10 Best Electric Bikes for Tall and Short Riders [Review 2024]

The world has wasted enough money on petrol and gas vehicles. The world is changing in a quick time. People want to have a budget and eco-friendly ride for their daily routine works. Especially for the short and busy commutes, people across the globe want eco-friendly vehicles.

This has increased the demand for electric bikes across the globe. Electric bikes are the best way of short commuting in this era. Also, electric bikes have different riding modes that can help us in different scenarios. The pure electric mode can help in an emergency. Pedal-assist mode helps us to stay fit.

Electric bikes have come the world by storm in the last few years. Manufacturers are introducing advanced technologies day by day. The electric bike market is extending speedily across the globe. Also, with the different online trustworthy platforms, virtual shopping has become an absolute truth now. When electric bikes are becoming a new trend in the market, it creates different queries.

Especially if you are tall, you will wonder which electric bike is made for you. The same is the case with short height people. If you are a short-height person, you will be wondering which bike is best for short guys. To all short and tall people interested in buying electric bikes for themselves, relax. Our tech team has gathered the best big and tall electric bikes for you people.

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes for Tall and Short Riders

Tall and short people usually have many queries in their minds while purchasing the electric bike. They are suitable with their questions. Many technical things that can help short and tall riders in selecting the electric bike are discussed by our technical team. There are specific wheel size, motor, power, battery, and frame requirements for tall and short riders. Our top 10 products are best for tall and short people.

Best Recommended Product
In immense detail, we have discussed the best electric bikes for tall and short riders. We have also provided some critical buying points to simplify things for you. Suppose you are still confused about which bike you should buy according to your size.
Don’t worry, and our tech team is here to recommend you the best electric bike according to size. If you think which bike is best for short guys? Our recommendation is Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Best Electric Bike because of its brilliant features and specs, built quality, frame integrity and its riding experience in respect of tall and short riders.

NAKTO 350W City Commuter Electric Bike for Male & Female

NAKTO (18-22 MPH) Best Electric Bike for Tall Riders

Motor Power: 350W
Wheel Size: 25 Inches
Max Range: 45-60 miles
Top Speed: 18-22 MPH
Max Weight Capacity: 300+ pounds

Nakto Electric Bike for Adults is one of the few E-bikes that offer features and reliability at minimum cost. I tested it for a month and never felt it underpowered despite its 350 motors. Its amazing battery life and three riding modes will help people who commute daily to work or for leisure in the neighborhood.

Premium Build Quality

The Nakto electric bike has remarkable build quality. I liked its high-quality Carbon Steel Frame that gives durability and one of the best sock absorption abilities. I tried it on various terrains, and its performance didn’t disappoint me.

Power and Max Speed

Regarding motor power, the 350W motor is suitable for riding bikes in rough and hilly areas. Its high-speed brushless motor lets me travel at 18-22 MPH. I didn’t find any issues handling the terrain due to their fast acceleration and power.

Detachable Long-Lasting Battery

The Nakto lithium battery is 36V 10Ah which is detachable. During the testing ride, it traveled from 30 to 50 Miles with a single charge, which is impressive. There is a smart lithium battery charger, and you can charge it from any outlet.

Working Modes

With three assisting modes, the Nakto electric bike offers a diverse experience. It has electric, normal, and pedal modes for utilization in various conditions. I find that it is more enjoyable if you combine two modes at a time, like a pedal or twist mode, to get hours of enjoyment.

  • The affordable price makes it suitable for people looking for a budget electric bike
  • Its motor provides enough amount of power to ride through mountains
  • The battery life is excellent with assisted mode
  • It has various working modes to let you operate comfortably
  • It feels heavy due to its weight and requires more power to ride
  • The instructions for assembling are not clear

Heybike Race Plus 350W Motor Ebike For Tall People

Heybike Race Plus(20.5 mph) Best Foldable Electric Bike For Tall Riders

Wheel: 27.5 Inches
Motor: 750w
Gearing: 7 Speed
Top Speed: 28.5 Mph
Battery: 48V 12.5AH lithium
Range: 31-40 Miles
Rider Height: 5’4″-6’4″
Max Load: 264 Lbs

This bike is among the best electric bikes for tall riders. One of the main reasons is its height and weight capacity. This electric bike has a 27.5 inches wheel size. A 27.5-inch wheel with fat tires for off-roading makes it the perfect ebike for tall riders.

Not many electric bikes in the market can offer this top-notch feature for tall riders. This electric bike has a handlebar length of 39 inches. That makes it ideally sized for tall people, even if they are more than 6 feet in size.

