3 Best Mobility Scooter Ramps | Guide How To Install

Keeping a mobility scooter is an accommodation when it concerns your transportation for short distances. Suppose it’s the time to travel with a mobility scooter on a long journey like in the car or any other automobile. In that case, the senior citizens are not able to carry the mobility scooter in their hands and put it at the backside for the van. If they want to go downstairs, they also need support that can quickly transfer their mobility scooter. 

For this purpose, the portable scooter ramp is used to make the transfer easy. These cheap mobility scooter ramps can be made of different materials like Aluminum, iron & wood. You will find the scooter ramp for home installed outside of some of the houses.

When you visit the hospital, you see a wheelchair or stretcher ramp there. It makes the transport of the patients without difficulty. The shopping malls also have ramps at the entrance to make the shipping of their products easy. 

Read the article carefully and choose the best ramp for you and your family members. Nobody is distressed supporting you to get you on your vehicle. We have selected the three best scooter ramps for pickup trucks to keep the mobility scooter inside it for your convenience.

Only Perfect Choices

3 Best Loading Ramps for Mobility Scooters

EZ-Access Lightweight Mobility Scooter Ramps

EZ Access delivers home care products to its consumers. They have broad marketing expertise in their business. They are well known for making the cheapest mobility scooter ramps. They give you accessibility and ramping solutions for multipurpose uses. Considering their ramps, we will discover their qualities in detail.

EZ-Access 3FT Lightweight Mobility Scooter Ramp

3″ tall ramp
Total weight 8 lbs
Weight capacity 700 lbs
Length 17 inches
Width 34 inches

Best Entry Ramp

This ramp creates a steady surface for the doorways at your home. You can add or remove it for a customizable fit. It is responsible to give you smooth and sturdy passage for your mobility scooter. You can keep the mobility scooter inside without a hitch.

The 3-inch tall feature provides you with the accessible entrance of your mobility scooter anywhere you want. It is manufactured of Aluminum which is lightweight and has a slip-resistant surface. It has only 8 lbs weight and can take a load of 700 lbs.

Easy Installation

This ramp can be added or removed easily with any porch of 75 inches to 325 inches. You can adjust an addition of 25 inches pivot flap attached at the top of the ramp for more convenient installation. They are premium quality scooter ramps for home.

Access Ramps

Newly developed items for your luxury lifestyle can make your life easier. When you get these best mobility scooter ramps for your home, you will feel relaxed analyzing about not worrying about carrying the load of your mobility scooter.

It provides you with perfect access to your goal. It can also be used as mobility scooter ramps for cars.

Increase Mobility and Security

You get confident when you are free to contact your mobility solutions. When you know that you can access your home or vehicle freely, you will feel no stress.  The feeling of security can never be explained in words.

This Aluminum scooter ramp does precisely what we are talking about. You can save your mobility scooter without any difficulty. It can also save you time. It is one of the best ramps for mobility scooters.

Ease of Portability

This ramp is light in weight, and it is portable. You can use it temporarily and permanently for the mobility solution. You can carry your mobility scooters to the entrance of the toilets and the porch of the car. The cheapest mobility scooter ramps have all the great features to benefit you more.

  • It is smooth and sturdy.
  • Made of high-strength lightweight Aluminum.
  • It is slip resistance.
  • You can install it anywhere you want.
  • It can make your living space easier.
  • It is a semi-permanent ramp
  • You can use it for vehicle and temporary needs.
  • Must be foldable
  • Must have a good height

ORFORD Non Skid Portable Aluminum Foldable Mobility Scooter Ramp

ORFORD is a company that is in search of exceptional mobility access items for its users. They are well known for using the best material in lightweight mobility scooter ramps. They manufacture the perfect flatter ramps which stick to the ground. They have a non-skid and anti-slipped surface. These are the best mobility scooter ramps for SUVs. Let’s discover the features and the benefits further.

