eases to travel.
It is designed to support 265 pounds of weight. All the accessories of this 4×4 mobility scooter are durable. The mobility scooter off road tires is comfortable and flat-free. It can cover a 3.7 meter per hour speed. The comfortable seat provides you with risk-free back pain.
You can transport it easily either you are traveling by train or by air. It weighs only 29 pounds that is comfortable to carry in your backpack or any closet. You can control all the functions by the control panel which indicates the battery life. The 5 years limited warranty gives you the confidence to purchase it right now!

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