All-Terrain Electric Bike

It is one of the finest electric bikes with many advanced features. One feature that makes it the best electric bicycle for tall riders is its tires. This bike has fat tires with a diameter of 27.5 inches.

Fat tire means it is the bike for all-terrain. It can ride off-road tracks also. It can climb the mountains with you. Also, this electric bike has a top-class front suspension. Front suspension is adjustable as per requirement. Suspension is a shock absorber for a pleasant ride.

Not many electric bikes in the market are made for tall riders. It needs a specially built frame that can be adjusted according to the size of riders. Tall riders usually feel uncomfortable riding standard-sized electric bikes.

This electric bike will take you by shock because it has a stunning height recommendation. The rider can ride this electric bike with a minimum of 5 feet and 4 inches and a maximum of 6 feet and 4 inches. 6 feet 4 inches height recommendation makes it the best ebike for tall riders.

  • Long Handlebar and Big Wheel Size
  • Perfect for Tall People covering All Terrain
  • Special Suspension and High-Speed Motor
  • Fast Charging with Huge Load Capacity
  • Only for Tall People

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Plus Folding Best Electric Bike For Short Person

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Plus (18.6 Mph) EBike For Short People

Wheel: 16 Inches
Riding Modes: 3
Range: 18.6 Miles
Motor: 350W
Top Speed: 18.6 Mph
Battery: 36V Li-ion
Charge Time: 3-4 Hours
Material: Aluminum Alloy

Short riders face different issues while riding a standard-sized electric bike. They should not be worried about that anymore. This electric bike is perfectly made to provide a pleasant ride to short riders. This bike has a wheel size of 16 inches only. It means that it can provide the most leisurely rides to people with short heights.

Short-height people are also comfortable with 20 inches wheels. A 16 inches wheel is like the cherry on top of that. Also, the tires of this beautiful electric bike are good enough to maintain complete control for short riders.

Quick and Easy Folding Material

This bike is made of pure aluminum alloy. This aluminum alloy is molded especially into the shape of a foldable electric bike. The frame of aluminium alloy is usually a long-running frame.

It will not get rusty in any weather whatsoever. This frame will also save you from getting into a fatal accident. It is made to be foldable. A straightforward method of folding is mentioned for your better understanding. It will be folded with perfect dimensions to take on any car or truck for a picnic.

Powerful Motor and Battery

This bike is counted among the best ebikes for shorter riders. There are multiple reasons behind this claim. One of these reasons is a perfect size bike with a powerful motor. This electric bike has installed a decently powered motor of 350w in it as it is small in size and light in weight.

A 350W motor will work perfectly in this electric bike. It can gain the top speed of 18.6 Miles for specific scenarios. Also, this electric bike has a removable lithium battery of 36v. This battery will provide enough power to 350w motor for its better working.

  • Removable Lithium Battery and Powerful Motor
  • Front and Rear disc Brake
  • Perfect Wheel Size and Thick Tires
  • Pedal Assist Mode helps easy going
  • Only recommended for short-height riders and Children.

TotGuard 500W Electric Motorcycle For Tall Riders With 48V Battery

TotGuard (21.6 MPH) Electric Bike For Tall Man

Wheel: 27 Inches
Motor: 500w
Battery: 48V 10Ah
Top Speed: 21.6 Mph
Range: 65 Miles
Battery: 48V
Tires: 27 x 4.0 inches
Ride Modes: 3
Gears: 7-speed Shimano
Seat Height: 2.96-3.61 ft

This electric bike is like a wish come true for every tall rider. Not just it has a 26 inches diameter wheel. It is also having a 4 inches fat tires. That makes it the perfect mountain bike for tall riders as per their requirement.

The thing doesn’t end here. The best addition to this bike is a folding electric bike for tall man. You can fold it to a size of 3.45×2.3×3.2 ft and put it at the back of your car or truck.

Various Riding Modes

This bike comes with many features like a massive size for tall people, foldable, etc. That doesn’t mean it cannot have advanced features like other bikes. A folding electric bike for tall man has three different riding modes.

Performance depends on the mode you are riding. Three modes are named Pedal-assist mode, Manual Pedalling mode, and pure electric mode.

Powerful Motor

This bike has a powerful motor of 500w installed in it. The motor will give you enough power to ride at a top speed of 21.6 Miles per hour. This top speed is proof that the motor can provide the power as per requirement.