ORFORD Non Skid 6FT Wheelchair Ramp

6 feet long
30.9 lbs weight
600 lbs load capacity
28.74 inches width
1.97 inches high

Sturdy and Non Slip

It is the best lightweight mobility scooter ramp that is suitable for cars, vans, SUVs, and other vehicles. Because of its nonslip paint finish and ribbed texture, it is durable. Its high tracts surface can be used in harsh weather conditions.

It provides you with a comprehensive platform that gives the maximum support and stability to your carriage when you take up your mobility scooter on it. The rubber anti-skid pad ensures the safest usability of the ramp. It is an Aluminum scooter ramp.

Folding and Handling

The best ramps for mobility scooters are only used for carrying the load upside except that they do not have any other use. They can occupy a lot of space outside of your house.

So it is the unique feature of the ramps for motorized scooters that they can be folded. You can carry it with your luggage or keep it on the side of the wall at your home. The ramp weighs only 30.9 lbs so that anyone can hold it easily. 

Safety Protection

The aluminum construction makes fit durable and rustproof. It can also take a load of 600 lbs. It adopts stainless steel hinge. Its surface is smooth; therefore, there is no possibility of tripping over. It is one of the best mobility scooter ramps.

Easy to Use

The loading ramp for the mobility scooter is easy to install. It is within the reach of physically weak people. They can push their mobility scooter effortlessly over it. They can also use it for dragging some other heavy items from their houses down and upstairs. It has a bending design for buffering. You can use the height of 10 degrees to carry your mobility scooter over it.

Quality Production  

The best cheap mobility scooter ramps have a one-year warranty, so you buy them with confidence. The quality is sure of its durability and easy-to-use options make it the best folding mobility scooter ramps.

Aluminum Scooter Ramps

Your freedom of transportation has not been completed after buying a mobility scooter yet installing the best ramp for mobility scooter outside your home for its easy-going. The new design mobility ramps for vehicles have all the characteristics which give you the liberty to go outside, and you are not disturbed by anyone’s interference.

  • It is sturdy and lightweight.
  • Used in all weather conditions.
  • An anti-skid pad ensures safe use.
  • Easy to fold.
  • It has been made with rustproof Aluminum
  • Minimize the risk of tripping over.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Must be affordable

Titan Multi Fold Aluminum Wheelchair & Scooter Carrying Ramp

Titan brands give pleasure to its consumers by providing high-quality services. They make their customers satisfied. They are fully committed to their products. The loading ramp for a mobility scooter is the top product they provide to users in the world.

Titan (7 FT) Anti-Slip Wheel Chair Ramps

7 ft long
30 inches wide
Weight capacity 600lbs
Total weight 64 lbs
Height 2 inches

Durable and Safe Construction

It is one of the lightweight scooter ramps for pickup trucks that have been made with Aluminum. It is made with durable material to feel its sustainability for years without giving it maintenance services now and then.

It is portable and durable. The flexible design of the ramp provides you with a nonslip surface for mobility scooters and walkers. It is among the best ramps for motorized scooters.

Great for Mobility Scooters

This ramp is the best semi-permanent outdoor ramp for your home, garage, and commercial businesses. You can easily carry it with you to your workplace and take advantage there because of its portability.

The ramp is 10 feet long and has a width of 29 inches. It can carry 600 lbs that means you can quickly go up while riding on your mobility scooter. The best folding mobility scooter ramps give you perfect safety and durability.

Multi-fold Ramp

The mobility scooter ramps for vehicles are portable, and you can fold them in multiple ways. The portable scooter ramps give you convenience either taking them with you in travel or keeping them aside in your house.

The mobility scooter ramps for vans need minimal assembly. It is time to install the professional mobility scooter ramps for SUVs and your cars to have a go in minutes. 

Angled Lips

The angled lips of the best ramps for mobility scooters are for your security when installing. The lip has holes to secure the ramp in a place. It measures only 2.5 inches. It makes sure that the ramp does not slip or slide while you are using it. The ramp has a handle that is made of nylon. You can freely hold it and transport it anywhere. The folding mobility scooter ramps are the most convenient for you.

  • Durable and lightweight.
  • It is designed by using corrosion-resistant Aluminum.
  • You can enjoy maintenance-free use.
  • Portable and slip-resistant
  • It is ultimately saved for having up to 600 lbs of weight.
  • Requires minimal assembly.
  • It has an angled tip with a nylon carry handle.
  • Very high in price

How To Choose

Buying Factors of Lightweight Ramps Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter can benefit you when you have a perfect loading ramp for a mobility scooter. You cannot carry it upstairs or even when you want to keep it in your vehicle. The best mobility ramp will bring it to your desired place.

You will have to search for the minimum gradients of 1:8 for mobility scooters. Your scooter ramps for the home must be suitable in width for the mobility scooter because it does not have any use if it is narrow. Some factors are there to keep in mind when you are going to buy the best ramps for mobility scooters. 

Place Where It is used:

The foremost thing to be examined before buying the portable scooter ramp is that you will have to decide where it should be placed. You will have to search the ramp according to the place, for example, an entranceway or loading it into your vehicle.

The mobility scooter ramps for cars should be compact and lightweight for its easy-to-carry option. Plus, you can use it for moving heavy items at your home. 

The cheap mobility scooter ramps used the best materials to maintain their life.

Length of the Ramp:

The length of the ramp for the mobility scooter depends upon the place and the height of the slope. The best Aluminum scooter ramp is 6 feet in length which can take a height of 8 Inches.

If you want to measure the ramp you need, you must measure the total size from the ground to the upper level and divide it by the slope. Now buy the best ramps for mobility scooters according to it!

Width of the Ramp:

First, you will have to know the length of your scooter and then be sure to choose lightweight ramps mobility scooters according to the width. If it does not relate to the width of your electric scooter, then you will have trouble loading your vehicle into your car. Better to search for the best scooter ramps for pickup trucks.

Weight Capacity:

Your folding mobility scooter ramps must have the maximum weight capacity to carry your mobility scooter into the doorways. Make sure that you know about the weight of your mobility scooter and your weight too.

Because if you want to drive through the threshold while riding on your mobility scooter, then your weight and scooter weight will be added to see the capacity of the ramp. So choose the best loading ramps for mobility scooters.


The best ramp for the mobility scooter must be accessible to install. Because when the elderly of your home, will use that, they must be free to place it. If they need freedom of mobility, then do consider this factor before buying the portable scooter ramps.

Economical Option:

When considering the pricing of the mobility scooter vans for SUVs, you will need to be sure that you select the supreme quality product in your budget. After analyzing the durability by watching the reviews of the product, you can make a decision to buy it or not. The lightweight mobility scooter ramps must be at a reasonable price.


Benefits of Mobility Scooter Ramps for Vehicles

If you have a mobility scooter for your family’s disabled or old person, you must buy a folding mobility scooter ramp for its moving. Disabled people will not feel perfectly independent when they need your support to carry them to the mobility scooter when they need to go outside.

Just install the cheapest mobility scooter ramps to the exit doorways of your house for them. Then their mobility scooters can come inside the house with no effort and go outside with ease. 

We will discuss some benefits of the ramps,

  • You can get easy access to the inside and go outside the house.
  • You can end a risk-free ride.
  • The portable ramp can be folded and occupies less space.
  • The user feels independent.
  • Your mobility scooter can be carried to your car during the excursion.
  • Easy installation leads to an increase in your mobility.
  • The ramp can be installed easily.
  • Your privacy is not affected, and you can do everything on your own.
  • You can get excellent safety on rainy days.
  • The ramps are durable and sturdy.
  • Low maintenance is required.
  • It will give you an improved lifestyle. 

Reading these benefits of the best mobility scooter ramps you will surely approach the decision to buy it.