The specially designed battery has a special protection feature. It will not be get affected by light rain also. These features make it the best folding electric bike for tall man.

MICLON Cybertrack 100 Mountain Electric Bike For Short Female

MICLON Cybertrack 100 (20 mph) Mountain EBike For Short Riders

Wheel: 26 Inches
Motor: 350w
Top speed: 20 Mph
Battery: 36V / 10.4 Ah
Range: 30-37 Miles
Charging; 2X Fast
Ride Modes: 3
Torque: 50 NM
Charge Time: 3 Hours
Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Load Capacity: 309 Lbs

The best electric bikes for tall riders come with high standard specs. I would recommend it as the best electric bike for a tall man because it has a 26 inches wheel size. A 26 inches wheel comes with a frame of almost the same height.

It means that it will not hurt the tall riders during their ride. Their long legs aren’t an issue anymore. They will feel comfortable with this bike ride.

High Tech Battery

This electric bike is best for many reasons. One of the reasons is the high-tech battery installed in it. It has a battery of 36v in it that can provide a power of 10 Ah at a time.

It will give enough power to the motor to work in a quick time. Also, this battery can be charged fully in just 3 hours. It has an extended range of 37 miles. Its battery makes it dependable in every scenario.

350W BAFANG Motor

It comes with a powerful motor of 350w in it. A 350w motor is good enough to gain the top speed of 20 mph in a short time. The motor is a specially designed BAFANG brushless motor.

A brushless motor of 350w can create the torque of 50 NM easily. That is the reason it can manage the load capacity of 309 lbs. 309 lbs are not found in electric bicycles for tall riders. These are the best electric bikes for tall riders.

  • Large Wheel and frame
  • BAFANG Motor and Fast Charging
  • Long Range and Shock Absorber
  • Various Riding Modes
  • Not for Short Height People.

ANCHEER 250W Best Foldable Electric Bike For Tall Riders

ANCHEER (15-17 Mph) Electric Bike For Very Tall Man

Motor Power: 250W
Wheel Size: 26 Inches
Max Range: 15-30 miles
Top Speed: 15-17 MPH
Max Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
Warranty: 12 months

One of the best electric bikes for tall and short rides does not need an expensive price tag. It is where Ancheer AE2 electric bike excels from the competition. I tried it for my friends and me to test against height difference, giving satisfying results.

Durable Build Quality

If you want a unique and cool bike, ANCHEER electric bike is good to pick for you. I love it because its foldable ergonomic frame and integrated wheels add a classier look to its design. The lightweight aluminum frame with excellent shock absorption power.

Powerful Battery and Better Range

The lithium-ion battery of 288WH gives a 15 to 30 miles range at a speed of 15-17MPH with a single charge. It will charge in 4 to 6 hours, which is good enough to enjoy the ride for several hours. I got satisfying results regarding mileage after testing it for a few weeks.

Portable and Lightweight

Its aluminum alloy frame is foldable and allows you to bring it where you want. I tried putting the bike in a compact space, which fit like a charm. The folding mechanism allows for compact storage in the backside of a car or truck for enjoying rides during the picnic or holidays.

Adjustable Handlebar Height

It has an adjustable handlebar. If you want an aggressive ride, a longer stem will give you a stretch position. While for a comfortable ride, the short length of the stem is perfect. With a bit of adjustment of the handlebar, you will get the comfortable zone your desire.

  • It provides a comfortable and reliable ride
  • It has very excellent build quality with re-defined and tuned gears
  • Headlights are bright enough to enlighten your way in low light
  • In this price range, the battery and motor power are perfect
  • I find a problem with fully utilizing its throttle after use for a few months
  • The battery’s position may also mess up the alignment

Jasion EB7 48V Best Fat Fire Electric Bike For Short Female

Jasion EB7 (20 Mph) Electric Bike For Short Adults

Motor Power: 500W
Wheel Size: 20 Inches
Max Range: 20-40 miles
Top Speed: 20 MPH
Max Weight Capacity: 300+ pounds
Warranty: 2 years

In my search for the perfect electric bike, I came across Jasion EB7 2.0 electric bike for adults. I decided to try it for a few weeks and found it worth including in my best electric bikes for tall and short riders review. It has excellent comfort and security features to let you commute safely on the road.

Durable and Reliable

The Jasion EB7 electric bike has an aluminum alloy frame with a reliable and durable build. Its 20-inch fat tires gave me an excellent grip on the surface and brilliant shock absorption ability. The tires are puncture-free, and the front suspension fork can absorb up to 80mm bumps.

Foldable and Portable

The Jasion EB7 e-bike is foldable, including the upper tube, pedals, and handlebar stem. During my commute, I have no difficulty folding the bike and bringing it with me on subways and cars, and I even store it in small places. Its lightweight, portable, and foldable features make it my good travel companion.

Quick Charge and Excellent Range

The EB7 contains a waterproof detachable battery suitable for rainy days. Its 48V 10Ah lithium-ion battery comes with a range of 20 to 40 miles on a single charge. Due to its removable battery, I could quickly charge it from my home and office outlets.

Safety features

I found some exciting safety features in Jasion EB7 electric bike. It has rear and front mechanical disc brakes giving you peace of mind during the ride. There are adjustable rear and front headlights, which helped me see in the dark during the night commute.

  • There is a color LCD to show you the bike statistics
  • The powerful motor provides an excellent ride on hills
  • Front and rear suspension springs give a comfortable ride
  • The disc brake system is very efficient in providing stopping power
  • I find that the seat is not comfortable due to its small size
  • There is no rear cargo rack to keep things

ECOTRIC Cheetah 500W Fat Tire Electric Bike For short Person

ECOTRIC Cheetah (21 Mph) Electric Bike For Short People

Wheel: 26 Inches
Motor: 350W
Battery: 36V
Max Speed: 21 Mph
Gears: Shimano 7-Speed
Range: 40 Miles
Charging Time: 6-8 Hours
Ride Modes: 4
Tire Size: 26 x 1.95
Weight: 55 Lbs
Max Load: 198 Lbs

Tall riders usually feel hesitant in purchasing an electric bike for themselves due to their size issues. They don’t need to worry about the size anymore. This electric bike is perfectly built for tall riders.

It has a low seat with a high handlebar. The seat is also adjustable as per requirement. This electric bike comes with a giant wheel of 26 inches that makes it compatible with tall riders.

Various Riding Modes

Most electric bikes for tall riders come with 3 different riding modes. Namely PAS, Pedal, and Electric modes. This electric bike has 4 riding modes in total. You can try the traditional modes like Pedal-assist mode, manually pedaling mode and pure electric mode in it.

Additionally, you can experience the new and advanced riding mode introduced in this electric bike, namely the booster mode.

Powerful Motor for Tall Riders

This electric bike for very tall men is called the best electric motorcycle for tall riders due to its high-speed motor. It has a 350w motor installed in it. The motor is specially designed for compatibility with this electric bike.

It can attain the top speed of 21 mph in a quick time. Also, this electric bike has a dependable battery, and a 36v battery can give you the range of 40 miles on a single charge.

  • Large Wheel for Tall People and Puncture Resistant Tires
  • Standard Tire Width with High-Speed Gearing
  • Huge Mileage and perfect Top Speed
  • Best Load Capacity
  • Not for Very Tall People

Rattan 750W Folding Fat Tire EBikes For Tall & Short Riders

Rattan (23 Mph) Folding EBike For Short Petite Riders

Wheel: 20 Inches
Battery:  48V / 13 AH
LCD: 4.3 Inches
Gearing: 7 Speed
Motor: 750W
Suspension: Rear / Front
Size: LM 4.0
Range: Up to 45 Miles
Riding Modes: 3
Max Speed: 23 Mph
Brake: Disc 180 mm

Rattan LM 750 is the best electric bike for short person in the market. Many electric bikes are available in the market with a superior quality frame. None of them will be easily foldable as LM 750. This bike is made of pure aluminum of the highest grade.

The frame will not get rusted in any scenario whatsoever. The best part about this electric bike is that it is foldable. It is not easy to launch an electric bike with superior aluminum and an easy folding technique simultaneously.

Many electric bikes were unable to meet this requirement of riders. Short people will feel safest while riding this top-notch electric bike. Also, they can fold it quickly and put it in the back of your car or truck to visit some wonderful hiking parks.

20 Inches Wheel for Short Riders

Ebikes for shorter riders have their requirements and merits. Not every electric bike can be perfect for short-height people. The most important thing to watch before purchasing is a wheel of 20 inches. Wheel size is more than 20 inches might hurt you in the form of an accident. This electric bike has a wheel size of 20 x 4 inches.

The standard size of 20 inches is perfect for people with a height of 5 feet plus. This electric bike comes with fat tires of 4.0 inches. Fat tire helps give the pure pleasure of electric bike riding and give us a perfect grip for climbing.