It is essential to have the best cheap mobility scooter ramps used for your home and cars. It will ease transferring your scooter safely. Just make sure to get the lightweight mobility scooter ramps to get maximum safety for your loved ones.

We have chosen up to three best ramps for mobility scooters in the ease of transportation or storage. You can get the high-quality lightweight folding ramp within your budget. Be smart and choose efficiently because it is for the sake of the elders at your home.


How to Build Scooter Ramps for Home?

Building a ramp at the doorway of your home will improve your accessibility endlessly and give you the less trouble way to enter or leave your home. We can build ramps for the doors of our home quickly. Let’s see how you can do it.


  • Hammer
  • Hand saw
  • Drill machine
  • Square frame
  • Chalk line
  • Measuring tape


Concrete mix

Pressure-treated pines

Composite deck board

Deck screws

Steps By Step Guide:

  1. First, you will have to select the location where to build a ramp. It would help if you had a good plan to keep an eye around the obstacle of the ramp.
  2. Calculate the length of the ramp and the distance. You will have to assume a slope of 1:12 that will provide you a total angle of the ramp for the safety of your home access.
  3. Now dig the ground at least 8 inches deep.
  4. Fill out the gaps with six inches of coarse gravel.
  5. You will have to make smooth the level of the stones.
  6. Place concrete deck blocks on the rock and ensure their flat level.
  7. Now measure 4 x 4 posts of the wood and cut the two pieces measuring the same. Place it in the deck block for support.
  8. Now place a 2 x 8 piece of wood on the right side of the 4×4 piece.
  9. Now mark a vertical line on the 2x 8 piece for the ramp angle. Cut it along the line.
  10.  Attach the cut joists with equal spacing using the screw.
  11.  Put the assembled posts on the ground and select the level from the bottom of the building.
  12.  Cut some blocking sections and place them under the posts.
  13.  Fix them with the screws using a drill machine.
  14.  Now put a perfect deck that must be durable to drag your mobility scooter on it.
  15.  Cut the sides of the ramp according to your own choice. Make it level to the ground by the end.
  16.  Fix the deck by using screws and nails.
  17.  Before dragging your mobility scooter, evaluate the strength of the ramp for your safety.

Installation Guide

How to Install Ramps for Motorized Scooters?

The loading ramp for mobility scooters is suitable for empty mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs slowly to vehicles. No installation is required. Unfold the ramp and place it on the connection ends for downloading.

The ramp is slightly curved to improve ground clearance, and an angled fourth allows smooth access on the ramp. Its black anti-slip surface shows better grip. Just move your scooter onto it from your vehicle to the ground, and it’s done. Now fold the ramp again and keep it to the safest place.  

What can be the length of a ramp for three steps?

Some factors are there to be considered:
Stairs generally have a height of about 7.5 inches each, so a standard rise or height would be the same inches for the stairs. The Americans with Disabilities Act suggested 1 foot for a ramp for every one inch of rising. When we calculate the length of the ramp for three steps then it will be about 22 inches.

What is a good angle for a ramp?

The recommended slope for an access ramp is 1:12 or 1 inch of rise per 12 inches of horizontal run. That’s approximately an 8% slope, also considered as a 4.8-degree angle slope which is a good slope for a ramp.

What is the best material for a ramp?

Steel or Aluminum can be the best material used for construction. These materials are durable. But using lumber for ramps is the slightest expensive choice. Like a deck, ramps made from pressure-treated wood are sturdy and resilient when properly built and maintained.

What can I put on a ramp to keep from slipping?

The same rubber matting used in gyms, playgrounds, and daycare centers may provide an anti-slip surface on a wheelchair ramp. Rubber matting is commonly available in self-adhesive or interlocking tile applications.

Are the portable wheelchair ramps safe?

Portable wheelchair ramps are designed for high traffic and use in all weather conditions. Temporary ramps can support the mobility aid you use, and most ramps help 600-800 pounds of weight. The ramps are safe and sound, and their design delivers a smooth, gradual shift over mobility hurdles.

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