Powerful Motor is Must

This best electric bike for short person has a powerful motor for high speed and long-range experience. Many electric bikes for short riders do not have a powerful motor. This is not the case with this electric bike. It has a high-class motor of 750W. A 750w motor will give the best experience of electric bikes to short riders.

This motor is a brushless technology motor. A brushless motor helps create better torque as compared to other technologies. A Brushless motor will produce less noise and work for a more extended period. A 750w brushless motor is a beautiful addition to make it the best electric bike for a short person.

  • Fat Tires and Disc Brakes
  • Brushless Powerful Motor for better performance
  • Pedal Assisting Mode with a Lithium Battery
  • Healthy Top Speed with perfect mileage
  • Perfect Wheel Size for riding
  • Not for riders less than 5 feet in height

Schwinn Marshall 250W Motor EBike For Heavy Riders

Schwinn Marshall (20 Mph) Best Electric Bike For Short Person

Wheel: 27.5 Inches
Motor: 250W
Top Speed: 20 mph
Range: 35 miles
Gears: 7 Speed
Rider Height: 4.8″- 6.4″
Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Max Load: 230 Lbs

Multiple electric bike manufacturers claim to have produced the best electric bike for short people. Schwinn Marshall is on top of them. Schwinn loop is a perfect-sized electric bike for short-height people. Its wheel size is perfect. It has a standard 27-inch wheel size.

1.95-inch width makes it perfect for short-height people as it will provide a perfect ride. It comes with recommended rider height of 4 feet 8 inches. This recommended size means it is perfect for short people. Its frame design and tires width make it the best electric bike for females.

Frame and Design

The next thing that matters most in deciding on an electric bike for short riders is the design and frame of the electric bike. This electric bike is prepared of aluminium. Aluminum alloy is specially blended to make this electric bike.

The frame is perfectly made for short-height people. This frame is called a step-through frame. A step-through frame is also great for short female riders. Also, this special aluminum is light in weight. A short-height person feels more comfortable while riding a lightweight electric bike.

7 Speed Gearing

This electric bike for short females is perfectly made from every aspect. It has a high-quality gearing system installed in it. This gearing system consists of 7-speed gears. These gears can be used as per the requirement of terrain. Also, this electric bike has three different riding modes for a better experience.

A pure electric mode can be used if you need high speed or are tired. A simple bicycle mode can also be used to try your legs strength. The best mode is the third mode, PAS. Every short-height person will love Pedal-assist mode.

  • Light Weight Frame design
  • Three Riding Modes and easily foldable
  • A good Height Recommendation
  • Standard wheel Size and High Tech Gearing
  • No fat tires mean no off-roading.

Buying Guides of Folding Electric Bike for Tall Man

Big and Tall electric bikes are claimed by every manufacturer nowadays. Not every bike that is claimed for tall riders will be perfect. We have gathered some technical points that will work as a buying guide to select short and tall electric bikes as per your requirement.

Wheel Size

The first and most crucial part of buying the best electric bike for tall and short riders is their wheel size. Electric bikes in the market are available in various wheel sizes. The wheel size of 16-20 inches is suggested for the short and very short riders. A 20-26 inches wheel size is suggested for tall and very tall riders.


Before purchasing a bike for short or tall riders, the next thing you should look into is a handlebar. The handlebar should be as long as the wheel size is. Nevertheless, it will become tough to ride the electric bicycle for tall riders.

Various Riding Modes

Every short and tall rider should buy an electric bike with full riding modes. At least 3 riding modes are mandatory for a pleasant ride. Electric bikes with more than 3 riding modes are also available in the market.

Powerful Motor

The next thing that matters in every electric bicycle for tall riders is a powerful motor. Various motor technologies are available in the market. Always try to purchase a bike with the compatible motor size of an electric bike.

Height Recommendation

Wheel size is a good way of selecting any electric bike for tall and short riders. Still, some manufacturers mention rider height separately. It’s better to tell the requirements of the bike as per your height.

How do I know what size electric bike to get?

As we have mentioned earlier, the electric bike varies according to size. If you are a short-height person, you should go for a 16-20 inches bike. A tall person should go for 26 inches bike.

Does frame size matter E-bike?

Frame size plays a vital role in choosing an electric bike. You should purchase an electric bike with a frame size compatible with their wheel sizes. Otherwise, it will result in back pain.

Is it worth getting a folding bike?

Yes, folding electric bikes are the best commuters nowadays. You can fold them with ease and can put them in the back of your car. This way, you can take your bike to camping areas or anywhere for a picnic.

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